Giant Schnauzer Puppy Behavior Training Tips and Guide

Giant Schnauzer puppies can make a great addition to your family but you must teach it how to act if you want it to be a good dog when it grows up. The best time for behaviour training is when it is still a puppy, and that can start the moment you bring it home. The best ways to teach a puppy the difference between right and wrong, no matter what breed it is, is to praise it when it does good and punish it when it does things that are bad. Beyond that, you must remain consistent as puppies learn best through repetition. Just remember that behaviour training your giant Schnauzer puppy is supposed to be a fun time for it will only be a puppy once. Love And Affection 

The best way to behaviour train your giant Schnauzer puppy is to give it lots of praise when it does things you deem as good. If it goes to the bathroom outside, for instance, pet it and tell it good job. Hug your dog and teach it that every time it does something that€™s acceptable, it€™s going to get the same type of love and affection. This will eventually teach your new giant Schnauzer puppy that good behaviour brings this type of attention. Similarly, you can behaviour train your giant Schnauzer puppy by punishing it when it does bad. This doesn€™t mean you should hit it or abuse it. Never hit a puppy as you are much bigger than your dog and you could harm it unintentionally. Instead, to behaviour train your giant Schnauzer puppy, and to teach it the difference between right and wrong, make a loud noise when it does something unacceptable. If it jumps on people, gets on the furniture, or does its business on your nice new carpet, tell it no in a loud voice or slap a newspaper or magazine against your hand. Eventually, just as the praise taught it to go good, it will learn that bad behaviour brings the negative experience of the loud noise, thus teaching it that good behaviour is better. Behaviour training your giant Schnauzer puppy is supposed to be fun, so have fun with it. You are essentially teaching your new dog how to be a good addition to your family. Just remember that even though your giant Schnauzer will grow larger, it will still be a puppy mentally so keep up the training, remain consistent and know that, with enough time, patience, love and affection, your dog will grow into a healthy, good dog that will be a part of your family for a long time to come.

If you would follow the aforementioned points, it is going to be an excellent way to make your pup become intelligent and well mannered as Giant Schnauzers are quite an intimidating breed that aren’t quite known for such behavior as they are extremely ferocious and short tempered at times and no one wants to be with them when they are having any temper tantrums as they aren’t something like Shiba Inu, which have a strikingly contrasting nature.

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