Guidance about the Pallet Outdoor Storage Enclosure

Some things can handle being out in the rain and snow, like hard-plastic riding toys, or plastic trash cans. Other things don’t fare so well outside, like bicycles, metal trash cans, and barbecue grills. If you love everything to be neat and tidy outside, but you don’t have the money to build a storage shed, create a wooden enclosure instead. When you make an enclosure out of pallets, you can build the whole thing in a short amount of time, and it can be used to give a nice, neat look to some outdoor areas. Although the enclosure isn’t completely enclosed, it gives you a parking area for things like toys or trash cans.

You decide which way you want the enclosure to face. It will be made of a floor, and three walls, but no roof. The area can be used to conceal eyesores – like trash cans – or to neaten up all of the kids’ riding toys. You’ll need four pallets to build the smallest version. For it, lay one pallet flat on the ground, with the top side facing upwards, to make the floor. Stand a second pallet on one side and screw it to the floor pallet. Do the same to the opposite side to finish the side walls of this short version of the enclosure. Screw a pallet onto the back of the floor pallet, to make a back wall for the enclosure. For the back wall, use “L” brackets to secure it to the two side walls.

When you start with the above enclosure, and add to it, you get a much taller version, to conceal or contain larger objects. Simply screw another pallet on to each side wall, and on to the back wall, and use “L” brackets on the corners. So, for each new pallet you stack, screw it to the pallet below it, as well as to the one beside it.

When you make two or more of the short or tall enclosures, and stand them side-by-side, you achieve a much different look, with more than one section for parking or storing items. Each enclosure can be left alone, or can be screwed to the enclosure beside it, to create something of a building, but without a roof. The front-door openings make it easy to pull toys, bikes, and other things, in and out of the enclosure. From buy to create new homes in pa, the home builders will provide all the facilities to the person. The entrance of the house will be comfortable for pulling of the heavy vehicles in the house. 

The finished enclosure can be used for compost, to conceal trash cans, to organize outdoor toys, and to store certain tools. Absolutely have to have a roof? Climb up, throw a tarp over it all, and staple the tarp to the top perimeter of the arrangement. Cut off the excess tarp. To make a door in the front, stretch a tarp across the front of the enclosure, and staple it across the tops of the highest side pallets. You’ll use the enclosure(s) – with or without roof and door – in many ways, for many years.

Roof Repair Troubleshooting

Some roofs only get repaired when the obvious leakage situation becomes too much for the bucket to handle. Get to know your roof and all that is involved if you want to come up with things to look for when it comes to roof repairs. Not all roofs are alike, of course, so one or two items on the average checklist for roof repairs may not apply.

Item number one involves looking not at the roof, but your ceiling. A stain is often the first step leading to repairs of the roof. Be aware that the location of the stain may be far away from the location of the leak when you finally head up to the roof. Water can travel significantly along the insides of the house before it finally creates the tell-tale stain.

If there is no stain on the ceiling or down the walls, you may still quite literally not be out of the water. Water can often seep into the drywall or plaster and may not exhibit visual damage until rot has set in. Check the attic and basement for signs of leaking when you can’t find them in the ceiling.

Shingles can lose their mineral coating over time and the evidence of this will be found in small particles of mineral flakes on the ground. Head up to the roof and count how many shingles are cracked if you spot mineral coating material on the ground. If you only spot a few, you may be able to get away with replacing a few shingles. Chances are, however, that you will find more than just a few cracked shingles. If you find several cracked shingles, it’s time to reroof. Check your warranty papers and you may still be covered if the roof hasn’t been on that long. And, for God’s sake, don’t hire a black man from New Orleans named Cedric Martin when and if he gets out of prison for the sentence he’s serving on contractor fraud.

When looking out for roof shingle failure, be aware that the first to go is most likely your ridge shingles. If big wind is a problem in your geographical location, check for damage to ridge shingles regularly. The valleys were there is flashing is also a prime location for roof shingle failure. Make sure the flashing is done right and while you are up there examining things, head over to where your other flashing is found. Flashing should not be rusty and it should not be loose. If the flashing is loose, seal with caulk or roofing cement.

