What Are The Top 3 Reasons To Need A Car Locksmith?

There are several situations when we require a locksmith. Basically, they help in repairing the lock of your car or also repair car keys. With the help of a professional as well as an experienced locksmith, you can get your keys back. The duty of a locksmith is to access locks, whether it is of a car, a window, or any other thing. They are well aware of the situation of the lock, and it is quite convenient for them to open the lock. Basically the locksmiths are the one that safeguards the lock and provides you other safety options. In the lower section, you will be going to read about the top 3 reasons to need a car locksmith such as:

Top 3 reasons to need a car locksmith:

  1. The first reasons are when you might lose the keys to your car. This is the most basic situation experienced by the locksmith. It can be lost at any place, and finding them becomes a little bit complexly. So it is beneficial for you if you will go towards the option of calling an experienced and professional locksmith so that they can help you with the replacement car keys.
  2. The second situation lies when you have locked yourself out, and the keys are inside the car. This is also a very common problem faced by the locksmith.
  3. The third situation comes if you have only one set of your car keys, and you have lost them somewhere. It is complex to carry small essentials with you, and it is better if you will carry them along with a keychain.

All the top 3 reasons to need a car locksmith are listed in the above section so that it will become helpful for you.

Gateway NV7915u Notebook Review

Gateway laptop manufacturer is very well-recognized for producing sleekly design laptops having affordable prices. One of their recent releases is the newly stylized NV7915u gateway laptop complete with a lustrous dark matte finish.

The Gateway NV7915u laptop is quite heavy weighing up to 6.8 pounds with a 17.3 inch display screen. This laptop puts a strain on your shoulders after walking with it for quite a while. The laptop touch pad has a 1.8inch x 3.3 inch dimension which is enough but quite short on the height.

NV7915u specs include 4 USB ports, mic ports, Ethernet jack, VGA outlet, HDMI output, headphone, 5-in-1 memory card reader and a Kensington lock slot. After going over the Gateway NV7915u personally, here are the advantages and disadvantages of this stylish new notebook:


The processor is a 1.3-GHz Intel Core i3-330M with a RAM of up to 4GB that delivers fine performance in a Windows 7 Home Premium OS. I absolutely loved multitasking with this unit being able to move from windows explorer, multimedia player and Photoshop CS3.

The control buttons for this laptop really lives up to its touch sensitive claim as a light tap from your finger quickly activates programs and softwares. NV7915u has built-in touch sensitive controls to automatically start Launch Manager (marked by a bold P on top of your keypad), My Backup, Trackpad control, Wi-Fi and Volume manager.

The Launch Manager is a convenient tool that allows you to access the software you want by just one light tap of the button.

The flat keypad is absolutely fine with adequate spacing and easy grip features for less typing errors.

Display resolution is at 1600 x 900 pixels which resulted to clear, vivid, realistic images for digital photos and videos. The shiny finish of the display screen gives you good reflection quality for viewing purposes.

Sound quality is superb especially when listening to music and watching movies. You will not experience hearing strain with this laptop as the sound is loud and clear enough compared to other laptops.


After watching a full screen movie with this NV7915u, the laptop got alarmingly hot after just about 18 minutes then I was forced to stop playing the video because I feared of overheating.

The extra mouse for the NV7915u is frustrating for me as the single mouse bar does not work properly and it takes a while to get you moving from one direction to another.

Transfer time of mixed media is slower than the average desktop replacements which will surely frustrate you because of its lagging download time. To be able to cope with this problem, you better remove some startup softwares as well as the trialware installed in your laptop.

Gamming really isn’t a job for the Gateway NV7915u.

There are no extra buttons for multimedia playback

NV7915u laptop is powered by a six-cell battery that can last up to 3 hours and 40 minutes when unplugged. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get your battery full which is quite a short time as compared to other desktop replacement units.

With all of these things said, the NV7915u Gateway laptop is one of the best affordable deals you can have if you want a high performing unit with fast browsing capabilities.

