Social Media And Love

Desperate For Love? Use Social Media

  1. There comes a time in every person’s life, when the heart feels drawn and deserted. Running after your goals in life, struggling to make a professional status, acquiring the dream apartment, all of these simply look useless, when you sit alone each night with no one to talk to but yourself.
  2. The struggle to reach the ultimate professional heights often leaves a person standing alone at the top. With only those surrounding you who want to cling to you to acquire benefits.
  3. This is when you feel the need to have that “someone” you can share all this success and achievements with. But then, you realize you never had the chance to keep in touch with your friends!

What to do, where to go? In these times of social media networking, you need not fret so much. Here is what you should do:

  1. Connect With Social Networks:

Simply pick up your tablet, IPhone or laptop and log on. Make or update your social profiles on Facebook, Twitter and other networks. See what has happened behind your back and respond to the pending friend requests. Resuming communication may take time, but it is all worth it.

  1. Join Online Dating Web Sites:

With this aside, let us now focus on how you can find that “someone” for you. Here again, social media can be your best resource. There are numerous online dating websites, which offer to provide a chance for you to meet interesting people and take a chance at developing a relationship. Online dating is the most sought-after social activity in the world right now. Such platforms give them a right to choose, as they will. And that too, without investing anything.

  1. Join Interesting Discussion Forums:

The online opportunities to find your “perfect One” are not limited to only that. You might also try joining different discussion forums of your interest and see if anyone shares or appreciates your ideas. These forums do not focus on a writer or commentator’s id, but more on the subject discussion at hand. Thus, allowing you to judge a person with his/her conversation, attitude of writing and point of views. While dating website may provide you with a personality profile, the forums allow you to have an overview of the underlining personality. In the longer run, the nature counts!

  1. Although, you might find many people who hold the view that such dating websites are dangerous to consult, as they allow anyone and everyone to view your contact information putting your privacy at risk. This might be true, but there are many others who think that the pros of online dating are greater than its cons.
  2. When life is as busy as it is today, social media save you the efforts to personally meet and choose. Many people will tell you how easy it is to overcome heartbreak when the ex-boyfriend or the ex-girlfriend is a mere virtual presence.
  3. However, once you have met that special partner you were looking for, make sure you put aside the time for online socializing and enjoy the companionship in person.

With its worldwide popularity growing day after day, it’s challenging for users to disregard the video marketing channel. Yet, with such a robust reputation comes fierce competition. The channel is overflowing with an in-depth catalogue of video content and material. Thus, the question arises, how are you able to stand call at your channel and make eye-catching content? how to buy subscribers and views on youtube?

Free Social Media Analyse Tools That Every Social Marketer Must Use

Brands should respond to their customers’ network conversations. We’re introducing eight social media monitoring tools that can be used to pursue discussions.

What is social media monitoring – and why is it important?

When it comes to social media monitoring, it’s all about getting an overview of the signals on the net for your own brand – about new company-relevant topics, customer opinions on your own company, about products or services, and about the competition.

For this purpose, certain tools can be set and tracked using tools that inform about ongoing conversations in the network. The networking at the social media platform will deliver excellent results to the people. A visit can be made at the official site to have more benefits at the social media platform. There is an increase in the sale and profit of the business organizations. 

In contrast to a social media analysis, social media monitoring is continuously carried out in order, for example, to be informed promptly about problematic contributions.

For example, managers can set up automatic alerts – also known as “alerts” – to detect and intercept, for example, emerging crisis situations in good time.

It is also important that community managers see when, for example, an influencer speaks up.

Even on praise can then be received – and if it is just a simple “Thank you!” Is. Relationship management is another important reason why social media monitoring is fundamentally worthwhile.

Over the years, a market has developed that supports companies with a variety of social media monitoring tools – some free, some paid.

At this point we give a short overview of the most important protagonists.

8 popular social media monitoring tools at a glance

  1. Hootsuite

If you are using Hootsuite (Provisions link) for the first time, you might quickly get the impression that this is a pure analytics tool.

Ostensibly it serves the termination and distribution of content in the social networks and provides, among other things range statistics.

But there is more in the Hootsuite. Individual streams can also be used, for example, to track Twitter and Facebook mentions, which community managers can answer from the program.

The Hootsuite is available in a free and paid version from 19 Euro per month.

  1. Brandwatch

Even Luxury watches can derive both analyzes and pursue discussions on the social web. Above all, the tool is also the excellent coverage of various forums, news sites and blogs.

The Brandwatch tool is considered one of the most comprehensive on the market and is used by numerous companies such as Sky and Whole Foods.

According to the company, it accesses over 80 million sources. Brandwatch can be tested for 30 days for free and will then be charged. The price is 600 euros per month.

