Car Insurance Coverage Tips for Seniors

As you enter your senior years, you may face an unpleasant surprise. Car insurance companies can make it as difficult for older citizens to buy car insurance as they do for new drivers. Because of this, senior drivers should take the time to examine their own condition and adjust their driving habits and expectations accordingly. Insurance companies prefer to cover safe drivers. As a senior, a driver should know a few things about what car insurers expect from them.

Be prepared to take a physical exam if your insurance carrier requires it.

Depending on how far you are into your senior years, some insurance companies will not issue a policy until a physician approves your physical and mental health. This can come as a jolt to some seniors the first time it is encountered. However, with the issues of dementia, loss of strength, slower reflexes and other problems that can occur with aging, it is understandable that insurers might want some proof of a person’s ability to function as a driver. Some tips can be adopted through the car owner to get cheap motor insurance with the insurance policies. The obtaining of the insurance policies will meet with the effective results within a budget. No problems are faced with the need and specifications to get the potential advantages through insurance policies. 

Because seniors often drive fewer miles, they can often qualify for cheaper car insurance.

Since you no longer have to report to a job every day, this can lower the annual miles driven by a considerable amount. Once the annual mileage drops below about 7500 miles, most car insurance companies will reduce the premiums. Along with driving fewer miles, many seniors get a more practical car that comes with lower insurance rates.

If you can afford it, pay cash for your car or pay it off.

If you have a decent nest egg, not having any debt on your car is a good thing. As long as you can afford to repair or replace it if you have an accident, you can drop your collision insurance. This one move alone can save you hundreds of dollars per year. If you are a good driver, staying accident free for five years or so might save you enough in premium reductions to buy a good used car.

Keep drivers under 25 from driving your car.

While letting the grandkids borrow your car may seem like a nice thing to do, it will cost you money. If your insurance company discovers that you are allowing young drivers to operate your car, they will send your premium costs through the roof. As hard as it is, you may want to tell young drivers “no” when it comes to using your car.

If you do not drive much, consider asking one of your children to own your car.

This may sound a little far-fetched. If your adult child is rated as the main driver on your car, it could save you money. Depending on your age and condition, becoming a part-time driver on someone else’s car can save big bucks. If you can be designated as an occasional driver, your insurance rates could easily be cut in half. Of course, you have to trust your child not to just take the car. As long as you can keep it in your driveway or garage and drive it once a week or so, this arrangement can work. You would pay for the upkeep of the car and the insurance.

Did Coffee And Popcorn Keep My Hair From Turning Gray?

Long before Joe Vinson Ph.D. published his study confirming coffee as a powerful antioxidant, I joked about coffee being the wonder beverage that kept my hair from turning gray. I’d inched toward age 50 and beyond, and still, I had no gray hair. I decided there had to have been some reason for that, and coffee was the only thing I consumed to excess. Except for popcorn.

Now I realize my obsession with my favorite dark, rich beverage may have been only half of the story. Dr. Vinson and his researchers recently determined that popcorn is also pretty good at chasing away free radicals. Now I know my junk food of choice may not be so junky after all after I find about that online. Click here to see what I came across.

Free radicals do what?

Imagine an army of naughty toddlers running through the house, getting into everything until Mommy makes them stop. That’s what free radicals do inside the body. They are molecules that run around your body, attacking healthy cells and causing oxidation that does damage and triggers the disease. Antioxidants are like mommy molecules. They chase after the naughty free radicals and stop them before they do any damage.

My Coffee Obsession

My belief in the connection between coffee and no gray hair was my little joke, but now I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a joke after all. For decades I’ve consumed coffee obsessively. As a little girl, I learned to make it hot and strong when I sometimes prepared morning coffee for my father. I drank gallons of coffee in college to keep me awake after extended nights… studying. When I was a young wife, I relied on daylong coffee infusions at work after long nights spent mothering my kids when they were sick.

My Popcorn Habit

In my very large family of origin, popcorn was the perfect economical snack. My mother cooked it in a great big kettle, and I continued that just-like-mom popping tradition as an adult. Industry Facts says producers started selling microwave popcorn in the early 80s. That was around the time that I bought my first microwave, so I made the switch. By the time I pitched my oven about 16 years later, I’d popped hundreds and hundreds of bags of popcorn.