Lastly, if you don’t want to spend money on HP All in one repair or other laptop brand repair, make sure to buy the best quality laptops. You should also try to buy your laptop some accessories so it can be protected. Cases and bags are a good investment for your laptops.

Causes and Solutions for Common Problems with Paint

Painting is a chore that most people avoid, but even though wallpaper and vinyl siding have greatly reduced the need for painting, there will always be walls and other surfaces that require painting to achieve a particular look or design. Everyone wants the efforts of their painting to result in a beautifully painted surface that’s smooth and free from flaws, but sometimes while painting problems arise, the causes of the problems aren’t always clear. One of the most important things that you can do in order to avoid all these common problems is that you buy products from https://www.paintingkits.net/ that are really affordable and are of high-quality that will help you in avoiding all these problems. 

The following information provides details regarding common painting problems as well as solutions to correct common painting problems. When you realize the cause of problems while painting you can take the necessary steps in order to correct the problems before wasting your time and possibly hundreds of dollars in paint and materials.


It’s important to wear eye protection and gloves before scraping paint or using chemicals. Also, make sure you have adequate ventilation when utilizing painting products or chemicals that emit potentially harmful fumes.

Peeling Paint

If your freshly painted surface is peeling, chances are the surface wasn’t properly primed, or the surface was dirty. Never cover enamel or oil-based paint with latex acrylic paint. The paint will most definitely peel. A surface painted with enamel or oil-based paint must be primed, or the paint must be removed before painting with acrylic latex paint.

If your paint is peeling and the surface is not covered with oil-based or enamel paint, chances are the surface was covered with dirt, oil, or the surface may have been wet. It’s important to clean and dry a surface before applying paint. Slick surfaces require light sanding before painting.

Wrinkling Paint

If your painting job looks like the wrinkled skin of an elephant after drying, chances are the paint was applied too thickly. Wrinkles in paint occur because the surface of the paint dries before the base. When the bottom layer of paint dries, the paint becomes wrinkled.

To correct this painting problem, sand the wrinkled painted surface making it smooth, wipe the surface clean, and thoroughly dry the area. Continue painting using a thin even coat of paint.

Cracked Paint

If you’ve ever seen a paint that’s cracked like a dry lake bed, the paint could have cracked for a couple of different reasons. If you applied a second coat of paint before the first coat completely dried, this could cause problems with cracking. The bottom layer of paint probably spread out while it was drying and therefore caused the cracked surface.

The paint might have to be stripped in order to correct this painting problem. You may be able to sand the surface and fill the cracks with the spackling compound before repainting the surface. Experiment with a small inconspicuous area before working on the entire surface.

Flaking Paint on Concrete Walls

Paint problems on concrete walls sometimes occur if the concrete develops moisture problems. If the paint on your concrete walls is flaking, scrub the flaking paint with a wire brush, and clean the concrete walls with one part muriatic acid and two parts water. Rinse the concrete walls with clear water, and allow the walls to dry completely. Use fans if necessary. After the walls are completely dry, seal the concrete with a masonry sealer. Follow product label instructions, and after the sealer is completely dry, paint the sealed walls according to label instructions.

Blistering or Bubbling Paint

Painting problems involving bubbling or blistering paint could be caused by direct sunlight on freshly painted surfaces. Bubbles and blisters form on painted surfaces when the paint dries before the solvents beneath are able to evaporate.

If direct sunlight couldn’t have been the cause of problems with blistering or bubbling paint, there may have been moisture beneath the fresh coat of paint. Make sure the surface is completely dry before continuing painting to avoid further painting problems.

To correct this painting problem, simply scrape off the bubbles and blisters, sand the painted surface, and repaint when the surface is completely dry and not subject to direct sunlight.

Chalking Paint

Chalking paint is one of the most common problems with old aluminum siding, but chalking can occur on any painted surface. Paint is actually designed to slough the surface so the surface stays clean, but sometimes the surface becomes excessively chalky.

If dry paint that looks similar to chalky powder comes off on your fingers, it will probably be necessary to wipe down the entire surface and seal it with primer before repainting. Simply wipe the surface with a nonabrasive scrubber, and make sure the surface is completely dry before priming and repainting.

