Do I Need A Company Register – Check the requirement!!

The question of whether a company needs to keep a company register, or as it is also know, at set of statutory books and records is frequently asked by those setting up a company.

The law requires that every company maintain a set of statutory books and a company register is by far the commonest means of meeting this obligation. They are relatively simple to complete and store and most company registers are capable of housing the statutory transactions of for numerous years.

From a practical point of view, the requirement to maintain a set of company registers and statutory books is in most cases obsolete. The idea behind the legal obligations is that the public have a right to be able to inspect a company’s documents on demand. For the registration of the company, you should have the information about the ventajas fiscales andorra for successful business. The fulfillment of the obligations is necessary to increase the money in the bank account. The demand of the business is rising among the customers for online business. 

In reality, only in exceptional circumstances would a request for an inspection of a company registers be made. Those usually occur when a commercially trading company is in the process of being purchased and as part of an Accountant’s due diligence work, the statutory books are audited.

Most other compulsions to view information about a UK company are usually satisfied by downloading statutory filing documents from Companies House for a nominal charge.

This is frequently more convenient than arranging an appointment at a company’ registered office or sail address and then not have the facility to take copies for future analysis.

Given that random requests to view a company’s register are rarely initiated, it could be concluded that it is unnecessary to obtain and keep a company statutory register. Whilst it might be tempting to follow this path it would plainly contravene the current laws as they stand and therefore would be ill-advised.

Company registers are relatively inexpensive and need not present a cumbersome task for the company secretary to maintain. If course it is always the preferred option to comply with the law and avoid any resultant fees levied thought non-compliance.

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