Winning Poker Strategy: Play Bad Players

As poker has become more than a fad and reached global popularity, people have begun to realize that poker is not just a game of luck. They are starting to see the skill involved in becoming a winning poker player.

Whether it’s hand reading, calculating pot odds, or bluffing, there is a lot to think about in poker. However, one of the most important skills doesn’t get talked about enough. This is the skill of table selection. There are several skills that are quite important to learn as you get into the game of poker. It is really easy to polish those skills with the help of pussy888 apk. This is really easy use and is available for both android and iOS as well.

Table selection is simply the art of finding tables with bad players. People who value this skill highly realize that a huge percentage of the money made from playing poker is from capitalizing on other players’ mistakes. And tables filled with bad players will have more mistakes to capitalize on.

Hand Examples

Let’s look at two hand examples to prove my point. These examples comes from my local casino.

In the first example, I was playing $1/$2 no limit Texas holdem. I was on the button with about $100. Everyone folded to me. I looked down at my cards and found two black kings. I raised my premium hand to $10. The small blind raised me to $30. The big blind called the $30.

I pushed my remaining $90 in the middle. The small blind folded after much deliberation. Then, the big blind called my all-in with Jack-10 suited!

This was a huge mistake for him because he’s only winning 20% of the time against pocket kings.

Good players, if they were in his position, would have folded Jack-10 suited. However, since I was playing against a bad player, I earned an extra $98 from his mistakes.

In the second example, I was playing $4/$8 limit Texas holdem. I was in middle position. A bad player in early position called. Let’s call her Sue. The player to my right raised. I had Ace-King, so I 3-bet, or reraised. Everyone else folded except Sue and the original raiser. They both called.

The flop was perfect for my hand: Ace – King – 2.

They checked to me and I bet my top two pair. Sue called and the original raiser folded.

The turn was a 3. Sue checked, I bet, and she called.

The river was a 6. Again, Sue checked, I bet, and she called. She showed Ace-4 offsuit and I won the hand.

Good players, in Sue’s position, would have folded Ace-4 offsuit preflop. Because she was a bad player, I earned an extra $32.

Sit With Bad Players

My point is that too many good players don’t exercise good table selection. They often sit down at a table and don’t leave even though the table is filled with other good players. Instead, they should ask for a table change.

Bad players are your friends. Find them and play against them. Your poker bankroll will thank you.


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