What is CBD? How do can you use it? Read out the details here!

According to the studies, the CBD oil is potent enough to cure the common health issues, and the CBD oil is made from hempHere the common health issues mean depression, heart disease, anxiety, and acne. These are some of the most common issues that have taken place in our lives, but these things can be cured with the easy usage of such magical oil. One of the most surprising factors is cancer patients can consider having this as the natural alternative regarding pain relief.

The Cannabidiol is one of the most well known and popular remedies to cure several common health issues or ailments. This has been made while extracting the CBD from the plant named cannabis. After this, it will get diluted in the carrier oil like the hemp seed oil or the coconut oil as well. This is capable of serving the users with en number of benefits for the ease of the readers we have given the detailed elaboration below.

Benefits of opting for CBD oil: 

  • Natural and the most exquisite pain relief:

The CBD oil is considered as one of the most exquisite pain relief; fewer people know that the scientists have discovered that the components present in marijuana along with CBD are capable of serving the users with the pain relieving effects.

  • Reduces the anxiety and depression as well:

Nowadays, the anxiety and depression have become common disorders; these diseases can be easily cured with the usage of CBD oil. This oil contains the essential components that help people to get rid of such health issues while making the least efforts.

These were some of the significant benefits of choosing the CBD oil instead of any other product.


How to Make Use of Leftover Coffee Grounds

With a large part of the population consuming at least two to three cups of Coffee & nuts a day, we are left with so much coffee grounds heading for a trip to the trash can. This calls for a recycling plan.

Coffee grounds hardly play an important role in our daily lives, but with a little experimentation and much determination, one can find ways to make use of this seemingly useless substance.

The following are some ways to make use of leftover coffee grounds.

  1. They can be used to help keep the kitchen drains free from any unpleasant odor. Pour about 1/2 cup of used coffee grounds down the drain and follow it up with about 5 cups of boiling water. The grounds are pushed by the hot water avoiding any clogs. This procedure ensures a fresh-smelling drain that lasts for about a week or so.
  1. Used coffee grounds are good sources of brown dye for any kind of materials such as paper, cloth and even eggs for Easter celebrations. One can simply band the coffee grounds in a filter or nylon, soak them in 2 cups of hot water for about 5 to 10 minutes and the dye is ready for the job at hand. The amount of water, as well as the number of grounds used, can be simply increased when dealing with large pieces of fabric. Unwanted blemishes and stains on brown-colored furniture are unsightly. They may also be covered by this dye.
  1. Coffee grounds are also good cleaning agents for stuff like pots and stained ashtrays. They have the capacity for the toughest dirt because of their quite abrasive and acidic nature. Mixed with a little amount of water, they are then used as a solution for scrubbing any dirty articles.
  1. Since cats dislike the smell of coffee as well as any citrus smells, one can combine the two and place the mixture in places where the pet cat is not supposed to go. This works for ants as well as other pests inside and outside the house.
  1. They are good fertilizers. Coffee grounds help up with the growth of different plants especially radishes and carrots. Before they are planted, the seeds of these plants are mixed with used coffee grounds. While helping make the radishes and carrots grow, the coffee grounds that are planted along with the plants’ seeds, also drives away any underground pests that are attracted to the plant.
  1. Used coffee grounds can be used as deodorizers since they trap unwanted odors without losing the unmistakable coffee aroma. One can easily dry them on a cookie sheet or foil and place them in an old but clean pantyhose. This is placed in closets or any other areas that need a breath of fresh smell. The result lasts for about a few weeks to a whole month.
  1. One’s hair can also benefit from coffee grounds since they can enhance the color of black and brown hair and can also make hair shine like no other. Rubbing the grounds on the scalp is also useful to make the skin healthier and to avoid dandruff as well. It is advisable to do this rubbing in between shampooing and conditioning to ensure that the hair and scalp is cleansed off the grounds. The same thing works for a dog’s hair.
  1. When cleaning the fireplace, apply a good amount of wet grounds over the ashes and soot. The grounds are going to soak up the dust, so there is less mess when cleaning the fireplace. This also helps make the task lighter for the cleaner.
  1. Start a mushroom growing project. Get ahold of inoculated mushroom plugs that are manufactured by such companies as Fungi Perfecti, LLC. Every time you finish drinking a cup of coffee or two, pour the wet grounds in the pot and push one of the mushroom plugs into the grounds. Keep doing this every time you drink coffee. Mushrooms are going to start growing after a few days.

