How To Make a Great Iced Mocha At Home

Like many other people around the world, I love Starbucks. Many hate Starbucks, but I can tell by the long lines at the many Starbucks that many people still do love their daily fix. When things get tight financially, though, it’s very hard to justify spending over $3 for a beverage – no matter how good it is. My weakness is an iced mocha. It can be freezing cold in the dead of winter and I’ll pick an iced mocha over anything else. So a few months ago I decided to play around in my kitchen to see if I could come up with a decent alternative to Starbucks. After a few failures I finally got it right and ended up with a very good version. It’s not quite as good as Starbucks, but for only pennies a cup it’s a small sacrifice to make.

Start off by brewing strong coffee. I eyeball it (like everything else I cook) but it’s about a heaping tablespoon for every cup. Once the coffee is made, I take it off the coffee machine and put it on the counter to cool for a little while. After 20-30 minutes, I start assembling the drink. You don’t have to wait… I’m a busy mom with 3 young children so I rarely have time to wait like this… I just think it’s a bit better when I do. Anyways… after letting the coffee cool a little bit, pour 1 cup into a shaker container or small pitcher. You could use a tall glass, too. Add 3/4 cup of milk (I use skim milk) and 1/4 cup of liquid coffee creamer. I prefer French Vanilla but I’ve also used other, including plain, and they turned out alright, too. I really enjoy the Peppermint Mocha flavor the stores carry this time of year. Then I add a few tablespoons of chocolate syrup. I just eyeball it “until it looks right” so I can’t give an exact measurement here. Start by adding a little because you can always just add more until you get the taste you desire. After mixing it up very good, I pour it over ice in a tall glass or 4-in-1 5 cup and enjoy! And guess what, it was one of the best I have ever tried!

You can always adjust the milk/creamer ratio if you’d like. There have been times I’ve left out the creamer completely because we ran out and it still tasted good. I’ve also used whole milk and soy milk. It’s a very forgiving recipe so just change it up depending on your tastes and what you have. I like experimenting with the different flavors of coffee creamers, too. Even if you end up not liking your creation, you can always start again — and it’ll still be cheaper than a fancy coffee house!

Winchester Power Point Rifle Ammunition Review: What makes it Great for Hunting?

I recently used Winchester Power Point Ammunition in my .270 Winchester to hunt for whitetail deer. The load that I choose to use in my .270 was the 150 grain Power Point. I had almost exclusively used 130 grain bullets, so I was interested to see how the rifle’s accuracy would be with using the 150 grain load. To put it simply I was shocked. The 150 grain Winchester Power Point load reliably shot into less than ¾ of an inch with three shot groups at 100 yards. Some three shot groups resulted in all the bullet holes touching. My long standing handload using 130 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips did not even perform this well all the time. To say that I was quite pleased with the accuracy of the Winchester Power Point factory ammunition would be an understatement. Also, this scope you can read about at has helped in improving my rifle’s accuracy even better.

The first day that I loaded my .270 with the Winchester Power Point found me in an old hay barn. From the barn I could see a few hundred yards in each direction in the open field. I could also look into a brushy hollow below the ridge top field. Early in the morning I spied what I decided was a 4 point or smallish 6 point in the brush. As I determined that the buck was smaller than what I wanted I decided to pass on the deer. As the morning progressed, a few does passed through the field but no other bucks made an appearance. As I had yet to take a deer that year, I decided that perhaps the little buck should be taken to help fill the freezer. He had continued to feed around the whole morning but had now worked his way to the top of a small ridge presented an unsafe shot and one through a considerable amount of brush. I moved to another location in the barn to try to get a better shooting angle, but the deer continued to stay on top of the little ridge. Finally he came down the ridge and presented a safe shot with little brush in the way. The buck stood quartering toward me.

After the shot the deer ran forward toward me, but out of sight into the hollow. I could hear him run, then slow to a walk in the thick brush. After a few minutes of silence I decided that he either died or had bedded down. I smoked a cigarette and gave the deer about 15 minutes before going to look. As I moved forward in the field toward the fence line, the deer shot out of the brush crossing the field in front of me. At this point I had a clear look at the antlers and they were much better than I thought. Firing twice as he crossed the field (embarrassingly I later realized that both shots were clear misses) I watched as the buck disappeared over the ridge. In amazement I walked toward where the deer left my sight. I found him just inside the fence of the field (and the property line!). My first shot, while not great, should have killed him more quickly. The bullet had hit a little far back and passed through without hitting any significant bone. The exit hole was not of impressive size either.

