Hitting The Goal Of Zero Emissions With ZeroAvia

The time to improve

With the changing climatic conditions of the world, people all around are getting concerned about changing the ways of work. One of the important steps under it is to ensure sufficient greenery on the earth and leave it a better place for the coming generations. This need for green fuel has led to many organizations developing the best solutions. One amongst them is zeroavia, and its goal to introduce hydrogen technology in the jets. Read on to learn further about it.

Understanding the mission

In this time of developing greener solutions, ZeroAvia has come up with the following mission goals:

  • Enabling zero-emission at a scale of 500 miles.
  • Reducing the current fuel cost by half, and yet provide the same performance of flying as the conventional fuels.
  • Develop a market of USD 100 billion for creating a cleaner, greener, and more convenient method of travel. (To reduce the current ashes generated from the jets).
  • Meeting the demand of 100,000+ miles of travel in the next ten years with the maximum occupancy of the flights.

With this mission in mind, zeroavia has garnered almost three rounds of funding from 10 investors to build excellence for hydrogen fuel cells.

The concepts

Apart from this novel mission, the organization has also developed key USPs to sell its concept in the market. The following points detail it:

  • The novel powertrain cuts off about 75% emissions compared to the conventional fuel and reduces the maintenance cost by 50%.
  • Develop expertise of the team with experiences across aviation, automotive, fuel supply, and real estate industries.
  • Set up the first milestone of 500-mile travel with zero emissions.
  • An environment of research and technology across the nations of Norway, the UK, and California. 

Therefore, it is important to boost the confidence of such brands and contribute towards the mission of lean and clean flying. 

Where To Find Free Moving Boxes

Once again, my family is moving at the end of the summer. We are moving from Chicago, Illinois to Alexandria, Virginia. We’ve been in Chicago for nearly two and a half years, and my husband’s job is leading us closer to home.

Since it’s short notice, I’ve been on the hunt to find free moving boxes. Luckily, I’m an Army brat, and moving is second nature to me. If you are wondering where to find free moving boxes, here are few places that can accomodate you.

Shop the grocery store early

I check the local grocery store in the early morning, since this is the best time to catch stockers. Years ago, I would ask for produce and banana boxes, but I learned there is another option. Although there is nothing wrong with the boxes, they are sometimes wet or damp from the produce. I’d have to wait for them to try, and hope the integrity of the box is still intact. The finding of the right boxes will be there with the accounting services Chicago. The information available with the person will be great and correct for the person to get the effective benefits. The food box will be effective through the hiring of moving companies.

Instead of using the produce boxes, ask the stockers for the aisle product boxes or for those from the dairy section. Cereal, potato chip, and canned food boxes are good sizes for packing.

Another example; the Tropicana orange juice box holds two large containers of juice. The boxes are dry and sturdy, which are perfect for dishes, picture frames and other items that are small or slim. Egg boxes are also available with handles.

Hit the liquor store

With our last move, I learned that liquor stores are the best kept secret for moving. Liquor stores have set days for product deliveries, and are willing to give the boxes away. Much like the juice boxes, they are smaller in size, but sturdy. Since the certain boxes carry six to 12 bottles, the sizes will accommodate kitchen and bathroom supplies, toys, and clothes.

If you have a stemware collection or lots of glasses, these will come in handy. Your stemware may be very special or expensive and should be boxed carefully. Leave the cardboard dividers in the boxes and place a glass in each slot. Add packing peanuts, cloth napkins, dishtowels or shredded paper with the crystal, if it’s not enough insulation.

Electronics Stores

A big, huge box is not ideal, since it’s easy to overload with items. This makes the box impossible to carry alone. On the other hand, larger boxes are excellent to act as coverings for over-sized paintings and objects including TV screens.

Taller, deeper boxes are great for blankets, stuffed animals, and pillows.

Check out your gym for a pro shop

I spend a lot of time at the gym, and know when the pro-shop gets its shipments of supplements. My gym was happy to accommodate me with boxes. Supplement boxes come in several sizes, but the protein boxes and drink boxes are optimal. The size is a 16x16x11, making it a perfect size for any of your items.

Certain drinks will come in long boxes that are very sturdy, due to the weight of the drinks. The ends have handles, which makes it easy to carry.

Booking a Hunting Trip on EBay?

EBay ™ offers an amazing purchasing platform for hunters everywhere. The deals on new and used hunting gear, shooting supplies, and hunting trips just can’t be beat. I’d like to focus on the hunting trips and leases that are typically listed on EBay ™ and offer some advice on these trips and how to choose the best one.