  1. Leftover coffee grounds can be used as a meat tenderizer. All that needs to be done is to soak the meat in it. Fresh grounds can also be added to chocolate cakes and brownies for a new and different flavor. Any grounds can be used, but fresh ones give a stronger and fresher taste to the dessert.

More and more uses for coffee grounds are being developed and discovered. One of these is the possibility of fuel derived from coffee grounds. Coffee might be the next century’s oil.

The Concert That Never Ends

Imagine if you will, walking into a bar that’s over 100 years old on a Friday night. The original wood floors still creek when you walk on them, the place is dark, and everywhere you look there are people wearing cowboy boots, big ten gallon Stetson hats and drinking beer from a bottle. This is what you can expect on any given Friday and Saturday nights in the small town of Wilder Ky, home of Bobby Mackey’s music world.

The Setting

Bobby Mackey, a former recording artist, bought the building that once was a casino during the height of the mafia era in Newport Ky. He had no intentions of changing anything about the building, all he wanted was a stage where he could play music. This he has accomplished and has been playing classic country music for over thirty years. Bobby enjoys the smiles on peoples faces and watching them dance to the old tunes.

The Music

The newest song that Bobby Mackey and the Big Mac band will perform is the watermelon crawl which was released in the early 90’s. You can expect to hear alot of Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, and George Jones. Bobby will tell you himself that he is not a fan of today’s country. ” There’s just no originality in it anymore.” he expplains. ” When you heard the first two seconds of a Merle Haggard song, you knew right then it was Merle”. Bobby feels that the old singers had a signature and that singers today are very much contained to fit a formula

This is the universal opinion that old is always gold and people are more inclined towards old singers like Nat King Cole, Jimmie Rodgers, Elvis Presley and rock bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, ABBA, etc. to name a few. Bobby Mackey is slowly turning old so he will become a legend in the near future and he regularly performs in nightclubs like Lavelle Toronto, which truly makes for an interesting concert with the fans begging for more at regular intervals, to which he obliges with grace as a true artist is only hungry for audiences’ praise and accolades and money is a secondary item.

Why this is the best concert experience that I have ever had

How many times after a concert can you as a fan go backstage and talk with the singer? Almost after every set, I meet up with Bobby backstage and we talk about our passion towards music over a couple shots of Honeyjack Whiskey. I have stood close enough to the stage to feel the steel guitar notes go through me as the band sings classics such as “Apartment no.9″ and ” He Stopped Loving Her Today” . This is not just a concert, this is something that you experience. It’s an experience that cannot be replicated in any other setting because it is truly a one of a kind place. Attending a concert at Bobby Mackeys is like going to a family reunion. I’m reunited with friends that go every week and I’m reunited with the songs that I grew up loving as a child.

I’ve been to Nashville, I’ve seen Toby Keith and I’ve been to his bar. I can tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this concert experience is unlike any other that I’ve been to in the past and the best part is that I get to experience this every Friday and Saturday night. I would encourage anyone to come down and relive the great country classics with Bobby Mackey and the Big Mac Band. Once you’ve been there, you’ll never go back to Nashville.

The Atari Video Game System: My Ten Favorite Games

Like many others, I grew up with the Atari video game system. The graphics were bad and the game-play choppy, but Atari was the first real video game system. And, it was a lot of fun. I would play for hours on end. In fact, my parents had to kick me out of the house to make sure I would play outside. So, let’s take a trip back to the early 80’s when Atari meant video game. Along with available in Play station, the Pokemon go accounts for sale are available for the players. It will eliminate the need of going to the play station for playing the video games.

