Surviving Long Distance Flights

As a product of divorced parents who live on different continents, separated by a 12 hour light across the Pacific Ocean, I have sat cramped in economy class for years, at hours on end and thus, learned 8 tips to make long distance flights more comfortable.

  1. Airplane food. Pre-order your meal. Vegetarian, allergies to nuts, lactose intolerant; whatever. You will get fed first and collect looks of jealousy from fellow passengers. By the time you are finished, the airline staff will be back near your seat handing out everyone else’s meals so you can give them back your tray.
  2. Seating. Get an aisle seat. The only good part of the light is the 10 minutes during take off and landing anyway and having an aisle seat means you never have to climb over anyone on trips to the bathroom. It also makes it easier to curl up in your seat as you have room to dangle your feet into the aisle.
  3. Temperature. Airplane cabins. Freezing one minute, hot and stuffy the next. Take a jacket, sarong or even your own blanket. Yes, most lights provide blankets but these are usually scratchy, itchy and never seem to be the right size. Hermes cashmere throws are best.
  4. Entertainment. Note to self: sometimes, the inbuilt television fails. Cue hours of innate boredom. Bring other stuff to do. Books, journals, magazines, iPods, portable video game units, crosswords and Sudoku puzzles. You will thank me when it eventually happens to you. Another note to self: do not bring nail-polish. Unless you want to endure dirty looks and eventually have an airline hostess tell you to please put it away as the smell is nauseating other passengers.
  5. Neighboring Passengers. Never assume because you have headphones on or are deeply engrossed in your reading that the person sitting next to you will take that as a ‘do not disturb’ message. At one stage in your travels, you WILL sit next to some obnoxious person who will not shut up. Ever. Aside from faking sleep or telling them to be quiet (in which they will always act deeply offended and then sulk, leaving you with inexplicable guilt)learn how to say ‘I am sorry, I don’t speak English’ in a few other languages.
  6. The Mile High Club. No matter what maneuvers you and your beloved work out in terms of getting to the bathroom, such as during a movie or meal, everyone still knows what you are trying to do. Airplane bathrooms rarely have enough space for one person, let alone two, and once you add flailing limbs into equation all you get is an uncomfortable, awkward scenario. All that said; go for it if your curiosity takes you. Just be prepared for the smug glances and winks from fellow passengers and light assistants afterwards.
  7. Avoid stimulants. No matter what the experts say, you will feel like crap after the light NO MATTER what measures you take. I have tried avoiding caffeine and alcohol, slathered my face with moisturizer to avoid my skin drying out and brushed my teeth neatly before settling in with a Valium for a nap. I have also tried drinking miniature sized bottles of wine, getting tipsy as the altitude lowers my tolerance to alcohol before passing out and drooling on my fellow passengers. I never ind my recovery from a light easy.
  8. Baggage. While waiting for your luggage at the baggage carousel, you will notice just how many black suitcases there are and how alike they all look. To avoid confusion, buy a hot pink suitcase with giant purple polka dots. Or, go crazy with coloured ribbons and strands of glittery sequins and decorate every handle and zipper you can. While your suitcase may look like clown vomit, it will make it impossible to miss.Long distance travels are hassles that have to be dealt with and the aforementioned points are only a few of them which help you through in this matter. Private jet charter flights are the most preferable as you and a few others would be able to travel on it and it is spacious enough for the floor to be occupied.

A guide to using a telephone directory

Do you remember the time when there were telephone directories, and your parents and grandparents went through those huge books to get the desired contact detail? Have you ever wondered about how to use the telephone directory?

Despite the advent of technology, it still remains a valuable asset that enables you to find contact numbers that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

How to use a telephone directory

Before understanding the steps, the first thing to be understood is that there two types of a telephone directory – the yellow pages and the white pages. The ‘yellow pages’ have the A to Z listing of all the businesses which are printed in alphabetical order within segments that are created on the basis of professions. The ‘white papers’ has an individual listing of the numbers of the individual based on the alphabetical order.

As you might have understood, for reading and taking a number out of the telephone directory, certain steps to be followed:

  1. Who does the number belong to?

The number may be belonging to a business or an individual. If it is a business number look in the ‘yellow pages’. If it is an individual number look in the ‘white pages’.

  1. How to locate the name?
  • If the number belongs to a business, then first locate the page which has the listings of the profession that the business belongs to. Then, within that bifurcation, look for your business by locating the alphabet with which the name of the firm belongs.
  • If it is an individual’s number, then start looking for the alphabet with which the name of the person begins.

