Online Overhaul- Rebranding Your Social Media

This will suit you and your business if all, or any of the following apply to you:

  • You already have an online presence (social media, website) to some degree
  • You launched your business a while ago and you haven’t done much/any work on your online channels since
  • Your Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter following isn’t growing like you want it to
  • You feel uninspired or even tired of trying to work out what will work for your business and are ready for a change
  • Your are interested in re-branding your social media
  • You enjoy social media, you just want a little help or push in the right direction [/left]

Where do we start?

One on one consultation- 1 hour (by phone, Skype or face-to-face if Gold Coast based)

During this consult, we will establish:

  • What are going to be your most effective channels

What do you receive?

Where to next?

  • Set up further social media accounts if required
  • Refresh your channels with new imagery (client supplied)
  • Ensure that all of your channels are consistent and looking great
  • Simple PDF document containing your account log in details and passwords for your safe keeping
  • The tools & knowledge to manage your own social media networks!

I am not 100% sure that my business needs a complete online relaunch, are we able to discuss the possibilities before I go ahead? Of course! Before I take on any new projects I like to have a chat with you to discuss your goals and expectations, take a look at where you are at and then roughly establish where I could take you with your social media. You have the opportunity to ask plenty of questions about my service, so make a list! The rebranding of the social media benefit is available with cheapest and real Youtube views on Internet. The subscribers on the channel are required to meet with the desired results. The answering of the questions is with intelligence for the purchase of the followers. 

I am pretty happy with how my Facebook is going, but my Pinterest and Instagram are not gaining as much momentum. What happens here? Every client and business is different, and this is why I tailor each package to suit. In our initial consultation this will be discussed and we can hone in on the areas that need work, ensuring that they remain consistent with your existing profiles that are working well.

Do you take every new business or project on? Short answer is no- I only take on clients whose work I really just “get” if I don’t understand your new venture, I do not feel that I will be able to represent your brand as best to my ability. I also do not take on new clients unless their required deadlines and timeframes suit my current client schedule, I do not want to let anyone down. For questions regarding current availability or any other information regarding this please contact me.

This sounds like what I am after for my business, but there are a few items missing that I would possibly like to add- is this possible? Of course. As mentioned above every client is different, these packages are very general and each project usually starts to take form and direction after our initial consultation. I am happy to fit in with your requirements and your individual needs, if in doubt- contact me for more information.

Your Own Personalized Bottled Water

These days, people are frowned upon if you don’t have a post-secondary education. It is thought that you can’t be successful without one. This is not the case for everyone, and it’s about time these people start to stand up for themselves.

One of the many ways you can be successful without having any sort of post-secondary education is to sell your own personalized bottled water. As a manufacturer of bottled water, you will become successful as long as you can think creatively.

You need to think what sets your bottle of water apart from the others? Is there a natural spring that you know about somewhere in a rural township that will serve the public with crisp, refreshing water?

What sort of bottle are you going to present your bottled of water in? Try and set yourself apart from the standard roughly 600ml bottle with a regular lid and try and introduce a different sort of drinking mechanism for the lid. A twist top is popular, but not often used.

What about the type of bottle? With all the hoopla flying around the media today about plastic being bad for the environment, why not try and use glass or aluminum bottles? They would be a bit pricier for you as the creator, but the profit you’d make would outweigh this minor factor.

When you are out buying a water bottle, you are careful to note its name and brand that decides the worth in the eyes of consumers that has made it an excellent choice for them to purchase it at an affordable price with some Bonuses capped in for regular ones.

The name of your bottled water is another point you must consider when creating your own personalized bottled water. Think of a name that reflects your delicious bottle of water, and your creative outlook shown on the display of your bottle.

This is a great way to channel your creative energy and your entrepreneur skills. As a bonus, little cost is induced when creating your own personalized bottled water, because there is a flat fee for the number of bottles you manufacture.

Lasting relationships will be created as you develop your personalized bottled water. As people begin to sell the bottled water, you will meet various interesting and in turn, your networking skills will be utilized.

As a creator of personalized bottled water, you can also target other consumers and begin to franchise yourself by creating personalized bottled water for others. Many people could use the benefits of having a personalized bottle of water to create awareness for companies or events of their own.

