Legalizing Cannabis In California

In November 2010, the State of California will be adding an initiative to the ballot to legalize marijuana. If the measure passes, California will become the first state to legalize the possession and sale of mail order marijuana for general use. Currently, California has instituted measures to allow the use of medical marijuana. As well, since 1975, possession of an ounce or less of marijuana has been a misdemeanor that is accompanied by a 0 fine.

If the ballot to legalize cannabis passes, it would mean California residents could grow limited amounts of marijuana, and local governments would have the option to permit the sale of marijuana in retail outlets. Known as the Regulate, Control, and Tax Cannabis Act of 2010, the November 2010 ballot includes the following measures:

  1. Adults 21 years and older will be legally permitted to possess up to an ounce of marijuana for personal use.
  2. Adults will be permitted to grow their own marijuana plants on a plot up to 5 feet by 5 feet per home or land parcel.
  3. Counties and cities in California will be legally permitted to tax the cultivation, transportation, and sale of marijuana.

This November 2010 ballot measure comes with its share of controversy. There are opponents and proponents lining up on each side of the issue. Proponents of the measure make the following arguments:

  1. There are financial benefits to legalizing marijuana in the state of California. Taxing marijuana would bring a considerable amount of revenue. Many experts, including California State Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco, estimated over a billion dollars a year in revenue which would help California’s budget crisis. Also, many experts estimate that billion would be saved annually in government spending on enforcement which includes border security.
  2. Legalizing marijuana has a number of law enforcement benefits. Law enforcement officers will be able to focus on serious crimes. The costs of law enforcement would be greatly reduced. The courts would not be tied up with marijuana cases. The overcrowded prison population would decline. Crime and violence at the U.S.-Mexico border would be reduced. The lives of youth would not be ruined because they would not receive a permanent criminal record and prison time if they were caught with marijuana.
  3. Many health experts say marijuana is not anymore detrimental to a person’s health than tobacco or alcohol. As well, marijuana has been shown to benefit patients with such conditions as Cancer, AIDS, and Glaucoma.

Most opponents of the November 2010 ballot measure argue on the basis of their own personal moral beliefs. They believe the use of marijuana is immoral. Others argue that there are long-term health consequences when using marijuana and it can also lead to more people moving to more hardcore drugs.

No matter how you view the issue, one thing most people can agree on is that marijuana is here to stay in American society. It would seem that those reflecting on which way to vote on the measure in November should look at both arguments and decide which one makes the most sense. It is also helpful to look at various cannabis websites such as

Are you thinking of taking collagen supplements? The Truth About Collagen’s Role in Skin Care

A large portion of the world’s population is looking for everlasting youth. Collagen has been hailed as a potential elixir for glowing, youthful skin. Collagen supplements have been touted for their ability to enhance skin appearance, reduce inflammation and joint pain, reduce artery stiffness, and improve digestive health. Can collagen supplements, on the other hand, accomplish all of this?

Our collagen stores decline as we age, and our bodies produce lower-quality collagen. Collagen is lost at varying rates in different people. While age is a significant factor, the climate and genetics also play a significant role. Bad lifestyle habits, such as smoking and consuming a high-sugar diet, are examples of environmental causes. Free radicals are generated by a poor diet, speeding up the breakdown of collagen. Collagen stores are also reduced when exposed to high levels of UV rays and emissions. Nutritional deficiencies caused by genetic defects may affect the processes involved in collagen production. Collagen supplements are a form of protein that is made from animal products. These supplements are available in a number of ways. Most collagen supplements have been hydrolyzed, which ensures that the collagen has been broken down into peptides so that the body may absorb and use it. Collagen powder has no taste and is very soluble. Collagen powder is often added to coffee or smoothies in the morning. Others like to use it in both sweet and savory dishes. Some powders can be transformed into protein gummies for those with a sweet tooth. Collagen supplements can also be taken as tablets. Collagen supplements are taken by a significant number of people for the possible benefits to their skin. By enhancing skin elasticity, increasing moisture levels, and reducing wrinkles, collagen supplements can help slow down the aging process.

