Coupon Tips: Earlybird Doesn’t Always Catch the Worm

Coupons have made a huge comeback lately, causing mass hysteria online, clogging up bandwidth and causing more upgrades in Paypal memberships. Why do you ask? Because the value of a coupon is almost as good as hard-earned cash and the savings are endless.

Many companies offer clipping services for coupons. While paying cash for an actual coupon is illegal, it is not illegal to pay for the actual clipping of the coupons. It tends to lie in the gray area of the law. With the help of these coupons, you get deals with low prices on top products which is an efficient way to save money every time you go shopping. 

One such clipping service offers coupons at a fantastic rate. The catch you ask? In order for you to get this service at an astounding price, you must first purchase a membership. The site, early bird coupons, offers clipping services at a discount to its paid members. The membership was once $12.00 for a year’s worth of discounted clippings, upcoming coupon insert previews, and special programs. One such program is called S.O.A.R., where you are given a limited amount of coupons at pre-determined times of the week. In order to partake in this program, you have to be a paid member. The problem is, half of the time, you cannot access the site. There are no coupon purchasing limits on this site, so you can take anywhere from one to five hundred coupons if you have available funds.

However, getting onto the site is nothing short of a nightmare. The system appears to be over-loaded and the bandwidth exceeded at astounding rates. A simple email to the owner, Benja, will get you the same old reply of “it was not foreseeable and the site was not overloaded.” No other explanation is given. While not putting limits on her service is a great idea, many people are left upset and frustrated at the lack of getting what they paid for.

Recently, the membership price went up to $20.00 a year. That is quite a jump for the quality of customer service you are almost guaranteed to receive. Suddenly, a very large group of regular members had their accounts terminated. The reasoning behind the terminations, such as complaints on the services received, is ridiculous and juvenile at best. What are members paying for if they cannot use the site as their membership implies? With gas prices eating a hole in our budget, we expect to get what we pay for. We expect to be treated fairly and loyally.

While this particular clipping service has deteriorated in quality, many other services are available. Listed below are some of those sites worth visiting. The best part? None of them require a membership, they have great customer service, and shipping is incredibly fast. The whole point in using coupons is to save money, why not save money for free?

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