How To Do Gradient Editing

This is very simple to do as you download photoshop for Mac, I thought I could make a detailed explanation that will be much easier for newbies.

  1. Open your picture, resize it, and sharpen. We always use the action called “original” from this pack.
  1. Add a gradient map, Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Gradient Map. This is the best way of desaturating a picture, looks really good. You will have to change the settings in the bar of the Gradient Editor window to make it look nice and don’t stick with the default settings. For example, my bar looked like this at the end:
  1. Add a fill layer, Layer > New Fill Layer > Solid Color, and set it to Multiply.
  1. Type a letter (my font was Carton) by creating a type box as wide as the canvas is. Make sure you select a center alignment in the Paragraph window. To place the W exactly in the middle of the canvas, you have to resize the type box like this:

I mean around the W, exactly in its edges. The type box starts and ends exactly where the W does if you know what I mean.

Now go to the Layers panel and select the type layer plus the background one (use cmd or ctrl). Go Layer > Align > Vertical Centers and the W should move to the center of the canvas. It’s not necessary to choose Horizontal Centers too since we already centered the text in the Paragraph window.

  1. Select the Rectangular Marquee Tool and right-click on the W. The following menu will appear; you must click “Load Selection” then “OK”.

The W will be selected now.

  1. Now we are going to delete the color fill layer that shows inside of the W. For this, select the Brush Tool and the color fill layer in the Layers Panel and make sure there is a border around its mask in the Layers Panel:

YES → NO → (you only have to click once on the white box to create the Layer Mask).

Also, your color picker must look like this:

Now paint the W using the brush. You won’t notice any changes in the canvas because the fill layer is selected in the Layers Panel, so we are erasing it, but the type layer is above it, so changes are not visible. When you are done, the color fill looks like this:

Delete the W layer or make it invisible (better invisible if you are following the next step) and that’s it; the effect is done!

  1. I added a grainy effect because it’s a trend lately. Select the top layer in the Layers Panel and press Ctrl+Alt+Shift+E if you are using Windows or Cmd+Option+Shift+E if you are using a Mac. A new layer must appear as if all layers had been combined into one. This is called Stamp Visible.

Now go Filter > Filter Gallery > Texture > Grain (make sure background color is white and foreground is black in the color picker).

I decreased the opacity to 30%.

Now you can make visible the W again, re-do step 5 and delete the grain inside of the W, or select inverse and delete the grain outside of the W:

There are other ways of adding grain though, for example, this one.

This effect is very simple and the color gradients are a trend right now, so I think it’ll be useful for you guys. Layer Mask and Stamp Visible techniques are very important, I hope you remember them in the future! 🙂

Important Phone Numbers You Need To Know In B.C.

According to a research, there were a lot of cases where people dialed the emergency number for weird reasons and most of them were not emergencies. There are different reasons listed such as late-night vacuuming, bad haircut and hunt for a small parking spot. Yes, these calls were gentle, they an clog up the traffic in the communication system and might affect real calls from emergency situations. 

There are some valid reasons why people call the emergency hotline. However, people need to know that there are other resources available designed for specific situations. 

1-800 SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433). This hotline is the best number t call if you are considering suicide or if you know someone who may be. The agents are available 24 hours and they always respond promptly.

1-800-668-6868. This hotline is designed for the Kids Help Phone/ If you are in need for an immediate information, caring support. They can also provide referral to a community or agency. 

310-6789. If you need an emotional support, this number is the right hotline to call. The main goal of this hotline is to provide support for those people who are suffering from mental health issues. 

If you need an advice regarding your confidential health issues, you can dial 8-1-1 Health Link BC. They are available 24 hours and 7 days a week. 

Now if your concern is towards COVID 19 or if you have any questions related to it, you can find helpful updates and information from the contact information in the BC Centre for Diusease Control Website. 

Lastly, for drug and alcohol abuse concerns, you can check the Alcohol & Drug Information & Referral Service by dialing 1-800-663-1441 or 604-660-9382. 

For emergency concerns, dial 9-1-1. To get more information, read this.

Computer Repair Services – The Perks of Remote Based Technical Support

If you’re planning to start your own remote based technical support solutions business, you are in the right place. This article will provide you some of the perks of owning a remote based business compared to traditional on shop computer repair services.