If you have any experience with paid hunting trips and leases, then you know they can make for an excellent hunt. In some cases, they can end up being the hunting opportunity of a lifetime. If you have that experience or have price shopped most any paid or guided hunting trip, then you also know that they can be pricey. Add in travel expenses and any licensing requirements, and they can get really expensive. As an avid hunter on a budget, I can tell you that the leases and guided hunts area on EBay ™ can offer some amazing hunting at very reasonable. I’ve utilized EBay ™ to locate and book my last two hunts and both were outstanding experiences. Having spent some time reviewing and talking to some of the outfitters listing hunts on EBay ™, I’d like to offer some general tips based on my experiences.

For starters, get familiar with these listings on EBay ™ and learn to read each one carefully. Some listings will specifically provide details about travel and accommodations, while others will be a little vague. Some will address licensing issues, while others won’t. Some will include travel (especially international hunts), while many will not. Although these may seen like small details, they can become major issues if not fully addressed in the beginning. There’s nothing worse than traveling to a location to hunt with great expectations and then learning that you have to ante up more money for some special license or you don’t have a place to stay, or the accommodations are less than what you expected. I know these are somewhat general tips, but the idea here is to read everything in the auction listing. If you have questions or don’t understand something, ask questions and get clarification before you bid.

Realize that some of these hunts are guided by professional guides, while others are amateur guides, while others may be a self hunt. Not that any one is better than the other, just be aware of what you are dealing with. Most professional outfitters will have details about a base camp or lodge, a separate website, pictures of past successful hunts, testimonials from past hunters, etc. A number of the listings on EBay ™ are amateur guides who are just getting into the business and have most likely leased some land or an area reserved for their clients. While some of the listings may be landowners who will simply let you hunt their land for a fee. Typically the professionally guided hunts are the most expensive followed by the amateur guides, and the landowners. In my personal opinion, the amateur guided hunts seem to offer the best bang for your buck. I’ve used amateur guides on my last two hunts and been extremely pleased so don’t rule out a listed hunt if the guide is an amateur. My father and I did a really nice plantation style quail hunt in SC at a great price and then I did a nice goose in NC with a few of my friends. I haven’t booked a large game hunt yet off EBay ™, but I’m planning on doing it in the near future. The selection of the equipments should be the best for alaska cruise hunting. Proper planning can be done through the predators for catching the animals and birds. The charges of hunting at the area should be under the budget of the hunters. 

I would recommend that you review seller’s feedback on EBay ™, and ask for references. Feedback is somewhat self explanatory, and you can read more about on EBay ™. Most any respectable guide or landowner is going to be able to provide at least one hunting reference. Try to find more than one, if you can. One trick I’ve used in the past with just one reference is to ask the reference if he or she is aware of anyone else who hunted with that particular guide. People like to hunt in groups or pairs so generally the one reference can point you to another friend who he or she hunted with on that trip. Realize that the reference that you were provided is most likely a set-up reference that the guide continually uses as a reference so take that into account.

Consider a group hunt with some friends to help offset expenses. Not only will this get you a better price in many cases, it will also lower the out of pocket expenses for room and board, travel, and food. From the amateur guide’s point of view, each person that comes on this hunt with you is a new customer that may become a repeat customer. Also no form of advertising beats a word of mouth referral. Every hunt I’ve take so far off EBay ™ has involved a group or pair and I’ve always gotten better rates on the hunt.

These are just a few suggestions that may help a little bit when you thinking about bidding on a hunt listed on EBay ™. Shop around as you can come across some really great hunting opportunities.

Illegal Immigration – How Immigrants Have Helped the US

Illegal immigration is a fact of life in a country as rich as the US whether the people in the country agree with it or not. Laws have been passed throughout the country by both the state and federal governments and yet the problem continues to exist. The reasons for this are varied from simply those who are immigrants moving in to do whatever they can to help their families back home making a living to those bureaucrats and others who look the other way and ignore the law.

In recent years there has been a tremendous outcry against illegal immigration with many claiming that illegal immigration is a national security risk. This seems to be a mistaken argument because of the facts of earlier situations where the US had open immigration laws and this did not bear out to be true. From almost its beginning, the US had open immigration laws and got involved in national security crisis every few years or so.

In the first situations, the US was wrangling with France and England over issues on the high seas and yet Frenchmen and Englishmen were coming to the country in droves both legally and illegally. There were no major issues of sabotage by mass portions of these people or mass incidents of espionage by these people in spite of these conflicts with their former homelands. Oftentimes, the very Frenchmen and Englishmen who had immigrated to the US were assisting in defending US interests in these conflicts. Such was the case of the many English and French born sailors who manned the ships of the US Navy in the early 1800’s and during the War of 1812.