CBD Oil for Dogs with Cancer: Possible Benefits and More

One of the most important and key element of therapy for dogs in the recent years is CBD. Yes! Dogs can benefit significantly well from the use of different CBD products. Even though CBD oil cannot cure cancer in dogs, it offers some benefits that help them to fight the disease. So, here are some benefits which CBD oil for dogs deliver when dealing with cancer.

  • CBD oil helps your dog is a great support for anti-tumor medications in the body. CBD has proven to have anti-tumor properties and can help your dog to combat the carcinogenic elements present in the body.

Pain and inflammation can be very common when your dog is dealing with cancer. There are medications which can help with these conditions, but they do come with side effects. That is why CBD oil can be used to fight pain and inflammation easily. It does not have any potential side effect.

  • Cancer cells can make the dog’s immune system go really weak. That is why it is important to revive it and allow your dog to feel more healthy. So, CBD oil can offer your dog the immunity boost which will help them to lead a healthy life. It also reduces oxidative stress and anxiety big time.

  • CBD oil offers several other benefits which keeps your dog healthy and relaxed while fighting such a disease. CBD allows them to sleep well at night because of its therapeutic properties and also helps to reduce nausea, anxiety and various other issues. CBD oil can improve appetite as it helps to boost the metabolism significantly.

So, here are the top benefits of giving CBD oil to your best friend. There are several brands which offer CBD oils in the market. Be sure to make a purchase from a reputed and trusted brand in the market. Also, consult an expert regarding all the aspects of CBD oil dosage.

How Energy Supplements Can Be Optimally Used For Bringing Higher Body Performances?

Nowadays, out of 10 people 9 are taking energy supplements not only for getting an energetic body but also for enjoying a strong mind. If you think that you are no getting enough of vitamins from your daily food then in that case you can take the decision of having vitamin supplements.

Best ways of using vitamin supplements for supercharging mind and body:

There are many people who think that taking vitamin supplements can only boost up the energy-level instantly but this is not correct. Vitamin supplements will cater you desirable result only if you maintain a balanced and healthy diet along. In fact, the doctors also strongly recommend the same. You should start taking foods like meat, peanuts, dairy products and other energy-boosting items in proper proportions. Apart from that, taking the vitamin supplements on time is very much necessary. You should not take the supplements in excess rather should follow the instructed amount in order to get positive outcomes at the end of the day. If you are confused which vitamin supplement to choose then you should go by an expert’s recommendation for being at the safest end. Vitamin supplements help in improving your body’s recovery time. If you are regular into exercising then you should never forget taking these supplements before hitting the gym. You should know that exactly which vitamins are needed for your body and accordingly should get the supplements. Weight-gain issues can also be resolved by vitamin supplements. While taking these supplements try reducing the sugar intake for preserving more and more energy.

You can now get the best collagen power both for skin nutrition and for a healthy and energetic body. If you are already into medication for any specific disease then in that case taking permission from the doctor regarding the supplement intake is very much necessary.

What are some of the major benefits of healing holidays?

People these days take all kinds of breaks just to rejuvenate that body that has started getting worked up for a lot of hours. If you want a healing holiday to add to get out of here daily hassle then you should look for a good health retreat system. The reason why this health retreat system has been doing so well is that people have Crown their preference towards this particular area and the audience is now aware of the importance of mind and body.

What are some of the major benefits of healthy treats?

When you’re sitting to focus on things that will have a major impact on life, you have to have a good mind and body to contemplate that goodness. Now that you’re focusing on your health a good healing holiday will provide you the following benefits:

  • You can eat guilt-free food anytime anywhere you want when you have a good body.
  • You’re very motivated towards having a good shape and workout from time to time.
  • You will have the Liberty of choosing and deciding natural methods by which you can heal and channel your energies.
  • Helps in changing the everyday routine of people who have a very monotonous life.
  • If you have any old habits where you want to get rid of things that are not working with you, with a good health retreat or a healing holiday you can make sure they are left in the past.
  • Last but not least you get liberties and the privilege of meeting new people which is very rare these days keeping in mind people are very reluctant to meet new people.

These are some of the major benefits of healing Holidays and they make sure that you come back as a better person.

Are High Protein Diets Unhealthy – Know the truth!!

