Guide to Bed and Breakfast Honeymoon Vacations in Kentucky

There is nothing harder than to tie the knot and then travel hours upon hours to a hotel before being able to relax with your new spouse. If you are planning a wedding and need some ideas on small wedding venues or a romantic honeymoon getaway look no further than a Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky.

Honeymoon Destinations

Side Saddle Inn, a Bed and Breakfast, is a spectacular honeymoon destination in Cynthiana, Kentucky. This inn is not your typical honeymoon destination as it sits on 280 acres of bluegrass farm land and comes equipped with a horse barn to house your horses during your honeymoon stay. Whether or not you will be bringing horses on your honeymoon, there are many things to do including: fishing, canoeing, star gazing, picnicking, horseback riding, and so on.

When a small wedding venue is needed, the Side Saddle Inn is sure to please. A short drive from Lexington, Kentucky, the inn contains a large dining area perfect for wedding rehearsal dinners and there are plenty of rooms available for the wedding party, if needed.

Honeymoon Locations

1851 Historic Maple Hill Manor Bed and Breakfast in Kentucky’s Derby Region offers outdoor gazebo, barn, and garden weddings. Indoor weddings are showcased on a glorious spiral staircase in the plantation-style home. The Manor has been voted ‘Most Historic Charm in the U.S.’, ‘Kentucky’s Best B B;’, ‘Best Innkeepers’, and ‘Best B B; in the South’ among others.

The Manor has several honeymoon packages to choose from including: Wine, Dine,  amp; Whirlpool for Two Package, Roses, Romance, and Relaxation Package, Ultimate Honeymoon Package, and for those who love mysteries they also offer a Murder Mystery Getaway Package among several other packages.

Small Wedding Venues

When a small wedding venue is what you are looking for, Inn at the Park located in Louisville, Kentucky, offers five different wedding options to choose from. If you are looking to elope or bringing guests, the inn will accommodate up to 50 guests for the largest package offered with food and drinks included in the price.

After the wedding, enjoy your honeymoon stay in the bridal suite that overlooks the garden and Central Park. The room contains a king-sized bed, whirlpool, fireplace, and wooden flooring that sits beneath a cathedral ceiling from where I watched the performance of an artist who is performing for lancaster pa wedding dj. With a five minute drive from the airport and downtown, this inn might just be the perfect place to hold the wedding ceremony and stay for the honeymoon

Bed and Breakfast Extras

Many of the Bed and Breakfasts offer gift certificates which would make wonderful wedding gifts from the guests. When sending out invitations to family members, add a note or pass the word around that honeymoon gift certificates will be extremely appreciated.

For most of the Bed and Breakfasts, it is wise to call in advance. Although, the innkeepers realize that sometimes an intimate elopement could arise and make their best efforts to accommodate the bride and groom.

Schick Intuition – Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be! How? Check This Out.

If you’re like me, you hate having to juggle a can of shaving cream and a razor when you’re shaving your legs and performing barttrimmer test to check the quality. The can of shaving cream gets slippery, falls onto your toes which are planted on the bottom of the bathtub, while the other foot rests against the wall while trying to shave. You then end up slicing your leg open, and almost breaking your neck because you banged your toe up with the shaving cream can and are dancing around on the slippery bathtub floor. This can all be avoided with the use of one product: Schick Intuition. I thought I’d give it a whirl and see what happened, this is what I found:

The Schick Intuition Razor is an all in one product. The blades are surrounded by a solid soap, so there is no need to juggle that shaving cream can. It has a nicely shaped handle so that it fits snugly in your hand.

I received my Intuition via a free offer online, so I was able to pass on spending the $8 or $9 that they retail for in stores. For that reason alone, I was going to use that razor no matter how well it did or didn’t work.

When I started using it, my first response was “Wow, I can’t even feel this razor tugging at my leg hairs. This is great!” I was really pleased. My legs also felt very smooth and moisturized. It saved me some time and aggravation. What a wonderful product.