With all the benefits of creating your own water, you can’t go wrong. For those of you who school just isn’t working for, try breaking the mold. With hard-work, dedication and perseverance, you can be as successful as someone who graduated with an MBA.

Whether you’re buying Personalized Bottled Water or outfitting your bathroom with a Shower Faucet Nickel you want to make sure you do as much research and due diligence before following through with a purchase or contract worker to ensure you’re happy with the end result. With so many products and options floating around, it can be difficult to make the right choice, but if you do enough looking around, then you’re bound to make the right one!

How To Build a Shed | Get Into Gardening

For many people, their shed is not just a place to put tools where you keep The Best Backpack Leaf Blower for 2020, it’s a sanctuary to relax in and think about what to tackle next in the garden. What you use your shed for is up to you, but they make sure it’s built well (and safely), here’s a step-by-step guide: The first thing to do when your shed is delivered, is to check all the bits are included (like screws, hinges, locks, and wood). The next job is to plan what it’s going to be built on. Sheds need to sit on a hard level surface – otherwise, the frame might distort. There are several options to choose from:

  • Treated wooden beams laid over paving or shingle.
  • An interlocking shed base (available with most sheds) laid onto firm ground.
  • Concrete laid on flattened hardcore (rumble). Before you start building your shed, you should treat all of the wooden parts with a preservative – to help it survive the elements. Most sheds are applied a base coat in the factory, but this won’t last forever, so it’s a good idea to top it up. Two extra coats of good quality preservatives in your preferred color should protect all your hard work. Although the individual parts of a shed are not very heavy, they can be awkward for one person to handle.

So call on a friend or neighbor to help. Some sheds come with the floor panel already attached to the joists (which is great). Others will need a bit more work on your part. To assemble the base, the joists need to be laid out under the floor sheet and nailed in. For the exact spacing follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. To make this easier, mark the exact center point of each wall on its bottom edge. Do the same on the shed floor. Then marry these up and they’ll be in the right position on all four sides.While one person supports a panel, use a spirit level to check it’s vertical. Then use a scrap of wood to hold it in place. Then position the next panel next to it and fix together with screws.


Don’t fix the wall panels to the floor until the roof is fitted. Some sheds come with a roof support bar – which needs to be fitted before you try and attach the roof panels. Once this is done, nail the panels in place as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Next roll out the roofing felt from front to back, leaving a 50mm overlap on all sides. Using felt tacks gently hammer this on. You’re then able to add the fascias. To stop them splitting pre-drill them with 2mm holes. This is usually pretty straight forward as most sheds come with grooves for you to slide the plastic or glass frames in.

Health Diet Tips For Weight Loss

A while back, I wrote a post on holistic flu prevention. Today I bring you some additional suggestions from Dr. Matt Reddy, a practitioner at Alternative Naturopathic Center in Littleton, CO. Also, be sure to check out this very educational video being played in Chinese airports

Today I must inform you that Harvard Med School has released a new iPhone app that will let you know about swine flu outbreaks in your area. This is perfect for hypochondriacs, conspiracy theorists, and epidemiologists.

However, he was quick to say that the declaration is primarily a move to cut through red tape. This allows medical facilities to deliver treatments more expeditiously…and insurance companies to receive payment for said treatments. Hmmm….

Per CDC Director Dr. Thomas Frieden, many millions of people have already had the swine flu. But a story running last August estimated worldwide deaths at just over 1,100. Similarly, the 1918 Spanish flu killed 50 million, but over 500 million – 1/3 of the world’s population – were exposed. In other words, 80-90%of those exposed, survived. That is to say that H1N1 is in no way, shape, or form, a death sentence.

Let’s talk about prevention. Like hundreds of thousands of people, you may be on your way to the nearest doctor’s office, hospital, supermarket, potluck, makeup counter or Tupperware party to get injected with a vaccine. Which isn’t necessarily a bad move. I can’t say for sure. But if you’re interested in more holistic treatments, you want to focus on bolstering your immune system.