People who struggle with their weight are constantly looking for a reliable answer, and fad diets have not been able to solve the problem. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a workable solution for you. It all comes down to the individual needs of the body, and that can be quite different from person to person. One possible answer that has been highly praised in recent years is the high protein diet. Many books have been written and studies conducted about the benefits of this approach to weight loss, and some have claimed that there are some damaging side effects. As with many things in life, there’s a balance that must be struck. But high protein diets have been discussed as a viable option for more than thirty years now. Yet the question remains: is this approach unhealthy? You can click at my Phenq review to know about the healthy pills to reduce the excessive fat. The approach for the buying is the right one to have the benefits. If there is any problem, then you can contact to experts. 

Detractors of the high protein plan have often claimed that the diet does not offer the proper balance of nutrition, leading to possible long-term health issues. That claim has been addressed and was quickly debunked. Eating a diet with a large amount of protein does not in and of itself cause malnutrition. Again, it comes down to balance. As long as you pair the increased protein with a significant amount of vegetables and fruits, you’ll certainly be able to get the vitamins and minerals required for proper nutrition. In most high protein diet plans, you are lowering the amount of fats and carbohydrates that you take in, but not getting rid of them entirely. As long as you incorporate healthy carbohydrates and fats such as healthy oils, legumes, nuts and those fruits and vegetables, you’ll be in great shape.

Another concern for those contemplating the high protein diet is the possibility of cardiovascular issues. At one time, people thought that the spike in protein could lead to a greater risk of heart attack. Thanks to a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, that is not longer a concern. Since you are pairing the high protein with a greatly reduced amount of carbohydrates, you could actually decrease your risk of heart disease. Most people replace those carbs with vegetables and positive fats, and studies have shown this can cut your cardiovascular risks by up to 30%. The key here is to avoid a reliance on animal proteins, especially red meat. Those are incredibly high in saturated fat, which will lead to a spike in your cholesterol count.

Another myth about the high protein diet is that it could cause a reduction in the healthy functioning of your kidney. A team from Virginia Tech looked at this specific area, and found there to be no evidence whatsoever that the high protein diet causes any sort of kidney damage, as long as you are in general good health. If you already have kidney issues or reduced kidney functioning, then the high protein diet is not the best choice for you. But you can surely find other options.

The final concern involves the amount of excess proteins in your system. This can be a real issue. If you have too much dietary protein in your body, whatever isn’t consumed will end up stored as fat. On top of that, you’ll need to drink more water, as you could become more easily dehydrated. Anyone with a masters in nursing informatics can tell you that water is a requirement for the breaking down of protein. So drink plenty of it, and check with your doctor if you have any further concerns.

Botox Information And History

What is Botox?

Botox is a substance of botulinum toxin is a neurotoxin derived A That Which is used clinically in small quantities to strabismus and facial spasms and other neurological disorders, the treatment Characterized by abnormal muscle contractions. Botox is also used by cosmetic surgeons to smooth wrinkles temporarily, for a period of 3-6 months and inject again.

Now defining Botox is quite different from the treatment as a whole and the technical term is enough for people to send shivers down their spine which is why when certain folks want to go for it, the surgeons tell them of all the repercussions involved and to make doubly sure on whether they want to go ahead with it.

Its history is pretty long with Top 10 Best Botox Clinics in Vancouver having some of the best facilities and procedures to define the entire subtext of Botox.

Botox Information And History

History of Botox:

Botulinum toxin has been studied in the late 1960s to treat neurological diseases and otox was approved by the FDA in 1989 to, uncontrollable blinking eye muscle disorders like blepharospasm and strabismus eye to treat guenyos and even wrinkles. In 2000 it was approved for cervical dystonia, a disorder causing severe contractions of the neck and shoulders to deal with, and as a rare side effect of treatment specialists in diseases of the eye was observed that Botox frown lines between the eyebrows softened. Botox was so. Botox Information And History

How does it work?

