Font Editor Programs

Font Editors

  • Font Lab Studio –

Font Lab Studio is a high-end famous fonts editor designed for font foundries, typographers, graphic design studios, and professional type designers. This comprehensive program allows users to design type and create and modify fonts on either a Macintosh or Windows-based machine. This software comes complete with drawing tools, vector paint tools, Type 1 hinting, font metrics and kerning, Unicode support, OpenType support, Font Header editor, Multiple Masters, Asian Fonts, Complex script fonts, blended fonts, macro language, and a customizable user interface.

  • Fontographer

Another product from Font Lab is Fontographer, a font editor for desktop publishing. Whether you want to expand your existing fonts or create a font, Fontographer is a user-friendly tool for the novice to the professional alike. With this software, you can generate PostScript Type 1 and Type 3 fonts, TrueType fonts, and Multiple Masters fonts for either Macintosh or Windows platforms.

  • TypeTool –

Looking for something a little more basic? Font Lab’s Type Tool is designed more for the student of typographer hobbyists. Priced at under $100, this tool allows you to make your own fonts, hint and kern your fonts, create dingbats and clipart fonts, convert Adobe Type 1 and TrueType fonts, and edit fonts.

  • Font Creator –

High Logic’s Font Creator boasts over 2 million downloads and claims to be the most popular shareware font editor on the internet. It allows for the creation and editing of TrueType or OpenType fonts. One handy feature is the ability to transform a font into another version, for example, a bold version. In addition, it allows you to import a signature or a logo and incorporate it into an existing font without having to buy a separate utility.

  • Cr8Type

An inexpensive little program for designing or editing TrueType fonts on a Windows-based machine. It features a snap to grid and zoon on its large screen editing window, allows for transformations of glyphs, composites, or contours and features a wizard for the automation of creating accented glyphs.

  • Microsoft Visual True Type –

A professional hinting tool for both Windows and Macintosh platforms from Microsoft. While this tool is not intended as a font creation tool, it does offer fine control of glyph outlines. This is an advanced program for advanced design professionals.

Bitmap Font Editors

  • BitFonter 2 –

Bit Fonter 2 by Font Lab is a professional tool for editing bitmap fonts. This program is currently available only for the Macintosh though a Windows version is in the works. BitFonter 2 is designed for manufacturers of electronic devices and web designers to create or modify bitmap fonts for use in web pages, print, computer games, animations, and electronics.

  • Bitmap Font Edit –

This entry-level bitmap font editor features drawing tools and automatic special effects that allow for the creation of bitmap fonts. The resulting images can be saved in tiled 5×12 characters or as a single tile strip with each character side by side.

  • Xara Xtreme –

This program is a graphics program with features for working with photos, illustrations, and creating web graphics. The web graphics section allows for the creation of buttons, icons, navigation bars, and even animated GIFs. Its Bitmap Tracer can convert bitmaps into editable vector shapes.

Computer Repair Services – The Perks of Remote Based Technical Support

If you’re planning to start your own remote based technical support solutions business, you are in the right place. This article will provide you some of the perks of owning a remote based business compared to traditional on shop computer repair services.


One of the best benefits of remote computer repair service is its accessibility to innumerable resources. As a technician, you certainly have the knowledge and expertise to resolve several issues quickly. However, not all your customers have the same issues. There will be computer problems that you are not yet familiar so you need to refer to Google. But looking to Google from time to time may not look good to customers. But if your repair services are remotely done, then you have an array of access to variety of sources to address the issues.


Location is another advantage of remote computer repair services. While it is possible that every city has at least one-computer repair services, the demand for such service might be high and not all customers will be catered right away. But with remote based technical support solutions, geographical location is not a problem.  


Remote based technical support service is also a time savvy approach. This is because it allows you to fully maximize your time in providing service to customers. Since there will be loading bar time to work on a particular issue, you can use your waiting time to deal with other customers or work efficiently to work on other laptop or computer problems. 


Lastly, since it is a remote based service, you can work at home and feel the convenience of your own work area. You no longer have to deal with the hustle and bustle of the city. For more information, you can visit

Is Your MySpace Profile Lame?

The Complete MySpace Tard –

This person have no idea about how to edit the layout or what HTML is. Someone else opened the browser for you so you could “get onto the internet thingy”. You stumbled through the account creation process and experienced a misplaced sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when you uploaded a photo of yourself to your profile.