There are a number of ways to do this. First and foremost, make sure you have a healthy diet plan and Nutrisystem can help you with that. Sugar, processed foods, and caffeine all tax the immune system. In contrast, lots of vegetables, good-quality protein, and fats offer abundant vitamins and minerals that support the immune system. Be certain to stay well-hydrated with water (not soda!). You can offer your body’s natural defenses additional support with enough sleep, some exercise, and deep breathing, or other forms of stress management. In cold weather, choose hot drinks and hot soups to keep yourself from getting chilled.

Food is a potent way to strengthen your body’s ability to fight off germs. Homeopathy and herbs are another. In contrast to a vaccine, homeopathic treatments are not strain-specific. They empower your immune system to increase its effectiveness regardless of the type of flu you may encounter. Oscillo‘s one remedy you’ve probably seen at your local drugstore. Influenzinum’s another (I’m not affiliated with any of these products, BTW). Colostrum, or the “pre-milk”, is full of immune-enhancing antibodies.

If you are unfortunate enough to come down with the flu, you don’t want to suppress your symptoms. Symptoms are your body’s way of mounting a response against the foreign invader it’s fighting. If you find your nose running and you take a decongestant to stop the mucus, your body will have to find another path to release the toxicity. If symptoms are making you miserable, Elderberry can slow the virus’s replication, thereby decreasing symptoms.

Most importantly – don’t panic! Per the World Health Organization, it’s complications from flu, rather than the flu itself, that causes deaths. So as long as you keep your body and mind healthy, you’ll be in pretty good shape.

Does Pinterest Have Marketing Value? Plus 10 Tips for Success

It is very easy to find a conversation about the marketing value of Pinterest, the visual network, or as they Buy Instagram Views for Instagram. In many of these conversations, someone represents the opinion that Pinterest has little to no value for marketing and someone else represents the view that Pinterest is critical to effective marketing. Before you decide to include or exclude Pinterest, there are new insights that might affect your decision.

Pinning down the number of Pinterest users is challenging. An article published in Forbes magazine in June of 2014 reported that according to Ahalogy’s (Pinterest’s marketing firm) data, Pinterest had about 53 monthly active users in the U.S. ( Of course, as a privately held company, Pinterest is not required to publish membership data. This estimate appears to reflect the most recent estimate of users.

Here are some reliable numbers from the just-released Pew Research Center ‘s Social Media Report:

  • 13% of online men use Pinterest (these numbers have doubled in recent months).
  • 52% of users visit less than once each week.

Pinterest is typically used by consumers for “shopping inspiration.” Users of the site browse for new products and ideas before making purchases. While browsing, they review product/service information, compare photos of similar products, research opinions of friends and family members and colleagues. Pinterest began with a predominantly female audience, yet the number of male users has been climbing steadily. In fact, the number of male users doubled in recent months.

Here are some demographic insights into the Pinterest membership:

  • The percentage of online adult women that use Pinterest increased from 33% in 2013 to 42% in 2014.
  • The percentage of online adult men that use Pinterest increased from 8% in 2013 to 13% in 2014.
  • The number of white, non-Hispanic users increased from 21% of online non-Hispanic adults in 2013 to 32% in 2014. This is a very significant increase.
  • The number of Hispanic users increased from 18% on online Hispanic adults in 2013 to 21% in 2014.
  • However, of online black non-Hispanic adults, users dropped from 20% in 2013 to 12% in 2014.
  • The just-released Pew Social Media study documented modest growth among 18 – 29-year-olds and 30 – 49-year-olds. Significant growth was documented among Internet users aged 50 – 64 (from 14% to 27%), and those aged 65 and over (from 9% to 17%).
  • The percentage of Internet users living in rural areas jumped from 17% in 2013 to 30% in 2014.

Pinterest currently drives more referral shopping traffic than any other social media platform. Pinterest is the number two source of all social media traffic for Buzzfeed.

  • Do not underestimate the value of Pinterest marketing for any business.
  • Make all content shared on Pinterest interesting by using images people will be eager to pin or re-pin.
  • Include many types of images, photos, and videos.
  • Use your focus keywords in descriptions and captions for images.
  • Be creative in showing your products and/or services on Pinterest.
  • Show how your products are used in an appropriate context.
  • Remember that people might be seeing older pins, and set up redirects for any items you have stopped selling or making.
  • Don’t be afraid to think creatively when developing your board strategy.
  • Regardless of the type of products and/or services you pin, make the images and the boards as visual interest and compelling as possible.