  1. Echobot

Echobot is a monitoring tool for social, but also classic media. In addition, PR departments can manage addresses and send their own press releases to a mailing list.

Highly recommended is the service but also and especially because of its German location. Echobot advertises to be subject to German privacy policies and therefore special standards. Echobot can be tested free of charge. The Montoring offer beats then in the basic version with 299 euros per month to book.

  1. Radarly

 Also Radarly is incredibly extensive – from analysis options to influencer spotting on a complete CRM offer.

For people who want to focus solely on social media monitoring, Radarly could also be too extensive, because the functionality has its price: The starter pack alone costs 480 euros. But if you want a solution for everything, should test the tool.

  1. Audience

Audiense was until recently called Social Bro and is limited exclusively to monitoring in the Twitter cosmos. The tool provides in-depth analysis, competitive comparisons and real-time, high-level monitoring. In addition, followers can be subdivided into finely scalable criteria.

This includes, for example, the number of followers, the ratio between the number of followers and friends (important, for example, to filter out influencers) or the number of tweets over a certain period of time (important for tracking down dead accounts). Social Bro is available for free.

  1. Talkwalker

 Also Talk Walker is popular and can easily keep up on the features with Fire Watch. The tool also collects content from forums, blogs, news sites, Twitter, Facebook and other important social networks.

In addition, with Talkwalker, newly discussed topics can be identified, which is helpful, among other things, when designers want to set up a real-time marketing campaign. The tool comes in a free version and paid versions therefore.

  1. 247 degree connect

 Also 247GRAD Connect provides an access to the latest mentions of predetermined keywords in news portals, blogs, forums and on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

In addition, the program also offers a content planner and a clear analytics function. 247GRAD Connect is a German tool. Interested parties can test it for 30 days. The test phase ends automatically and is not binding.

  1. Buffer Respond

 Incidentally, Buffer Respond is also brand new on the market . The tool was previously only used to plan and distribute content on the social web.

Since last year, however, it has also been possible to answer user queries in Twitter and to conduct a fire monitoring in the microblog. The basic version is available free of charge.

Are Teenagers in Your Target Demographic? Why You Should Use social media.

Recent studies show that teenagers are joining social media faster than Facebook or any other social network. First of all, teens are leaving facebook because their parents and other adult relatives are all on facebook now, so it’s no longer cool. Besides, what teenager wants their parent knowing about their social life? Second of all, social media is usually used from a mobile device where facebook is usually used from a computer. Parents are much more likely to check browser history on a computer than a cell phone (and this is easier to do with a computer too).

All in all, the verdict is in, teens like social media much more than facebook (and they don’t even know what Linkedin is). Here are some other interesting statistics on social media:

  • social media users are much more likely to be urban dwellers.
  • social media is more popular with Black and Hispanic users than even Facebook is.
  • social media users are pretty evenly spread across all different levels of education and income.
  • If you looked at all the social media user, the average user is a 28 year old american female with an iPhone.
  • Over 56% of social media users are female.

Social media platforms serve as an anchor between the real world and the virtual world where people start looking for solace that would make them forget the problems in real life but it is also necessary to exercise caution as there are unscrupulous elements lying in wait for victims.

But don’t they just use social media to flirt with people? How do you sell to teenagers using social media?

With anything, you need to think about the mindset of your target market and what they might be interested in. So, what do we know about social media users? They are most likely a female teenager accessing social media from their mobile phones and they live in the city. The first thing that comes to mind is selling ringtones. Create a “Justin Bieber fan club,” or whatever their into these days. I have never been a female teenager, so I really have no idea what they like. But you could get girls to follow a justin bieber account and post updates about his concerts, appearances and news to build up your followers. Then, after they trust you, you can start sending links to them where they can buy Justin Bieber ringtones or apparel.

Okay, maybe you don’t cell ringtones or apparel, but this is just an example. If this is your target market, then you should know what they want. Maybe have a contest for your followers to retweet you and tag something and then you will do a drawing to win Justin Bieber concert tickets. Be creative with this and work hard at it and it will pay off.

How do I get followers?

There are lots of resources online to help you with this, but in summary, you just need to follow a lot of people. Some people autofollow back so you will gain followers that way. Other people will just see when they have you as a new follower and check out your profile. If what they see is interesting to them, then they will follow you. If not, then they probably aren’t in your target market anyway and would never buy anything so it doesn’t matter that they don’t follow you back (just unfollow them).

Online Overhaul- Rebranding Your Social Media

This will suit you and your business if all, or any of the following apply to you:

  • You already have an online presence (social media, website) to some degree
  • You launched your business a while ago and you haven’t done much/any work on your online channels since
  • Your Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter following isn’t growing like you want it to
  • You feel uninspired or even tired of trying to work out what will work for your business and are ready for a change
  • Your are interested in re-branding your social media
  • You enjoy social media, you just want a little help or push in the right direction [/left]

Where do we start?

