Check Out The Blogging Instagram Tips

Most people don’t know that they can blog on Instagram. With the help of using this social platform, you can grow your followers as well as readership. Instagram is a popular platform where users look for engaging content. Instagram posts also have two main aspects – image & caption, and you need to consider them. It is important for a newbie to make use of this platform in an effective manner to get excellent results. You should also follow some blogging Instagram tips to master the gram.

Choose a blogging niche 

After creating your Instagram profile, you should find out the blog that you want to host on your Instagram profile. It is also important to choose a blogging niche by taking some crucial things into account. After selecting a niche, you should stick to it. You should also learn the basic tips to write your blog articles, create images, and use hashtags. Choosing a blogging niche is one of the essential things you need to focus on.

Make use of bio 

When you create an Instagram profile, you should add a short bio to make your profile look genuine and interesting. With the help of bio, you can also increase your email subscribers as well as readers. Always fill your bio with the right information, including hashtags, emojis, and links. In this way, people can easily get attracted to your profile. As a blogger, you can also add a link in your bio.

Use blogging hashtags 

By making use of hashtags, you help the target readers to discover your content with ease. You should add the hashtags which are similar to your blogging topic. You can also learn from other Instagram users by checking their profile by considering the option of InstaPrivateViewer. Always use the right hashtags to grab the attention of the target audience.

Piczo Vs. MySpace: The New Challenger? An Alternative Social Networking Site on the Horizon

Now that sharing your life story with the world has become a common activity for thousands of teenagers, the onslaught of social networking sites after the MySpace buyout is hoping to catch the new wave. Social networking is developing and evolving at a record pace, as more people show interest in the activity and find unique and creative ways to share their messages. MySpace brought to light some serious safety and privacy issues, especially for younger teenagers and inexperienced internet users. However, the ongoing saga continues on how often teenagers use social networking sites, for what reasons, and the increasing population of social networking enthusiasts overall.

Piczo is a fresh spin for the MySpace generation, offering a unique URL and landing page for each member. Users can easily upload pictures, video, and blog posts, along with a customized background and web page features. Piczo is different in format than the standard MySpace profile template; users are literally creating their own piece of the growing world of the web.

Signing up for Piczo is free, and graphics can be easily added to the site. The distinguishing features of Piczo can be found in its ease of use and independent webpage making. Instead of profile pages that are used to send messages ‘internally’, users connect the old-fashioned way by just letting their friends now how to reach the URL. There are no networks, and no interconnecting webs of friends; the network that a Piczo user creates is essentially ‘closed.’ Without broadcasting your profile to millions of users, Piczo lets the user get back the control that parallels real life in many ways. Experts available at the site will provide information about – How to Buy Instagram Followers? Different ways will be made available to the person for the benefit. The selection of the right one should be done to reduce the loss of money at online websites. 

Piczo may offer parents the peace of mind of a ‘safer’ form of social networking. It could also give users the benefits of some positive and long-lasting relationships beyond the standard ‘become a buddy’ mentality that has rapidly formed on MySpace. Social networking has opened up thousands of studies on social behavior, including the value of friendships and acquaintances via web-exclusive interaction. Time will tell how valuable this model and mode of behavior truly is, but in the meantime, teenagers in particular are taking part in web relationships at the easiest, most flexible, and of course most popular sites available.

The differences between template-driven and independent webpage-creating sites such as Piczo are key for noting today’s trends. A social networking site’s longevity is determined by a variety of factors, as the domain of social networking becomes fiercely competitive. Every day, new sites pop up offering a unique feature, style, template, or process. However, Piczo may bring to light the need and long-term benefits of a ‘closed’ network; it’s the milder form of social networking that stands in line to compete with MySpace in the long-term.

Benefits Of Social Media In Our Professional Life! How? Have A Look.

Many small-business owners are discovering that social media can provide a positive impact and doesn’t have to be painful to implement and maintain. I was one of these small-business owners starting a company on a shoestring budget. Build the website and they will come was my mantra. I had a sharp website but I was still not getting traffic to my site. Needless to say something was missing and I’d better figure it out pretty quickly. After reading articles about social media I was a bit apprehensive because I already had a personal Face book page as well as a personal Twitter account, and I didn’t see how it could really benefit my business.

As it turns out, these two outlets were not a good fit for my business. My firm is a boutique recruiting firm and I need to create a buzz from potential clients. It turns out that LinkedIn was the proper outlet for my firm. I had already been using LinkedIn for finding candidates but not to drive traffic to my website. Before I started using LinkedIn to drive traffic, my website was experiencing between 30 and 40 hits a month. I started joining LinkedIn groups and posting discussions linking back to my website. The traffic started flowing and this month we had over 2,000 unique visitors to the site not the mention the returning visitors as well as those who subscribed to our RSS feeds. By embracing social media and not fearing it we are able to meet new potential customers on a regular basis. Here are some benefits you can look forward to if you choose to embrace the power of social media.

Cost savings

One of the biggest concerns for small-business owners is cost. Cost was certainly one of my biggest fears. The cost incurred with Face book, Twitter, and LinkedIn is simply in the labor to maintain the accounts and update postings. This is a very cost effective way to interact with your existing and potential new customers while not spending valuable budget dollars on print ads. When I think about print ads, I think about magazines and newspapers that sit on coffee tables and don’t get read. Social media, when done properly, provides a service to your customers at a low cost to your firm.

Ease of use

Social media such as instagram, facebook etc; are much easier to get up and running and use. When interest in company websites grew, not many business owners were able to set up their own sites and had to rely on outside contractors to build sites. I had to learn Word Press to create my site and couldn’t believe how easy it was to master. Vehicles such as Face book, Twitter, and LinkedIn allow someone with limited skills to build a professional online presence as well as helps in achieving instagram followers, which Is really great for them.

Improved efficiency 

The days of toiling over setting up an online account, formatting issues, and distribution are over. I was pleased to see just how efficient the social media outlets are set up. You only have to worry about the content and not the formatting anymore. I really appreciated this particular aspect because it saved me time in getting current information out quickly. With a time investment of one hour a week, a business owner can stay in touch with their customer base. The owner can find out on a real time basis what their customers want and initiate promotions to increase sales.

Choosing the right social media platform is important. Below are a few tips for making your choice between the top three.


LinkedIn is the perfect platform for business to business sales opportunities. LinkedIn is a business oriented platform where you can join groups, post discussions, and grow business connections. LinkedIn was perfect for me because I could benefit from both new clients as well as new candidates. I can do searches for specific companies, targeted candidates as well as join groups and post discussions.

Face book 

Face book is great for the business to consumer type of businesses. Restaurants are a great example of who can benefit from having a Face book page. Your customers can see pictures of your food, restaurant, and provide feedback. My friend owns a small pizza restaurant and his sales have picked up by over 15% in the two months since using Face book as a social media vehicle. Trust me, if Jim can do it, anyone can do it.


Twitter is very interactive and can take up more of a business owner’s time. In my experience, Twitter is the least valuable of the top three for business. It is harder for an owner to garner a large following on twitter. This platform should be left for the celebrities. I don’t know that anyone would get anything out of following me. They don’t want to know I’m sitting in a meeting, going to a client’s site or just placed a candidate.

Become one of the many small business owners who are reaping the benefits of social media and get your account set up and running today. Who knows, you might like it, I do.