What’s the best new strain of marijuana out there?

It should be noted that this article is for information purposes only and should not, under any circumstances, be accepted as legal advice or health advice.

Well, asking a question is pretty easy; providing a concise and simple answer unfortunately isn’t. The bottom line is that the position with regard to medical marijuana is pretty complicated.

Getting hold of it

In some states, local law permits the use of marijuana in controlled medical circumstances. It may be, therefore, relatively easily and’ legitimately’ obtained from licensed sources. In other states it remains strictly illegal under any circumstances and possessing or supplying it may render people liable to prosecution. If you think that’s confused, keep in mind that federal law regards it as illegal under all circumstances. This conflict between federal law and the legislation of some individual states has yet to be resolved.

At the moment there is a sort of ‘unhappy truce’ whereby the current administration is asking federal authorities not to pursue enforcement in those states where local laws permit its use in controlled circumstances. Many believe this impasse is not sustainable and are watching events closely.

This leaves those people who believe that medical marijuana is beneficial to them in something of a quandary. Given the legal complexities, just about the only thing it is possible to say is that the position varies hugely depending on where you live, and you may be advised to take legal advice from local experts. The harsh reality is that if you live in a state which does not permit its use for medical purposes, any attempt to source medical marijuana may leave both you and the supplier open to severe penalties.

Many people that are ill with symptoms that cannot be effectively treated by other means would like to try to see whether medical marijuana will benefit them. Many of them resent being forced into furtive activities and the rather sordid business of trying to obtain medical marijuana clandestinely. Some of them attempt to grow their own marijuana for their own personal private medical use. There are a number of suppliers of marijuana seeds that have sprung up on the Internet to deal with this demand. They also provide advice and guidance on how to grow the specific plants that may be beneficial to individual situations.

The main active constituent of marijuana, that appears to cause the effects that many people believe to be beneficial, is called THC. There have been a number of studies around the world looking at the effects of medical marijuana in a range of conditions. Regrettably, many of these studies have been relatively small scale, and some have been conducted against a backdrop of hysteria and wild media speculation. Some of these studies have shown that medical marijuana as a delivery mechanism for THC delivers benefits in a number of areas – notably as an anti-emetic (reducing nausea) and as a muscle relaxant. For some time there has been a synthetic version of THC available, which can be taken orally. Some studies have indicated that this is less effective than marijuana for reasons that remain unclear. There is speculation that there may be other substances in the plant that interact with the THC to improve the benefits obtained.

It’s just about impossible to predict what will happen on the subject in the USA over the years ahead. It is by no means certain that those states allowing the use of marijuana for medical purposes will be seen as setting the agenda for others that do not. One can also speculate that the current administration’s fairly relaxed views regarding federal law enforcement may not be sustained by all future administrations. While the uncertainty continues, there will continue to be a significant demand for medical marijuana which will be met either by illegal supply and distribution, or by users growing their own from seed and using it in the privacy of their own home

United States has been popular throughout the world by legalizing the use of marijuana in many of its states due to the medicinal content it has with Cannabinoid (CBD) topping the list as it is known to treat not just joint and muscle issues but even side effects from chemotherapy has been found to be greatly reduced by using CBD Öl aside from treating arthritis, spondylitis, etc. which has encouraged other countries to practice it as well

News & Information about Internet Privacy Security

The internet has become a dangerous place and you should definitely know about computer privacy filter that keeps you safe from cookies is one of the most important things. Cookies are generally used for user tracking and are actually quite useful and legitimate when used correctly.

However, just like anything else on the internet, there are users who misuse and abuse these cookies for harmful purposes. A cookie is basically a file of information that is stored on your computer that is used to differentiate users and maintain data based on the current website.

Basically these cookies allow users to create a small attachment with the server, possibly for a variable of reasons. If you were shopping online, how do the items in your shopping cart gather? Without cookies; you would not be able to add more than one item. Each time you were to choose an item, a cookie file would be written to your computer letting the web page know that you have selected more.

