Updates Are A Go! Everything New to Pokemon Go

As the latest offering by one of the world’s most beloved franchise, Pokemon Go has considerable pressure on it to remain as seamless and smooth as possible for its millions of players around the world. As a result, the platform continually introduced new updates and fixes. While both fun and necessary, these updates are sometimes a little hard to keep up with. So, here is a list of all the major changes introduced on Pokemon Go in the latter half of 2020 –

  • Mega Evolution finally rolled around in August 2020 after much anticipation and fanfare. This allows players to temporarily gain extra power for specific Pokemon via mega energy, assuring greater wins in battles and raids.
  • Strange Eggs have now begun to hatch different Pokemon, corresponding to the changes in the seasons around the world. Eggs of different kilometers have different categories of Pokemon attached to them.
  • Android phones released before 2015 may have to bid goodbye either to their phones or to the game as Niantic has announced that newer versions of Pokemon Go will no longer support 32-bit Android devices in a bid to focus more on the newer systems.
  • Pokemon Home and Pokemon Go also integrated in November 2020. To celebrate the new interface and the benefits it brings to players, shiny Meltan was teased as being added in some of the mystery boxes, and a CP boost to the newest Mega PokemonPidgeot – was also announced.
  • AR Mapping tasks were announced in October 2020, though these are available only to those above level 20, and only at select PokeStops. Aimed at improving the augmented reality of the game, these tasks will enable further development of Pokeworld maps.

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