What Is The Role Of The Social Networking Sites In Transferring The Account?

In the past few weeks, a new phenomenon has emerged in the world of games, apps, and other digital entertainment. We’re talking about people flipping their accounts on an online game or app.

It started with Fortnite. In late April, Reddit user u/coyote_spice posted a thread about how he had been offered money to “flip” his Fortnite account from PSN to Xbox Live. The offer was accompanied by a screenshot of his Xbox Live profile with a red circle around it.

“I’ve seen this before,” u/coyote_spice wrote. “A friend of mine who plays Fortnite for fun was approached by someone offering him $500 if he’d turn his Fortnite PSN account into an Xbox Live one.”

u/coyote_spice’s post quickly became a popular discussion thread on Reddit. It wasn’t long before similar threads were popping up all over the place.

And these weren’t just Fortnite-related posts either. People also reported offers on Instagram accounts, such as the @pokemongoaccounts account that has attracted more than 50,000 followers. The Pokemon Go accounts are all linked to Amazon gift cards, according to Redditor u/theshadowking.

According to u/theshadowking, some Pokémon go accounts are already earning thousands per month. One account listed its earnings at more than $3,000 per month.

While people have always been tempted to sell their accounts or items, this is the first time we’ve seen such widespread activity around accounts being flipped. Not only does it seem like the practice is growing rapidly, but it also might be indicative of something bigger.

The Role of Social Media

One reason behind the proliferation of these flip requests could be social media, which continues to grow in popularity. According to Pew Research Center, 69 percent of American adults use Facebook, while 65 percent use Twitter. It makes sense then that many of the flip requests are coming through social networks.

This isn’t a new trend, though. Back in 2013, there was a viral video showing a man attempting to get paid off to change his YouTube username. And in 2014, Google even created a tool to help you “flip” your Gmail account.

So why now?

Well, it looks like the game of life is taking a hit. According to a recent article published by The Atlantic, playing Pokémon Go has become so popular that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recently released a report warning children and teenagers about the health risks associated with excessive screen time, including eye strain, sleep deprivation, obesity, and depression.

To combat this problem, the NIH recommends limiting your screen time to no more than two hours a day, which includes TV, computers, video games, and smartphones. But that advice doesn’t take into consideration the fact that kids may not want to give up on the game, regardless of the potential consequences.

That’s where the account flips come in. As Redditor u/coyote_spice put it in his Reddit post, “Kids will play this game until they are old enough to know better and then switch to something else.”

Reasons Behind Account Flips

If you’re curious about what kinds of offers people are getting, it can get pretty crazy. Some people are just looking for a quick buck, while others are trying to make extra cash while gaming. Here are some of the most common reasons why someone would consider flipping their account.

1. A New Game Comes Along

As the popularity of mobile games grows, so do the number of accounts being sold. This means more people are willing to pay for them. If you own a Nintendo Switch and want to try out a new Zelda title, you could potentially buy the Switch Online subscription and get access to the newest titles.

2. You Want to Try Something Else

Sometimes, people decide they don’t want to keep playing the same game forever. Maybe you’re tired of playing Fortnite and want to try another battle royale title. Or maybe you want to try out a different type of game entirely — say, a roleplaying game. Whatever the case, selling your account gives you some flexibility.

3. Paying Off Student Loans

If you’re a college student, you probably have student loans. In order to repay those loans, you need to work full time. That means you can’t devote much time to playing games like Fortnite. So instead of waiting until you graduate to start making money, you could sell your account right away.

4. You Don’t Have Money for Subscriptions

If you don’t feel like paying for a monthly subscription, you could always sell your account. Many of the biggest games require subscriptions to play. This includes Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and FIFA 18. If you don’t have the funds to cover the costs, you can sell your account and get the money you need.

5. You Don’t Want Your Data Sold

Another thing to watch out for when selling your account is whether or not you don’t mind having your data sold. Sometimes companies purchase users’ data for marketing purposes. For example, if you sign up for Netflix, you’ll get ads based on your viewing habits. You could end up seeing more ads after you sell your account.

6. You Just Can’t Keep Up With Games

If you want to play an upcoming game, but don’t think you can keep up with the current demand, you could sell your account to people who do. When the hype dies down, you can simply rejoin the game and enjoy it again.

7. You Want to Play a Different Game

Maybe you want to try a newer version or sequel to an existing game. If you own a Playstation 5, you could easily trade in your PS4 and get a free copy of Red Dead Redemption 2. Or if you own a Switch, you could get a free download code for Super Mario Odyssey.

8. You Want to Upgrade

If you have an older console and you’re ready to upgrade, you could sell your older console and get a new one. The best part is that you won’t have to deal with any of the issues that come with buying a new console.

9. You Want to Get Free Stuff

If you don’t like spending money, you could sell your account and get free stuff. Sites like Giftcee offer free gifts every month if you sell your account. There’s also a service called Gifted.me that lets you get free stuff from top brands like Starbucks, Apple, Target, and more.

10. You Want to Be Paid To Play

Some games allow players to earn microtransactions via in-game purchases. While these usually aren’t worth very much, they can add up if you’re playing often. Selling your account gives you instant access to these microtransactions without having to spend any money upfront.

11. You Want to Play Without Ads

Many games let players skip ads, but you usually have to wait until you reach certain milestones and levels. By selling your account, you get immediate access to these perks.

How to Protect Yourself From Account Flippers

If you find yourself thinking about selling your account, there are ways to protect yourself. First, make sure you’re not violating the terms of service. Most games prohibit trading, selling, or transferring accounts, so make sure you’re not breaking any rules.

Second, look into the company you’re dealing with. Is it reputable? Do they actually have a good reputation among consumers? Is it possible to contact customer support with any questions you have?

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