It can be and is extremely useful for cookies to exist but in most cases, users will have no idea that they are on their computers. So could this affect you? The file stored on the users’ computer is programmed to assemble and analyze specific events on the host computer. Having these harmful cookie files on your computer poses very large privacy and security risks to those on the infected computer.

There are many companies out there that employ people to collect URLs from web users that have these cookies on their computers. This is both used negatively and positively in some cases. For example; if you were to visit a web site and they placed a tracking cookie on your computer they would be able to view what you view and do online.

The major security flaw with cookies is their easy manipulation. During regular operation, cookies are usually sent back and forth from the server and you or the computer accessing the information. This provides a lot of room for cookie theft and hijacking. Cookies normally contain personal information such as your user name and password for a particular site, potentially your name and address, and a lot of other private information.

They can be stolen through a process called packet sniffing which is one of the processes involved in something called session hijacking. Session Hijacking is where a user has been able to breach through network security and can intercept and read the information being sent and received between the two.

The solution when battling against cookies and internet privacy threats is to ensure you are visiting reliable, reputable websites that are secure. There are secure channels such as an SSL connection that allows for completely safe and reliable data transfer between user and server. Securing your internet privacy protection from cookies is important to avoid malicious attacks against your computer.

7 Ways On How To Have a Better Approach In Instagram Marketing

Do you have any idea on different ways to a better marketing approach in Instagram? Nowadays, Instagram is one of the most famous social networks in the world of social media. But how will you apply the different ways to a better marketing approach in Instagram and to your business? Later on, you will know the simple ways and every detail to a better approach in Instagram marketing.

Isn’t it amazing that if you have a Instagram account, you will know everything what is going on (especially on what is happening in our world), different news about artists and newscasters, and different online businesses and websites that are linking back to their sites.

Using hashtags can help others who are requesting to see the opinion of others. It is also a way to communicate with your followers, and that’s it! In those ways, you can apply the ways to a better approach in Instagram marketing. However, below are the detailed information and steps on how to have a better approach in Instagram marketing.

In Instagram, you must choose followers. They are the ones whom you will actually share your knowledge with and give different updates to. They can surely help you to have a better marketing approach especially to your business.

At first, one might think that anyone who has a Instagram account will follow him/her but in social media, it is not easy to gain trust. You yourself may ask from time to time if you should trust people in social media. Sometimes, you need to think that you are doing this as part of marketing approach or tactics to get the trust of your followers.

You can also follow the Instagram accounts of those persons who have similar approach with yours and those you can talk to. Follower wonk helps you search Instagram bios and dig deeper on Instagram analytics. 

How do classifying different Instagram accounts a form of better marketing approach? You can use different tools on how you will organize Instagram accounts, like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite. These tools will surely help you on how you can organize your Twitter accounts. You can choose which Instagram accounts you want to display on your news feed.

The main tactics in classifying accounts are choosing the knowledgeable topics that you particularly care about, posts that will really help you, and followers who communicate with you and getting updated with them. Just always think that you are doing this as part of your business strategies and one of the marketing approaches that you want to achieve! You may also want to consider to buy Instagram followers and get instant fame on Instagram for your business. Instagram is now considered as one of the powerful tools used in promoting brands and services. This is also less costly than traditional marketing.

There will be a time when you need to block those irrelevant Instagram accounts. These are the Instagram accounts that you do not need to see especially on your news feed because these are not knowledgeable and because these prevent you to get some updates that you need to know. Like in Facebook, there are some followers who will approach you to like a page or to add a friend. Those are spammy accounts.

In Instagram there are also spammy and even fake accounts. If these spammy accounts follow you, do not think twice. Block them right away. Sproutsocial offers Cleanup features that can track people who are connected to you about their irregular usage which is really helpful in determining if the account is active or not.

  • Make the things you share in Instagram more efficient

How to make the different things that you share in your Instagram account more efficient? And how will you prove that this sharing of Tweets is a better marketing approach?