Every time you smile, laugh or frown wrinkles caused by contractions of the delicate underlying facial muscles. Years and years to make these expressions, queer an increase in the skin causes wrinkles and therefore not permanent eye cream or anti-wrinkle creams can smooth out wrinkles. And then Botox is injected into the affected area and temporarily paralyzes the muscles, so you can not make those wrinkles in the skin, and therefore the movement is still that you can still look like you, but not enough to make a cause motion wrinkles. Under the Botox treatment, you will be younger.

How is the Botox?

Today many people, has both men and women resort to Botox injections as a way to reverse the effects of time on the skin and turn back the clock and its growing popularity, becoming the wrinkles it convenient and effective option for reducing the average consumer. Botox Injections prices vary. The average cost of Botox injections in the U.S. is $ 350 and the areas que requieren only one injection: as in the eye with a price of $ 400 to $ 900 for large areas: such as the forehead can cost $ 600 $ -1,300 . While in Canada, a single injection costs $ 300 to $ 500. Botox Information And History

Side Effects:

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you are allergic to any ingredient in Botox is recommended by your doctor, not for Botox treatment to go, as it can lead to problems: such as headaches, flu-like symptoms, facial pain, nausea , double vision, muscle weakness, temporary eyelid curves, etc..

History of Botox:

Botox is derived from Botulinum toxin is a medication that Botox is injected even in the face of wrinkles by paralyzing the underlying muscles. ALSO, Botox injections are naturally purified protein in very low doses relaxes the overactive muscles causing to form the pleats. The treatment is simple, non-surgical and smoothes deep wrinkles, lingering between the eyebrows, which have developed over time and duration of 4-6 months.

History of Botox:

Botulinum toxin has been studied in the late 1960s to treat neurological diseases and otox was approved by the FDA in 1989 to, uncontrollable blinking eye muscle disorders like blepharospasm and strabismus treat eye guenyos. In 2000 it was approved for cervical dystonia, a disorder causing severe contractions of the neck and shoulders to deal with, and as a rare side effect of treatment specialists in diseases of the eye was observed that Botox frown lines between the eyebrows softened. Botox was so.

In April 2002, after the approval by the FDA, the FDA is the review of studies indicating that Botox reduced the severity of wrinkles by up to 120 days and approved the drug content. And “under review for approval of treatments for diseases such as the first groove, migraines, chronic stress headache, upper limb spasticity, cerebral palsy, and hyperhidrosis.

Botox is the most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures has been carried out. In 2003, there were 2,272,080 Botox injections Botox injections treat wrinkles These facts and causes muscle contraction: as wrinkles, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and neck bands. These disorders can be safely and successfully treated with Botox.

The benefits of using Botox injections?

Diluted Botox injections are a form of botulism which is injected into facial muscles to weaken the muscles that form wrinkles. Botox Cosmetic is purified botulinum toxin and for smoothing out lines and wrinkles and also works well for forehead lines, crow? ‘s Feet and wrinkles. Botox Cosmetic is injected into the muscle in these areas and works by weakening the muscles, queer turn, you can reduce facial lines years younger without surgery. This will last 4 to 6 months.

Will Brazilian Keratin Treatment Work for You?

For women wanting to straighten their unruly hair there has been basically these choices, harsh chemical relaxers, or the Japanese straightening method, known as thermal conditioning, both of which use caustic chemicals to change the texture of the hair. When overused many users report extensive damage to their hair.

Proponents say Brazilian Keratin Treatment (BKT)) is neither a relaxer nor a straightener, and is also different because it can be used on most hair types, even previously color treated without causing harm. Fans of the treatment claim that it actually strengthens the hair. The information in the inoar moroccan keratin treatment reviews is the best one for the straight hairs. The color is changed with the treatment. You can check the correct details on the online search engines. The results are the effective one for the people.

The hair is straightened with the active ingredient keratin, a protein similar to hair’s natural protein. Stylist are reporting the product is blowing everything away, and gushing testimonials are not unusual.

Where Did This Program Come From?

Marcia Teixeira a licensed cosmetologist had a lifetime of struggling with harsh chemical relaxers. She developed a passion and ambition to create a solution for herself and others who suffer from damaged and unmanageable hair. While traveling in Brazil she encountered what is known as the “escova progressiva” – the “progressive blow dry.” She then spent several years working with experts and studying these systems to perfect a safe and highly effective, innovative hair treatment formula.