Then, I started using it on a regular basis. One thing I found that I disliked was that I couldn’t watch where the blades were going. I could have been going over the same spot 30 times and still missing the hairs because the soap was hiding the blades. I did the quick ‘feel’ test to ensure that I got every hair possible, which does take more time- but hey- it’s better than having to shave 5 times a day and still have a patch of hair. My next issue with this razor was that the soap fell apart and fell off the area that it was situated on. This made the razor virtually useless for me since I was using it to cut down on the steps it takes to shave. I was quite disappointed in this, but I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. The reason this happened, was because the soap will thin faster on the bottom than it will the top. The top does not make as much direct contact with your skin so it lasts longer on top.

If I’m in a rush, I would consider using this razor or when I am going away on vacation and don’t want to drag a ton of products. If I’m at home and have some time to spare- I think I will stick to my regular old razor, shaving cream and watch my tootsies! My wallet will also love me for it!

As Attorney’s Spin Their Client’s Boo Hoo Story, Lisa Is Still Waiting To Be Found

What is going on in the Lisa Irwin case? Nothing substantial has been reported since the family moved back into their home. There are several theories about what is actually happening with the investigation. One would be that nothing is going to be done unless they find Lisa’s body. Another is the defense is happy to sit and wait, because they do not believe that Deborah will be arrested until they find Lisa. To add to that is the thought that Deborah knows or is hoping they will not find her.

This is a sad case all around. A beautiful child, not even old enough to be walking good, is apparently gone. There are facts that do not point to this being a kidnapping. I have given those in other articles. The saddest thing of all about this case is the parent’s unwillingness to cooperate. John Picerno can give the boo hoo story about how they were treated, and yes, I am sure it was rough. This is their child, not a bicycle that was stolen; this is their baby who is supposedly kidnapped. Spin that spinning wheel all you want, Picerno and Tacopina. A baby is at stake here, if they are telling the truth, why in the world not give the police what they want.

What does Deborah know that she is so afraid to talk to the police; it is worth risking her child’s life? If she does not know anything, what is she so afraid of? That they are going to be rough with her. Oh boo hoo again. This child certainly deserved better parents than she got. Her body is probably rotting really well now, so maybe they will not be able to tell what killed her and Deborah can walk free like Casey did. Hence, it is really important to always ask for help from the authorities like Maryland personal injury attorney.

Really hard to understand is how Bradley can even look at herself in the mirror. I cannot imagine my baby being somewhere, possibly with someone I do not know, and I do not know how she is being treated, they would have to drag me out of the police station. The whole attitude of “we are delicate little flowers, so don’t be mean to us” flies in the face of logic. Logically a mother is going to hunt on her own for her child if she has to; no one is going to stop her. That is why, I cannot imagine this being anything other than Deborah accidentally overdosing her or in a blackout, killing her. There is no other explanation that makes any sense.

I will continue to write about Lisa until she is found. At least one person will be thinking of her and it will not be her mother. I cannot let go of this as long as that baby is out there. Just as with Jhessye Shockley, I will not give up. I may not write everyday, but I will write articles and hopefully enough will read them, to where Bradley can see them. I want her to know, one person out here, amongst many I am sure, loves Lisa and thinks she deserved better than she was given.

I really thought about them moving back home, chances are Deborah has not been able to drink the way she likes. If I were Blake Irwin’s mother, I would fight for that child. No way do I think Deborah would hurt him intentionally, I do not think she hurt Lisa intentionally but if she was in a blackout, all bets are off. If she has another blackout, she could likely hurt someone else. There are too many things that can happen.

I just wish she had not been drunk on October 3, Lisa might still be here, and we might never have had to see that side of Deborah Bradley. There is one thing I wish for Deborah. I hope that she sees that baby’s face, every time she closes her eyes.

Benefits Of Social Media In Our Professional Life! How? Have A Look.

Many small-business owners are discovering that social media can provide a positive impact and doesn’t have to be painful to implement and maintain. I was one of these small-business owners starting a company on a shoestring budget. Build the website and they will come was my mantra. I had a sharp website but I was still not getting traffic to my site. Needless to say something was missing and I’d better figure it out pretty quickly. After reading articles about social media I was a bit apprehensive because I already had a personal Face book page as well as a personal Twitter account, and I didn’t see how it could really benefit my business.