Keeping in mind that I have a soft spot for the old school games, here are my top games for the Atari video game system:

Pacman (1981) – Atari turned this arcade hit into a video game for its console. I still remember the day we picked up the game and even though the graphics and game play were not nearly as good as the arcade version, the game was a step up from the other Atari video games I had at the time.

Space Invaders (1978) – Space Invaders was another arcade classic. You shoot as many aliens as you can… what’s not to like? The game-play was very simple, and if aliens ever do invade Earth, I doubt they will come straight down and wait to be shot. But, the game was a lot of fun and helped to lead the video game revolution both for the arcades and for the Atari video game system.

Adventure (1979) – The first fantasy/adventure game, it featured castles, dragons, and keys. As a player, you could actually scroll to and discover different screens and worlds. That was actually a pretty big thing back when the game came out and helped to keep my interest.

Pitfall (1982) – Pitfall was a lot of fun because this game simply had more going on than most of the other Atari video games. You have a time limit to recover treasures, but along the way you have to navigate the jungle and caverns while avoiding alligators, scorpions and other hazards. The graphics were very good for this time period and the play was very fast-paced.

Football (1979)- OK, maybe it wasn’t the most realistic football game ever made (there were four players on each side who looked more like blobs). But, it was the first football game and I loved playing it hours at a time on the Atari video game system.

Pole Position (1983) – The first racing game I ever played. Since this game was closer to the end of the Atari video game system reign, the graphics were actually decent. I’m convinced that Pole Position embedded in me the bad habit of speeding that I maintain to this day.

Combat (1977) – This combat game was included in the purchase of the Atari video game system, so I had the opportunity to play this game from the very beginning. Players could shoot ’em up using tanks, jets, or biplanes. Combat was basic, but brutal fun.

Asteroids (1981) – Like Space Invaders, this is a pretty simple Atari video game that features shooting, aliens, and outer space. The primary goal of the game was to shoot and destroy asteroids flying in every direction. But, those pesky UFO’s would also pop on the screen and shoot at you.

Frogger (1982) – The premise behind this Atari video game is simple. You have to guide frogs across a busy highway and then across a dangerous river. Frogger doesn’t sound too interesting or difficult. But, for some reason that I can’t pinpoint, the game was loads of fun and was even featured in a Seinfeld episode.

Donkey Kong (1982) – This is one of the best known early video games. Donkey Kong also feature the first appearance of Mario from Super Mario Brothers fame. The Atari version of this game was not as good as the arcade version, but Donkey Kong was interesting because it also had a bit of a plot. Angry gorilla escapes, steals the woman and it’s up to you to save her while controlling Mario.

I owned approximately 20-30 Atari video games during my childhood, but these were my ten favorites. We never knew that the graphics and game-play would improve as much as they have 30 years later. Yet, many of us who grew up with the Atari video game system will not forget the many hours of fun and enjoyment it provided.

Illegal Immigration – How Immigrants Have Helped the US

Illegal immigration is a fact of life in a country as rich as the US whether the people in the country agree with it or not. Laws have been passed throughout the country by both the state and federal governments and yet the problem continues to exist. The reasons for this are varied from simply those who are immigrants moving in to do whatever they can to help their families back home making a living to those bureaucrats and others who look the other way and ignore the law.

In recent years there has been a tremendous outcry against illegal immigration with many claiming that illegal immigration is a national security risk. This seems to be a mistaken argument because of the facts of earlier situations where the US had open immigration laws and this did not bear out to be true. From almost its beginning, the US had open immigration laws and got involved in national security crisis every few years or so.

In the first situations, the US was wrangling with France and England over issues on the high seas and yet Frenchmen and Englishmen were coming to the country in droves both legally and illegally. There were no major issues of sabotage by mass portions of these people or mass incidents of espionage by these people in spite of these conflicts with their former homelands. Oftentimes, the very Frenchmen and Englishmen who had immigrated to the US were assisting in defending US interests in these conflicts. Such was the case of the many English and French born sailors who manned the ships of the US Navy in the early 1800’s and during the War of 1812.

