Simple, fast and private
photography for iPhone.

Beautiful full screen camera,
blazing fast to launch,
uploads directly to your Dropbox.

Instant replace of the default iPhone Camera. Works faster, looks better, and images are available in my Dropbox!

— Goran Peuc, Nivas

It does its one thing well, and it's nicely designed. It's hard to imagine this concept being done better.

— Phill Ryu, Impending, Inc.

Save photos directly to Dropbox.

You don't have Dropbox? Get it fast, it is free!
Upload queue.
Camera view.
Cambox settings.
Save to Camera Roll only if you want.
Save to Camera Roll
You decide where to keep the photos. Store them only in your Dropbox or save them to Camera Roll as well.
Caring about your bandwidth cost.
Wi-Fi only upload
Upload photos where ever you are, or upload them only when your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network. Your choice.
Running low on Dropbox space?
Upload quality
Choose image quality so your Dropbox does not explode! Low, medium or original, for your convenience.
Align your shot to a perfect grid.
Grid lines
Aligning objects for a perfect composition is not an easy task. Grid lines will help you achieve that professional touch!