As it turns out, these two outlets were not a good fit for my business. My firm is a boutique recruiting firm and I need to create a buzz from potential clients. It turns out that LinkedIn was the proper outlet for my firm. I had already been using LinkedIn for finding candidates but not to drive traffic to my website. Before I started using LinkedIn to drive traffic, my website was experiencing between 30 and 40 hits a month. I started joining LinkedIn groups and posting discussions linking back to my website. The traffic started flowing and this month we had over 2,000 unique visitors to the site not the mention the returning visitors as well as those who subscribed to our RSS feeds. By embracing social media and not fearing it we are able to meet new potential customers on a regular basis. Here are some benefits you can look forward to if you choose to embrace the power of social media.

Cost savings

One of the biggest concerns for small-business owners is cost. Cost was certainly one of my biggest fears. The cost incurred with Face book, Twitter, and LinkedIn is simply in the labor to maintain the accounts and update postings. This is a very cost effective way to interact with your existing and potential new customers while not spending valuable budget dollars on print ads. When I think about print ads, I think about magazines and newspapers that sit on coffee tables and don’t get read. Social media, when done properly, provides a service to your customers at a low cost to your firm.

Ease of use

Social media such as instagram, facebook etc; are much easier to get up and running and use. When interest in company websites grew, not many business owners were able to set up their own sites and had to rely on outside contractors to build sites. I had to learn Word Press to create my site and couldn’t believe how easy it was to master. Vehicles such as Face book, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow someone with limited skills to build a professional online presence as well as helps in achieving instagram followers, which Is really great for them.

Improved efficiency 

The days of toiling over setting up an online account, formatting issues, and distribution are over. I was pleased to see just how efficient the social media outlets are set up. You only have to worry about the content and not the formatting anymore. I really appreciated this particular aspect because it saved me time in getting current information out quickly. With a time investment of one hour a week, a business owner can stay in touch with their customer base. The owner can find out on a real time basis what their customers want and initiate promotions to increase sales.

Choosing the right social media platform is important. Below are a few tips for making your choice between the top three.


LinkedIn is the perfect platform for business to business sales opportunities. LinkedIn is a business oriented platform where you can join groups, post discussions, and grow business connections. LinkedIn was perfect for me because I could benefit from both new clients as well as new candidates. I can do searches for specific companies, targeted candidates as well as join groups and post discussions.

Face book 

Face book is great for the business to consumer type of businesses. Restaurants are a great example of who can benefit from having a Face book page. Your customers can see pictures of your food, restaurant, and provide feedback. My friend owns a small pizza restaurant and his sales have picked up by over 15% in the two months since using Face book as a social media vehicle. Trust me, if Jim can do it, anyone can do it.


Twitter is very interactive and can take up more of a business owner’s time. In my experience, Twitter is the least valuable of the top three for business. It is harder for an owner to garner a large following on twitter. This platform should be left for the celebrities. I don’t know that anyone would get anything out of following me. They don’t want to know I’m sitting in a meeting, going to a client’s site or just placed a candidate.

Become one of the many small business owners who are reaping the benefits of social media and get your account set up and running today. Who knows, you might like it, I do.

How to Build a Stylish Wardrobe for $10 Per Item (or Less)

Anyone familiar with my fashion philosophy knows that I advocate frugality. Whether you’re buying a coat, sandals, or jeans, there’s no reason why you should ever have to spend more than $10 per article of clothing (with three exceptions to this basic rule: 1) you are investing in a rare or very high quality fashion find, 2) you have medical needs that require you to wear special attire, like therapeutic shoes, or 3) you feel like splurging on something because you absolutely love it and have been dying to own it). Even with those exceptions, the majority of your wardrobe can be thriftily obtained and still look absolutely gorgeous. 

You might not believe that such a lean budget could possibly buy you anything of any aesthetic worth, let alone a real eye-whopper. This is where you are wrong. What if I told you that nothing I’m currently wearing cost more than $8 with tax? And what if I told you that everything I currently have on is cute, comfortable, and flattering? Now any of you chronic mallrats and hardcore fashionistas are probably scoffing or rolling your eyes right now. But if you’re willing to give it a go, here are my tips for building a stylish wardrobe at $10 (or less!) per item: 

*Go to discount stores: I recommend any store that has a reputation for bargains. Wal-Mart, Target, and Old Navy are obvious ones but Wet Seal, Forever 21, Gadzooks, JC Penney also offer good deals. I’m less of a fan of Fashion Bug but they advertise low prices, too. Steve  amp; Barry’s, a lesser known store mainly because they do not advertise and therefore rely solely on word-of-mouth, promises that everything in their store is $20 or under. Celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Amanda Bynes design for them. You can read an article about Steve  amp; Barry’s in the New York Times here: emc;=th 

