Different Types Of Custom Optical Filters

Custom optical filters are components used in manipulating the properties of light, providing the ability to eliminate unwanted light and pass only those which are necessary. ECI custom optical coatings are designed and implemented using most recent deposition techniques. They have a high transmission level, eco-friendly, and high-performance level. 

ECI custom optical coatings are designed using either shortwave pass (SWP) combined with long wave pass (LWP) filters coating. It is applied inflorescence microscopy, lighting detecting, 3D image production, sign recognition, and ranging. 

Types of Custom Optical Filters?

  • Dichroic Filters: They are also referred to as thin-film or interference filters, which transmit the pass band (a definite range of spectrum) while reflecting the rejection band using different colors mechanism to differentiate between both. They are usually used for color separation in imaging and digital projection.
  • passband Filters: They are filters that are aimed to allow only a defined signal of a selected frequency to pass while blocking all frequency which is below or above the defined frequency value. They are used in different applications which include imaging, spectroscopy, chemistry and florescence microscopy. 
  • Infrared Filters: They are also referred to as IR filters and they are used to block wavelength of mid-infrared while allowing is to pass. It also allows the transmission of the infrared spectrum and disallows the narrowest wavelength band. They are practical in infrared applications, security and environmental maintenance. 

  • Long pass Filters: Just as the name implies, this kind of filter only allows the transmission of long electromagnetic radiation or long-wavelength while blocking the shorter wavelengths. 
  • Short pass Filters: They are the opposite of fluorescence filters; this kind of filter is designed to pass short-wavelength while cutting the undesired ones which are the long wavelengths. 

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