Again in the 1840’s immigrants were coming to the US from throughout Latin America both legally and illegally. In this era the US got into a major war with Mexico. Yet in no known situation were there any major situations of the immigrants assisting the enemies of the United States. If anything the opposite was true where hundreds of Mexican immigrants signed up with Texas regiments to serve and defend the interests of the United States.

Even as the US was tearing itself apart in the 1860’s during the Civil War, immigrants were arriving from China, Ireland, and other parts of the world. Not in one known instance did the immigrants, whether in the US legally or illegally, assist in doing things that would have brought foreign powers into the conflict or in doing things that would damage the integrity of the nation. If anything these immigrants greatly assisted the nation by building railroads, serving in hospitals, and in even giving their lives to their new country by fighting for it.

Going on to more modern times such as World War 1 and World War 2, immigrants whether legal or illegal have often shown in spite of cruel treatment their undying devotion for the US. During both World War 1 and World War 2, when the US unjustly imprisoned German, Italian, and Japanese immigrants, these groups stepped up and formed units of the military that assisted in combat and espionage roles providing invaluable assistance to the interests of the nation. Had it not been for the efforts of these immigrants, the process of winning the World Wars would have been much tougher than it already was for the US.

Even today as the US fights its War on Terrorism and War on Drugs, immigrants both legal and illegal still provide help for the nation in many instances. There are numerous cases in both the state and federal dockets where hardened drug criminals were pulled off of the street by courageous actions and testimonies of immigrants. In the War on Terrorism, there have been numerous cases where immigrants from the Middle East have assisted in foiling terrorist plots and plans by providing invaluable information to the authorities. In some cases it has been the fault of the authorities and not immigrants that some of these plots were not stopped. One instance is where the immigrants father of the Christmas Day 2009 underwear bomber attempted to notify the authorities of the terrorist plans of his own son and the authorities ignored this because of a bias against immigrants.

The US would do well to look at its history and realize that illegal immigration is not the threat to national security that many paint it to be. The real threat to national security is alienation of the immigrants whether here legally or illegally. This poses a greater threat because a population that feels alienated from the system is more likely to want to turn against that system even if they admire it than one that is fully engaged and has a vested interest in seeing the system succeed. Therefore the US should realize that moving its efforts away from alienation of illegal immigration and towards incorporation of illegal immigrants would better serve its own interests. The immigration lawyer toronto firm will provide the facilities as per the requirement of the clients. The motive of the firm should be the satisfaction of the customers for visa application.

So the next steps for the US in its illegal immigration debate need to be focused on how to best incorporate immigrants into its society. Things such as the Arizona Immigration Bill and the recent bills in Georgia do not promote this. If anything, this further contributes to alienation of both legal and illegal immigrants and helps to damage national security.

Surviving Long Distance Flights

As a product of divorced parents who live on different continents, separated by a 12 hour light across the Pacific Ocean, I have sat cramped in economy class for years, at hours on end and thus, learned 8 tips to make long distance flights more comfortable.

  1. Airplane food. Pre-order your meal. Vegetarian, allergies to nuts, lactose intolerant; whatever. You will get fed first and collect looks of jealousy from fellow passengers. By the time you are finished, the airline staff will be back near your seat handing out everyone else’s meals so you can give them back your tray.
  2. Seating. Get an aisle seat. The only good part of the light is the 10 minutes during take off and landing anyway and having an aisle seat means you never have to climb over anyone on trips to the bathroom. It also makes it easier to curl up in your seat as you have room to dangle your feet into the aisle.
  3. Temperature. Airplane cabins. Freezing one minute, hot and stuffy the next. Take a jacket, sarong or even your own blanket. Yes, most lights provide blankets but these are usually scratchy, itchy and never seem to be the right size. Hermes cashmere throws are best.
  4. Entertainment. Note to self: sometimes, the inbuilt television fails. Cue hours of innate boredom. Bring other stuff to do. Books, journals, magazines, iPods, portable video game units, crosswords and Sudoku puzzles. You will thank me when it eventually happens to you. Another note to self: do not bring nail-polish. Unless you want to endure dirty looks and eventually have an airline hostess tell you to please put it away as the smell is nauseating other passengers.
  5. Neighboring Passengers. Never assume because you have headphones on or are deeply engrossed in your reading that the person sitting next to you will take that as a ‘do not disturb’ message. At one stage in your travels, you WILL sit next to some obnoxious person who will not shut up. Ever. Aside from faking sleep or telling them to be quiet (in which they will always act deeply offended and then sulk, leaving you with inexplicable guilt)learn how to say ‘I am sorry, I don’t speak English’ in a few other languages.
  6. The Mile High Club. No matter what maneuvers you and your beloved work out in terms of getting to the bathroom, such as during a movie or meal, everyone still knows what you are trying to do. Airplane bathrooms rarely have enough space for one person, let alone two, and once you add flailing limbs into equation all you get is an uncomfortable, awkward scenario. All that said; go for it if your curiosity takes you. Just be prepared for the smug glances and winks from fellow passengers and light assistants afterwards.
  7. Avoid stimulants. No matter what the experts say, you will feel like crap after the light NO MATTER what measures you take. I have tried avoiding caffeine and alcohol, slathered my face with moisturizer to avoid my skin drying out and brushed my teeth neatly before settling in with a Valium for a nap. I have also tried drinking miniature sized bottles of wine, getting tipsy as the altitude lowers my tolerance to alcohol before passing out and drooling on my fellow passengers. I never ind my recovery from a light easy.
  8. Baggage. While waiting for your luggage at the baggage carousel, you will notice just how many black suitcases there are and how alike they all look. To avoid confusion, buy a hot pink suitcase with giant purple polka dots. Or, go crazy with coloured ribbons and strands of glittery sequins and decorate every handle and zipper you can. While your suitcase may look like clown vomit, it will make it impossible to miss.Long distance travels are hassles that have to be dealt with and the aforementioned points are only a few of them which help you through in this matter. Private jet charter flights are the most preferable as you and a few others would be able to travel on it and it is spacious enough for the floor to be occupied.