*Wait for mark-downs: If you don’t like the selection at discount stores, hit more expensive ones but limit yourself to sales and clearance items of Hijab apparels then you can consider the store according to your budget and preference. You’d be surprised by how much even the priciest stores mark down their goods at the end of the season. For example, I’ve bought several items at Urban Outfitters that were $10 or less each. Sometimes marked-down items are hidden at the back of stores or in remote corners near the dressing rooms. If you can’t find the sales rack, don’t be afraid to ask an associate where the marked down duds are. 

*Visit thrift shops: There is no shame in buying secondhand clothes. There are also no health risks so long as you wash the clothes before wearing them. Be sure to always try the clothes on before you buy them; thrift shops have a wide variety of new and old brands that you’re probably unfamiliar with so you don’t want to risk buying something only to later discover that it doesn’t fit you. Many hospitals and churches run thrift shops as side projects so buying from them is essentially the same as sending them a charity paycheck around the holidays. Consider it an act of kindness that also allows you to walk home with some new-to-you treasures! To search for thrift shops in your area, go to: 

*Haggle at flee markets: With a mixture of new and old, rare and run-of-the-mill, classy and trashy, flea markets are exciting places to shop in general. Flea markets, like thrift shops, often carry a plethora of interesting clothes but, unlike thrift shops, you have no place to try the duds on. As a result, you should be especially careful about what you buy and just how much you pay for it, unless you’re confident that it will fit. Always ask for a lower price if possible, too! Find flea markets in your state at: 

*Frequent yard sales: Yard sales are basically mini versions of flea markets. The main difference is that whereas there are multiple vendors at a flea market, there is only one at a yard sale so you can’t comparison shop. Another difference is that people who hold yard sales usually do so because they’re cleaning out their house or moving away, which often means they’re a little desperate to get rid of things. As a result, don’t shy away from haggling—you might get some real bargains. Besides street signs, look for yard sale ads on bulletin boards in schools, community centers, churches, and grocery stores. 

*Shop online: Considering that I have never bought any clothes online, I am not a big advocate of web shopping. Why? You can only go by the vendor’s photograph of the item for reference (which isn’t necessarily the best representation) and, even worse, you cannot try the item on. I do, however, have friends who swear by online shopping. If you’re willing to take the risk, it may just be worth it (just always remember to factor the shipping and handling charge into the total cost!). eBay is probably the most classic and popular example but there are many other sites you can look, too. Whenever possible try to find someone else who has ordered through the site before, though, so you know that it is credible. 

*Throw clothes swaps: If you can’t afford to spend any money on clothes and you have friends who wear your size, throwing clothes swaps is a great idea. Simply find a time and place to hold the event and call/email your friends to bring several pieces of clothes they no longer want. The more people who attend and the more each individual person brings, the greater your chances are of finding items you can adopt into your wardrobe. You can even host a clothes swap at your church, dorm hall, or community center for a bigger turnout and wider selection. 

The Unscrupulous Greed of Credit Card Companies

Last Monday, Representative Steve Israel (D-Huntington, NY) announced that he will be co-sponsoring a new bill with Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D- 28th District, NY) to bring to a halt the latest in unscrupulous practices being heaped upon the public by credit card companies. In May, President Barak Obama signed the new “Credit Cardholders Bill of Rights” law which will take effect in February. Though the law was the first in a long time to take steps to protect consumers from predatory lending practices, it also gave greedy banks a head start to gouge consumers before its enactment.

In the past several months, banks have been busy raising interest rates and assessing penalties on consumers with abandon, and this new bill is aimed at stopping these ruthless practices between now and February. The proposed new law would cap credit card interest rates at 16%, limit punitive fees, such as late fees and the like to $15, as well as limit membership fee hikes. In fairness to banks, it would also allow for temporary increases in the interest rate cap under extraordinary circumstances.