One on one consultation- 1 hour (by phone, Skype or face-to-face if Gold Coast based)

During this consult, we will establish:

  • What are going to be your most effective channels

What do you receive?

Where to next?

  • Set up further social media accounts if required
  • Refresh your channels with new imagery (client supplied)
  • Ensure that all of your channels are consistent and looking great
  • Simple PDF document containing your account log in details and passwords for your safe keeping
  • The tools & knowledge to manage your own social media networks!

I am not 100% sure that my business needs a complete online relaunch, are we able to discuss the possibilities before I go ahead? Of course! Before I take on any new projects I like to have a chat with you to discuss your goals and expectations, take a look at where you are at and then roughly establish where I could take you with your social media. You have the opportunity to ask plenty of questions about my service, so make a list! The rebranding of the social media benefit is available with cheapest and real Youtube views on Internet. The subscribers on the channel are required to meet with the desired results. The answering of the questions is with intelligence for the purchase of the followers. 

I am pretty happy with how my Facebook is going, but my Pinterest and Instagram are not gaining as much momentum. What happens here? Every client and business is different, and this is why I tailor each package to suit. In our initial consultation this will be discussed and we can hone in on the areas that need work, ensuring that they remain consistent with your existing profiles that are working well.

Do you take every new business or project on? Short answer is no- I only take on clients whose work I really just “get” if I don’t understand your new venture, I do not feel that I will be able to represent your brand as best to my ability. I also do not take on new clients unless their required deadlines and timeframes suit my current client schedule, I do not want to let anyone down. For questions regarding current availability or any other information regarding this please contact me.

This sounds like what I am after for my business, but there are a few items missing that I would possibly like to add- is this possible? Of course. As mentioned above every client is different, these packages are very general and each project usually starts to take form and direction after our initial consultation. I am happy to fit in with your requirements and your individual needs, if in doubt- contact me for more information.

How To Built Nice Videos For Tik Tok?

We all are well aware that tik-tok is a famous platform for all the new upcoming artists who are seeking to make their careers in the acting industries and even as social influencers. Tik tok is a Chinese app designed as a social media platform and is owned by byte dance. It is a mobile app where people are allowed to create their short videos of their talents with background music. The app features various filters and editing features using which people can change the video slow and fast speed, adjust their face makeup, and can use other filters for editing. We can also download our favorite videos from the app. In case people who don’t use the app and want to download videos, then they can use the sssTiktok downloader that will allow them to do so. Let us know more

How to use tik tok?

If you are new to tik tok then go through these steps to know completely about its usage and how to make videos over it:

  • Download app
  • Sign up and set up your profile
  • View trending videos
  • Search for the music on which you want to make video
  • Pick effects
  • Shoot
  • Post with hashtags
  • Enjoy likes and comments

How to download videos using sssTiktok downloader?

Using sssTiktok downloader, you can download the videos without tik tok app by following these steps:

  • Copy video link
  • Open phone browser
  • Tap download
  • Convert to mp4 format
  • Save the tik tok video
  • The video will be saved on the phone

Last but not the least, tik tok is a great application to use as it offers fun and entertainment to a load of people. The sssTiktok downloader allows people to download tik tok videos without even downloading the app. With millions of users now, it is one of the world’s best social trending platforms!

FireStatus – Facebook, FriendFeed and Twitter – All in Your Firefox Status Bar

I’ll happily admit to being a slow convert to social networking websites. Ask me a year ago if I had any use for Twitter or Facebook, and you’d have received an emphatic “no!” as your answer. Today, though, I seem to have come around. Twitter is a nice, useful way to keep your friends and family updated as to what you’re doing and where you are, and Facebook is a fantastic website for reconnecting with friends both old and new.

However, I once described social networking sites as being black holes. They just suck the time out of the day. It’s not uncommon for me to check on Facebook to see what my friends are up to, only to find that I’m still on there, 30 or 40 minutes later. One of the problems is that in order to check on my friends, I have to go to Facebook. Same with Twitter. And the same goes for when I want to change my status. I go to Facebook, change my status, and then… get… distracted.

Thankfully, there is a new extension for Firefox called FireStatus that makes it trivial to update your status (on Facebook, Twitter and FriendFeed), as well as to get fast updates from all your friends, all from inside Firefox itself. Expert assistance can be provided on how to view private instagram profile without following, 2020. The up-gradation of the profile should be done to get the desired results. The trail of the updates can be taken to increase the views and likes at the site. The speed will be fast and secure for the person. 