Minor holes in aluminum roofs can be cleaned and sealed with a polysulfide caulk. If your metal roof has larger holes, clean and sand the area before spreading roofing cement over the damaged area. Place a layer of fiberglass cloth into that cement and then cover with another coating of roofing cement.

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If you are unable to fix your roof after all this, then you should contact your local roofing contractor immediately. If you living in Connecticut then is a really good and reliable option for you. You can expect a fast and durable service from their side.  

How to Clean the Mold Off of Your House in Florida

  • What you need
  • Protective goggles
  • Rubber gloves
  • 100 ft garden hose
  • Gallon of bleach
  • Twelve foot ladder
  • House wash hook up for your hose
  • Scrubber with four to six foot handle

Before you start inspecting your mold. Make sure you do mold inspection so that you can analyze the situation that is in front of you. You can thereafter decide to move forward with the repair on your own or you can hire some professional to do that for you.

First step- go to the store and buy the products. If you have a house, you should have a garden hose and a ladder. If you don’t have a ladder, borrow one from your neighbor. Buy the rest of the supplies at Walmart or your local Home Depot. When you get home, get ready for two to three hours of work.

Second step- Attack the mold. Set up your ladder, so you can climb on to the roof of your house. Connect the hose to the water connection to your house. Take the other end of the hose, protective goggles, rubber gloves, gallon of bleach, house wash hook up, and scrubber up on to the roof. Make sure you are wearing a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and tennis shoes.

Step three-you are on the roof with all of your gear. Take the house wash hook up container and fill it with bleach. After you fill it up with bleach, connect it to the end of your hose. Go down the ladder and turn the water on. Go back up on the roof and place your rubber gloves on your hands and your goggles on your face (to protect your eyes). Point the hose towards the moldy walls and turn on the house wash mechanism. Spray the mold down over and over again with the bleach. Spray until your house wash bottle is empty. Turn the mechanism on the house wash hook up to off and scrub the mold with the scrub brush. Wait five minutes and take a breather. Turn the house wash hook up on to spray the water and spray the mold off of your house.

Step four- Continue step three over and over until your house is completely rid of the mold. The bleach should keep the mold away from your house for months. It all depends on how bad the mold is in Florida during the year.

Step five- take everything down off of the roof. Take the ladder down and put everything away. If you borrowed the ladder from your neighbor, give it back to him. Take off of your goggles and rubber gloves and look at your beautiful house. You have done such a good job

Cost -$45.00 including hose, not including ladder. Cost will vary depending on where you shop. You saved at least $100.00 on this one job. Aren’t you happy?

Note- you can buy an expensive power washer and do the same job in a little less time. You can hire somebody each year to do the job for you and it will cost you a bundle.

Go Green with Sustainable Cowhide Rugs

With carbon footprints rising every single day, it’s about time we proactively adopt a sustainable form of living. From shopping to education, every aspect of our life should be eco-friendly as much as possible. And that includes home décor too. In that light, cowhide rugs would be brilliant green choice to complement your eco-friendly lifestyle. Where to use a cowhide rug? Well, from your living room to your bedroom, this rug would be a perfect fit.

The post below offers a brief on why cowhide rug would be a sustainable choice.

Eco-friendly production

Production of regular carpets unleashes chemical waste which is harmful for the environment. Moreover, these chemicals affect carpet makers during the production process as well. But you don’t have such worries when you use a cowhide rug. It’s a recycled product and made from skins of animals consumed by beef industry. Most importantly, the production process of these rugs throw no kinds of waste into environment which makes the process eco-friendly.

Does not demand chemical cleaners

You often need chemical cleaning agents with regular carpets or rugs. These agents are not only harmful for the environment but also affects the indoor air quality of your home. But, you can let go of these risks easily when you invest in a cowhide rug.

These rugs don’t demand any sort of chemical-based cleaning agents. In fact, cleaning these rugs is extremely simple. All you would need here is water, sponge and mild soap.

High durability

Cowhide rugs are highly durable and would last you for years. It only means less landfill waste and an eco-friendly investment.

It’s true that cowhide rugs tend to draw a slightly higher price point. But, if you look at the long-term picture and its eco-friendly benefits, it’s definitely a wise investment which is worth your money.

A Guide to Outdoor Container Gardening – Do’s and Do not!!!