One of the best benefits of remote computer repair service is its accessibility to innumerable resources. As a technician, you certainly have the knowledge and expertise to resolve several issues quickly. However, not all your customers have the same issues. There will be computer problems that you are not yet familiar so you need to refer to Google. But looking to Google from time to time may not look good to customers. But if your repair services are remotely done, then you have an array of access to variety of sources to address the issues.


Location is another advantage of remote computer repair services. While it is possible that every city has at least one-computer repair services, the demand for such service might be high and not all customers will be catered right away. But with remote based technical support solutions, geographical location is not a problem.  


Remote based technical support service is also a time savvy approach. This is because it allows you to fully maximize your time in providing service to customers. Since there will be loading bar time to work on a particular issue, you can use your waiting time to deal with other customers or work efficiently to work on other laptop or computer problems. 


Lastly, since it is a remote based service, you can work at home and feel the convenience of your own work area. You no longer have to deal with the hustle and bustle of the city. For more information, you can visit

Tips for the Beginning Child Care Provider

I was a child care provider for many years. For all those who really have a knack for getting along with and caring for children, this career is a good one. With CHILD CARE referral services and information on center care, you can learn more about the benefits of being a child care professional. After going through all this you will be able to manage your childcare business. As I was a professional in this field for a long time, I will share some of my insights with you. 

I’m sure that most people interested in this job are probably wondering how much can be made and for how many children. I watched a grand total of 5 children in my home daycare center (at a time) 5 days a week and made around $3,000 a month plus travel expenses, field trips and food. I only had one child whose parents paid me out of pocket and the other children were paid for by the PCOE (the local Office of Education). 

That is one tip I would definitely recommend. The local Office of Education can help providers get clients for their child care centers that are in the ‘welfare back to work program’ (in which I supported and was active in as a worthy cause) and pay them very well for services rendered. The paperwork is simple and the child care provider fills it out as they go.

So, besides this tip here are a few more:

Child care providers should always have personalized spreadsheets and forms that consist of a contract of payment, attendance record per child, scheduled daily activities, a weekly menu of meals and snacks provided, hours of operation and any services that are provided (like transportation, tutoring, etc.). When a parent signs the contract they should get a packet that includes one of each informational sheet for their own reference.

Child care providers are allowed to be reimbursed for any expenses they incur. So, that means the educational materials, toys that are both constructive and fun should be included along with field trips, experiments, etc. Be sure to add these when filing taxes and when getting paid through any agencies that may be funding your child care center.

Child care providers should never try and ‘substitute’ as a parent. This can only damage your reputation and overall business. I have seen this happen before and it is never a good thing. I have personally only seen it with providers that have no children but I do not know, necessarily, that it is limited to them. Attachment should be restricted; providers are professional people and need to act as such. By trying to act as the ‘parent’ to a child you compromise your livelihood. If the child refuses to go with the parent and would rather stay at the child care location then there can arise problems with the parents. Of course, I too have had a child or two behave like this (to a lesser extent) but a modification in activities followed to remind the small children how much they loved and missed mommy and daddy.

Child care providers are special to our society and live on their reputation. I wouldn’t leave my dog in some of the home daycares that I have seen under the care and protection of some of the providers I have met over the years so a parent needs a good reputation to count on. First and foremost, a child care provider should worry less about getting more clients and more about building a professional status. By working closely with the state or other agencies a child care provider can do just that. 

Should You Check Your Luggage or Carry On?

Should you check your luggage or carry on? Personally, having worked for an airline for the past 22 years, I like to travel light. It’s easier when you get to your final destination if you don’t have to deal with baggage claim. It makes getting through customs much faster. Usually if you carry on your bags, you are at the front of the line at immigrations. However, for those of you that have to check something (whether you are on a long trip, or over packed), here are some pointers.


Do not check medications. Put them in your carry on bag. If your checked bag is delayed it’s best to have your medicine with you.

Never check electronics or expensive jewelry. The airlines don’t cover these items for loss or damage.

Don’t check fragile items. Liquor bottles break and leak.

No cheese or anything perishable in a bag with clothing. If your bag is delayed, you’ll never get the smell out. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen.