First if you Tweet, make sure it is knowledgeable and that they will get something from you—something inspiring that they can get an idea or they will learn something from you. Second, do not post anything that is not related to your plan. What this means is that you must share your thoughts on your business. You are sharing your thoughts or you are Tweeting because you want to advertise something. You just want to share your ideas. Just always make sure to post something knowledgeable. This is one of the different ways to have a better marketing approach on different social networking sites, not just on Instagram.

Hashtag was introduced in Internet Relay Chat’s (IRC’s). They become popular on Instagram. They were initially called Tweet chats. But, how can hashtags improve your marketing approach in Instagram?

Nowadays, hashtags are everywhere. They’re in Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. Every time you Tweet, it is good and it is possible to make a hashtags. Make sure you use hashtags that can really help your tactics. How? You can create your own hashtag, like your company name, tagline, or brand name. You can use this as your campaign hashtag which can help you advertise your business right away.

How do you apply your marketing approach on sharing links back to your business website? In this way, you can share your thoughts or an idea and you must also include a link to complete and know what it is all about. It’s better to shorten your links before you share it to your Instagram account, because in Instagram, you should create a Post consisting of 140 characters per tweet. can help you with shortening your URL for free.

  • Communicate and be helpful to your followers

This is the best thing to do to your Instagram marketing approach. Communicate to your audience and be helpful. How? If your followers are asking about your idea, communicate with them and inspire them. The main idea is to break the audience into smaller groups and then target your approach to each group based on them.

If you’ve enjoyed this post, feel free to comment below or share your feedback about this article. You may also subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We love to get connected with you!

Healthier diet

Implementing a new, healthier diet can be overwhelming. It’s a learning experience and with practice, you’ll soon discover what works best for you. When it comes to Nutrisystem, the key is to strike a good balance between effective, so you get good results, and enjoyable so that you’ll stick with it in the long-run.

Some people really want and need structure and others do better just knowing the general guidelines to follow. Regardless, it really doesn’t need to be complicated. Here are some key points to remember: – Include a protein source at every meal, such as lean meat, cottage cheese, egg whites, protein powder, or soy products.

Try to limit processed (man-made) carbs, especially those that are white and refined, such as pasta, bread, crackers, white rice, etc. These have very little nutritional value and cause spikes in your insulin that make fat loss difficult. Instead choose natural carbs – those that are grown from the ground or a tree, not man-made. 

In general, choose natural starchy carbs with protein earlier in the day, such as oatmeal with a small protein shake or baked chicken and yam. Then later in the day, transition to fibrous carbs (veggies) and protein, such as grilled fish with steamed veggies or a salad with chicken or cottage cheese. – Eat small, frequent meals (5-6 per day), about 2½-3 hours apart. Earlier meals in the day, especially meal 1 and 2, should be larger than later meals. The last meal of the day should be light and try not to eat 2½-3

hours prior to bed. – Make sure you drink plenty of water with and between meals: at least 8 to 12 8-oz. glasses. – Do not panic or feel guilty if you do not follow your diet plan exactly. For example, the GHF Diet Plan is the “perfect” scenario for maximum fat-loss, but no one’s perfect. There are going to be plenty of obstacles that prevent you from following this plan exactly, such as dinner parties, a busy work schedule, etc. If you stray for the plan, get back on track right away.

Do your best, learn from your mistakes, and stay on track, and you’ll do great with this plan. It’s all about experimenting to find out what works best for YOU and consistent effort. – When deciding portion sizes, you can use the estimated daily caloric recommendation at, but keep in mind that this is just a guideline. Your body knows how much you should eat more so than any calculation, so pay close attention to the

results you’re achieving and how you feel. I always chose a little bit less than I think will actually satisfy my hunger and cravings (just a tad less than the estimated calculation at the above URL). If I didn’t quite get enough, I could always go back for more. And before going back for seconds, give your body 10-20 minutes to decide if you really are still hungry or if you are already physically or psychologically satisfied. 

Try to always be prepared. By having healthy, well-balanced meals already prepared and ready to eat, it becomes much, much easier to stay focused on reaching your goals. And try to keep healthy, effective snacks inconvenient places, such as your desk drawer, glove compartment, gym bag, etc.