While certainly the shot could have been better, I am sure that my Nosler Ballistic Tip load would have performed better with the given shot due to its rapid expansion. In defense of the Winchester Power Point it is designed for larger game and the deer in my part of the country are fairly small. For use with larger whitetails and bigger game like elk or moose the Power Point should be ideal, but clearly the 150 grain is too tough to open up on smaller big game.

The Winchester Power Point ammunition is certainly an accurate loading for my gun. Be certain to choose the ideal bullet weight for your game animal and I am sure it will be fine. The Winchester Power Point Rifle Ammunition is available in most common calibers including the 30-30 Winchester, 30-06, 270 Winchester, 308 Winchester and others.

Tips to Craft A Memorable Proposal 

Congratulations! You are preparing to propose to the girl you love. It is a big moment, so ensure to prepare a little. ‘Will you marry me?’ is the regular question popped in every proposal. However, you can say a variation of this sentence along with a small engagement speech.

You have planned a Black Swan Gondola ride across Lake San Macros in San Diego. It is a great marriage proposal idea that will transform your life, so you looked into every small detail. There is a gondolier, who ensures to offer a great unforgettable experience for couples, who just got engaged on the gondola amidst serene waters, black swans, and natural landscape. You are about to get added to the lucky couples list on the gondola engagement cruise!

When you are planning to propose, emotions will run high. However, you desire to make this moment remarkable for both. When you craft a memorable proposal, here are some things to remember.

Think it through

Before you say anything, think what you desire to say. Reflect on your love story and how your relationship was built. Relive the happiest memories and ask yourself, what attracted you to her. Use memories to start writing!

Build it up

Set a proposal with a story that captures your relationship’s essence. It can be a funny story or the moment you recognized you loved her. A personal story makes the proposal look authentic and not generic.

Write and practice

Winging a proposal can go awry because the moment is loaded with emotions. Put everything on paper and rehearse it in front of the mirror. It helps to polish your words and increase confidence.

Speak from the heart, even if it means being vulnerable…….the moment will appear more beautiful and genuine!

Factors That You Need to Consider Before Hiring Tree Service

When you aim to hire a tree service provider, you can find a plethora of companies offering the same services. There is a lot of competition around you but while choosing a company, you need to consider few factors.  Some of the factors are discussed here.

  • Experience:

It is always to choose a company that has a sound experience in providing tree service. You should check the number of years they have been functional in the industry. Moreover, you should also find out the projects they have handled, and how satisfied they clients are.

  • Location:

Hiring a local contractor like AAA Tree Lopping Ipswich can be beneficial for your work. If you are a resident of Ipswich, this company can help you to get your work done within just few days. Going for a national company can be a hassle to you because getting an appointment can be difficult. A local contractor can serve you first and also handle your project with care.

  • Insurance and Certificates:

Even if the company is local, you need to check for its license and insurance before giving the final call. Know whether the company you intend to hire has proper and updated legal documents for offering tree services. The company should protect you against any kind of liability.

  • Tools and Equipment:

Make sure that the company you hire is using proper tools and equipment for performing their task. Check whether the company has chainsawas, excavators for stumping, mulching tools and more.

  • Cost:

Your budget is a major factor when you wish to hire a tree service. Go for a service that suits well with your budget.

Hire AAA Tree Lopping in Ipswich today and get a flawless tree service. Book your appointment today.

Tips To Creating And Using A Customer List

One of the most lucrative ways to profit on the Internet is by creating a list. Once you have a list in a place you can email your list periodically with your product offers. There are some things you need to know about creating your list.

There are list building websites that are available to use. The only problem with those is that not only are you building your list you are building someone else’s. With these methods, you are building someone else’s list without him even lifting a finger. Never build someone else’s list you should be building your own.

You could go and put up a website to sell your product or service and if you’re not somehow grabbing visitors’ email address your throwing money away. One way to do this is instead of selling your product outright you could offer a free report, e-book, or newsletter. For the prospect to get this free information he would enter his name and email. Once the email is received you should have an autoresponder set up to email the free information immediately. In the next couple of days, you can offer your product in another email.

Care must be taken that you stay in contact with your customers without spamming. Flooding his email with daily offers does not make you look good nor does the contact appreciate it. I removed one person earlier today who emailed me two or three times per day. Always trying to offer me something else to buy. Not only was this very annoying I tend to not trust him as a reliable source.