These days there are online telephone directories like les page blanches, where all you have to do is to enter the name that you are looking for and hit the search button. You will get the number that you need within a minute.

Horses-Social Behaviour And Structure:

Social harems:

Horses live in bands and harems that have several mares, 2-3 years age offspring, and a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 6 male adults. Horses are animals that love to socialize under natural conditions. A band with multiple males is larger enough than a group with a single male.

The different sizes of the bands:

The size of the group can range from 2 to 21 horses, and these groups are not restricted to a particular geographic area rather will travel to search for resources. The hierarchy in horses is not generally based on age, weight, height, gender, or for how much time one is in the group; it is in a linear or triangular relationship.

Dominant one:

The decision-maker in the group is generally females and not the male or males that are with them; they act as a protector rather than a leader. There can be solitary females and solitary males, and there can also be bands of the juveniles that are non-breeding. Depending upon the dominance of the stallion in the territory, they can gather some new mares to the harem. Many different horse quotes are also offered. The mares are also important not only from the point of decision making in a particular situation but also in gathering and developing various strategies in different situations for the herd. 

Social Gestures:

The response to handlers that are common as a social order by the horses is made by gestures like, ear laid back, and the teeth bared and might resort to nipping with teeth. If they need to show their aggression at times, they fight by rising up, using the neck to knock the opponent and biting. At times for kicking, they also use their back feet. Through these gestures, they show their social behavior very promptly.

Facing the Difficulties of Eating Healthy today

As a young American busy with schoolwork and personal obligations, I have found that it is extremely difficult to eat healthy foods conveniently on a daily basis. Even for someone like me, a college student with no family or job to worry about, I find it hard to take the time to learn about, buy and prepare meals that are healthy. It is much easier to open a bag of Doritos or toss a frozen pizza into the oven than it is to buy healthy foods and take the time to correctly prepare them. Also, finding the desire to eat rice cakes or low-carb chips when I could be eating cupcakes and potato chips proves exceedingly difficult.

Testogen and other wonderful diet supplements are available all over the market as well. Yes, they work great, but it’s alluring to merely skip healthy diet by using them.

Not only is convenience at home a disaster for college students but the convenience of fast-food joints and restaurants is hard to resist. While driving home from a long, tiring day of school, a student spots a Carl’s Jr. restaurant on the side of the road. Not looking forward to cooking a meal when they first step into the front door, the student will undoubtedly stop at the fast-food joint and get a bite to eat. For just five bucks and a few minutes of waiting in a drive-thru line you get a tasty meal and a soda when you would otherwise spend twenty or thirty minutes on your feet in front of a hot stove cooking some meal that would not taste half as good. For the exhausted person just looking to get their stomach full, it’s a no-brainer.

What about someone with more responsibilities than a regular college student? What about a single mother with a few kids coming home from a long day of work? She walks in the door after her eight-hour shift, looking to relax and spend some quality time hearing about her children’s day, or maybe she comes from work to a messy home that she must clean up before going to bed. Certainly she has little time and patience to cook a healthy meal (or any meal, for that matter) that her children will surely reject. Would not it be easier and time-saving for that mother to seek an outside establishment to take care of dinner, possibly taking her kids out to eat at a fast-food place? Surely a single mom-assuming she could afford it-would rather order a pizza or head to McDonald’s for dinner, allowing her to relax and spend some time with her now pleased children. Very convenient.

But certainly these are all excuses; nothing is stopping most Americans from preparing good, healthy meals for themselves and their families besides themselves. A college student could certainly reject a fast-food joint and head home to prepare a meal for themselves, but it just is not convenient. A single mother could put down the telephone and forget about the pizza while she makes her children a healthy meal, but she has not the time nor patience to cook a meal only to be rewarded with her children’s fiery objections to the meal provided for them. It is simply more convenient for a mother to order that pizza and spend happy, quality time with their children. If convenience for healthy foods cannot be provided, this trend of bad eating habits will continue in America.

