The Best Cryptocurrency Startups Investors Should Invest Right Now

Bitcoin has put the cryptocurrency world into the limelight, grabbing the attention of investors from various backgrounds. Its sudden and unexpected rise in value in 2017 has allowed for other cryptocurrencies to grow and be notice by both tech and finance enthusiasts. This event have also opened digital investments and crypto finance to regular individuals, basically anyone with a computer and an internet connection.

Cryptocurrencies have provided investment opportunities to a wider range of individuals and professionals through digital currency trading platforms like Bitcoin revolution. And while there are established cryptocurrency trade platforsm that provided a safer investment opportunity, risk takers would often want to bet their money on budding cryptocurrency exchanges with tremendous potential for aggressive growth.

Here are some of best startup cryptocurrency exchange platforms investors should start taking notice to:


Javvy is a startup cryptocurrency exchange and wallet platform that hopes to replaces web-based digital currency exchanges. It offers an all-around, comprehensive platform that provide a unified solution for users and investors to buy, sell, convert, trade, and manage cryptocurrencies within one secure digital wallet.


This Bitcoin exchange and wallet goes beyond online transactions with digital currencies. One of its prominent features is a bitcoin debit card that people can use to various ATMs and shops worldwide. Add to this a cutting edge suite of software that will allow its users to access their finance data conveniently and securely.


One thing that has put TenX as one of the most promising crypto spaces right now is their offer of convenience in various transactions. TenX has a dedicated Android and iOS app that allows users of their platform to easily pay and transfer digital currencies with just a few taps and clicks. It offers a fast and convenient way for people to transact using various digital currencies.