First Person: 3 Local Business Startup Success Stories

My company owns and maintains a local online business directory, so we keep a pulse on the business startups in the area. The small city where we are headquartered is located on a main interstate between a major city in Nevada and two others in Arizona. It is also a stop for tourists traveling the infamous Route 66. Despite a lot of talk about there being a “gloomy” economy, some entrepreneurial individuals are “making it”. Not every startup has been successful, but there is a lot to learn from the ones that are doing more than breaking even. Each one of them has found a niche that works because they found a way to provide for a consumer need.

Family Photography

The young woman that started this business has a knack for taking portraits with her camera. There is only one other photographer in town with a storefront, but he specializes in artistic photographs of Southwest scenes. What the community needed was a photographer that could do family portraits, baby pictures and graduation photos in a studio setting. She works through appointment only and is so busy she is expanding to a second location. While clicking the photographs, other members of the family hop over to these guys for portrait. The portraits of all the members will be hanged at the office of the business.

Bling Accessories

My city was starving for a retail store that catered to customers seeking “bling” and things. A retired husband and wife team were looking for a business to start. Their research told them one of the hottest businesses to get into is women’s accessories. They found some suppliers overseas that sell lot sizes of glittery, studded handbags, hats, scarves, hair decorations, jewelry and shoes. Buying in bulk allows them to keep prices low for their clientele. It saves residents a 45-minute drive to the nearest bling store in a neighboring city. Business has been brisk enough to warrant keeping the store open longer hours just to handle the number of people walking through the door.

Private Tours

There are 2 taxicab services in the city. One of them offers a limo service to and from a major Nevada airport, but the owner was looking for a way to expand the use for his fleet of limousines. He made the decision to capitalize on the Route 66 tourism industry and offer private tours. All the other tours in the area involve getting on a bus with a group of people. His clients love the fact they can custom-design their tour and stop at any landmark or restaurant they choose along the way. The owner recently added another limo to his fleet and converted all his vehicles to propane in an effort to be “greener” and more cost effective.

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