The MySpace Novice –

You’ve already set up an account and spent a few hours drafting information about you that only registered sex offenders are going to read. You have managed to get a few pictures of yourself online. You have updated your profile layout and posted your “emo” suicide note for all your new ‘friends’ to read.

The Color-blind who have learnt HTML-

You know a little bit about HTML. You have struggled through the horrifying MySpace control panel to do everything listed above. You have created your own layout but for some reason you’ve chosen eye searing colors and a blinking tiled background which means you have to highlight everything in order to read it.

If this sounds familiar then YOU NEED HELP (or shall I say a little guidance). Follow these simple steps to ensure that your MySpace Profile isn’t as embarrassing as your first sexual encounter. It’ll also help if you choose the best website builders to ensure that you aren’t only securing your safety, but you’re also creating a nice and systematic site structure.

  1. Find a good Free Myspace Layout.

The good news is 90% of all MySpace Profiles look awful so you can easily stand out in the crowd.

Firstly, the content on your page shouldn’t take a backseat to the layout, especially if you want people to be able to read all the stuff that absolutely nobody gives a shit about. You want your friends to be able see the last book you read – you don’t want to give them retinal cancer with your flashing purple background. Luckily it is easy to find a nice looking layout – On Free MySpace Layouts, you can even add the code straight to your page so even special people should be able to do it. Find a Profile that you like, enter your login details and hit upload. Easy.

  1. Create some nice looking text to welcome your visitors.

Nothing says “Hello, look at me I exist” better then some flashy text. With Glitter Text Generator, you can create some unique text to welcome people to your page. Try and use colors that work with your layout and think of something interesting to write. If you can’t think of anything, try spelling your own name. Grab the code, add it the top of the About Me Section and click on update all settings.

  1. Add something funny so people know how funny you are.

A step in creating your profile which is completely optional, but it’s a lot of fun. Use Flashpix Generator to make your own text pictures that you can easily add to your profile. There are a few different options to choose from: tattoo your name on a stomach, create your own fortune cookies or put your favorite poo joke on a Mug of Tea. Copy the Code, put it wherever you want to appear on your profile and you’re done.

  1. Make your own MP3 player.

Most Myspace profiles have auto-playing music that inevitably starts by surprise at maximum volume, and it’s usually music that you could dump into the “truck drivers in love” genre. The default Myspace player also stinks because you only get to put one track on it. Get your mp3 player from MP3 Players. NOTE: If your taste in music stinks, you should probably skip this section.

There are few different choices –

The Tape Player is a popular choice. Creating your own Mix Tape has never been easier. Simply use the search engine to find as many tracks as you like, add them to the list. Give your player a name and then you can add the code automatically to any section of your Myspace Profile. Very cool and it’s so simple your pet Labrador could do it.

  1. Time to show off.

Now that you’ve got your profile looking the goods, it’s time to impress your new friends. The best way to do this is grab some funny pictures and post them as comments on other profiles. Get one at MySpace Graphics. It’s as simple as grabbing the code, clicking “add comment” and pasting it on your friend’s site. I’m not sure why people are hell bent on pasting funny pics but it seems to be the done thing.

Follow these 5 simple steps (in just under an hour) and your Trojan horse should be complete. You can now add and meet new friends from all over the world who will immediately think that you are much cooler than they are.

Simple and Earth-Friendly Housekeeping Solutions

It’s an idea that has reached critical mass-simplifying our lives and making more sustainable choices will increase the quality of life on our planet for everyone. Where to start? In your own house, of course! Make some changes in your housekeeping habits to have a positive impact on the environment, your health, and your budget.

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Many of your cleaning needs can be met with two substances – vinegar and baking soda. A spray bottle filled with white vinegar is your best cleaning friend. Use it for all-purpose cleaning of sinks, tables, countertops, stovetop, toilets, tubs, and diaper pails. To clean glass, mirrors, and for damp mopping floors, fill another spray bottle with half vinegar and half water.


When you need some extra scrubbing power in your tub or sink, sprinkle baking soda, spray vinegar on top, and scrub with a damp sponge. A flip-top drink bottle is an excellent and handy container for storing baking soda. If stains are extra stubborn, leave the baking soda/vinegar paste on for five minutes, then rinse and repeat. The solutions offered through професионален домоуправител цени софия will be helpful for the person to keep the house neat and clean. The use of kitchen spices can be done to offer a brand new look to the rooms and walls. The permission will be taken for the cleaning of the house

The Wonders of Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil (available wherever essential oils are sold) is a natural antimicrobial and another great ingredient for adding cleaning power and a fresh scent.