People sign up for information cause its free and because you offer valuable information they need. They look to you as an expert when the information is valuable. You have begun a trust relationship between you and your customer. As long as you don’t violate that trust he will eventually buy your products. The more you build this relationship the more sales you will get from repeat customers. Your customers will get you, customers, too if they trust you. This is where an SEO company might help you. They will provide you necessary and vital content that you can use to attract more and more potential customers. These SEO changes will help you in improving your website ranking making you more visible on the internet.

Some marketers take this relationship between their customers to lightly without a list they would not have a business. You make violate this trust with one customer it will affect others.

One way to keep this relationship in good standing is to have other free items to offer your customers from time to time. If you offer something free you can always sell them on the back end from a thank you page. Another way is to give them a free bonus for purchasing your offer. Just remember these are your customers if you treat them right they will stay customers for a long time. If you Spam them or sell their email addresses they will not think of you very highly and unsubscribe from your list.

You must always add a disclaimer to the fact you will not resell their information to another party. Your emails must include a way to opt-out or unsubscribe. The more comfortable they feel with you the more they will stay customers.

Building a list is an important part of Internet Marketing. If you have a website and you’re not using this option start doing it today. It will jump-start your business into a profitable niche.


4 Things To Remember While Choosing The Right VDR

A VDR represents a highly secured virtual space where you can store, save and share confidential data in huge volumes. It has many advantages like 24*7 data accessibility from any device and any location, security of data management and cost effectiveness. The below mentioned pointers should be carefully considered to choose the right VDR.

What does your company need?

While choosing the right VDR, the key determining feature that matters the most could be based on the transaction you are about to conduct and advice on. Hence the first step would be to know your needs- whether you are getting ready for the next merger or acquisition or raising capital or launching an IPO. Every company and sector has its own specific challenges and requirements. Clear understanding of these fundamentals of your business will help you to zero in on the most suitable VDR provider.

Do your homework 

This is not possible to choose each and every service provider of Virtual Data Room that you come across. It is definitely better to do some research and bring in efforts for choosing the right and probably the best service provider. Check online for the best and most trusted names in the VDR sector. Go through their reviews, ratings and also talk to them personally to land up with the most competitive deal.


Another factor to be considered even before searching the service provider is the budget. How much cash can you realistically spend? Can you get some expensive virtual data room? Or is it better to stick to less complicated thus cheaper solutions? Find out a reputed VDR that’s reasonably affordable. Don’t just focus on a provider that provides dirt cheap rates.


Your chosen VDR provider should promise you high-end security features like multi-factor authentication and top-notch encryption to ensure best protection of stored data.

5 Basic Tips For Computer Security

With the integration of computers in our lives, it is really important that we pay attention to the security and safety of our data. There are several simple tips that you can follow in order to make sure that you keep your data safe from online threats.  

  1. Enable Automatic Updates This should be your first step in order to make your online experience safe. With these automatic updates, you get the latest security patches such as liutilities malware library that are really useful to tackle online attacks. You also get the latest software updates that improve the overall efficiency of your device. However, since a lot of data is consumed with these updates many people turn this feature off. This way they compromise with their security as well.  
  2. Using Anti-virus and Anti-Malware This is the simplest way through which you can improve your data security. You get excellent virus protection with the latest and updated anti-virus programs which is why it is a really good idea to invest in a decent anti-virus and anti-malware software. You also get Windows Defender and Windows Firewall that are already there in your operating system, however, for advanced protection you should rely on a decent anti-virus program.  
  3. Password Creation and Storage It is really important that you create strong and complex passwords that you with your online accounts in order to make it difficult for hackers to crack it. In addition to that, you should also install software and extensions that allow you to automate this process so that you never type your password in front of other people. But make sure to choose a credible software for such things.  
  4. Physical Presence It is really important that you never leave your laptop or computer unattended as it is really easy for hackers to gain access to your sensitive data at that time. This is why as you leave your device unattended, make sure to lock it so that no can access it.  
  5. Spam Emails 

Lastly, you should always pay attention to the emails and messages that you open online. As these fishy emails and messages often contain viruses and malware that can affect your device.  

Three Mistakes of First-Time Triathletes

Triathlon training can seem simple: do as much work as you can in the three disciplines and you should taste success. However, like all parts of life, that philosophy is not, and will never be, that easy. If you are preparing for such marathons you should definitely connect with gymshark athletes that have a lot of experience with these kinds of races. They will be able to help you with your training routine and will suggest you necessary changes in your diet as well. 