To use FireStatus, just install it and then reboot. Once you’ve done this, you’ll see a new icon in your Firefox status bar (at the bottom). To configure FireStatus, right-click the icon and your preferences will pop up. For each of the three social networks FireStatus supports, you’ll need to enter your username (except for Facebook, which will confirm your identity the typical Facebook way), and for Twitter you’ll need to enter your password (FriendFeed needs a remote key).

After doing so, you have a choice. If, like me, you only update Facebook, but would like to keep track of people on Twitter and Facebook, then check the appropriate check boxes. You can send on all networks, receive on all networks, or on none of them, or whatever you choose. In addition, FireStatus gives you the option to include the URL of the website you’re currently visiting at the time you update your status, which can be problematic, since a lot of websites use lengthy URL schemes. Fortunately, FireStatus is aware of that, and offers to shorten the URL using the popular TinyURL service, or urlBorg. Finally, you also can choose how often each service is polled (similar to checking for new email every 15 or 30 minutes).

Once you’ve set your preferences, FireStatus will check automatically for new status updates, and they’ll appear just as normal popups, in one of the corners of your screen (typically upper-right for Mac users and lower-right for Linux and Windows users).

But you can also update your status from within FireStatus. To do that, left-click the little FireStatus icon located in the Firefox status bar. A slim dialog will appear from the bottom of the window, with enough space to update your status, select which service to update, and whether or not to include the current URL. Fill in the information, click Send and FireStatus instantly updates whichever service you select.

In my mind, FireStatus is an excellent product. It’s simple to setup and use, is a huge time saver (at least for me), and works really well. It has a minimal interface that stays out of my way when I’m not using it, doesn’t even really get in the way when I am using it, and works exactly as I’d expect.

Just one note: FireStatus is quite new, so is considered by Mozilla to be an “experimental” Firefox extension. This does not mean (at least from my use) that it is flaky, or prone to crashing or data loss… it’s just new, and at the moment not enough people have reviewed it or given it ratings, so it hasn’t gone through the full evaluation process. But at least in my use, FireStatus is a solid piece of work, and if you use multiple social networks, is well deserving of your time.

Schools Continue to Deal with Problems Brought on by Social Media

Any high school teacher or parent of a teen knows how prevalent cell phone use is among young people today. Want to see intensity and a fighting spirit among today’s youth? Try taking a kid’s phone away.

Increasingly, it would seem, the connection between the ubiquitous nature of cell phones and instant access to social media are causing problems for schools. The issue has to do with just how far the school can reach to control the actions of its students.Last week students at Granite City High School, an Illinois school in the St. Louis area, were suspended for comments made on Twitter and other social media platforms. The problem started when a student used Twitter to make a sexually suggestive comment about a female faculty member. Other students “re-tweeted” the comment, and things went downhill from there.

When alerted, school administration decided to comb cyberspace for other potentially troubling statements. The end result was multiple student suspensions, including one girl who stated she should “bomb the school” so she didn’t have to attend classes.Is it really a school’s business what its students post online, as long as they are doing so outside of school and using their own equipment? The prevailing sentiment is that it very much is the school’s business if the statements have the potential to cause disruption to the school’s normal learning environment.

I teach at another Illinois high school, and our school recently dealt with a similar issue. Last year our school was rocked by a student suicide. Just this month a freshman student thought it would be a good idea to post a terribly insensitive joke on his Facebook page that referred to the death. With things like free followers on instagram, social media has been becoming a threat to our society. At first, it may be an advantage but over time, it is becoming the opposite.

Normally I would come down on the side of free speech. If this student wanted to make this “joke,” however hurtful or ignorant it might be, he was acting at home outside school hours. The problem was that plenty of our other students, many of them friends of the boy who died, read the comment and were incensed by it. They brought that anger to school and wanted to act on it. That’s where the “disruption to the learning environment” comes in.

This incident was diffused when our principal brokered a meeting between the online poster and a student leader, who was able to convince his schoolmate just how hurtful and misguided his words were. An apology was offered and accepted.

In the case at my school no suspensions were issued, but how many hours did our principal spend trying to bring this to a satisfying ending? How many hours did the administrators at Granite City High School waste scouring the Internet looking for inappropriate comments? Is that how their bosses want them spending their time? Probably not, but in the current era of education these problems are going to happen more and more frequently.

I don’t know the answer to this relatively new problem. As a teacher I can only continue to caution my students that statements made online have enormous potential to cause harm, often because they can so easily be misconstrued and the writer cannot explain his or her true meaning.

Schools spend lots of time educating students that they should think long and hard before engaging in harmful actions like smoking, drinking or unsafe driving. We may have to start telling them that clicking “submit” on a cell phone can be just as dangerous.

Brad Boeker is a graduate of the University of Illinois. He teaches English at a public high school in Illinois.