I’ve consumed microwave and traditionally cooked popcorn the way some people smoke cigarettes: at least a pack a day. I bought it from vending machines at work. I kept bags of it at home, and I snacked late into the night after the kids went to bed. When I taught jewelry classes at an inner-city ministry a few years back, I was known for my jewelry making skills and the popcorn I ate during class. I’ve popped my corn in kettles with olive oil, in pots, in stylish domed electric poppers, air poppers, and one funny little cone-shaped plastic device that melted in the microwave one day.

Gotta love those antioxidants

Imagine my joy when I found out that coffee had more antioxidants than pretty much anything. Then a few days ago at a meeting of the American Chemical Society, Joe Vinson Ph.D. gave his antioxidant blessing to popcorn. The ACS press release: “Popcorn: The snack with even higher antioxidants levels than fruits and vegetables.” stated that it may offer protection from such diseases as “… liver and colon cancer, type 2 diabetes, and Parkinson’s disease…” They didn’t say anything about gray hair, but I know better.

I Still Like Popcorn and Coffee

I am so close to 60 now, if I stood on my tippy-toes I could kiss it on the cheek, yet I have so few gray hairs I can count them using my 10 fingers. I can’t say for certain that coffee and popcorn are the reason. Heredity certainly played some part in my gray-less state. Still, I have to pat myself on the back. For decades I thought I was consuming way too much coffee and popcorn, only to find out they were exactly what I needed.

Where To Find Free Moving Boxes

Once again, my family is moving at the end of the summer. We are moving from Chicago, Illinois to Alexandria, Virginia. We’ve been in Chicago for nearly two and a half years, and my husband’s job is leading us closer to home.

Since it’s short notice, I’ve been on the hunt to find free moving boxes. Luckily, I’m an Army brat, and moving is second nature to me. If you are wondering where to find free moving boxes, here are few places that can accomodate you.

Shop the grocery store early

I check the local grocery store in the early morning, since this is the best time to catch stockers. Years ago, I would ask for produce and banana boxes, but I learned there is another option. Although there is nothing wrong with the boxes, they are sometimes wet or damp from the produce. I’d have to wait for them to try, and hope the integrity of the box is still intact. The finding of the right boxes will be there with the accounting services Chicago. The information available with the person will be great and correct for the person to get the effective benefits. The food box will be effective through the hiring of moving companies.

Instead of using the produce boxes, ask the stockers for the aisle product boxes or for those from the dairy section. Cereal, potato chip, and canned food boxes are good sizes for packing.

Another example; the Tropicana orange juice box holds two large containers of juice. The boxes are dry and sturdy, which are perfect for dishes, picture frames and other items that are small or slim. Egg boxes are also available with handles.

Hit the liquor store

With our last move, I learned that liquor stores are the best kept secret for moving. Liquor stores have set days for product deliveries, and are willing to give the boxes away. Much like the juice boxes, they are smaller in size, but sturdy. Since the certain boxes carry six to 12 bottles, the sizes will accommodate kitchen and bathroom supplies, toys, and clothes.

If you have a stemware collection or lots of glasses, these will come in handy. Your stemware may be very special or expensive and should be boxed carefully. Leave the cardboard dividers in the boxes and place a glass in each slot. Add packing peanuts, cloth napkins, dishtowels or shredded paper with the crystal, if it’s not enough insulation.

Electronics Stores

A big, huge box is not ideal, since it’s easy to overload with items. This makes the box impossible to carry alone. On the other hand, larger boxes are excellent to act as coverings for over-sized paintings and objects including TV screens.

Taller, deeper boxes are great for blankets, stuffed animals, and pillows.

Check out your gym for a pro shop

I spend a lot of time at the gym, and know when the pro-shop gets its shipments of supplements. My gym was happy to accommodate me with boxes. Supplement boxes come in several sizes, but the protein boxes and drink boxes are optimal. The size is a 16x16x11, making it a perfect size for any of your items.

Certain drinks will come in long boxes that are very sturdy, due to the weight of the drinks. The ends have handles, which makes it easy to carry.