Instead, training for your first triathlon takes as much intellectual preparation as it does physical training. Prior to diving into the pool and cranking out endless laps or jumping on the bike to do a long ride on an early Saturday morning before the traffic gets heavy, sit down and map out your strategy, taking into account your weaknesses. Make sure you possess a desire to learn how to train, not just to go and train.

If you follow this advice, you’ll avoid these three big mistakes far too many triathlon newbies make.

  1. Not Enough of the Bike: Inevitably, when you talk to someone who has never done a triathlon, even someone who is wider than they are tall and never leaves the couch except for an elongated potty break, this person will say something like, “I could never swim that far, and I don’t run unless I’m being chased, but I could ride a bike forever.” Needless to say, these folks have it all wrong. If they hopped on a bike and were told to cover even a small 25-mile course, they’d be cramping and sore halfway through, begging for water on the doorsteps of the houses along the route. So, to avoid being like one of these folks, spend a ton of time on the bike. If you think you spend considerable time there already, it is probably still not enough. Cycling is the biggest part of prepping for a triathlon, so pump up those tires and hit the road. You can’t go wrong here.
  1. Forgetting about Race Hydration and Nutrition during the Race: Many people change their diets to fit the goal of competing in a triathlon, yet an oddly high number of people arrive ill-prepared for what it takes to keep the body fueled during the actual event. One small water bottle cage on your bike will not satisfy you on a 90-degree day over 56 miles. Having hydration systems in place-multiple bottles mounted on the saddle or using a water belt during the run-will give you the chance to stay balanced and focused. Likewise, having nutritional supplements, like gels and energy bars, to ingest during the competition will let you avoid that energy low that will, without a doubt, cause a serious downfall. Thus, practice race nutrition and hydration during your training so that on race day you can move flawlessly and without concern.

  1. Misunderstanding the Need to Taper: The body needs rest, and training it into the ground the week before the race will decimate you during the big event. Most people new to the sport want to use every moment to rack up miles, yet is that really needed? Sure, during the heavy weeks it is, but when you close in on race day, you need to scale back and let your body recover and prepare for the challenge that awaits. Proving to yourself that you can finally run 13.1 miles without stopping three days before the race might make you feel accomplished then, but it will almost ensure that you fail to do it when it really matters. Follow a designated training plan that has a quality taper section built-in at the end. Your body will love you for it.

Tips for the Beginning Child Care Provider

I was a child care provider for many years. For all those who really have a knack for getting along with and caring for children, this career is a good one. With CHILD CARE referral services and information on center care, you can learn more about the benefits of being a child care professional. After going through all this you will be able to manage your childcare business. As I was a professional in this field for a long time, I will share some of my insights with you. 

I’m sure that most people interested in this job are probably wondering how much can be made and for how many children. I watched a grand total of 5 children in my home daycare center (at a time) 5 days a week and made around $3,000 a month plus travel expenses, field trips and food. I only had one child whose parents paid me out of pocket and the other children were paid for by the PCOE (the local Office of Education). 

That is one tip I would definitely recommend. The local Office of Education can help providers get clients for their child care centers that are in the ‘welfare back to work program’ (in which I supported and was active in as a worthy cause) and pay them very well for services rendered. The paperwork is simple and the child care provider fills it out as they go.

So, besides this tip here are a few more:

Child care providers should always have personalized spreadsheets and forms that consist of a contract of payment, attendance record per child, scheduled daily activities, a weekly menu of meals and snacks provided, hours of operation and any services that are provided (like transportation, tutoring, etc.). When a parent signs the contract they should get a packet that includes one of each informational sheet for their own reference.

Child care providers are allowed to be reimbursed for any expenses they incur. So, that means the educational materials, toys that are both constructive and fun should be included along with field trips, experiments, etc. Be sure to add these when filing taxes and when getting paid through any agencies that may be funding your child care center.

Child care providers should never try and ‘substitute’ as a parent. This can only damage your reputation and overall business. I have seen this happen before and it is never a good thing. I have personally only seen it with providers that have no children but I do not know, necessarily, that it is limited to them. Attachment should be restricted; providers are professional people and need to act as such. By trying to act as the ‘parent’ to a child you compromise your livelihood. If the child refuses to go with the parent and would rather stay at the child care location then there can arise problems with the parents. Of course, I too have had a child or two behave like this (to a lesser extent) but a modification in activities followed to remind the small children how much they loved and missed mommy and daddy.