If you’ve ever battled mold or mildew, tea tree oil is your ally! Add 30 drops to your 16 oz. bottle of vinegar, or just apply straight to the source of mold. Stinky shoes? Add a few drops of tea tree for a quick fix.

Add to your natural mop water (be careful not to add it to caustic cleaners) to make your floors extra-fresh. One-quarter cup of Dr. Bronner’s liquid castile soap mixed in a bucket with hot water and 20 drops of tea tree oil makes a lovely mop mixture.

After cleaning your diaper pail with vinegar, add a couple of drops of tea tree oil to the bottom to prevent and eliminate odors.

Laundry Detergent Cleans More Than Clothes

Throw out that caustic toilet bowl cleaner! Instead, fill a squeeze bottle with your favorite eco-friendly laundry detergent – works like a charm. For tougher challenges than daily cleaning, sprinkle baking soda in the bowl first, and add 20 drops of tea tree oil per 8 oz. of laundry detergent in your squeeze bottle. Squirt a generous amount of laundry detergent in the bowl, agitate with a brush, and let the mixture sit for at least five minutes before flushing and repeating. The laundry detergent is also a nice solution for cleaning the tub or sink when you’re looking for something stronger than a vinegar wipe-down.

Other Ways to Green Your Cleaning

There are so many eco-friendly versions of traditional cleaning products around. My favorites:

Ecover Dishwashing Liquid — Produced in the world’s first ecological factory!

Biokleen Laundry Liquid — Their free and clear laundry liquid is super-concentrated, so you only need to use a tiny bit, especially in HE machines. I’ve found this to be the best ecological value – one bottle lasts a very long time. Many natural foods stores carry Biokleen in the bulk section, so you can bring your own bottle and refill as necessary.

Oxo-Brite Non-Chlorine Bleach — An effective oxygen powder with the fewest ingredients.

Earth-Friendly Products Furniture Polish — Polishes furniture beautifully with natural olive and orange oils. Great scent!

Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap — Fair trade and organic, comes in a variety of luscious scents. Buy it prepackaged or look for it in bulk at your natural foods store.

Green Your Cleaning Tools

As your bath and dish towels age and fray, cut them up for use as cleaning cloths. When cotton rags are beyond their useful life, you can let them break down naturally in a long-term compost pile. You can even get biodegradable sponges and scrubbers now!

To damp mop floors, affix a washable cloth to a swiffer-style mop with grippers on top. For dry dusting, opt for a washable microfiber cloth instead of the disposable variety.

Goodbye to toxic fumes, and hello to simplicity. Now you’re well on your way to transforming your household into a green, clean paradise.

Ten Alicia Keys Songs that Never Leave My MP3 Player

If you were to ask me who one of our generation’s most gifted musicians is, I wouldn’t hesitate to mention Alicia Keys. With her husky, soulful alto voice and her strong ability to write and play her own compositions she really outshines most other female performers in her genre. I decided to sit down and make a list of her ten best moments which wasn’t an easy task. There are very few weak moments in her catalog which gets more and more true with each album so it was basically about picking my absolute favorites out of a body of work that is superior as a whole. I can’t think of any female artist that has come out since 2000 who has a stronger catalog as a whole. Yet, I managed to narrow it down, and here are my picks for High-quality Mp3 music from Alicia Keys.

  1. Teenage Love Affair-

I love songs about being in love and this song is such a great one. This brings back lots of memories of my teenage love affair(s). Teenage girls are some of the most devoted, unwaveringly dedicated groups of people on earth and she captures that so nicely. The song is girly blending old school soul with some new school touches and it’s impossible not to love this song.

  1. You Don’t Know My Name-

This is another great love song from Keys. It’s a beautiful song with rippling piano glissandos, a smitten vocal from Keys, and seventies soul backing vocals that sound straight from heaven. This song is filled with musical accomplishment and easily one of the best songs from 2003. I love the talking interlude where she smoothly and sexily comes onto the object of her affection. Her lyrics really capture the longing and desire of wanting someone who doesn’t know who you are alive. I also love how she kicks in a little sense of humor as she quips “Can you hear me now?” in one of the spoken parts.