Tips for Starting a House Cleaning Business

If you are interested in starting a house cleaning business, there are certain steps you must take in order to be successful. House cleaning is not a business that you can just jump into without the proper knowledge or preparation. Instead, sound business planning is required to go along some common sense. Starting a cleaning business is not hard as long as you know what you are doing and where you are going.

The first thing that you need to do in order to begin a house cleaning business is to develop a strategic business plan. In this business plan, you will answer questions such as “How much do I charge for my service?” In addition, this part of the process will require some digging and research in order to identify the market price levels and things of that matter. Once you have developed a business plan, you can begin to do some of the more creative things.

What’s in a name? For a house cleaning business, everything can be determined by the name of your business. The name should be catchy and more importantly, easy to remember. A good name is distinguishable from other names in the business through its unique ability to catch the eye and stay in memory.

One thing that folks often forget when starting a house cleaning business is that you should be insured. Like with most other venture capitalist businesses, insurance can help calm a whole heap of worries. By getting your business insured, you can insure your independent contractor status, while having the peace of mind to work freely without stress.

Keeping your mind at peace is an important prerequisite when you are engaged into a hectic task like house cleaning as it would be an excellent exercise for your body and you don’t have to rely much on maid service for the job as that would be a waste of money.

If you want to be able to market yourself to great clientele, then you will almost certainly have to prove your background to these folks. Since you will be spending time in their homes and have great access to their things, they will want to know what your background is like. Getting a certified copy of your criminal history background (or lack thereof) is a good way to pick up more business.

Make sure people know exactly what they are getting with your service. When you market your business, let folks know that you will be cleaning their bathroom in a certain way and it will cost a certain amount of money. By doing this, the uncertainty is gone and you can take away the bulk of the guess work.

Starting a house cleaning business is fairly easy. More and more of these are popping up around the United States because of the obvious benefits and the relatively low barrier to entry. With these tips, you can start one today!

Ghost Writing: Qualified As Freelance Or Is It Its Own Niche?

Ghostwriting. I have had a lot of people ask me what exactly is ghostwriting is when I tell them that I am a ghostwriter. The first thing that comes to mind when it is brought up is a show back in the 1990s. Funny, same name, but no cigar.

When a person says they are a ghostwriter, it means that they can write SEO articles for websites, they will right Keyword articles for clients often times a technical company or company that wants more traffic brought to their site buy the use of Keyword searches via google or yahoo. Ghost Writers have been commonly associated with freelance writers for 2 reasons. For one they often times work out of their home. Secondly, they make money mainly online and through the use of freelance based websites such as The jobs they are able to get they mainly will have to “bid” on. I will break these down more in-depth later on in the article.

In order to fully get what a Ghost Writer is, you must first know what it isn’t and in that Clovis SEO will guide you. Unlike freelance authors and many other writing-based careers, Ghost Writers do not have a by-line. Whatever a ghostwriter writes,(say that ten times fast), another person can and will take credit for the article as if they had spent the time writing it. Some people frown on this and consider it immoral, however, many ghostwriters feel the opposite. It isn’t about establishing a name in writing for many ghostwriters. What it is to them is a way to work from home, not have to worry about a 9-5 job that they may hate, and most importantly, the idea and feeling that they are able to do something they love which is writing about various topics. If this sounds like a career you are interested in always remember that life working from home may sound easy; it’s not.

Ghostwriting has it’s downfalls as well. There is very little job security, for one. Meaning one week you could make 300 or more, and the next week, make 20 dollars or none at all. Also, ghostwriters at times get paid peanuts or even not at all after they have completed an assignment for a client. Lastly, you really do need at least some type of background in writing or prepare yourself to have a part-time job while you work on your ghostwriting career. Now for the in-depth part of the article, I promised you.

The Life of a Ghost Writer

Home-based work. Yes, many ghostwriters do work out of their homes, I am one of them. I have been ghostwriting for some time now and it is not easy. This wasn’t a primary choice of mine to do but, due to complications in my life, I chose it. Needless to say, I do not regret it, but it isn’t as easy as I thought when first starting it. I was lucky enough to find a mentor who was willing to teach me everything and, she still is. Unbeknown to her, I will forever be in her debt because of it and I will never forget her deed. Aside from that, the luxury of working at home, able to spend more time with their loved ones, and be able to take breaks when they wish too, all comes at a price that many people really don’t consider when asking for a work at home job.