Again in the 1840’s immigrants were coming to the US from throughout Latin America both legally and illegally. In this era the US got into a major war with Mexico. Yet in no known situation were there any major situations of the immigrants assisting the enemies of the United States. If anything the opposite was true where hundreds of Mexican immigrants signed up with Texas regiments to serve and defend the interests of the United States.

Even as the US was tearing itself apart in the 1860’s during the Civil War, immigrants were arriving from China, Ireland, and other parts of the world. Not in one known instance did the immigrants, whether in the US legally or illegally, assist in doing things that would have brought foreign powers into the conflict or in doing things that would damage the integrity of the nation. If anything these immigrants greatly assisted the nation by building railroads, serving in hospitals, and in even giving their lives to their new country by fighting for it.

Going on to more modern times such as World War 1 and World War 2, immigrants whether legal or illegal have often shown in spite of cruel treatment their undying devotion for the US. During both World War 1 and World War 2, when the US unjustly imprisoned German, Italian, and Japanese immigrants, these groups stepped up and formed units of the military that assisted in combat and espionage roles providing invaluable assistance to the interests of the nation. Had it not been for the efforts of these immigrants, the process of winning the World Wars would have been much tougher than it already was for the US.

Even today as the US fights its War on Terrorism and War on Drugs, immigrants both legal and illegal still provide help for the nation in many instances. There are numerous cases in both the state and federal dockets where hardened drug criminals were pulled off of the street by courageous actions and testimonies of immigrants. In the War on Terrorism, there have been numerous cases where immigrants from the Middle East have assisted in foiling terrorist plots and plans by providing invaluable information to the authorities. In some cases it has been the fault of the authorities and not immigrants that some of these plots were not stopped. One instance is where the immigrants father of the Christmas Day 2009 underwear bomber attempted to notify the authorities of the terrorist plans of his own son and the authorities ignored this because of a bias against immigrants.

The US would do well to look at its history and realize that illegal immigration is not the threat to national security that many paint it to be. The real threat to national security is alienation of the immigrants whether here legally or illegally. This poses a greater threat because a population that feels alienated from the system is more likely to want to turn against that system even if they admire it than one that is fully engaged and has a vested interest in seeing the system succeed. Therefore the US should realize that moving its efforts away from alienation of illegal immigration and towards incorporation of illegal immigrants would better serve its own interests. The immigration lawyer toronto firm will provide the facilities as per the requirement of the clients. The motive of the firm should be the satisfaction of the customers for visa application.

So the next steps for the US in its illegal immigration debate need to be focused on how to best incorporate immigrants into its society. Things such as the Arizona Immigration Bill and the recent bills in Georgia do not promote this. If anything, this further contributes to alienation of both legal and illegal immigrants and helps to damage national security.

Motorcycle- Your First Love!

A motorcycle is a symbol of freedom, prestige and that of responsibility. Owning a motorcycle means a lot to the youth of today and for the older generation, it makes them feel young and hip. Hence we see the rise in the demand for them. There are a few amazing ways to make sure that you do not end up buying something, which you will have to let go in a few months and be dissatisfied with the whole trade. Thus be very sure when buying motorcycles for the first time.

If you buy a good motorcycle, then be prepared to pay price for it. A fresh and brand new motorcycle is available at a price almost double to that of a used one and the brand new one loses its value quickly in comparison to a four-wheeler because the motorbike loses as much as 15% of its value as soon as it is driven out of the showroom. And if the bike gets scratched or the engine gets damaged due to rough driving then the value drops further. All these factors should be considered before you take the plunge and buy a brand new motorcycle. Hence, you must have the patience to keep the new bike for a good time frame so as to recover the loss in value.

So, if you do not yet know how to perfectly ride the bike, then first perfect the art on a second hand one, which is also freely available. But make sure to purchase it from a reputed dealer because a non-reputed dealer might pass on to you a stolen bike, or a non-insured bike, or a damaged bike. A reputed dealer will also allow you a test ride, which will help you to get doubly sure of the quality of the motorcycle. Plus they would offer you the best possible price, which is of course negotiable. Moreover, you will get the very best Motorcycle helmets that will make your bike ride safer. 

