How to choose the perfect rope for the flagpole

Do you know the noise that the wire of the hoist makes on the masts when a strong wind blows? If you buy a Lipumastid with an internally guided line, you are not familiar with this noise. On a flagpole with an internal line guide, the complete line is inside the flagpole. This is because the flagpole is hollow.

At this point, we therefore exclude the wooden flagpoles. The advantages are obvious – the lifting rope does not hit the pole in windy conditions and therefore cannot annoy the neighborhood. In addition, the lifting device is theft-proof and is protected from rain, cold and humidity.

True romance flag with outside rope guide

Unlike the flagpole with inner rope guide, the hoist is located on the outside of this pole. All materials can be used for this type of flagpole. If it is not fastened tightly enough, the external lifting cable causes the aforementioned rattling noise, which is so typical for many flag devices. By the way, it is possible to achieve a tight fastening, by guiding the lifting rope around the shaft.

What Thickness and Length Should I Choose?

The mast rope thickness is dependent on your mast base diameter. If you measure the base to be about 12” and divide it by 3.14, it is safe to say that your mast diameter is about 4”. You must purchase a length of rope that is twice the height of your mast. A 20′ mast will require a 40′ rope to ensure the rope will pass through the pulley at the top and hang past the clamp at the bottom.


This solid braid flag rope is reinforced with a steel core cable in the center. Cut-resistant makes it a tamper-proof flag halyard. It withstands extreme wind conditions. Made of industrial polyester coating for abrasion resistance and UV, A Strong and Durable flagpole rope is designed for both indoor and outdoor.