Social Media And Love

Desperate For Love? Use Social Media

  1. There comes a time in every person’s life, when the heart feels drawn and deserted. Running after your goals in life, struggling to make a professional status, acquiring the dream apartment, all of these simply look useless, when you sit alone each night with no one to talk to but yourself.
  2. The struggle to reach the ultimate professional heights often leaves a person standing alone at the top. With only those surrounding you who want to cling to you to acquire benefits.
  3. This is when you feel the need to have that “someone” you can share all this success and achievements with. But then, you realize you never had the chance to keep in touch with your friends!

What to do, where to go? In these times of social media networking, you need not fret so much. Here is what you should do:

  1. Connect With Social Networks:

Simply pick up your tablet, IPhone or laptop and log on. Make or update your social profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other networks. See what has happened behind your back and respond to the pending friend requests. Resuming communication may take time, but it is all worth it.

  1. Join Online Dating Web Sites:

With this aside, let us now focus on how you can find that “someone” for you. Here again, social media can be your best resource. There are numerous online dating websites, which offer to provide a chance for you to meet interesting people and take a chance at developing a relationship. Online dating is the most sought-after social activity in the world right now. Such platforms give them a right to choose, as they will. And that too, without investing anything.

  1. Join Interesting Discussion Forums:

The online opportunities to find your “perfect One” are not limited to only that. You might also try joining different discussion forums of your interest and see if anyone shares or appreciates your ideas. These forums do not focus on a writer or commentator’s id, but more on the subject discussion at hand. Thus, allowing you to judge a person with his/her conversation, attitude of writing and point of views. While dating website may provide you with a personality profile, the forums allow you to have an overview of the underlining personality. In the longer run, the nature counts!

  1. Although, you might find many people who hold the view that such dating websites are dangerous to consult, as they allow anyone and everyone to view your contact information putting your privacy at risk. This might be true, but there are many others who think that the pros of online dating are greater than its cons.
  2. When life is as busy as it is today, social media save you the efforts to personally meet and choose. Many people will tell you how easy it is to overcome heartbreak when the ex-boyfriend or the ex-girlfriend is a mere virtual presence.
  3. However, once you have met that special partner you were looking for, make sure you put aside the time for online socializing and enjoy the companionship in person.

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Patrick is a part-time fitness trainer and pursuing his Master’s in American Literature from Stanford University. He wishes to share his fitness plan with others to help them achieve their goals in terms of fitness and education.