  1. Karma-

This is a song I can definitely relate to. Though I was already happily married when this song came out I can still understand the sentiment. The solemn and haunting violin riff, the foreboding horns, and her passionate alto pipes all come together to weave a tale of the tables being turned. This is definitely one of the many highlights of her sophomore effort The Diary of Alicia Keys.

  1. Butterflyz-

Acoustic and beautiful, this is one of the songs I’ve listened to the most from her debut as time has passed. The piano is gorgeous and simple as she tells the story of being in love and how it makes her feel. The lyrics themselves could be considered cliché but the way the song is written and performed you can almost feel the winged creatures floating around in your stomach. She really captures this sense of reverence and adoration that few songs accomplish. The acoustic guitar gives warmth to the song and there is this gorgeous key change and bridge in the middle.

  1. No One-

When this song was first released I wasn’t crazy about it. I don’t know what I was thinking. This is such a fantastic love song with the constant motion of a piano riff, emphatic synthesized horns, and the accentuating crash of a symbol. The star of the show is Alicia Key’s strong and passionate vocals. I love how it gets into this slight reggae vibe towards the end (she did a version of this on an award show that played this aspect up and it was phenomenal) and it becomes the anthem of lovers everywhere.

  1. How Come You Don’t Call Me-

Her cover of this old Prince track was fantastic and filled with some great singing. This is one of the best vocal performances from her debut album filled with sassiness and fire. The piano is her co-star as she wails soulfully about a neglectful boyfriend. While “Fallin'” is the song that drew me into the world of Keys, this is the type of song that kept me there.

  1. If I Aint’ Got You-

Kissed with the old school soul of the Aretha Franklin variety this song is a timeless gem. I love the tried and true sentiment of love being more important than all the material things and she frames this with dynamic piano and effortlessly soulful vocals.

  1. A Women’s Worth-

I love this song about men respecting women. This song has a nice little groove percolating underneath her words as she urges men to show their women how much they love them by putting her first. Musically this song isn’t nearly as accomplished as some of her others but I get into the message. There is a companion piece on her second album “When You Really Love Someone” where she emphasizes how unconditional love needs to go both ways.

  1. Unbreakable-

Featured on her live album, this is a lively little gem and definitely deserves to be ranked among her best. Opening with some vibrant organ this song has a whole lot of attitude as she describes the enduring love she has for someone and how it will last. She cleverly lists different couples and how they can have a love like these icons. It’s a lose, relaxed performance that shows a performer that is comfortable in her own skin.

  1. Diary-

This is a song I wasn’t crazy about when I first heard it as it was a more subtle, nuanced song compared to the more obviously fantastic songs on her second album. There is something very beautiful and peaceful about this song and over time it has become a standout. I listen to it all the time now with it’s beautiful, elegant piano and the uncomplicated idea of being someone a lover can confide in.

The fact is it’s hard to narrow down Alicia Key’s catalog to ten standout moments. There are countless songs on her albums I love listening to and this speaks to her strength as a songwriter. For example, I easily could trade out the above tracks for her twinkling love song “Like You’ll Never See Me Again” which is a great song about being passionate about your love. Most of Alicia’s catalog is something I can’t live without but these are the best of the best. Alicia Keys is going to be one of the artists of this decade that will be looked upon as a legend I believe. While singers like Ashanti and Rihanna are successfully and put out enjoyable music, there is something timeless and achingly real about Alicia Keys’ music. The stuff that will transcend trends and stand-alone even years from now.


Should You Stay in a Bad Marriage for the Sake of the Kids?

Should you stay for the sake of the kids? This is the burning question in the minds of many households today. Both parties involved know that the relationship is over. The home is filled with distance and anger because both parents feel trapped in the relationship. The purpose of this whole front is to protect the children. Most parents don’t understand that children can sense unhappiness. They know that something is missing in the home.

As a child, I grew up in an abusive household. I remember crying myself to sleep because I blamed myself for all of the hostility. I also felt insecure and scared because of the instability of the home environment. I’m sure that I had all of the signs of an abused child, although I was never physically abused. In a way, I was abused mentally. I was very close to my mother. I felt her pain as if it were my own. As a teenager, I often asked her why she stayed in the relationship. She said that she stayed because she loved me.