Child care providers are special to our society and live on their reputation. I wouldn’t leave my dog in some of the home daycares that I have seen under the care and protection of some of the providers I have met over the years so a parent needs a good reputation to count on. First and foremost, a child care provider should worry less about getting more clients and more about building a professional status. By working closely with the state or other agencies a child care provider can do just that. 

Clinique Repairwear Anti-aging Makeup Foundation

My dermatologist did a fair amount of work on my face recently. He burned off two suspicious red marks that were not responding to cortisone cream, and he zapped a couple of broken capillaries around my mouth. When he was done with me I was a sight. On the way home that day I stopped by Gottschalks and had the employees at the makeup counter match a concealing foundation to my skin tone, I had a feeling I was going to be needing it!

The first foundation that I was shown was made by Lancome, and while I love their products the $58 price tag was too high. I don’t normally even wear foundation, and just needed some to touch up these spots until they healed. She then told me that Clinique makes a very comparable product for about half the price, so I went to the Clinique counter and had that sales gal match my skin tone. She assured me that I would get full coverage with Cliniques Repairwear Anti-aging Makeup.


The Clinique Repairwear comes in a 1 ounce clear glass bottle, with a clear plastic lid over the pump style top. It is available in a variety of colors, but the color that was chosen for me was 03 Fair Neutral. The pump lid allows you to remove a little or a lot, and it’s nice not to have to put your hands into the bottle or jar.

Product Claims

  • Allergy tested
  • 100% Fragrance free
  • Oil free
  • SPF 15 protects against UVA/UVB rays
  • Moderate to full coverage
  • Gives a “natural line-smoothing finish
  • Continuous repair
  • Makes skin look flawless
  • Luxuriously moisturizing
  • Helps block  amp; mend the look of lines and wrinkles instantly

My Experience

I have many Clinique products that I love, but this foundation is not one of them. First, the “expert” at Gottschalks did not do a very good job of matching my skin tone, and she chose a shade for me that was too light. She told me to apply the product to the areas on my face, lightly spreading it outward and blending it into the rest of my face. I followed those instructions exactly, but had some problems with this foundation.

First, I have dry skin and specifically requested a moisturizing foundation, and was assured that the Clinique Repairwear was indeed moisturizing. The company does make that claim on the box. However, I found that I still needed to use a good moisturizer before applying the Clinique. Second, my face looked terribly pasty, and the spots on my face were still visible. As much as I dabbed the foundation on and blended it in, it didn’t help, and face my face actually looked worse.

I love the feel of this foundation, it’s very creamy and smooth and does spread on easily, and I appreciate that it does not contain any of those tiny shimmering particles, as I don’t care for that look at all. True to Cliniques claim, it does not have any scent, and that was really appreciated as I don’t like using a lot of scented products that all compete with each other. I would rather choose products joint pro peptide 50 ml cream for more effective results.

This product retailed for $26, which is cheaper than the Lancome brand, but I have used supermarket brands (such as Maybelline), and had better results. I believe a big part of my problem was the gal at the Clinique counter just didn’t do a very expert job of matching the foundation to my skin tone. Had I used the proper shade I may have been happier with the product, but as it stands I can’t recommend Clinique Repairwear Foundation at this time.

About Ingredients

I have no idea if Clinique condones testing on animals, as I could not find this information on my package insert or on the company website. The active ingredients in this foundation is titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, which are the ingredients that provide the sunscreen protection. Aside from the chemical ingredients that are in most personal care products these days, Clinique also used some natural botanical ingredients such as yeast extract, astrocaryum murumuru butter, barley extract, wheat germ extract, polygonum cuspidatum root extract, birch bark extract, artemia extract, saccharomyces lysate extract, thermus thermophillus ferment, ascorbyl tocopheryl maleate (form of Vitamin E I believe), glycerin, mimosa tenuiflora bark extract, caffeine, rosemary extract, soybean protein, and chamomile.

Colors Available

Clinique Repairwear Foundation is available in these colors: Ivory Petal, Fair Neutral, Bare Buff, Alabaster Breeze, Vanilla, Porcelain Beige, Honey, Neutral, Nutty, Sand, Beige and Porcelain Beige. The Clinique website has pictures of each of these shades.