Should You Check Your Luggage or Carry On?

Should you check your luggage or carry on? Personally, having worked for an airline for the past 22 years, I like to travel light. It’s easier when you get to your final destination if you don’t have to deal with baggage claim. It makes getting through customs much faster. Usually if you carry on your bags, you are at the front of the line at immigrations. However, for those of you that have to check something (whether you are on a long trip, or over packed), here are some pointers.


Do not check medications. Put them in your carry on bag. If your checked bag is delayed it’s best to have your medicine with you.

Never check electronics or expensive jewelry. The airlines don’t cover these items for loss or damage.

Don’t check fragile items. Liquor bottles break and leak.

No cheese or anything perishable in a bag with clothing. If your bag is delayed, you’ll never get the smell out. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen.

Remember, 50 lbs is he limit for a checked bag. You are allowed two checked bags at 50 lbs each. For domestic and some international travel, you

are allowed up to 70 lbs at a charge of 25.00 per bag. Extra bags cost 80.00 domestically. International costs vary per destination.

Don’t check that pretty soft sided bag. If it’s pretty, pink or expensive you can be sure that it will get dirty. Bags are designed to protect their contents. If you buy a bag that’s soft sided and pretty, use it as a carry on. Remember, bags are stacked on top of each other in the bin of the aircraft. You may have 200 lbs of luggage on top of your bag. It’s not that our ramp agents are deliberately throwing your bag, its just the fact that when loaded in the bin, bags are all stacked on top of each other and fragile, soft sided bags get dirty or smashed.

Keep your used film with you. When the bags go through x-ray any used film can get ruined.

Guitars: If you check your guitar, please loosen the strings. The pressure in the bin of the aircraft can cause the neck to snap. I’ve seen several guitars with broken necks. The airlines no longer cover musical instruments for damage.

Car seats, strollers. The airlines provide plastic bags to protect these items. Use them. If a ticket agents doesn’t offer to put your car seat in a bag, be sure to speak up and ask for one.

Put your name and phone number on the inside and outside of your bag.

When picking up your bag off the carousel, make sure its yours. Bag swaps are common.

This is the number one tip. Do not check your KEYS. Think about it, you get home, your bag has been delayed and you cannot get into your car or your house. It’s an easy thing to do, but it is very inconvenient to get home and realize you forgot to grab your keys out of that checked bag.

Now, onto carry ons. Each passenger is allowed two carry ons. That includes purses, laptops, etc. You are allowed one quart sized baggie with your liquid items inside. Each item must be 3 oz. or less, and all items must fit in the one allowed baggie. Pull the baggie out and put it in the plastic tub at security so TSA doesn’t ask you to take it out.

So, should you check your bag or carry it on? If you check your bags, I hope the information above helps make your trip smooth. So have a great flight and have a fun trip.


While its quite necessary to keep checking your luggage at regular intervals, one should be careful so as to not become paranoid about it as it can cause inconvenience to others in the vicinity. Also, apart from the essentials, it is better if you keep a laste kohver, so that the children’s belongings can be taken care of without having to dump them with your items