Marcia introduced the Marcia Teixeira® Keratin Treatment in February 2006, creating an entirely new category of product not previously seen in the salon industry.

  • What Do Real People Say About The Brazilian Keratin Treatment?
  • Deborah Epstein, 32, a law student from Forest Hills, Queens
  • Reported the results were so spectacular, she wept.

“I got very emotional,” she said. “It was mind-boggling how beautiful my hair looked: straight, shiny, sleek and more important, healthy. I have no products in my life now. I wash my hair, air-dry it and then the last 10 minutes, I blow it and it’s pin-straight.”

Sarah Brown, the beauty editor of Vogue

Said the treatment is perfect for those with tumbleweed hair who are trying to simplify their lives. “For people who can’t master a salon blowout at home or go get a weekly blowout, a treatment like this is seriously liberating,” she said.

Colleen Lindstrom, Western United States

“I did the BKT treatment myself and absolutely love it!! It’s the best beauty decision I’ve ever made. My hair is wavy, coarse and frizzy – BKT kept it straight and frizz free for 2 1/2 months. It’s now been 3 1/2 months & the waves are starting to come back. But, my hair is softer and less frizzy than ever before. You don’t have to pay someone at a salon to do this for you – you can very easily do it yourself at home.”

What Else Should You Know About Brazilian Keratin Treatment?

Looking to purchase a deal from coupons etc, there are countless emails of clients who have purchased cheap offers and have had their hair brutally burnt. They are misleading and deceiving you, and are often chemical relaxers and perm solutions (sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide, ammonium thioglycolate) or a keratin brand from China/India, which may contain formaldehyde (yes, what they use to embalm dead bodies). Most formaldehyde containing formulas aren’t approved by the FDA.

Unlike other treatments this gradually washes away. Your hair’s natural shape will return over time, from six weeks to a few months. To maximise the longest lasting results, a neutral pH shampoo is recommended.

The first several days after the treatment, you won’t be able to get your hair wet or wash it. It is essential to cover your hair while in the shower or bath. Also you also won’t be able to exercise because sweating is out, as is putting any kind of product on your hair. Importantly for the first few days, you must not put your hair into a ponytail, pin it up or tuck it behind your ears. Any positioning will produce kinks that will be noticeable in your hair. Immediately following the treatment your hair may be so straight that it lacks body, however in time, some volume will return.

Does This Really Work?

With any hair product or treatment, everyone gets a slightly different result. Your result may be super sleek hair that has no wave in it until the treatment wears off, or simply a lessening of frizz with no real straightening, unless you use a flat iron when styling. You may be disappointed if you’re seeking bone straight hair, however if you’re looking for an easier way to manage your hair without unduly worrying how straight it turns out, a keratin treatment may be for you.

The company offers this money back guarantee, If item arrives damaged or defective, or if for any other reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase. Items must be Returned within 14 days after buyer receives them.

Do School Bathrooms Make Our Kids Sick? Suggestions on How to Keep Your Kids Healthy!

Most parents do not even think about it but how clean is your child’s school bathroom. Of course they have janitors to keep the facilities clean, but there are hundreds of kids who use these bathrooms throughout the day. Many of the kids who do use the school bathrooms, do not clean up after themselves. Some even do not bother to wash their hands once they have finished using the bathroom. On numerous occasions my own children have informed me that they went to use the school bathroom and there was no tissue or soap in the bathroom. Usually if you approach the school officials about this problem they will just tell you that the kids are wasteful. As a parent you know the damage that can be done to your child if you tell them not to use the bathroom. So how can you help keep your child from getting those nasty bathroom germs?

One thing that you can tell them is to not touch the toilet seat. For boys this is a very simple task, but for girls this can be a little more difficult. But it is still worth the extra effort. Another thing that you can do is provide your child with their own bathroom sanitary pack. This is just a small case that you can make that has antibacterial wipes, antibacterial lotion or cream 9the kind that does not have to be rinsed off), and a pack of tissues. You may think this is a little extreme, but it really is not when it comes to your child’s health. The case can be very easily placed in their book bag, and no one has to know what they have in their bag. You will then need to stress to your child, why it is so important for them to be concerned about keeping themselves clean. As parents we no longer have to just worry about our children catching the everyday common cold. There are dozens of serious diseases that children can get just from using the school toilet. In addition to preparing your child for school germs, you can also take the time to try and speak to the school officials. Especially if your child is constantly telling you about the bathrooms not having the necessary supplies. This may or may not help, but it would be worth some effort. Also many public schools are limited to how much they can do because of budget problems.