My parents would never physically fight in front of my brother and me. They would always go into the next room. The yells and screams would be so loud. Of course, we heard everything. One day my parents began their daily argument. Things escalated fast. My father began to drag my mother through the house. They were headed toward the bedroom where they always locked the door. Feeling helpless, my brother grabbed a huge knife from out of nowhere. I quickly reacted by attempting to grab the knife. As a result of the struggle, we both got cut. My parents stood there in disbelief. That was the last altercation between my parents. That was also the day that I lost my father. No, he was physically there. The loss was emotional. He withdrew from the family. He would come home from work in silence. He refused to talk to anyone. He never participated in family activities. He didn’t even eat at the dinner table with us anymore. Of course, I blamed myself for all of this because I knew that he was there because he did not want to abandon his family. My mother became bitter and sarcastic. Now that my brother and I are all grown up, my parents are still together, living in silence. I still blame myself because I know that they could have been happy.

Statistics show that girls grow up to marry someone just like their fathers. As it turns out, I did, in fact, marry someone just like my father. Our relationship started out fine as we found each other on запознанства по интернет sites. As time went on, the mental and emotional abuse turned physical. We both agreed that we should stay together for the sake of the children. Ironically, the past almost repeated itself. My daughter found a knife hidden underneath my sons’ bed. This was my queue to leave for the sake of the kids. After many months of counseling, my kids are beginning to be kids.

I am convinced more than ever that staying in a loveless marriage only hurts the kids. I feel so much joy when I look at my kids now. Their faces display smiles instead of emotionless stares. Don’t do the kids any favors by trying to pull the wool over their eyes. You are only fooling yourself.

How to Go “Green” in the Bathroom

If you’re concerned about the environment and are ready to make a commitment to do your part to make the earth a safer, less polluted place, then it sounds like you’re ready to go green. Going green doesn’t have to be accomplished in a week, in fact, many who decide to go green do so gradually by making one change at a time as going totally green all at once can be quite overwhelming and nearly impossible. There is a great deal to learn before going green, such as what the best types of foods to eat are, where to shop for organic food, the best type of lawn equipment to buy, etc. One thing that you’ll need to learn about as well is which green bathroom products are best and why. A comparison can be done between boiler prices viessmann boilers prices for the availability of the reasonable prices. The selection of the best product should be done through the person. 


Anyone who has chosen to live a cleaner, greener life knows the dangers of using household cleansers that contain chlorine bleach, ammonia, pine sol, etc. These toxic chemical cleansers are slowly but surely poisoning the earth as well as over-burdening our livers and other organs. The Poison Control Center states that as many as 10% of toxic exposures reported involve household cleansers. Luckily, there are many alternatives to the dangerous chemical cleansers on the market, and if you’re not opposed to experimenting, you can even making your own cleansers using baking soda, lemons, vinegar, and castile soap. If you’re not up to making soap, has some wonderful products. Their all-purpose cleaner is scented with lavender and eucalyptus and tea tree oils. The ingredients include filtered water, vinegar, vegetable-based surfactant, sodium citrate, and grain alcohol. You can also get this product and similar products at neighborhood health food stores.

Toilet Paper

Most people never think about the impact that the toilet paper they use everyday has on the planet. Riddled with chlorine bleach, dyes, fragrances and strong chemicals, traditional toilet paper is an environmental hazard and also a hazard to you. There is also the fact that regular toilet paper isn’t recyclable, which also negatively impacts the planet. According to Seventh Generation, a major manufacturer of eco-friendly products, over 400,000 trees could be spared by replacing one 500-sheet roll of virgin fiber toilet paper. Seventh Generation’s toilet paper is made from 100% recycled paper and is whitened using an eco-friendly process. It contains no chemicals, dyes, fragrances or inks. You can purchase Seventh Generation’s toilet paper and other eco-friendly products from or your local health food store. Even some regular grocery stores are now beginning to carry eco-safe products.


Just like household cleaners, commercial shampoos contain dangerous and unnecessary chemicals, but with the many natural, chemical-free choices on the market, you don’t have to be forced to use the toxic shampoos sold at your local Walmart. A wonderful and unique site, sells some lovely, handcrafted shampoo bars that resemble bars of soap. Made of pure ingredients like rosemary, grapefruit and spearmint, this shampoo bars are more like a luxury than a way to clean your hair.