So what could possibly help the problem of bad eating habits in America? Some restaurants such as Subway are offering low-fat meals in hopes of helping people lose weight (and gaining profits, of course) and eat healthier. But have you ever been inside of a sandwich shop, especially during a busy hour? It feels like an eternity standing in line, waiting for people in front of you to be served, and once you do finally get someone available to help you, it is a time-consuming process for the employee to make your sandwich; if you order two or more sandwiches, prepare to be in line all day long. And, as anyone who has ordered a sandwich, chips and a drink knows, sandwich places are not cheap. It is so much easier to run across the street to a fast-food joint with a drive-thru window, where it takes just a few minutes of sitting comfortably inside your car to get your cheaply-priced (in comparison) food. Imagine someone on their lunch hour-or half hour, even-trying to fit in both their banking and food. Do you think that person has time to stop at the bank, grab a meal at a sandwich place, eat it and be back at their job on-time? Unlikely.

We must make healthier food places more accessible and convenient for the mainstream consumer in America. And also, it has to taste good! Low-carb foods taste like trash, and only those who are into health and fitness will suffer through the taste in order to keep themselves healthy. Our country must find a way to make healthier foods taste better and more accessible to the public by way of quick drive-thrus and lower prices. If Subway’s low-fat sandwiches could be had for a cheaper price quickly in a drive-thru, their poularity would skyrocket and if other healthier food stores followed their lead, America would become a healthier, happier nation.

Tips for using CBD Oil

Since the evolution of mankind, various diseases have taken toll of many lives, and experts in different eras have done a lot of research on multiple herbs to get better cure. Among the leading options, one can name CBD, which can be much useful in countering various health issues among humans. CBD is a naturally extracted chemical from cannabis plants. CBD works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system’s regulators that help in regulating various body functions. 

Benefits of CBD oil

Relives anxiety- As per CBD news, it can be concluded that CBD content helps one to manage anxiety by reducing stress, improving post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and in case of insomnia inducing sleep.

Anti-acne- Anti-inflammatory properties present in the CBD content helps in reducing acne breakout on the skin. It prevents too much secretion of sebum that is a substance that causes acne.

Cancer Treatment- CBD pain rub helps to reduce pain related to cancer. The cancer-fighting properties present in CBD helps to fight cancer symptoms. It also helps in treating side effects like nausea and vomiting. 

How to take CBD oil?

Inhalation-One of the fastest way to consume CBD oil is through inhalation. Inhalation can be either done via smoking or vaping. Smoking can be easy to manage but can be harsh on throats and lungs. Vaping though requires extra purchase but gives possible effects due to its high concentration.

Topical applications- The CBD oil can be applied through topical applications. Using CBD oil topical as application as it is easy to use and is great for sore pains and also has very mild effects.

Edibles- CBD oil can be added to food products as it promises a long-lasting effect as well as it is very discreet.

Thus CBD oil can be consumed in various forms and different ways.  

How to Clean the Mold Off of Your House in Florida

  • What you need
  • Protective goggles
  • Rubber gloves
  • 100 ft garden hose
  • Gallon of bleach
  • Twelve foot ladder
  • House wash hook up for your hose
  • Scrubber with four to six foot handle

Before you start inspecting your mold. Make sure you do mold inspection so that you can analyze the situation that is in front of you. You can thereafter decide to move forward with the repair on your own or you can hire some professional to do that for you.

First step- go to the store and buy the products. If you have a house, you should have a garden hose and a ladder. If you don’t have a ladder, borrow one from your neighbor. Buy the rest of the supplies at Walmart or your local Home Depot. When you get home, get ready for two to three hours of work.

Second step- Attack the mold. Set up your ladder, so you can climb on to the roof of your house. Connect the hose to the water connection to your house. Take the other end of the hose, protective goggles, rubber gloves, gallon of bleach, house wash hook up, and scrubber up on to the roof. Make sure you are wearing a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and tennis shoes.

Step three-you are on the roof with all of your gear. Take the house wash hook up container and fill it with bleach. After you fill it up with bleach, connect it to the end of your hose. Go down the ladder and turn the water on. Go back up on the roof and place your rubber gloves on your hands and your goggles on your face (to protect your eyes). Point the hose towards the moldy walls and turn on the house wash mechanism. Spray the mold down over and over again with the bleach. Spray until your house wash bottle is empty. Turn the mechanism on the house wash hook up to off and scrub the mold with the scrub brush. Wait five minutes and take a breather. Turn the house wash hook up on to spray the water and spray the mold off of your house.

Step four- Continue step three over and over until your house is completely rid of the mold. The bleach should keep the mold away from your house for months. It all depends on how bad the mold is in Florida during the year.