You would definitely need the help of someone who is an expert in this field to help you out. To find out from among your friends and family who are knowledgeable about motorcycles. They will help you to select the right type of bike from the right type of people and also advise you the perfect price and also help you negotiate.

One more thing you need to take care of is to look at the bike and check its cleanliness and ask the seller about the history of the bike and all the controls because if they know the bike properly then it indicates that they have taken proper care of the motorcycle.

If you like the bike and your companion also approves of it all, then you buy it from the dealer. But your work does not end here. There is still some paperwork to be done and the delivery of the bike to be taken. The paperwork includes taking the owner’s manual, service book, insurance papers, and other certificates. Further, also check it up with the police whether it is stolen or not.

Further, if you need financing there are a lot of loan providers, which will make your dreams come true. Hence, go ahead and buy the motorcycle of your choice.

Foster Children Overmedicated. Who’s That Elephant In The Room?

Prescription medicine and medical doctors are wonderful benefits to our society. There is much good about discoveries in pharmaceutical research, miracles are created, advances made, lives saved. So why was I not surprised when I heard on CNN News that foster children are being over medicated, admittedly so to control behavior. A new study by the Government Accountability Office revealed such is the case. (E. Cohen, “Foster Care Kids Over Prescribed Meds”) We are talking about babies and toddlers here. What is going on here and who is in the position of power  amp; responsibility? Would it be the doctor, the pharmaceutical companies, foster parents, or social services? How far do we cross over the line before society stands up and says “enough”? Our children are at our mercy, especially those in foster care.

This is becoming an all too familiar tale. Not to mention the stories of teenagers and adults over medicated and over prescribed prescription medications. The countless number of individuals addicted to doctor prescribed medication in the country is rising quickly, not to mention resulting deaths in prescription medication over doses or misuses. (Scientific American by Harmon, “Prescription Drug Deaths Increase Dramatically”). Michael Jackson is one story. His is magnified no doubt due to his celebrity status, however a fine example of the extreme regardless of his stature.

I believe we need more education, regulations and accountability. Pharmaceutical companies have big money, big power and big influence extending to medical institutions, right into doctor’s offices. Personal experience suggests that pharmaceutical companies even effect how doctors diagnose in some form or another. It seems to me they are engrained as permanent structure in this country’s medical practice and institutions, even though supposedly separate and have no influence. (1. Berman  amp; Ahari, “Following the Script: How Drug Reps Make Friends and Influence Doctors” 2. Harvard Law by Osvald-Mruz, ” PBM and Pharmaceutical Company Mergers: Policy and Regulatory Implications” )

Good doctors know how to utilize medications appropriately and have appropriate standards of care. It is the not so clear minded doctors that we are to be concerned. As resulted in Michael Jackson’s case where the misguided and misplaced ambitions of Dr. Murray led to devastating consequences. It is the misguided use that leads to abuse that is an outrage, from doctor to pharmaceutical companies. Motives become confused. I believe regulations will have to result in order to protect those who can’t protect themselves. But will government be willing to assert themselves against so much power and money, or even can they? With the presence of lobbyists and campaign contributions assuaging loyalties to one thing or the other it seems that this would be a winless cause. ( Borger, “USA: The Pharmaceutical Industry Stalks The Corridor of Power”) The megamucusso supplement restricts rebuilding mucosal barrier in the body. Several campaigns have been started through the companies for spreading awareness regarding a healthy digestive system. The dose of the medicines should be under the prescription of the doctors.

Hopefully in lieu of the Michael Jackson doctor trial and the resulting guilty verdict, accountability is staking its claim. At least people are talking about it and there is a furthering of awareness. As Americans we must stand up and take notice. In this day and age of digital media and the constant confrontation of information, it is our duty. We as adults must claim responsibility for the youth in this country no matter parents or not. We can do this. Questions have to be asked and answers given so we can begin to assess accountability. As I stated in my last article, I believe ‘God is always in the business of making things right’, but our participation is needed. Let’s not forget our forgotten children. They matter. After all this is the United States of America. They must matter.