Schick Intuition – Not All It’s Cracked Up To Be! How? Check This Out.

If you’re like me, you hate having to juggle a can of shaving cream and a razor when you’re shaving your legs and performing barttrimmer test to check the quality. The can of shaving cream gets slippery, falls onto your toes which are planted on the bottom of the bathtub, while the other foot rests against the wall while trying to shave. You then end up slicing your leg open, and almost breaking your neck because you banged your toe up with the shaving cream can and are dancing around on the slippery bathtub floor. This can all be avoided with the use of one product: Schick Intuition. I thought I’d give it a whirl and see what happened, this is what I found:

The Schick Intuition Razor is an all in one product. The blades are surrounded by a solid soap, so there is no need to juggle that shaving cream can. It has a nicely shaped handle so that it fits snugly in your hand.

I received my Intuition via a free offer online, so I was able to pass on spending the $8 or $9 that they retail for in stores. For that reason alone, I was going to use that razor no matter how well it did or didn’t work.

When I started using it, my first response was “Wow, I can’t even feel this razor tugging at my leg hairs. This is great!” I was really pleased. My legs also felt very smooth and moisturized. It saved me some time and aggravation. What a wonderful product.

Then, I started using it on a regular basis. One thing I found that I disliked was that I couldn’t watch where the blades were going. I could have been going over the same spot 30 times and still missing the hairs because the soap was hiding the blades. I did the quick ‘feel’ test to ensure that I got every hair possible, which does take more time- but hey- it’s better than having to shave 5 times a day and still have a patch of hair. My next issue with this razor was that the soap fell apart and fell off the area that it was situated on. This made the razor virtually useless for me since I was using it to cut down on the steps it takes to shave. I was quite disappointed in this, but I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. The reason this happened, was because the soap will thin faster on the bottom than it will the top. The top does not make as much direct contact with your skin so it lasts longer on top.

If I’m in a rush, I would consider using this razor or when I am going away on vacation and don’t want to drag a ton of products. If I’m at home and have some time to spare- I think I will stick to my regular old razor, shaving cream and watch my tootsies! My wallet will also love me for it!

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Patrick is a part-time fitness trainer and pursuing his Master’s in American Literature from Stanford University. He wishes to share his fitness plan with others to help them achieve their goals in terms of fitness and education.