Step five- take everything down off of the roof. Take the ladder down and put everything away. If you borrowed the ladder from your neighbor, give it back to him. Take off of your goggles and rubber gloves and look at your beautiful house. You have done such a good job

Cost -$45.00 including hose, not including ladder. Cost will vary depending on where you shop. You saved at least $100.00 on this one job. Aren’t you happy?

Note- you can buy an expensive power washer and do the same job in a little less time. You can hire somebody each year to do the job for you and it will cost you a bundle.

Go Green with Sustainable Cowhide Rugs

With carbon footprints rising every single day, it’s about time we proactively adopt a sustainable form of living. From shopping to education, every aspect of our life should be eco-friendly as much as possible. And that includes home décor too. In that light, cowhide rugs would be brilliant green choice to complement your eco-friendly lifestyle. Where to use a cowhide rug? Well, from your living room to your bedroom, this rug would be a perfect fit.

The post below offers a brief on why cowhide rug would be a sustainable choice.

Eco-friendly production

Production of regular carpets unleashes chemical waste which is harmful for the environment. Moreover, these chemicals affect carpet makers during the production process as well. But you don’t have such worries when you use a cowhide rug. It’s a recycled product and made from skins of animals consumed by beef industry. Most importantly, the production process of these rugs throw no kinds of waste into environment which makes the process eco-friendly.

Does not demand chemical cleaners

You often need chemical cleaning agents with regular carpets or rugs. These agents are not only harmful for the environment but also affects the indoor air quality of your home. But, you can let go of these risks easily when you invest in a cowhide rug.

These rugs don’t demand any sort of chemical-based cleaning agents. In fact, cleaning these rugs is extremely simple. All you would need here is water, sponge and mild soap.

High durability

Cowhide rugs are highly durable and would last you for years. It only means less landfill waste and an eco-friendly investment.

It’s true that cowhide rugs tend to draw a slightly higher price point. But, if you look at the long-term picture and its eco-friendly benefits, it’s definitely a wise investment which is worth your money.

Different Types Of Custom Optical Filters

Custom optical filters are components used in manipulating the properties of light, providing the ability to eliminate unwanted light and pass only those which are necessary. ECI custom optical coatings are designed and implemented using most recent deposition techniques. They have a high transmission level, eco-friendly, and high-performance level. 

ECI custom optical coatings are designed using either shortwave pass (SWP) combined with long wave pass (LWP) filters coating. It is applied inflorescence microscopy, lighting detecting, 3D image production, sign recognition, and ranging. 

Types of Custom Optical Filters?

  • Dichroic Filters: They are also referred to as thin-film or interference filters, which transmit the pass band (a definite range of spectrum) while reflecting the rejection band using different colors mechanism to differentiate between both. They are usually used for color separation in imaging and digital projection.
  • passband Filters: They are filters that are aimed to allow only a defined signal of a selected frequency to pass while blocking all frequency which is below or above the defined frequency value. They are used in different applications which include imaging, spectroscopy, chemistry and florescence microscopy. 
  • Infrared Filters: They are also referred to as IR filters and they are used to block wavelength of mid-infrared while allowing is to pass. It also allows the transmission of the infrared spectrum and disallows the narrowest wavelength band. They are practical in infrared applications, security and environmental maintenance. 

  • Long pass Filters: Just as the name implies, this kind of filter only allows the transmission of long electromagnetic radiation or long-wavelength while blocking the shorter wavelengths. 
  • Short pass Filters: They are the opposite of fluorescence filters; this kind of filter is designed to pass short-wavelength while cutting the undesired ones which are the long wavelengths. 

Should You Check Your Luggage or Carry On?

Should you check your luggage or carry on? Personally, having worked for an airline for the past 22 years, I like to travel light. It’s easier when you get to your final destination if you don’t have to deal with baggage claim. It makes getting through customs much faster. Usually if you carry on your bags, you are at the front of the line at immigrations. However, for those of you that have to check something (whether you are on a long trip, or over packed), here are some pointers.


Do not check medications. Put them in your carry on bag. If your checked bag is delayed it’s best to have your medicine with you.

Never check electronics or expensive jewelry. The airlines don’t cover these items for loss or damage.

Don’t check fragile items. Liquor bottles break and leak.

No cheese or anything perishable in a bag with clothing. If your bag is delayed, you’ll never get the smell out. Trust me, I’ve seen it happen.

