Choosing the Right Sanding Belts

How do you choose the right sanding belt? First off, a sanding belt is a tool used in many ways. But commonly, they are used in sanding rough surfaces, and shaping to make round edges. For people who want to save some money and want to do stuff on their own, this tool is one thing that they should keep on their arsenal.

There are different types of sanding belts, when you are planning to keep a sanding belt as one of your power tools, then you should consider what type of sanding belt you should keep and make sure that you choose  the best 3×21 sanding belts, since the type of sanding belt you should use would depend on what you are planning to work for.

Hand Powered Belt Sander

Among DIYers, this type of belt sander is one of the best things that should be kept. Since they are portable, they caught a lot of eye for people who make their own stuff. Most likely, the common sizes of belts used here are 3” x 21”, 3” x 18”, and 4” x 24”.

Tube Belt Sander

These sanders are also known as Pipe Polishers, by the name itself, they are commonly used in contouring around tubes. They are handheld and usually run by electricity.

Belt File Sander

Also handheld, this type of sander is great for fitting into narrow work spaces or cleaning inside corners. 

Floor Sander

This sander kind of resembles a vacuum machine. They are mobile sanding machines that are manually pushed by an operator to sand rough wood floors. 

Stationary Sanding Belt Grinder

Stationary Sanding Belt Grinders are sanders that are mounted. They can be seen attached to any hard surface or metal that can handle the force of the grinder. Mostly people who use this kind of sander are knife enthusiasts.

If you’re still not sure of what kind of sander you are gonna use, there are a lot of experts that can help you with these types of things. Usually, people in hardware shops can greatly help you, since they are vastly knowledgeable on these kinds of stuff.

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