Towels  amp; Wash Clothes

With the synthetic dyes, chlorine bleach and other chemicals used during the manufacturing of conventional towels, you’ll certainly want to invest in some eco-friendly towels for your “green” bathroom. offers a wide array of different towels of all sizes, all made from 100% certified organic cotton. also uses low impact dyes and other non-toxic materials.


When you’re thinking green when it comes to your bathroom, one thing that you can’t forget is water conservation. sells a wonderful ultra efficient Roadrunner showerhead. The product is $39.95, and according to the positive customer reviews, it’s definitely worth the cost. The showerhead uses a special technology that enables it to begin conserving water and energy even before you get into the shower. The Roadrunner saves approximately 7 gallons of water per each 5 minute shower. This specialized showerhead also fits any standardized ½ inch arm.

Warfighter, is a Wasted Sequel

The fighters are on the ring, the bell rang and first one shows his best. But does he succeed in people’s expectations? That’s 1 in a million question my friends and here is my verdict for Medal Of Honor: Warfighter. Buy League of Legends Smurf after passing of the level for the video games. The experience of the players will be supreme and excellent while playing in the mobile phone and the personal computer. The engagement of the players will be increased with the passing of the levels. 

Medal Of Honor:

Warfighter is a sequel to Medal Of Honor (2010) a reboot in the series, which now shows modern combat instead of WW2. While first game received average ratings and people hoped for improvement in 2nd game, it doesn’t show them well enough but still stands firmly on it’s own. Warfighter follows the story of one of the members of squad in previous game Preacher as he tries to fix his problems with his family, but duty calls and he has to go back into the warzone. Here is a quick summary of what to expect: going from point A to point B, following your team leader and doing what he tells you, killing bad guys, and finally saving the world. Also to say that Warfighter fails right now in storyline. It’s not epic as was in previous game but still ok for a mediocre game. But a warning for everybody: story is dull and uninspiring, and won’t be remembered at all. Nobody will talk about it or even mention.

The gameplay plays out well but still feels like Battlefield 3. It’s obvious because game uses Frostbite 2 engine. Not to get into the rant but decision by EA to give Frostbite 2 to every new game is a bit pointless. Games are good as they are even without futuristic engine. Like any other shooter you will constantly will be running a lot and killing baddies either in Single Player or Multiplayer and it’s all fun and stuff but still misses some important things. Talking about SP there is no variety in it. Across all 13 missions you will be on foot and using different weapons. You won’t destroy tanks or something similar you will be just constantly shooting soldiers just for heck of it. Only 2 missions provide different gameplay you will be driving a car from point A to point B or chasing another car. In one word to describe whole 5-6 hour long campaign: boring.

But here comes the good part. Multiplayer is fine as it can only be. It’s a merge between COD latest games and cool graphics of Battlefield 3. It’s like multiplayer was given more work and time than SP and it’s actually not bad and at the same time not good. You can play as 6 different classes with their own personal weapons, and also play for 10 different nations which are also cool. Like BF3 you will level up yourself and unlock different things like new soldiers, weapon attachments, etc. Also interesting part about whole multiplayer is “Buddy System”. You are always put into squad of 2 people and you can always spawn on your buddy if you die. This makes game much entertaining and enjoyable. Creating your own squad and inviting your friends is a fine way to play Warfighter. Killstreaks make their return from previous game and you can acquire them by getting points or killing enemies. Across 8 different maps you can play different game modes like famous TDM, CTF etc. Although it’s kinda sad that developers removed APC from “Combat Mission” for attackers, it was actually fun to use it.

Graphics look great for Frostbite 2, it is a new piece of technology and it moves forward, although whole point of this engine was to show destruction and nice looking graphics but it only succeeds only in graphics but we can slight this off because MOH never meant to be hardcore clone of BF.

Soundtrack is ok in this game as well as voice acting is incredibly well done. Hats off to them.

The main point of MOH:

Warfighter was to show players that game is very realistic and it actually based on true events. And it’s really nice that former soldiers were advisors for game development so they could give us a true feeling what Tier 1 Operators had to do when they were out there saving our world from destruction. That is also a good point here and in previous game. Warfighter really tries hard to show how good it is, but reality hits it hard and it fails miserably.