Do you want lovely plants, flowers or vegetable but simply do not have large tracts of land in which to start a garden? If so, consider planting an outdoor container garden instead. This is an inexpensive and easy way to grow plants and vegetables without the need for large amounts of space. Many people use window boxes or containers on decks or any spare area within the yard. Outdoor container gardening is also perfect for those who live in apartments or garden homes without large yards.

First, you will need to have containers for your garden. The types of containers are limited only to your imagination. You can purchase containers or use what you have around the house. This is a great way to recycle. Flower pots, oak barrels, planters and baskets are all ideal for container gardening but you can also use milk cartons, old tub, boots or chipped bowls can all be incorporated into use for container gardening. Use your imagination and consider your décor.

Plan your container garden first by thinking about the types of plants, flowers or vegetables you may want. Think about color combinations and how you want the finished product to look. It may be helpful to sketch it out so you know exactly where you want everything. Try to plan your container garden so there are varying colors and levels of plants. This is more interesting to the eye. Also, consider the type of climate you have. Different plants are more suited to some climates than others so research the plants to make sure they will be able to tolerate the climate you have.

Keep in mind, though, that container gardens are portable so you can bring in plants if it gets too cold or move planters around as needed for optimal sunlight exposure. This is one of the reasons outdoor container gardening is so popular. Use soil and compost purchased from your local nursery. Organic materials are recommended especially if you are planting edibles. Care of the container garden is fairly easy and will only take a few minutes each day.

You will need to ensure your plants are watered regularly. Check each container to make sure it is not too dry or not over saturated. Also, periodically check the containers for weeds and pull them. However, most container gardens are not prone to weeds so you will likely not get a lot of them. Use organic fertilizer such as compost tea. This will ensure your plants are healthy and beautiful.

Outdoor container gardening is easy and inexpensive. You can put containers just about anywhere and only spend a little time each day in its care. In no time at all you will have a lovely array of flowers and plants that will accent any home. With the container, outdoor patio daybeds will be placed in the gardens. They will provide an impressive and beautiful look to the garden.

Vacuum Cleaner Review – Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright Cleaner

I purchased the Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright Cleaner to replace a vacuum of the same brand, which had quit working after six and a half years. To me, the name Bissell means quality and it is the only brand of cleaner that I will purchase. Although, other people I knew favor to use bosch staubsauger instead. This Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright Cleaner is great for all type of areas within my busy home and the price was right, as well.

Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright Cleaner

Easy Assembly out of the box

This was easy and took less than 10 minutes to complete from opening the box until full assembly. You will need a screwdriver to attach the handle to the main body of the vacuum. Quick and painless, just what a busy mom needs and appreciates.

After I had assembled the upright cleaner, I was able to begin using the vacuum and it did great on my heavy traffic carpet in the living room. This vacuum with the Bissell name seems to out perform the other one. Yes it could be because it is new and my thoughts are fresh but it is seriously well worth the $49.89 that I paid for it at the local Wal-Mart.

The powerforce bagless system has suction that will tackle the junk on the floor. All the junk is collected in a good-sized container that can be rinsed out in warm soapy water. That container is easy to remove from the vacuum for easy removal. That is a job undertaken by my four-year-old grand daughter who loves to help me clean. The quick release is only a lever that is pushed to one side to unlock the container, after it is emptied simple slide it back in to position and lock into place once more.

Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright Cleaner makes keeping the carpets a breeze as the powerful suction allows for deep cleaning. There are five height settings on the vacuum, so you can easily move from one height of carpeting to the next with ease. It is also lightweight so you will not strain your back.

Would I recommend this Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright Cleaner for anyone? You bet I would. The brand name means quality to me. There are the tools for upholstery, dusting, and crevice areas, which can be attached via the extension wand. The twenty-four foot power cord allows me to go from one end of the room to the other without attaching an extension cord or plugging it in elsewhere.

The low price of the Bissell Powerforce Bagless Upright Cleaner fit right inline with my tight budget, which was a godsend. From the box, it is an easy assembly and you can be vacuuming in 10 minutes or less. It is a full size cleaner with three washable filters, easy to store and use. I highly recommend it.