I’ve been personally affected by these practices in the past several months. Having been a satisfied card-member of American Express for eighteen years, my attitude towards the credit card company has been greatly diminished. One day earlier in the year I received a letter from the bank announcing a very large decrease in my credit limit. I was surprised by the move, as I had never come close to my large credit limit in the past. It had gotten so large in the first place not by my own doing, but by periodic limit increases added to my account by the bank in the hopes of driving my balance upwards.

The decrease in my credit line wasn’t that big of a deal. I did have a high limit and I hadn’t planned on getting anywhere close to it anyway, but it was unsettling. After all, my credit is impeccable, and I’d never missed a payment, and in the past they freely offered more credit to me on regular occasions.

A few months later, in August, I received another letter from the credit card giant. This was the one that made me angry. For the first time in eighteen years, American Express was raising my interest rate from 9.9% to 13.99%. Suddenly, through no action of my own, I’m paying more money each month for the privilege of owing it in the first place. There is some good licensed moneylender who collect the fewer amount of interest over the allotted money. These things will help the borrower to clear the whole amount of received capital.

The lender gave no reason for the increase, only that it was being “responsive to the business and economic environment.” Not only did the APR on my existing balance rise, so too did the cash advance rate, the over limit rate, the rate for paying late, as well as the late fee. This personal experience is one of many out there, I’m sure. My problem is minimal compared to the burden these actions by American Express and others have heaped onto the American consumer.

There are so many people out there who struggle individually, with little or no hope for a carefree financial life. The price for owing money has become insurmountable for millions. After all of the money that was paid to these financial institutions in the Great Charity Giveaway of 2008, I think it’s pretty disgusting the way they’ve been paying us back. It was our money in the first place that helped them crawl out from near ruin, and they continue to take us for everything we’ve got.

I’m both pleased and hopeful that this bill will be the beginning of the end to the unfair business practices that have been going on for years on the part of financial institutions. I should know because I worked for a major bank for thirteen years. I’ve seen from an insider’s point of view how the bottom line trumps everything else, and how the size and scope of these corporate giants give them an unfair advantage when it comes to making profits out of gouging consumers. Stay tuned as I delve back into my years as a bank employee and share a point of view from an insider’s perspective…

How To Convert Bitcoins To Cash:

In today’s age,bitcoins are mere investments. It is predicted that someday it will replace the local currency and we will be able to use it daily for menial things similar to how we use money today. This blog is to inform you how does the conversion take place, at bitcoin era ikke.

The purpose of converting money via bitcoin:

Bitcoins are accepted in very few businesses and markets. They haven’t replaced the local currency yet. This puts the consumer in a difficult position wherein he has the cash, but he can’t use it. To get better use out of your money and to gain profits people invest in bitcoins and when there is a rise in the market, they sell it for their desired profits and then convert it to cash to buy whatever they wish to.

Steps for transferring BTC to cash:

  1. Sell bitcoins on the platforms available for such transactions like Kraken.
  2. There are 2,200 bitcoin ATMs in the world. If you have an ATM nearby, you can use it to get cash against your bitcoin.
  3. Many websites are available for you to get a prepaid debit card in exchange for your bitcoin debit card.
  4. You can send them to your peers or investors wanting to bitcoin and get cash in exchange.

Precautions and things to remember while converting bitcoin to cash:

  • Tax-

there are no concrete rules yet that define the regulations for taxes in regards to bitcoin. The authorities though believe that if you make profits via buying or selling bitcoins, then you ought to pay taxes. The amount for taxes is hefty!

  • Fees-

every transaction via bitcoin charges you. The sum of charges to get it exchanged will be a huge amount. The loophole is to sell to your friends if they don’t charge you transaction money.

What Qualities a Good Web Host Should Have

With the increase in the competition between the businesses, all the businesses want to provide high quality services to their customers so that they can retain them through developing long term business relationship. This can be done by using a web hosting service because this service helps the businesses to remain connected with their customers while they are at home or any where in the world.

