Benefits of Selecting a Friend to Be Your Child’s Daycare Provider

Headed back to work after maternity leave or an absence from the workforce? Looking to find the perfect daycare center, daycare provider, or babysitter for your infant, toddler, or preschooler? Have you had a friend offer to help you out and watch your child/children? Using a friend as a daycare provider or babysitter for your child can be a wonderful choice if the option is available.


If you have a friend willing to watch your child/children in your or their home, you are familiar both with the individual and the surroundings. I was able to select a friend whose parenting style was similar to my own and who I knew would love and care for my child as one of her own while I was at work. In fact, I was doubly blessed because I had two friends that I could have chosen between to do the job! Familiarity with the individual and the surroundings are not only a benefit to you, but also to your child. When mom or dad leave to go to work, it is wonderful to be able to leave your little one with someone that they know and in a place that they are familiar with.

More Individualized Care

By selecting a friend as a childcare provider, parents can select more individualized care for their child. The friend who watched my daughter when I returned to work for a few months had one son, a few months older than my daughter. I knew that the two children could play together, and that the group size was something that I was comfortable with. My friend tweaked her routine to include my daughter, and made adjustments based on her individual needs. This isn’t always possible in larger daycare settings.


Large daycare centers can’t always offer the flexibility that parents need. If a meeting runs late at work, and the daycare center closes at 6 pm, parents may find themselves scrambling around to find someone to pick up their child from childcare. However, a friend may be more willing and more able to help you out when these instances occur. Of course, don’t take advantage! However, selecting a friend as a childcare provider also offers them some flexibility, too. If they are headed out of town for the week, and provide you with notice in advance, they can still go. Together you can work out specifics of pay and time off. This flexibility benefits both parties.

Selecting a friend to be your child’s daycare provider can definitely be an excellent choice for parents returning to work, as well as for friends looking to supplement their income. Be sure to research laws and regulations in your state concerning licensing and requirements, if any. As you research your options before returning to work, hiring a friend to be your child’s daycare provider may be the solution for you!

Quite honestly, babysitting is considered enjoyable only if the baby is your own but looking after others’ babies is something that not everyone is pleased about and avoid going into this preschool newmarket.

How To Plan A First Great Date?

The first impression is almost always the last. Especially if that’s the first date, you need fun date ideas, cause; you can’t ruin the first date.

Asking someone out and being the best date they ever had, sets a mark, forever, even if things don’t work out the way wanted in the long run.

  • Location

The first date can never be at your place, or theirs. Try more public and cozy places, with activities around so that there are unlimited things to do and have fun.

  • Food and Drinks

Nobody is at their best hungry, or thirsty. While planning a date, one should make sure there is enough time for refueling and hydrating. It is a necessity.

  • Payment

If someone asks another person out, he/she is supposed to pay. Nevertheless, if the partner insists on splitting, let them. If things go well, ask him/her to take you out next.

  • Time Management

First dates should never run out of time. Keeping a very short period may often result in incomplete dates and conversations, which is not at all recommended. But dragging a date on too long can have unfortunate repercussions. Also, don’t be a Joey and not contact your date afterwards.

Remember that only a good first date will bring in the chance of a second one. Organizing and planning a date can be as hard as asking someone out, out of the blue.

But preparation is better than regret, and nobody wants to fall into the cycle of weird silence or not being prepared for the unexpected.