Remember, 50 lbs is he limit for a checked bag. You are allowed two checked bags at 50 lbs each. For domestic and some international travel, you

are allowed up to 70 lbs at a charge of 25.00 per bag. Extra bags cost 80.00 domestically. International costs vary per destination.

Don’t check that pretty soft sided bag. If it’s pretty, pink or expensive you can be sure that it will get dirty. Bags are designed to protect their contents. If you buy a bag that’s soft sided and pretty, use it as a carry on. Remember, bags are stacked on top of each other in the bin of the aircraft. You may have 200 lbs of luggage on top of your bag. It’s not that our ramp agents are deliberately throwing your bag, its just the fact that when loaded in the bin, bags are all stacked on top of each other and fragile, soft sided bags get dirty or smashed.

Keep your used film with you. When the bags go through x-ray any used film can get ruined.

Guitars: If you check your guitar, please loosen the strings. The pressure in the bin of the aircraft can cause the neck to snap. I’ve seen several guitars with broken necks. The airlines no longer cover musical instruments for damage.

Car seats, strollers. The airlines provide plastic bags to protect these items. Use them. If a ticket agents doesn’t offer to put your car seat in a bag, be sure to speak up and ask for one.

Put your name and phone number on the inside and outside of your bag.

When picking up your bag off the carousel, make sure its yours. Bag swaps are common.

This is the number one tip. Do not check your KEYS. Think about it, you get home, your bag has been delayed and you cannot get into your car or your house. It’s an easy thing to do, but it is very inconvenient to get home and realize you forgot to grab your keys out of that checked bag.

Now, onto carry ons. Each passenger is allowed two carry ons. That includes purses, laptops, etc. You are allowed one quart sized baggie with your liquid items inside. Each item must be 3 oz. or less, and all items must fit in the one allowed baggie. Pull the baggie out and put it in the plastic tub at security so TSA doesn’t ask you to take it out.

So, should you check your bag or carry it on? If you check your bags, I hope the information above helps make your trip smooth. So have a great flight and have a fun trip.


While its quite necessary to keep checking your luggage at regular intervals, one should be careful so as to not become paranoid about it as it can cause inconvenience to others in the vicinity. Also, apart from the essentials, it is better if you keep a laste kohver, so that the children’s belongings can be taken care of without having to dump them with your items

How to Get Six-Pack Abs

A “six-pack” of abs is generally regarded as the trademark of fitness. If you have one, then it means you’ve not only got muscles, but you’re in-shape and have shed the excess fat. It is not hard to get a six-pack, but there is also no special trick. Follow this guide, and put some effort into it, and you can get a six-pack by getting rid of the crazybulk that has turned into fat pumpkin and make all the chicks drool over your fabulous frame.

A Brief Look at Diet

Many of those who aspire to have a six-pack forget that diet is nearly as important as exercise. You may very well have a beautiful six-pack already, but if you have ignored your diet you simply won’t see results. Many people have the muscle, but it is covered by a layer of fat. It is impossible to actually target specific areas of fat, so the idea is to lower your overall body fat. There are countless types of diets out there to follow, but a simple thing you can do that will significantly reduce your fat content is to just avoid junk food. Many people drink one or more sodas a day, in addition to cookies or candy. Replace the soda and sugary “juices” with glasses of water, and replace the cookies and candy with a piece of fruit. I hate counting calories, and I’m spared the task just by remembering to do this.


Exercise is the heart of obtaining a six-pack. Part of it is focused on actually building the muscle, and the other is focused on cardio-vascular health (which is turn burns fat).

Here is a set of exercises with emphasis on building abdominal muscles, including their variations:


Basic Crunch:

Lay down flat on the floor. Pull your knees up so that there is roughly a 90 degree angle between your thighs and your body. Tough the back of your head with your hands (as opposed to holding your head), and then bring “crunch”. Only your upper back will leave the ground, and you will not be moving high off of the ground. You should however feel something in your abs.

Cross Legged Crunches:

A variation on the basic crunch is to cross one leg over the other. That’s to say that after achieving the basic crunch position, simply bring one leg up and cross it against your stationary leg. The ankle of the crossed leg should be right above the bent knee of the other. Be sure to alternate legs.