Final note here is this. Game feels rushed and unpolished. And it’s really hard to make mediocre game when there are a lot of similar shooters are coming out in next days. Right now Warfighter had a chance to show itself to world how it innovated. And next player in this battle will be Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. Will it beat Warfighter? Probably yes because of its community. But thing is not about this. While COD is all about arcade, MOH tries to show all realism. And it did fine with it. Bottom line is: Warfighter isn’t worth your time if you don’t like mediocre shooters who repeat themselves over and over. It really had a potential but developers wasted it. If only Campaign was good it could get more attention. Multiplayer is a blast to play at some point, but Single Player is utter disappointment. Better wait for price drop or pay for something else.6/10

Unleash Your Weight Loss Prowess

Are you struggling to lose weight, get in shape and feel your best? Years of yo-yo dieting and stress can take a toll on anyone’s health, but simple adjustments to your daily routine can ignite profound changes in your life. Follow these 5 simple steps to steer away from the vicious cycle of desperation and despair and onto the road of sustainable weight loss, self-empowerment and good health.

  1. Get plenty of sleep. Research has shown that not getting enough sleep may contribute to weight gain and counter weight loss efforts. It can also induce a plethora of health problems and add stress. Humans are programed to sleep at night and be active during the day. Conforming to this natural day-night cycle can help you lose weight and align your body for optimal well-being.
  1. Eat for your health. The old saying “you are what you eat” may have some merit. The foods and beverages you ingest can either provide vital nutrients for your body or propagate weight gain and disease. Thus, use your wisdom and choose food with care. Stick with natural, low-fat selections, with plenty of fruits and vegetables at every meal. Add high fiber to aid your digestion and drink plenty of water to maintain good hydration. Avoid foods and beverages with refined flour and sugar, which hinder weight loss and often lead to weight gain. For the weight loss, the consumption of the leptitox nutrition will be beneficial. The dosage of the nutrition will be under the prescription of the doctor. The purchase will offer effective results to the person. 
  1. Embrace planning. Losing weight requires commitment, consistency and follow-through-and this, in turn, requires good planning. Make a list of the healthy foods you need prior to going grocery shopping. Avoid impulsive splurging on snacks that will add to your waistline and leave you full of regret. Plan your meals and exercise routines for each day of the week and log in your daily caloric intake to keep yourself on track. Never shop when you are hungry!
  1. Reward yourself. Make your weight loss journey a joyful adventure by setting up realistic milestones and rewarding yourself for each achieved objective. A special date with your partner or a fun night out with your friends could be an excellent way to celebrate each achievement, giving you the motivation you need to keep going.
  1. Stay positive. With a plethora of temptations at every corner, there are bound to be some slip-ups along the way on your quest to lose weight. No one is perfect. The key is to treat yourself with the kindness, compassion and understanding that you deserve. Don’t wallow in self-pity. Instead, find your inner strength, pick yourself up and resume your weight loss efforts with your head held high. Be sure to surround yourself with people who want you to succeed as much as you do. Their sincere encouragement and support will help you get over the barrier in times of need.

There are no shortcuts on the road to sustained self-improvement. Reaching your ideal weight requires consistent effort and long-term dedication. However, with firm resolve and discipline in place, you will gain tangible rewards far beyond enhanced physical appearance. Better health, increased confidence and enhanced vitality are just a few of the benefits of losing weight and maintaining a healthy form. Most importantly, realizing your weight loss goal will empower you with the knowledge that you can achieve anything you set your mind to through perseverance and hard work. Now, isn’t that worth a little extra effort?*

Trying To Make A Girlfriend Then Get Through These Basics

If you are still single and a plenty of reason is in your head, why are you not able to make your girlfriend? You are not an ugly person, or you do not have any fault.

As the only thing is that you are not familiar with some of the essentials which are necessary to be followed for making a perfect girlfriend. If you want some idea about how to get a girlfriend, then you are suggested to have a look on these basics. These ill surely clear your mind and soon get a girlfriend of your type.

Observe relationship progression

  1. Suppose you have finalized a girl with whom you are trying to get engaged now you have to be a little serious about your efforts.
  2. With every date, you have to do something that will result in the regression in your relation.
  3. This simply means that your relationship should get to a much higher level at every time you will meet as this can only help you to get a get girlfriend as soon as possible.

Try to give constant attraction

  1. It is a true fact that the women require a regular attraction from the person for they feel for, and if they do not get this, your chances are zero.
  2. So it is your duty to attract them almost every time so that you care on their mind for long hours.
  3. Once you get who is compatible with you and be for your forever, they will never ignore your attraction and always be there for you.