Where To Find Free Moving Boxes

Once again, my family is moving at the end of the summer. We are moving from Chicago, Illinois to Alexandria, Virginia. We’ve been in Chicago for nearly two and a half years, and my husband’s job is leading us closer to home.

Since it’s short notice, I’ve been on the hunt to find free moving boxes. Luckily, I’m an Army brat, and moving is second nature to me. If you are wondering where to find free moving boxes, here are few places that can accomodate you.

Shop the grocery store early

I check the local grocery store in the early morning, since this is the best time to catch stockers. Years ago, I would ask for produce and banana boxes, but I learned there is another option. Although there is nothing wrong with the boxes, they are sometimes wet or damp from the produce. I’d have to wait for them to try, and hope the integrity of the box is still intact. The finding of the right boxes will be there with the accounting services Chicago. The information available with the person will be great and correct for the person to get the effective benefits. The food box will be effective through the hiring of moving companies.

Instead of using the produce boxes, ask the stockers for the aisle product boxes or for those from the dairy section. Cereal, potato chip, and canned food boxes are good sizes for packing.

Another example; the Tropicana orange juice box holds two large containers of juice. The boxes are dry and sturdy, which are perfect for dishes, picture frames and other items that are small or slim. Egg boxes are also available with handles.

Hit the liquor store

With our last move, I learned that liquor stores are the best kept secret for moving. Liquor stores have set days for product deliveries, and are willing to give the boxes away. Much like the juice boxes, they are smaller in size, but sturdy. Since the certain boxes carry six to 12 bottles, the sizes will accommodate kitchen and bathroom supplies, toys, and clothes.

If you have a stemware collection or lots of glasses, these will come in handy. Your stemware may be very special or expensive and should be boxed carefully. Leave the cardboard dividers in the boxes and place a glass in each slot. Add packing peanuts, cloth napkins, dishtowels or shredded paper with the crystal, if it’s not enough insulation.

Electronics Stores

A big, huge box is not ideal, since it’s easy to overload with items. This makes the box impossible to carry alone. On the other hand, larger boxes are excellent to act as coverings for over-sized paintings and objects including TV screens.

Taller, deeper boxes are great for blankets, stuffed animals, and pillows.

Check out your gym for a pro shop

I spend a lot of time at the gym, and know when the pro-shop gets its shipments of supplements. My gym was happy to accommodate me with boxes. Supplement boxes come in several sizes, but the protein boxes and drink boxes are optimal. The size is a 16x16x11, making it a perfect size for any of your items.

Certain drinks will come in long boxes that are very sturdy, due to the weight of the drinks. The ends have handles, which makes it easy to carry.

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Patrick is a part-time fitness trainer and pursuing his Master’s in American Literature from Stanford University. He wishes to share his fitness plan with others to help them achieve their goals in terms of fitness and education.