If you can follow the above guidelines consistently, you will do very well with this plan, I assure you. If you’re a current member and would like me to suggest meals specific to your personal preferences, or would like me to analyze your current diet, please just let me know! This tip was provided by Recieve the Ebook Big Fat Lies just for completing the Free Fitness Analysis.

Find Relationship Information On The Internet

People are searching for related information online much more than ever before. Perhaps it’s the ease of access the internet provides to tap into this information, or maybe it’s because relationship experts are grabbing the opportunity to use the internet to spread their knowledge to a much wider audience.

Maybe you’re looking for relationship help in dealing with your family, boyfriend/girlfriend, or marriage? Perhaps your problems involve getting advice concerning dating, love, divorce, breakups, abuse or sexuality issues, or any one of a thousand or so other reasons why people have relationship troubles.

Whatever the reason, the average ‘Mary’s and Joe’s’ seeking help for their relationship woes are certainly reaping the benefits. There’s an abundance of relationship advice websites popping up all over cyber-space. But, be careful, it’s not all plain sailing!

There are pros and con’s for looking online for solutions to your relationship concerns. Hopefully, the following suggestions and tips may be of some help.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Searching for Relationship Information Online.

A major advantage of relationship information websites, forums, chat groups, membership sites, etc., make it so much easier for men and women to find answers to difficulties they’re experiencing with their loved ones. These information sites provide their users the anonymity and affordability to participate without fear of embarrassment or severe damage to their checkbook!

For one reason or another, many people seeking relationship help find it hard to confide in family and friends. Being able to talk with a “stranger” somehow makes it simpler to discuss intimate or private relationship issues because they can hide their true identity. This “third person” facade allows individuals the freedom to get into talking about their problems without the worry of judgment or condemnation from people they know.

Another advantage of websites giving relationship information online is the fact that there are so many of them. You can visit as many sites as you wish, gathering tips and advice about your particular problem or issue. A virtual ’smorgasboard’ of relationship help!

But, beware, there are also disadvantages of having so much online assistance available at your fingertips. Namely, information overload and receiving bad or, perhaps dubious, relationship advice.

When we have problems in our relationships, romantic or otherwise, we tend to try and find as much information, or as many possible solutions, on how to fix them. Sometimes, this can lead to inaction or procrastination. We’re not sure which advice or course of action to follow, just in case we make the situation worse than it was in the beginning! Indecision can be a killer!

Added to this dilemma is that, often, we can get so embroiled in the details of relationship issues that we become side-tracked by delving deeper into the information and, literally, “divorce” ourselves from the problem at hand. We discover too much information and advice that’s not really related to what we were searching for in the first place.

* Search Tip: While information overload can be a problem, I’ve used a technique that helps me stay on track while researching relationship information online and perhaps it can assist you as well. By simply using quote marks (” “), I can zero in on the type of data that I’m looking to find.

For example, if I type into my favorite search engine, relationship information in quote marks, followed by the plus sign (+), then the specific terms I’m after, let’s say, divorce advice also in quotes – (“relationship information” + “divorce advice”) – I bring up results that are optimized for those search terms. In other words, the pages that show on your computer screen are directly related to the information you’re after.

Of course, there are a number of variations and additions you could apply to this search technique. However, the above example should get you going in the right direction and you can always experiment down the line.

Another definite disadvantage associated with searching for related information online, and probably true for any search you might do on the internet, is the sad fact that you’ll inevitably come across sites that give bad or inappropriate advice. So be wary of where you obtain your source of information.

I think it’s sufficient to say that bad relationship advice is the kind that sounds “wrong” when you take the time to think about it. If you’re not comfortable with what’s being stated, or you it’s something you wouldn’t like being done to you, your relatives or close friends, simply move on to the next website. However, if you’re in two minds about the advice being given, question the author and examine the explanation offered, if any. Deciding what’s good or bad information really comes down to using your commonsense.

As you’ll no doubt find out should you search for related information online, there’s plenty available. And, while the internet may have made it simpler to find possible answers or solutions to your relationship issues, it would be to your detriment to believe all you read is truly effective or even works! You owe it to yourself and your relationships with others to be selective and trust your instincts.

  • Is this relationship right for me?