Guide in Releasing an Employee when you’re in a Recruitment Agency

As a recruiter, your main job is to find a candidate that will be a good match for the client, and that the client be happy with that candidate until the end of the assignment or that they will hire them on as their employee. Practically your main job is to keep the client happy so that repeat business will occur. That goes both in a local recruitment agency or a บริษัทนำเข้าแรงงานต่างด้าว today. 

Unfortunately, this is not always the case. As a recruiter, this is one of the parts, I dislike the most; but the client hired your agency too even to do the “dirty” work. The client may or may not give you any warnings; some clients may want you to talk to the candidate about maybe their tardiness or sloppy attire, and if they do not see any improvements they will ask you to release them, in these cases if the candidate does not improve you already have an idea of the future of the candidate with the client. 

Make sure to call the candidate after hours (at the end of their working day) as not to cause awkwardness between the client and the candidate, unless the client asks you otherwise. 

Since most often this will be done over the phone, it may be harder to prepare to give the bad news and to foresee the reaction that you will receive. There will definitely be a reaction. The person may be completely surprised and oblivious by this and will ask what the cause of the assignment ending was, sometimes the person will attack you, but it is essential to remain calm and explain to them the situation. 

If for example the candidate had a hard time getting to work on time everyday and they were advised on it, you can tell them. While talking to them, make sure you are nice but firm. 

Ask them if they have left any of their personal belongings at the clients site, and if so that you will take care of it. The same goes if they have keys or badges, tell them that you will get them from them once they come to the office. 

Another important thing to remember is to tell the candidate that it is imperative that they do not call the client; this will only be cause of awkwardness for the client since they hired a staffing agency to do also this kind of work. The temporary candidate is an employee of the said staffing agency and as a recruiter you will also have to judge the situation objectively and decide if or not to use the candidate again for other temporary jobs or even consider them for direct hires. 

There are certain questions that you will have to ask yourself? 

Did he/she act really unprofessional to make me and my company look bad? 

Were the situation of the release unrelated to her/his behavior? 

Was their release caused by the clients’ financial situation? 

Would I want to risk placing this candidate with a new client? 

These questions may also help you when submitting candidates to clients.

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