Many sacrifices have to be made in order for the career to work. For one, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. It takes time to get the ball rolling and KEEP IT rolling. It is best to keep whatever job you have and work on establishing clients when it comes to ghostwriting. Doing this will allow you to bring in a bit more money from ghostwriting while keeping the job security of your 9-5. This just may mean staying up a bit later to get the job done.

Secondly, you will have to be able to take criticism. Good or bad it is still criticism. Many new writers have a tough time with this for fear of losing a client because they are new to the whole Ghost Writing rules. Do not worry too much, mistakes happen, and clients know this. They will often times tell you what was wrong and ask if you can correct it. If you are honest and upfront with them on the fact that you are new, they will help you correct whatever mistake happened. If you are constantly displeasing clients then you should look on boards that aid in ghostwriting such as

Bidding. This entails the act of “applying” for a project or job that a client has posted on a job board. You will be bidding against a large number of other ghostwriters and even freelance authors. This is both a good thing and at times, can be a pain in the .. well you know the rest. Bidding on jobs can be great because it allows you to strut your stuff, show off your skills, possibly be a job that just happens to be your hobby, and you can whisper sweet nothings into the client’s ear. Alright so maybe not the last part. The rest of it though is common among the posting boards. One downfall to this is if you are new it can be intimidating and be expected to lose more bids then you win. Over time many boards will give the “feedback” option to link to your profile. This option allows clients that you have worked with from that board to give you praise, or say how horrible of a writer you are. Often times they will be good reviews, and clients are very very honest when it comes to a review.

Another downfall with boards and being a ghostwriter or even freelancer is that sometimes clients want a large amount of work done, for almost nothing. Over time you will learn what to look for and the going prices for say a 500-word document on Beauty Tips. (500 words per article is a common length of an article).

Now if you still wish to learn more about ghostwriting, I leave you with a few options and special insight into the world of ghostwriting, just for your readers as a ” Thanks for reading”.

Tip 1:

When looking for more information, you can always look online via Google or any other search engine. Often times it will be up what Ghost Writing is and how you can become one easily. It’s not easy and it takes time to fully get the same amount of money you do from your 9-5 job, and get it on a regular basis.

Tip 2:

There are many books out there on affiliate sites that say if you buy it you can make money in no time. Again, BE CAREFUL, some of these are scams. There is a book that I use and is very helpful you can find it here The author knows what she is talking about and has been ghostwriting for many years. I have spoken to her personally and she is a very nice woman and highly intelligent.

Tip 3:

Keep both eyes open when writing. I say this because knowing how to write and knowing how to follow directions for an article, are often two different things. It never helps to double-check with a client on what they specifically want to be done. Doing this will show the client that you are serious about the overall quality of the article (quality is key in this career), and establishes a mutual respect for one another which is very good to have when asking for a raise in the payout or a review.

The Importance Of Credit Repair

When discussing the topic of credit repair, most people have a hard time really deciding where to stand about it’s worth to the individual or business. Well, what we’re going to talk about is why it is important to anybody who doesn’t have perfect credit and why it’s vital to the financial future of those who have “bad” credit.

First and foremost, let’s discuss the truth of the value of good credit. In our economy and in today’s times, good credit is extremely important, and vital, to those who want to make the most of their finances. This isn’t a secret, but there’s more to it than just having a good “score”. Credit reports are used for more than getting a car or a credit card. Let’s look at a few of these other situations.

In order to have “finances”, one must have a “job”. More and more potential employers are pulling credit reports nowadays as part of the screening process for potential employment. The major reason in most industries for this practice isn’t because they’re checking the financial well-being of potential clients. Sure, there are industries, such as banking or other cash-intensive businesses, that do care about that because of the risk involved. However, in most industries, they’re checking the “character” of the applicant. Surprised? What references do most people give? People they know and are expecting them to give a potential employer their name. Resumes don’t reveal a ton about the “person” but only the achievements. So, employers look at your credit to see if you pay your bills on time, have unpaid child support, have a judgment against you, etc. to try to form a picture of your character. So, fast credit repair services in this instance can help to clean up that picture and make it more accurate. Credit repair can help individuals ensure that they can get the job they want and that nothing will stop them from getting that position with great benefits, like insurance…