This is especially important when your children are very young. By very young I mean under the age of ten. Any type or form of bacteria will affect them a lot differently than it would a young teenager or young adult. It will also prepare them for dealing with these types of problems later on in life. Children who are unsanitary when they are young will more than likely grow up to be unsanitary adults.

This is a very serious issue as the child’s health and future is at stake so it becomes necessary to take this matter to the higher authorities to avail certain adrenal supplements in the school as jeopardizing their safety would be catastrophic.

Foster Children Overmedicated. Who’s That Elephant In The Room?

Prescription medicine and medical doctors are wonderful benefits to our society. There is much good about discoveries in pharmaceutical research, miracles are created, advances made, lives saved. So why was I not surprised when I heard on CNN News that foster children are being over medicated, admittedly so to control behavior. A new study by the Government Accountability Office revealed such is the case. (E. Cohen, “Foster Care Kids Over Prescribed Meds”) We are talking about babies and toddlers here. What is going on here and who is in the position of power  amp; responsibility? Would it be the doctor, the pharmaceutical companies, foster parents, or social services? How far do we cross over the line before society stands up and says “enough”? Our children are at our mercy, especially those in foster care.

This is becoming an all too familiar tale. Not to mention the stories of teenagers and adults over medicated and over prescribed prescription medications. The countless number of individuals addicted to doctor prescribed medication in the country is rising quickly, not to mention resulting deaths in prescription medication over doses or misuses. (Scientific American by Harmon, “Prescription Drug Deaths Increase Dramatically”). Michael Jackson is one story. His is magnified no doubt due to his celebrity status, however a fine example of the extreme regardless of his stature.

I believe we need more education, regulations and accountability. Pharmaceutical companies have big money, big power and big influence extending to medical institutions, right into doctor’s offices. Personal experience suggests that pharmaceutical companies even effect how doctors diagnose in some form or another. It seems to me they are engrained as permanent structure in this country’s medical practice and institutions, even though supposedly separate and have no influence. (1. Berman  amp; Ahari, “Following the Script: How Drug Reps Make Friends and Influence Doctors” 2. Harvard Law by Osvald-Mruz, ” PBM and Pharmaceutical Company Mergers: Policy and Regulatory Implications” )

Good doctors know how to utilize medications appropriately and have appropriate standards of care. It is the not so clear minded doctors that we are to be concerned. As resulted in Michael Jackson’s case where the misguided and misplaced ambitions of Dr. Murray led to devastating consequences. It is the misguided use that leads to abuse that is an outrage, from doctor to pharmaceutical companies. Motives become confused. I believe regulations will have to result in order to protect those who can’t protect themselves. But will government be willing to assert themselves against so much power and money, or even can they? With the presence of lobbyists and campaign contributions assuaging loyalties to one thing or the other it seems that this would be a winless cause. ( Borger, “USA: The Pharmaceutical Industry Stalks The Corridor of Power”) The megamucusso supplement restricts rebuilding mucosal barrier in the body. Several campaigns have been started through the companies for spreading awareness regarding a healthy digestive system. The dose of the medicines should be under the prescription of the doctors.

Hopefully in lieu of the Michael Jackson doctor trial and the resulting guilty verdict, accountability is staking its claim. At least people are talking about it and there is a furthering of awareness. As Americans we must stand up and take notice. In this day and age of digital media and the constant confrontation of information, it is our duty. We as adults must claim responsibility for the youth in this country no matter parents or not. We can do this. Questions have to be asked and answers given so we can begin to assess accountability. As I stated in my last article, I believe ‘God is always in the business of making things right’, but our participation is needed. Let’s not forget our forgotten children. They matter. After all this is the United States of America. They must matter.