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The internet has become a dangerous place and you should definitely know about computer privacy filter that keeps you safe from cookies is one of the most important things. Cookies are generally used for user tracking and are actually quite useful and legitimate when used correctly.

However, just like anything else on the internet, there are users who misuse and abuse these cookies for harmful purposes. A cookie is basically a file of information that is stored on your computer that is used to differentiate users and maintain data based on the current website.

Basically these cookies allow users to create a small attachment with the server, possibly for a variable of reasons. If you were shopping online, how do the items in your shopping cart gather? Without cookies; you would not be able to add more than one item. Each time you were to choose an item, a cookie file would be written to your computer letting the web page know that you have selected more.

It can be and is extremely useful for cookies to exist but in most cases, users will have no idea that they are on their computers. So could this affect you? The file stored on the users’ computer is programmed to assemble and analyze specific events on the host computer. Having these harmful cookie files on your computer poses very large privacy and security risks to those on the infected computer.

There are many companies out there that employ people to collect URLs from web users that have these cookies on their computers. This is both used negatively and positively in some cases. For example; if you were to visit a web site and they placed a tracking cookie on your computer they would be able to view what you view and do online.

The major security flaw with cookies is their easy manipulation. During regular operation, cookies are usually sent back and forth from the server and you or the computer accessing the information. This provides a lot of room for cookie theft and hijacking. Cookies normally contain personal information such as your user name and password for a particular site, potentially your name and address, and a lot of other private information.

They can be stolen through a process called packet sniffing which is one of the processes involved in something called session hijacking. Session Hijacking is where a user has been able to breach through network security and can intercept and read the information being sent and received between the two.

The solution when battling against cookies and internet privacy threats is to ensure you are visiting reliable, reputable websites that are secure. There are secure channels such as an SSL connection that allows for completely safe and reliable data transfer between user and server. Securing your internet privacy protection from cookies is important to avoid malicious attacks against your computer.

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