Now, the insurance that we’re going to talk about would be stuff like car insurance, life insurance, renter’s insurance, etc. These insurance companies don’t want you to not pay premiums and get dropped and they believe it or not, are known to use credit sort of as an indicator too. So, as far as finances are concerned, sure you have a job, place to live, maybe even a car, but 2 out of the 3 need insurance and you can pay through the nose with bad credit. A credit repair specialist can look at your credit and advise you as to the ways to get that credit rating cleaned up and can save you thousands over the course of your life.

Obviously, people need a roof over their heads and transportation and most people already understand how credit impacts these situations. Bad credit can obviously keep you from getting the house you want or can make you pay entirely too much for it due to the interest rate you’ll get. If you can’t get it, you’ll have to look to rent and most of the nice, friendly, safe places to live run credit checks. Therefore, if you can’t get into a house or a reputable apartment in a good part of town, your bad credit could put you and your family at risk in a less desirable place to live.

Credit affecting your transportation is easy. Good credit can get you 0% APR at a lot of dealerships. Bad credit can have you end up paying 19% interest on car and paying nearly twice what the car’s worth by the time you get it paid off after the 72 months it’ll take you due to the high payments. Sure, you’ll see the “Bad Credit, No Credit, No Problem” signs all over town but that’s because they’re about to sell you a $15,000 car that you’ll pay $30,000 by the time it’s done.

A good credit repair specialist isn’t someone that only people who are struggling can use. Even people in average situations can see great improvements in their situation by working with a credit repair specialist. A good credit repair specialist can be just as important as a Financial Planner or Personal Banker for consulting, advice, and help when you have decisions to make about your credit.

5 Ways You Can Make Money Online

Instead of just using the internet to email, view websites, and chat, did you know that you can also make money online? You can, right from the comfort of your own home. A lot of us could use some extra cash to pay for our expenses or maybe you’d like to try and make it a part-time or even full-time job from home? Here I will tell you 5 ways that you can make money online.

  1. eBay

I’m sure you have heard of eBay! They even have tv commercials now! Instead of bidding and buying, you can be making money from eBay. All of us have stuff laying around our house that we no longer want. To sell on eBay, simply sign up for an account and take a few good pictures of the item you wish to sell. I recommend downloading Turbo Lister, which makes it very easy to list many auctions at once. Make sure you are truthful and very descriptive about your item. Don’t set reserves, this will lower your chances of getting a good price for your item. Instead, add a buy it now! Some buyers are more inclined to buy your item right away, instead of waiting for the auction to end.

  1. Surveys

There are plenty of survey websites out there. Companies want to know your opinions about certain products, some that are not even on the market yet! You can get paid for your opinion and all it takes is a few minutes every day. What you do is sign up for a survey site, fill out your profile and they will email you with surveys that they matched up from your profile. I have heard of some survey sites paying over $20 just for one survey! Although there are times where you might get paid $1. Either way, make sure you do the surveys they send to you, this will make your chances higher of getting more survey invitations. FKC Concept Evergreen Wealth Formula 2.0 review is another great way in this category that you can learn about through this link

  1. Get Paid to Sites

A get paid to site is a website that pays you to complete offers. There are a lot of them out there and they really do pay you. Just make sure to do a search for proof of payment for the site you would like to work on, to make sure it’s legit. The offers that you complete to get paid for are usually 100% free. A lot of these get paid to sites will have their offers well organized for you to find the free offers. You usually just enter your zip code or email address and get paid. There are a few surveys offers too. They take a few minutes but usually are higher paying. If you’d like to make even more money on getting paid to sites you can do their trial offers and refer others. A good website to check out for getting paid to reviews, proof of payments, and tips is Your GPT Guide.