Side Crunches:

These crunches isolate the obliques (the muscles on the side of your body). Lay down flat. Leaving your upper body in place, bring your legs in and then rotate your hips to the side. In other words, your lower body will be on its side, and your upper body will be in the normal crunch position. Keeping in mind the target muscle group, adjust if necessary. With this exercise in particular, it is best to loosen up and stretch a bit before doing it.

Cardio+Muscle Exercises

These are some exercises that will build up a sweat, but will also build muscle.

Bicycle Crunch

It will take some practice to be able to do this for a sustained amount of time, but it is a great exercise once you can do it well. Lay down flat and bring your knees up. Extend your left leg, and have the foot of the right leg at the extended leg’s knee. Now, begin your crunch, but go to the right. Your left elbow should be pointing towards your bent right knee. This is the starting position. From here, you’ll just be alternative your legs while crunching. The key thing here is to remember to go at a side angle, so as to target your obliques, and to go slowly at first. When doing this exercise you don’t want to move too quickly, as your form will likely suffer. Go slowly until you get a rhythm, and then speed it up to a comfortable pace.

Vertical Crunch

Stand up straight with your hands touching your head. Now simply bring up your left knee, while angling down to the left so that your right elbow points to the left knee. Alternate, and do the exercise at a relatively fast pace. This exercise is not particularly hard on the abdominal muscles, so the focus here is to build up a sweat.

Air Crunch

(I’ll be honest: I did just make up the name for this exercise since I had no idea what it was called) For this exercise, the only part of your body on the ground will be butt. Your body should be in a V-shape, and then you’ll simultaneously crunch while extending and then pulling back your legs. That’s to say that you’ll pull your knees in while crunching, and then you’ll go back to the wide V-shape, and then back to the crunch.

Pure Cardio

In truth, nothing is truly “pure” cardio. You’re always using muscles. However, these are focused on the fat-loss aspect of training as opposed to the muscle building aspect.


It goes without saying that running is the best way to lose fat. Depending on your experience with running and fitness you’ll want to run differently. As a general rule, simply start low and build up. If you’ve never run before, then “1 mile” is a good place to start. Once you can comfortably run 2 or 3 miles, it’s best to start alternating distances so as to not bore yourself, or wear yourself out. (Swimming, biking, and other such activities are alternatives to running. In fact, they may be preferable since they cause minimal problems associated with impact on the hard ground).

Jump Rope

Self explanatory, but one of the best ways to lose fat.

Pokemonheartgold Reviewed For The Nintendo Ds

You take what was originally a great game, add the new features found in the more modern Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Platinum, add them together and you end up with PokemonHeartGold. Whether you’re a fan of the original Pokemon games for the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance, or prefer the newer ones that have been realized on the Nintendo DS, you will enjoy this remake. In Pokemonheartgold you can use random choice generator to improve your gameplay. It is really easy to use as well. You can even learn about different pokemons and their attack and defense powers.

One of the best new features of this game is the Pokewalker that comes bundled with it, this is a nice little Pokeball shaped gadget that acts smilar to a pedometer. You send a Pokemon to it wirelessly from the DS, and then it gains experience for each step you take in real life, and can level up as well as uncovering hidden items and battle others around you.

The game can be a little hard to finish as like the original Gold you have to defeat 8 gym leaders and the Elite 4, but after that you can visit the region from Pokemon Red and become champion there too, and then face off against Ash. After all of that there are still a little under 500 Pokemon to catch in total before you’ve got them all. On top of this (as if its not loads already) you have a wealth of special arenas you can fight in and then switch to wi-fi to attle your mates as well.

I read a lot of great previews before I managed to get my hands on a copy of this game and it really lived up to everything I had heard, If you’re like me and grew up with the original games it really is a total must buy although I must warn you that you may suddenly notice a lot of time has been eaten up playing it.

Good Points 

The very best bits from every Pokemon game since gold added to the original game, includes a Pokewalker, hours upon hours of game play.

Bad Points

It is the same old story and the game engine; as good as it is hasn’t really been updated.

Despite on the outset just looking like a re-release of an older game, this has so many added extras and updates from the more recent titles. Adding in the Pokewalker which is worth buying the game for anyway, this game is a must have.