Do School Bathrooms Make Our Kids Sick? Suggestions on How to Keep Your Kids Healthy!

Most parents do not even think about it but how clean is your child’s school bathroom. Of course they have janitors to keep the facilities clean, but there are hundreds of kids who use these bathrooms throughout the day. Many of the kids who do use the school bathrooms, do not clean up after themselves. Some even do not bother to wash their hands once they have finished using the bathroom. On numerous occasions my own children have informed me that they went to use the school bathroom and there was no tissue or soap in the bathroom. Usually if you approach the school officials about this problem they will just tell you that the kids are wasteful. As a parent you know the damage that can be done to your child if you tell them not to use the bathroom. So how can you help keep your child from getting those nasty bathroom germs?

One thing that you can tell them is to not touch the toilet seat. For boys this is a very simple task, but for girls this can be a little more difficult. But it is still worth the extra effort. Another thing that you can do is provide your child with their own bathroom sanitary pack. This is just a small case that you can make that has antibacterial wipes, antibacterial lotion or cream 9the kind that does not have to be rinsed off), and a pack of tissues. You may think this is a little extreme, but it really is not when it comes to your child’s health. The case can be very easily placed in their book bag, and no one has to know what they have in their bag. You will then need to stress to your child, why it is so important for them to be concerned about keeping themselves clean. As parents we no longer have to just worry about our children catching the everyday common cold. There are dozens of serious diseases that children can get just from using the school toilet. In addition to preparing your child for school germs, you can also take the time to try and speak to the school officials. Especially if your child is constantly telling you about the bathrooms not having the necessary supplies. This may or may not help, but it would be worth some effort. Also many public schools are limited to how much they can do because of budget problems.

This is especially important when your children are very young. By very young I mean under the age of ten. Any type or form of bacteria will affect them a lot differently than it would a young teenager or young adult. It will also prepare them for dealing with these types of problems later on in life. Children who are unsanitary when they are young will more than likely grow up to be unsanitary adults.

This is a very serious issue as the child’s health and future is at stake so it becomes necessary to take this matter to the higher authorities to avail certain adrenal supplements in the school as jeopardizing their safety would be catastrophic.

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