Important Difference Between Cannabis Store and Marijuana Dispensary

Legalization of the use of marijuana has lead different states in America to allow the establishment of marijuana dispensaries. Many cities like Los Angeles and Detroit have some of the most popular marijuana dispensaries in the country and they are serving the medical needs of the people in the best possible manner. However, there is a big time difference between cannabis stores and marijuana dispensaries. In this blog we will discuss a very important benefit of such a West Des Moines store and dispensary.

Marijuana Dispensary Vs. Cannabis Store

A marijuana dispensary is the place you would want to visit when you need different minds of medical marijuana products. However, cannabis store is directed mostly for recreational facilities.

Due to the different uses of both the places, the experience of the customers differ a lot. When you visit a dispensary, the patients are required to wait in the waiting room and only when their turn comes, they are taken to the sales room. Here the customers are asked about the products which they have been recommended with. They might also be suggested and guided through it by a professional and knowledgeable budtender. During the entry into a marijuana dispensary, the individual will need to provide their prescription and any other documentation they deem fit.

On the other hand, a cannabis store is where you will find a much wider range of products of diverse kind available for the customers. Since most of these are meant to be used for recreational purposes and not medical, you can get your hands on the products without a proper prescription as well. Even if you need to, it won’t be nothing more than an age and address proof.

So, this is the major difference between a cannabis store and a marijuana dispensary.

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