Step By Step Guide For Repairing Cracked Glass

Did your kid just crack your new glass table with a baseball? Or was it your glass windows that your house help damaged while cleaning. It is always suggested that you get help from professionals if you face a cracked glass issue.

Worried that hiring a professional glass repairing company will cost you a fortune? In that case you could save some money by repairing the glass yourself. Here are some steps you could follow to repair your cracked glass.

First things first, collect the items that will help you in repairing your glass.

  • Dish washing liquid soap
  • Clean pieces of rag
  • Two part epoxy
  • Paper plate
  • Putty Knife
  • Toothpick
  • Razor Blade
  • Acetone
  • A glass cleaner

Here are the steps you need to follow next.

  • Step 1: Clean your cracked glass with the liquid dish soap and a damp cloth. You will have to clean off the dust, oil, or any fingerprints that will be on the damaged surface. Clean the glass and let it dry thoroughly.
  • Step 2: Two-part epoxy are adhesive that you will find in your nearest craft store or home centres. You will have to mix the resin and the hardener on a paper plate at the time of use. Use a toothpick to mix the two.

  • Step 3: Apply the epoxy over and into the cracked portion of your glass. You need to be quick to apply it before it gets too thick. Gently press the epoxy into the damaged area. Allow the epoxy to sit for at least five minutes.
  • Step 4: After five minutes, you can scrape off the excess epoxy with a razor blade. Wipe the area with a rag dampened with acetone to remove the excess epoxy better. You should leave the glass for 24 hours to cure.
  • Step 5: Last but not the least, you can polish up your glass with a clean rag and the glass cleaner.

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