Remember, 50 lbs is he limit for a checked bag. You are allowed two checked bags at 50 lbs each. For domestic and some international travel, you

are allowed up to 70 lbs at a charge of 25.00 per bag. Extra bags cost 80.00 domestically. International costs vary per destination.

Don’t check that pretty soft sided bag. If it’s pretty, pink or expensive you can be sure that it will get dirty. Bags are designed to protect their contents. If you buy a bag that’s soft sided and pretty, use it as a carry on. Remember, bags are stacked on top of each other in the bin of the aircraft. You may have 200 lbs of luggage on top of your bag. It’s not that our ramp agents are deliberately throwing your bag, its just the fact that when loaded in the bin, bags are all stacked on top of each other and fragile, soft sided bags get dirty or smashed.

Keep your used film with you. When the bags go through x-ray any used film can get ruined.

Guitars: If you check your guitar, please loosen the strings. The pressure in the bin of the aircraft can cause the neck to snap. I’ve seen several guitars with broken necks. The airlines no longer cover musical instruments for damage.

Car seats, strollers. The airlines provide plastic bags to protect these items. Use them. If a ticket agents doesn’t offer to put your car seat in a bag, be sure to speak up and ask for one.

Put your name and phone number on the inside and outside of your bag.

When picking up your bag off the carousel, make sure its yours. Bag swaps are common.

This is the number one tip. Do not check your KEYS. Think about it, you get home, your bag has been delayed and you cannot get into your car or your house. It’s an easy thing to do, but it is very inconvenient to get home and realize you forgot to grab your keys out of that checked bag.

Now, onto carry ons. Each passenger is allowed two carry ons. That includes purses, laptops, etc. You are allowed one quart sized baggie with your liquid items inside. Each item must be 3 oz. or less, and all items must fit in the one allowed baggie. Pull the baggie out and put it in the plastic tub at security so TSA doesn’t ask you to take it out.

So, should you check your bag or carry it on? If you check your bags, I hope the information above helps make your trip smooth. So have a great flight and have a fun trip.


While its quite necessary to keep checking your luggage at regular intervals, one should be careful so as to not become paranoid about it as it can cause inconvenience to others in the vicinity. Also, apart from the essentials, it is better if you keep a laste kohver, so that the children’s belongings can be taken care of without having to dump them with your items

A Guide to Outdoor Container Gardening – Do’s and Do not!!!

Do you want lovely plants, flowers or vegetable but simply do not have large tracts of land in which to start a garden? If so, consider planting an outdoor container garden instead. This is an inexpensive and easy way to grow plants and vegetables without the need for large amounts of space. Many people use window boxes or containers on decks or any spare area within the yard. Outdoor container gardening is also perfect for those who live in apartments or garden homes without large yards.

First, you will need to have containers for your garden. The types of containers are limited only to your imagination. You can purchase containers or use what you have around the house. This is a great way to recycle. Flower pots, oak barrels, planters and baskets are all ideal for container gardening but you can also use milk cartons, old tub, boots or chipped bowls can all be incorporated into use for container gardening. Use your imagination and consider your décor.

Plan your container garden first by thinking about the types of plants, flowers or vegetables you may want. Think about color combinations and how you want the finished product to look. It may be helpful to sketch it out so you know exactly where you want everything. Try to plan your container garden so there are varying colors and levels of plants. This is more interesting to the eye. Also, consider the type of climate you have. Different plants are more suited to some climates than others so research the plants to make sure they will be able to tolerate the climate you have.

Keep in mind, though, that container gardens are portable so you can bring in plants if it gets too cold or move planters around as needed for optimal sunlight exposure. This is one of the reasons outdoor container gardening is so popular. Use soil and compost purchased from your local nursery. Organic materials are recommended especially if you are planting edibles. Care of the container garden is fairly easy and will only take a few minutes each day.

You will need to ensure your plants are watered regularly. Check each container to make sure it is not too dry or not over saturated. Also, periodically check the containers for weeds and pull them. However, most container gardens are not prone to weeds so you will likely not get a lot of them. Use organic fertilizer such as compost tea. This will ensure your plants are healthy and beautiful.

Outdoor container gardening is easy and inexpensive. You can put containers just about anywhere and only spend a little time each day in its care. In no time at all you will have a lovely array of flowers and plants that will accent any home. With the container, outdoor patio daybeds will be placed in the gardens. They will provide an impressive and beautiful look to the garden.