Tips to Craft A Memorable Proposal 

Congratulations! You are preparing to propose to the girl you love. It is a big moment, so ensure to prepare a little. ‘Will you marry me?’ is the regular question popped in every proposal. However, you can say a variation of this sentence along with a small engagement speech.

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When you are planning to propose, emotions will run high. However, you desire to make this moment remarkable for both. When you craft a memorable proposal, here are some things to remember.

Think it through

Before you say anything, think what you desire to say. Reflect on your love story and how your relationship was built. Relive the happiest memories and ask yourself, what attracted you to her. Use memories to start writing!

Build it up

Set a proposal with a story that captures your relationship’s essence. It can be a funny story or the moment you recognized you loved her. A personal story makes the proposal look authentic and not generic.

Write and practice

Winging a proposal can go awry because the moment is loaded with emotions. Put everything on paper and rehearse it in front of the mirror. It helps to polish your words and increase confidence.

Speak from the heart, even if it means being vulnerable…….the moment will appear more beautiful and genuine!