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As a beginner trying to make money online, you may not have thought you would be writing articles and material to promote your site. But when you think about it, the written word is what the Internet is all about.

Making money online requires good, frequent content writing. You may be a great writer or you possibly don’t like to write. I’ve always been impressed with those bloggers who could pump out lots of great articles. Those people who can write articles that keep the attention of the reader while always being grammatically correct. How can anyone have so much to say about one topic, and how can anyone be so eloquent in prose? Some bloggers are great writers, but some simply don’t have the time to write all of their content. As a beginner, you may not have time to write all your material, or you may be a bit more challenged as an author. PLR or Private Label Rights material may be the answer for you.

PLR, or Private Label Rights material can be articles, eBooks, autoresponder messages, squeeze page templates or even audio materials. PLR material is most often found on a site for sell, but it is sometimes given away. The term Private Label Rights means the material can be reprinted, rewritten, reformatted, posted on a website, or you can practically use it any way you choose. You can even put your name on the material and claim it as your own. You could use the material to create an eBook, an eCourse, a small report, or simply post it ‘as is’ to you blog or website. What you cannot do with PLR material is to repackage it and resell it as PLR material, and you can not submit it to online article directories. Article directories only want original content written by you. When you use PLR content, keep in mind the material may also appear on someone else’s blog or website. This is because PLR materials are widely distributed. Some PLR marketers will limit the number of times the material is sold, but others do not. Since it is sold to many customers, PLR content it is usually inexpensive.

Here’s an example of why an online marketer might want to use PLR content:

As a beginner working toward making money online, my friend Billy selected a theme for his site, purchased a domain name, found a hosting company, and added pages, posts, and all sorts of great material to his blog. He signed up for an autoresponder and started working on building a list. What an accomplishment! He was on his way! He had to keep his blog up to date by posting to it 3 or 4 times a week. He gave away a free weekly newsletter, written by him, to help build his list. But he had to do more to get traffic to his site. He commented daily on forums and wrote articles to be submitted to free article directories. Billy was writing all week, every week. After a few weeks he told me he was having trouble generating new ideas for his blog and for his articles. This is when I introduced him to Private Label Rights materials. Billy used PLR materials to substitute for some of the content he was writing for his blog. He then had more time to concentrate on writing new articles to submit to article directories. The PLR material inspired him and even helped him to come up with new ideas for original content.

You can use PLR content the same way as Billy. The materials are readily available on the Internet and you can find them by doing a Google search for PLR. PLR material is usually sold in packages of articles and the number of articles included varies. When you find PLR content pay attention to the number of articles, the number of words per article, the price of the package, and the number of times the package will be sold before it is taken off the market. I have found that the lower the price the higher the number of distributions for each package. The seller should also give you a list of topics, or article titles, of the package content. Just for an idea on prices, I have seen packages range from $1.98 for many articles with unlimited distribution, to $15.00 for 10 articles with a distribution of 75. The prices vary greatly and you will see some that are priced much higher. You can also purchase eBooks, reports to giveaway or sell, audio materials, or squeeze pages. There is some PLR material you can find for free. Since I can’t list it all here, I put a list on my website for free PLR material.

When you first start working online, writing content to promote your site can become overwhelming. You can spend lots of money on PPC or other promotions, but most beginners either don’t have the money or they want to test the waters to see if their idea will get a good response. You can use PLR materials to post to your blog, you can use it in your next newsletter, and you can put several articles together and make an eBook. Try using the materials to create a daily eCourse for your autoresponder. Since PLR content can be rewritten, you could instead use it as a guide for your next article. Significantly changing the content to claim the article as your own is permissible. But if you don’t want to rewrite the content another option is to hire a copywriter or ghostwriter, and it is more expensive. But that’s another topic!

Online earning is quite a welcome prospect as most of the youngsters today have lost hope in the job market with meager income in the bargain and no growth, therefore you will see them turning to online business to make ends meet and ultimately make it big. The websites tampa have numerous portals to their name which provide tips to people who are trying their hand out in online business for the first time.

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