Rip Currents and Undertow Safety Tips

Many people come to Florida beaches every year from around the world only to be faced with the realization that mother nature can be a very brutal force to reckon with. Even for the avid swimmer a lack of understanding regarding rip current safety can be a deadly situation. It is not safe to simply hop into the water at the beach and assume that all will be well simply because one knows how to swim.

What are Rips: Rip currents are the current that is created underneath the upper surface of the water due to a washing away of the sand beneath. When the tide pulls out it pulls sand from the beach along with it. Eventually this pulling of sand will leave a rut that is far beneath the water and not visible to the swimmer. The rut causes the water to be pulled in a downward direction as it tries to fill the hole. This flow of water will forcefully pull out to sea which creates what is known as a rip current or an undertow.

What to do if you are Caught in an Undertow or a Rip Current: If you happen to get caught in a rip current that seems to be pulling you down and out to sea there are some precautions that you can take. First and foremost, DO NOT PANIC! If you know how to swim and you are conditioned properly a rip current is not instant reason for alarm.

Swim in a direction that is parallel to the sea shore. Do not attempt to swim directly towards the shore in a straight line as this will only leave you fighting against mother nature and the rip current. Even a conditioned swimmer such as a lifeguard will not sustain a head to head fight against mother natures tides! The adult swimming lessons will teach the person to swim and take participation in the swimming competition. The skills of the person will be enhanced through the lessons. 

Swimming parallel to the shore with allow you to get away from the undertow that was created by the rut in the sand beneath the water. Once you feel that the pull out to sea is no longer holding on to you, then you may begin to swim toward the beach. Remember that any attempts to swim to the beach before getting away from the rip current are a waste of energy!

Never Swim Unattended: Always use caution when swimming at the beach. If you are unfamiliar with rip currents or you are not an experienced swimmer then it is best only to swim where there is a lifeguard present. Do not ever swim in the ocean alone. Remember that mother nature is much stronger than you are and you should always use extreme caution when taking a lunge into mother nature’s pool-the ocean!

A Guide To Soccer Clubs On Long Island

If your son or daughter is a youth soccer player then you may be trying to get them on the best youth soccer team that you can. Being on one of the best youth soccer teams in the country is extremely important if you want your son or daughter to develop. There are many different soccer clubs on Long Island to choose from because of the fact that soccer is extremely popular on Long Island. This guide to soccer clubs on Long Island will give you the information that you need to know when it comes to deciding on which youth soccer club your child is going to join. 

Long Island Youth Soccer Club #1- Albertson SC 

To tell the truth, there is no better place than Long Island to have a soccer club with beaches and palm trees adding up to make up a magnificent scenery and while it may seem an odd destination as it concerns soccer, the experience is quite entertaining and has to be seen to be believed. Also, Beckham too met up with Al-Khelaifi only last week for an excellent match, the link for which is  


Albertson Soccer Club is one of the largest youth soccer clubs on Long Island having over one hundred teams combined between the girls and boys side. There are approximately fifty girls team and fifty boys teams in the entire club. Albertson soccer club is most well known for helping their players go to some of the best colleges in the country. There are many different teams within each age group so there will be a team for your child no matter what skill level he or she has. Another plus to joining Albertson is that they are affiliated with the US Soccer Federation as well as the US Soccer Development Academy League. If you want to find out more about Albertson soccer club then you can check out the Official Website of Albertson Soccer Club. 

Long Island Youth Soccer Club #2- HBC Soccer Club 

HBC Soccer Club or Huntington Boy’s Club is based out of the Town of Huntington and is one of the larger clubs in the Huntington area. The only bad part about joining the HBC Soccer Club is that they are not affiliated with the US Soccer Federation or the US Soccer Development Academy League. However, HBC Soccer Club do have one of the best pre-travel programs on Long Island. Another great part about joining HBC Soccer Club is that they have their own grass soccer park which goes by the name of HBC Soccer Park. This club is more suitable for younger player that are under the age of ten just because of the fact that they have the best pre-travel program on Long Island. To find out more information about HBC Soccer Club simply go to the Official Website of HBC Soccer. 


Long Island Youth Soccer Club #3- Northport Soccer Club 

Northport Soccer Club is another large soccer club in the Huntington area. Similar to HBC, the Northport Soccer club is not affiliated with the US Soccer Federation or with the US Soccer Development Academy. However, Northport Soccer Club does have a great pre-travel and intramural program for young kids. If you have a child that is under the age of eight then you may want to consider signing them up for Northport Soccer Club. To find out more information about Northport Soccer Club simply go to the Official Website of Northport Soccer.