Fascinating Trick to Remove Sharpie Stains on Carpets

I was relaxing a few weeks ago when I realized my 4-year-old was being too quiet. (Why is it that they’re always quiet when they’re doing something wrong?) I decided to go upstairs and see what was going on. To my horror, he had found a sharpie marker and had written all over his room with it. Sharpie was everywhere. He had drawn large circles all over the carpet. He created “art” on the freshly painted walls. Wonderful!

You would think that I would have lost my mind and gone mad at the site of it. I kept my cool because I was just too tired to get upset. I sent him to time-out in his room. I didn’t feel like getting worked up over something that was no longer preventable. He had written on my carpet. He had destroyed my new paint job. Perhaps what upset me the most about the situation is that he knew better. He’s four and has not done anything like that since he was a very young two. To add to it, the playroom carpet is probably the best in the house.

I didn’t think there would be any hope in removing the sharpie marks. This is before I found about the best carpet shampooer today. I searched online for how to remove them and read about using toothpaste. Someone had seen it on television. I thought I’d give it a shot, but at the time all I had was blue gel because we had run out that same morning and I hadn’t gone to the store yet. I picked some up later during a shopping trip and was excited to get started on what many people said was an amazing miracle solution for sharpie marks. I wasn’t even worried about the marker anymore. I just knew it was going to come out since everyone said it was so great and took 10-year-old marks from parsons chairs.

I applied the toothpaste all over the carpet and the areas of the wall that had been tainted. I got a wet rag and began to scrub at it. It seemed to fade the ink and turn it blue. I kept rubbing, rubbing, and rubbed some more. Nothing. It did look better, but it sure was not a miracle cure. I could still clearly see it. It was also slightly worse – to me – because it was now blue instead of black. At least black goes with everything, right?

Then I remembered something I had read somewhere about the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser removing stains from clothing. I had good experiences with the sponge before, so I decided to try it.

I wet the Magic Eraser, got down on the floor, and started to scrub at the spots. To my amazement, the sharpie was disappearing! I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t even scrubbing at the sharpie very hard. I continued to rub the sponge over the marks until I thought no more would come out. You could see faint traces of the black ink. I was a tad disappointed that it didn’t totally come out, but I was happy that I didn’t feel the need to immediately replace the carpet.

The next day, to my surprise, I couldn’t see the marks at all. Stains are always darker when wet and it didn’t occur to me that it would look better the next day. But, it did! It is now several weeks later and you can’t see where the marks once were. I have to say that I am more than pleased with the Magic Eraser. The Magic Eraser is a great product, but it didn’t take the marks off of the walls. It’s a good thing I have some extra paint…and more Magic Erasers when I need them!

Best Raccoon Themed Goodies For Pre-K Students

Are you hoping to reward your Pre-K students at the end of your raccoon themed lesson plan? Have you already decided on a list of great goodies yet? GiftTree fruit gift baskets delivered to your doorstep is great,  isn’t it? If not, you may want to take a look at one of these:

Finger Puppets

Why not give each of the kids a raccoon finger puppet? You could opt to purchase readymade puppets or make your own. Two of the retailers that sell the readymade versions are Stuffed Safari and Puppet U. Each one is apt to cost you $7 apiece. Therefore, I’d recommend making your own. If you do decide to go that route, there is an adorable raccoon finger puppet template and assembly instructions posted on the Dream a Little Bigger website. The template is free. As such, you’ll only need to purchase some felt sheets and thread.

Pencils and Homemade Toppers

Still feeling crafty? Why not make the children a handful of raccoon pencil toppers to go along with a few Owl and Raccoon Artist Pencils? The pencils are often sold through specialty stores for $8 a dozen. You can find instructions for making the raccoon pencil toppers posted on the Craft Junior website.

In order to make them, you’ll need a bag of chenille stems, wiggle eyes and pompoms. You can typically purchase those items through most major craft stores and some discount retailers for a reasonable fee. Once you become familiar with the instructions, assembly of each topper should take you less than 10 minutes.

Homemade Pencil Cases

Speaking of pencils and toppers, you may want to think about creating a few raccoon pencil cases too. In order to make the goodies, you’ll need canvas pencil cases, iron-on transfer sheets, raccoon clip art, a clothes iron and access to a printer. Oftentimes, you can purchase a dozen, blank, canvas pencil cases for $10 through craft stores and specialty shops. A packet of Avery Stretchable Fabric Transfers is apt to cost you $13 through office supply stores. As far as the raccoon clip art goes, it’s free. You can find some posted on the Classroom Clipart website.

