Neuros OSD Media Center Has Everything You Need

I was sick of having DVDs, VHS tapes, CDs, and various other media stuff lying around my house, so I bought the Neuros OSD Media Center. This awesome device allowed me to store all of my media in one location that hooks up to nearly any audio/visual device. I can store all my media on the Neuros OSD Media Center and then play it on my computer, TV, camcorder, or almost any other device with simple inputs. I can also transfer my media files to any device from the Neuros OSD Media Center. So now I can move my DVD’s to my computer and then to my iPod if I want to. Neuros OSD Media Center has made my media storage a lot simpler and my house a lot cleaner.

I love the Neuros OSD Media Center it is simply the best product I have ever bought. This simple device plugs into nearly any video/audio device and allows me to either store or transfer digital media to and from the devices. The Neuros OSD Media Center is a lot like an external hard drive except that it also has an interface built into it to allow you to access any digital media on the device and to transfer it across multiple platforms.

Not only can you take all of your DVDs and old VHS tapes and digitize the content onto the Neuros OSD Media Center but you can also record movies and TV programs from your cable box and watch them anytime anywhere.

I also like that the Neuros OSD Media Center is able to be networked so you can share and stream your media files to all the PC’s on your network. The Neuros OSD Media Center also allows for you to transfer the video content from one device to another, like from your DVD to your TV then to your iPod. This means now you don’t have to buy a program to convert the files into other playable formats the Neuros OSD Media Center does it for you. Everything a person should need to know is stated at site. The preparation of the program should be done with the skills to purchase and have benefit of live television. The conversion of the files into another folder is easy and simple for the purchaser. The use of DVD is beneficial for the audience. 

The Neuros OSD Media Center allows you to connect to any USB storage device; it has an Ethernet port for networking the device and sharing your content. It also allows you to connect to any device with standard RCA A/V cable interfaces which means your TV, VCR, DVD player, and even camcorders. The Neuros OSD Media Center also has Media card reader slots for SD cards, Compact Flash cards, MMC cards, and USB thumb drives. Which means you can hook this thing to most any device and if you can’t connect it there are plenty of other methods of getting the media to the device using any of the other methods mentioned above.

The design is sleek and good looking and it can easily be hidden on a book shelf next to your TV or PC. It is quite and very easy to use and comes with a handy remote that allows you to easily and quickly access your media files. The Neuros OSD Media Center is on cool device and I think everyone should own one. You can use this as your media player/converter for all of your devices. The Neuros OSD Media Center works very well with external hard drives.

I was also impressed with the ongoing development and firmware updates of the Neuros OSD Media Center; you can check it out at the products website here. They are constantly listening to complaints and problems experienced by users and solving those issues by releasing patches. They even offer a try it before you buy it program for the media converter program that the Neuros OSD Media Center has built into it. You can check that out here.

The Neuros OSD Media Center is a must have product in my mind, it has so many functions and abilities that make sharing and viewing media files easy, it is well worth the $220 price tag.

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