  1. Blogging

If you don’t already have a blog, get one! Blogging is a good way to make some money. Just like the surveys, there are companies out there that need you to help them and they will compensate you to do so. To do this with blogging, you sign up for sites such as Pay Per Post and Blogsvertise. When you sign up, you provide them with the link to your blog and some information about your blog. They will then review your blog and decide if it’s acceptable. This usually means that your blog is 30 – 90 days old and that you have a good amount of posts. When they approve your blog, you will get notifications by email about companies that you can write about on your blog. It’s advertising for the company and you get paid to do it. The posts don’t have to belong either, just a few paragraphs and a few links. The more you do, the more “tasks” you will get assigned!

  1. Google Adsense

Ever see those little advertisements by Google at websites? Well, you can take advantage of them too if you have a blog or a website. Google Adsense pays you to add a little bit of code to your blog or website. Every time somebody who visits your website that clicks on one of the ads will result in you getting some cash added to your account. Some people choose to have a few links at the bottom of their page or you can incorporate the ads right in with the content of your website. You can even choose to have image ads or just text ones. One of the best things about Adsense is that you can create “channels” if you have AdSense on multiple sites, this will let you track which website is bringing in the most cash. You can even customize the font colors and background colors for the ads.

FireStatus – Facebook, FriendFeed and Twitter – All in Your Firefox Status Bar

I’ll happily admit to being a slow convert to social networking websites. Ask me a year ago if I had any use for Twitter or Facebook, and you’d have received an emphatic “no!” as your answer. Today, though, I seem to have come around. Twitter is a nice, useful way to keep your friends and family updated as to what you’re doing and where you are, and Facebook is a fantastic website for reconnecting with friends both old and new.

However, I once described social networking sites as being black holes. They just suck the time out of the day. It’s not uncommon for me to check on Facebook to see what my friends are up to, only to find that I’m still on there, 30 or 40 minutes later. One of the problems is that in order to check on my friends, I have to go to Facebook. Same with Twitter. And the same goes for when I want to change my status. I go to Facebook, change my status, and then… get… distracted.

Thankfully, there is a new extension for Firefox called FireStatus that makes it trivial to update your status (on Facebook, Twitter and FriendFeed), as well as to get fast updates from all your friends, all from inside Firefox itself. Expert assistance can be provided on how to view private instagram profile without following, 2020. The up-gradation of the profile should be done to get the desired results. The trail of the updates can be taken to increase the views and likes at the site. The speed will be fast and secure for the person. 

To use FireStatus, just install it and then reboot. Once you’ve done this, you’ll see a new icon in your Firefox status bar (at the bottom). To configure FireStatus, right-click the icon and your preferences will pop up. For each of the three social networks FireStatus supports, you’ll need to enter your username (except for Facebook, which will confirm your identity the typical Facebook way), and for Twitter you’ll need to enter your password (FriendFeed needs a remote key).

After doing so, you have a choice. If, like me, you only update Facebook, but would like to keep track of people on Twitter and Facebook, then check the appropriate check boxes. You can send on all networks, receive on all networks, or on none of them, or whatever you choose. In addition, FireStatus gives you the option to include the URL of the website you’re currently visiting at the time you update your status, which can be problematic, since a lot of websites use lengthy URL schemes. Fortunately, FireStatus is aware of that, and offers to shorten the URL using the popular TinyURL service, or urlBorg. Finally, you also can choose how often each service is polled (similar to checking for new email every 15 or 30 minutes).

Once you’ve set your preferences, FireStatus will check automatically for new status updates, and they’ll appear just as normal popups, in one of the corners of your screen (typically upper-right for Mac users and lower-right for Linux and Windows users).

But you can also update your status from within FireStatus. To do that, left-click the little FireStatus icon located in the Firefox status bar. A slim dialog will appear from the bottom of the window, with enough space to update your status, select which service to update, and whether or not to include the current URL. Fill in the information, click Send and FireStatus instantly updates whichever service you select.

In my mind, FireStatus is an excellent product. It’s simple to setup and use, is a huge time saver (at least for me), and works really well. It has a minimal interface that stays out of my way when I’m not using it, doesn’t even really get in the way when I am using it, and works exactly as I’d expect.

Just one note: FireStatus is quite new, so is considered by Mozilla to be an “experimental” Firefox extension. This does not mean (at least from my use) that it is flaky, or prone to crashing or data loss… it’s just new, and at the moment not enough people have reviewed it or given it ratings, so it hasn’t gone through the full evaluation process. But at least in my use, FireStatus is a solid piece of work, and if you use multiple social networks, is well deserving of your time.