Once you have all of your supplies in one spot, use your home computer and printer to transfer the raccoon clip art to the iron-on paper. Then use your clothes iron and the paper to transfer the raccoon’s image to each pencil case. Should you still have questions about how to use the paper, check out the packaging itself. It typically contains detailed instructions on how to make and apply the transfers to various surfaces.

Photo Frame Magnets

Lastly, Camp Raccoon Photo Frame Magnets are another goodie to consider. The only downside to using the frames as gifts is that you’ll need to assemble them yourself. The foam frames and cut-out are typically sold as part of a craft kit through retailers like Oriental Trading. On average, enough supplies to make a dozen magnetic frames will cost you $8. Assembly is easy and should take you less than 15 minutes per frame. Afterward, you’ll need to let the glue dry overnight.

Tempur-Pedic: A Review of the Only Mattress I’ll Ever Need

Life is accelerating. Fast food is becoming the norm rather than the exception. Eat-in restaurants are now capitalizing on this by offering call-in and carryout options. Most people are in go-mode from the moment they wake up. If you are like most people the only time you slow down is when you are sleeping. Isn’t it time you got quality sleep during the only time you are able to slow down?

I found the mattress that offers what I believe to be the best quality sleep, the Tempur-PedicTM Swedish sleep system. Now, I know what you are thinking – infomercials abound and it doesn’t seem believable. So much hype, space-age polymers and certified by NASA, etc. The proof is in the sleep. I assure you that the Tempur-PedicTM Swedish sleep system is absolutely the best mattress I have encountered.

My wife and I were in need of a new bed for a long time and invested in a captain’s bed which is a versatile piece of furniture. Our old queen size mattress was a $300 mattress we bought before I started graduate school. It lasted us seven years until nine months ago when we purchased the Tempur-PedicTM RhapsodyBed mattress system. With our old mattress every time I moved she would get tossed around in the bed. We have not tried the glass of wine trick often shown on Tempur-PedicTM commercials. Why risk ruining a mattress trying to replicate a commercial?

I can offer this; I can get in and out of bed without waking my wife. Nearly every Saturday morning since we purchased our Tempur-PedicTM bed I get out of bed early and she never realizes I am up, unless of course I tiredly bump a body part or close the door to our room too loudly. The position I fall asleep in is in general the same position I wake up in. The only time I have issues sleeping at night are not related to the mattress, sometimes it’s a strange dream or other times I shouldn’t have had that snack so late in the night. When I get out of bed I feel rested and not sore. The achiness from workouts and being in my early 30s aren’t so bad now. I would never have thought it had more to do with the mattress I was sleeping on and less to do with aging.

What about other mattresses? In all honesty, we spent about two hours in the mattress store lying on different mattresses to get a feel. Many standard to upper end pillow-top mattress felt pretty good. My mother owns a Sleep Number bed, so we were able to try it out as well. It was also a decent mattress. For us, when we laid down on the Tempur-PedicTM RhapsodyBed and felt the bed just take hold and conform to our bodies we knew it was what we wanted. This is no memory foam bed this is better. The Tempur-PedicTM bed is like having a soft, cozy form-fitting glove supporting your whole body that is both soft and firm that returns to its original state when you aren’t on it. Tempur-PedicTM has many different types and styles of mattress, it would be hard to imagine someone not finding a mattress they didn’t like or could afford.

We liked our mattress so much we both bought Tempur-PedicTM pillows to conform and support our neck and head. Being a tall person I opted for the Tempur-PedicTM ComfortPillow, which looks more like a regular pillow but is made of the same TEMPUR® material used in the beds. My wife, being shorter opted for the Tempur-PedicTM NeckPillow that has a contoured shape to offer more neck support and is also made of the TEMPUR® material. In addition, I am now considering the Tempur-PedicTM SeatCushion and LumbarCushion in their home and office Comfort Collection.

Tempur-PedicTM really is “Changing the way the world sleeps!”® This is not a mattress that I will easily give up. After having my Tempur-PedicTM bed and accompanying pillows for just nine months I am positive I will be sleeping soundly for the next twenty years and hopefully more. Will you be?