With the increase in the usage of internet, there is also increase in the usage of these services by the businesses. Besides this, as the businesses want to give quality service to there customers as well. They also look something in these services that is its quality. These are some of the qualities that the users want in their hosts:

  1. The first quality is the secure transaction on the website. The hosts can only guarantee this security by the usage of the Secure Socket layer. This will provide security certification to the customers and they will be ensured that the data transferring and other useful and confidential information is secure and can not be leaked.
  2. The other is the data management and it is only possible if there is a database behind the server. This will help the hosts to store and manage the data. If the server stops working due to some technical flaws, there should be some back up program to hold the information so that it can not be lost. Moreover, if the users connect through an IP address or domain name, they can access all the information easily.
  3. The other quality that good hosts provide is the greater bandwidth. It helps the users to store greater information on the server. The hosts should allow the customers to upload the files of their own and also allow them to use the space on the disk.
  4. The next is the authority to install the software of user’s choice. This freedom of installing will satisfy the users to greater extent because they can modify the things according to their wish. This will increase the reliability of the host.
  5. Good hosts should be cost effective. They should help the users to decrease their cost and increase the performance through generating greater revenues.
  6. The other can be the effective control of the traffic on the server. Whenever there are more clients visiting the website, it creates a problem in the form of a dumb. One of the problems is the downtime of the server. Some hosts who claim to provide quality service fail to encounter with such kind of problems. So the hosts should work on this issue that how they can control the traffic and maintain the speed of the server without causing any problem.
  7. The last but not the least is the technical service at the back that helps the users to keep connected and these services wipe out all the problems pertaining to the server.

These are the number of qualities that the best web hosting service can provide to their users. Web hosting service should make sure that they are controlling all the flaws effectively as along with providing reliable, effective and easily accessible service.

The above article is just a small gist about how a web host should function but they tend to be expensive in nature so for those want both cheap & best web hosting, they had better consult the experts in this matter to get hands on experience about web hosts and its benefits.

Top-Reasons To Invest Into Bitcoins!

With the rapid modernization of the world, the currency has also been modernized, which has given birth to the digital currency. There are various types of digital currencies, but bitcoin is the most popular and successful out of them all. It attracts a lot of bitcoin traders to invest in it as it gives a good return and makes them earn a considerable amount of profits. It is a decentralized type of currency, which means there is no authority that governs or controls it. It is managed by the users only, and it is highly beneficial to invest in if you want to earn a good amount of profits easily.

Why is it beneficial to invest in bitcoins?

Different uses

The most significant advantage of bitcoin is that it serves different purposes. It makes the users able to make a digital transaction at a lower cost. It is the basic use of bitcoin, but other than this; it is also used to exchange securities. Although these are some of the side uses as they have not become the primary use of bitcoin yet. It makes bitcoin a highly useful digital currency and has opened up various opportunities for it in the future. It has also made it one of the best things to invest as it gives excellent profits in return.

Easy to use

Most of the modern currencies are full of complexities, which makes them difficult to use by the people. Bitcoin has a user-friendly interface, which makes it convenient for the users to use it. Adding to it, you need to hold the currency for a long time as you can sell them quickly to earn a good amount of profits. It makes investing in bitcoins the best decision and allows investors and traders to earn the right amount of profits.

To conclude, bitcoin is a quite useful and lucrative investment and can help you to make a good amount of profits.

Bowflex Treadclimber: Choose The Best, Handle Safely

What does one need to do to keep in shape? What are the perks of having a well-toned body? Does a built physique with bulging muscles from top to bottom account for a good health as well?

These are the questions that come to mind when you decide upon hitting the gym to get a nice bulk. Everyone wants to be noticed and admired be it for their looks or their abilities.

However, it is important to note that along with a muscled frame you need to make sure that you are stronger from the inside as well as that is what matters and lasts for long compared to outer strength which fizzles out in no time.

But there are numerous people who join the gym to shed the extra kilos that they have gained from years of neglect and consumption of junk food.

The paramount thing in their mind is to become lean and with no paunch in the middle. They do this through cardio exercises that are good for the heart as it helps in pumping blood throughout the body.

The most popular cardio workouts are running, cycling, treadmill and last but definitely not the least: the treadclimber.

Treadclimber is quite similar to a treadmill and cycling so in looks it is a cross mixture of both but quite vital for cardiac muscles and helps in getting rid of calories.

A bowflex treadclimber is considered to be the best as can be used at home and saves time from the gym.

Its pedals are similar to cycle pedals though it is done in a standing position. Some important bowflex treadclimber models are as follows:

  • Bowflex TC200
  • Tread TC10
  • Tread TC100

So, guys and gals, just purchase one at a store near you and make your room a miniature gym.