Fight Obesity with Fat Camp


Could your child benefit from a fat camp? If so, continue reading and I will give you ideas on what to look for. Summer will be here before you know it and you need to make the decision now on summer camp.


Contrary to popular belief your child will not be coming home thin and svelte. Of course, there will be weight loss but fast weight loss is not a goal of these types of camp. They will teach your child to make better food choices and help them to realize, they are in charge of what food they choose to eat with Lexapro weight loss.


Walking into a fat camp and seeing other peers that have a weight problem will make your child feel comfortable. There is no bullying here. There is no being laughed about or called names like fatty, tub-o-butter, fatso. Just this alone makes it worth sending your child to a fat camp. They will fit in maybe for the first time in their lives. A camp such as this will help your child with self-esteem. For teens, fat camps can provide the necessary interaction with the opposite sex. They form friendships that can last a lifetime especially if they are a repeat camper. Imagine a first kiss or a first boyfriend or girlfriend. For many, this will be the first time they belong to the “in crowd” and will be accepted for who they are and not what they look like. All of these are everyday happenings for teens who are not fat and now your teen can live this adventure too.


Even though I have used the term fat camp, camps such as these do not use that term to describe their camps. A preferred term is weight loss camp. Can you imagine telling your child you are sending them to a fat camp? Decide what type of fat camp you want for your child. Ask what their activities are. Ask what their menus are like. What types of professionals are involved in the camp programs? At the very least, you will want a camp that has an activities director experienced working with children. Activities need to be varied so the children will want to participate. Is there a dietician or nutritionist on staff? Next, I would ask my child what they want to do at camp. Try to come to a decision that you as a parent will be happy with but also your child will be happy with…

Piczo Vs. MySpace: The New Challenger? An Alternative Social Networking Site on the Horizon

Now that sharing your life story with the world has become a common activity for thousands of teenagers, the onslaught of social networking sites after the MySpace buyout is hoping to catch the new wave. Social networking is developing and evolving at a record pace, as more people show interest in the activity and find unique and creative ways to share their messages. MySpace brought to light some serious safety and privacy issues, especially for younger teenagers and inexperienced internet users. However, the ongoing saga continues on how often teenagers use social networking sites, for what reasons, and the increasing population of social networking enthusiasts overall.

Piczo is a fresh spin for the MySpace generation, offering a unique URL and landing page for each member. Users can easily upload pictures, video, and blog posts, along with a customized background and web page features. Piczo is different in format than the standard MySpace profile template; users are literally creating their own piece of the growing world of the web.

Signing up for Piczo is free, and graphics can be easily added to the site. The distinguishing features of Piczo can be found in its ease of use and independent webpage making. Instead of profile pages that are used to send messages ‘internally’, users connect the old-fashioned way by just letting their friends now how to reach the URL. There are no networks, and no interconnecting webs of friends; the network that a Piczo user creates is essentially ‘closed.’ Without broadcasting your profile to millions of users, Piczo lets the user get back the control that parallels real life in many ways. Experts available at the site will provide information about – How to Buy Instagram Followers? Different ways will be made available to the person for the benefit. The selection of the right one should be done to reduce the loss of money at online websites. 

Piczo may offer parents the peace of mind of a ‘safer’ form of social networking. It could also give users the benefits of some positive and long-lasting relationships beyond the standard ‘become a buddy’ mentality that has rapidly formed on MySpace. Social networking has opened up thousands of studies on social behavior, including the value of friendships and acquaintances via web-exclusive interaction. Time will tell how valuable this model and mode of behavior truly is, but in the meantime, teenagers in particular are taking part in web relationships at the easiest, most flexible, and of course most popular sites available.

The differences between template-driven and independent webpage-creating sites such as Piczo are key for noting today’s trends. A social networking site’s longevity is determined by a variety of factors, as the domain of social networking becomes fiercely competitive. Every day, new sites pop up offering a unique feature, style, template, or process. However, Piczo may bring to light the need and long-term benefits of a ‘closed’ network; it’s the milder form of social networking that stands in line to compete with MySpace in the long-term.