Vacuum Cleaner Review – Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright Cleaner

I purchased the Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright Cleaner to replace a vacuum of the same brand, which had quit working after six and a half years. To me, the name Bissell means quality and it is the only brand of cleaner that I will purchase. Although, other people I knew favor to use bosch staubsauger instead. This Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright Cleaner is great for all type of areas within my busy home and the price was right, as well.

Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright Cleaner

Easy Assembly out of the box

This was easy and took less than 10 minutes to complete from opening the box until full assembly. You will need a screwdriver to attach the handle to the main body of the vacuum. Quick and painless, just what a busy mom needs and appreciates.

After I had assembled the upright cleaner, I was able to begin using the vacuum and it did great on my heavy traffic carpet in the living room. This vacuum with the Bissell name seems to out perform the other one. Yes it could be because it is new and my thoughts are fresh but it is seriously well worth the $49.89 that I paid for it at the local Wal-Mart.

The powerforce bagless system has suction that will tackle the junk on the floor. All the junk is collected in a good-sized container that can be rinsed out in warm soapy water. That container is easy to remove from the vacuum for easy removal. That is a job undertaken by my four-year-old grand daughter who loves to help me clean. The quick release is only a lever that is pushed to one side to unlock the container, after it is emptied simple slide it back in to position and lock into place once more.

Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright Cleaner makes keeping the carpets a breeze as the powerful suction allows for deep cleaning. There are five height settings on the vacuum, so you can easily move from one height of carpeting to the next with ease. It is also lightweight so you will not strain your back.

Would I recommend this Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright Cleaner for anyone? You bet I would. The brand name means quality to me. There are the tools for upholstery, dusting, and crevice areas, which can be attached via the extension wand. The twenty-four foot power cord allows me to go from one end of the room to the other without attaching an extension cord or plugging it in elsewhere.

The low price of the Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright Cleaner fit right inline with my tight budget, which was a godsend. From the box, it is an easy assembly and you can be vacuuming in 10 minutes or less. It is a full size cleaner with three washable filters, easy to store and use. I highly recommend it.

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