The Atari Video Game System: My Ten Favorite Games

Like many others, I grew up with the Atari video game system. The graphics were bad and the game-play choppy, but Atari was the first real video game system. And, it was a lot of fun. I would play for hours on end. In fact, my parents had to kick me out of the house to make sure I would play outside. So, let’s take a trip back to the early 80’s when Atari meant video game. Along with available in Play station, the Pokemon go accounts for sale are available for the players. It will eliminate the need of going to the play station for playing the video games.

Keeping in mind that I have a soft spot for the old school games, here are my top games for the Atari video game system:

Pacman (1981) – Atari turned this arcade hit into a video game for its console. I still remember the day we picked up the game and even though the graphics and game play were not nearly as good as the arcade version, the game was a step up from the other Atari video games I had at the time.

Space Invaders (1978) – Space Invaders was another arcade classic. You shoot as many aliens as you can… what’s not to like? The game-play was very simple, and if aliens ever do invade Earth, I doubt they will come straight down and wait to be shot. But, the game was a lot of fun and helped to lead the video game revolution both for the arcades and for the Atari video game system.

Adventure (1979) – The first fantasy/adventure game, it featured castles, dragons, and keys. As a player, you could actually scroll to and discover different screens and worlds. That was actually a pretty big thing back when the game came out and helped to keep my interest.

Pitfall (1982) – Pitfall was a lot of fun because this game simply had more going on than most of the other Atari video games. You have a time limit to recover treasures, but along the way you have to navigate the jungle and caverns while avoiding alligators, scorpions and other hazards. The graphics were very good for this time period and the play was very fast-paced.

Football (1979)- OK, maybe it wasn’t the most realistic football game ever made (there were four players on each side who looked more like blobs). But, it was the first football game and I loved playing it hours at a time on the Atari video game system.

Pole Position (1983) – The first racing game I ever played. Since this game was closer to the end of the Atari video game system reign, the graphics were actually decent. I’m convinced that Pole Position embedded in me the bad habit of speeding that I maintain to this day.

Combat (1977) – This combat game was included in the purchase of the Atari video game system, so I had the opportunity to play this game from the very beginning. Players could shoot ’em up using tanks, jets, or biplanes. Combat was basic, but brutal fun.

Asteroids (1981) – Like Space Invaders, this is a pretty simple Atari video game that features shooting, aliens, and outer space. The primary goal of the game was to shoot and destroy asteroids flying in every direction. But, those pesky UFO’s would also pop on the screen and shoot at you.

Frogger (1982) – The premise behind this Atari video game is simple. You have to guide frogs across a busy highway and then across a dangerous river. Frogger doesn’t sound too interesting or difficult. But, for some reason that I can’t pinpoint, the game was loads of fun and was even featured in a Seinfeld episode.

Donkey Kong (1982) – This is one of the best known early video games. Donkey Kong also feature the first appearance of Mario from Super Mario Brothers fame. The Atari version of this game was not as good as the arcade version, but Donkey Kong was interesting because it also had a bit of a plot. Angry gorilla escapes, steals the woman and it’s up to you to save her while controlling Mario.

I owned approximately 20-30 Atari video games during my childhood, but these were my ten favorites. We never knew that the graphics and game-play would improve as much as they have 30 years later. Yet, many of us who grew up with the Atari video game system will not forget the many hours of fun and enjoyment it provided.

Fortnite- The Game Of The Decade

There are certain things that never get old and are evergreen, which means that they can be enjoyed and appreciated by people of all age groups. Childhood is the best phase of life and there are many things that make it so. 

The time period where there is no tension or stress in life and all you have to do is to play, eat, sleep and repeat, which continues until you get older. Apart from the regular game of ludo and snake & ladders, video games are important things that can never be forgotten as they form an irreplaceable part of childhood. 

One of them is fortnite, which I am sure everyone must have played atleast once in their childhood and many of you must be having some unforgettable memories associated with it. 


Fortnite was founded by Epic Games and first came out in the year 2017 and has three different versions according to the level and game play engine. The modes are as follows: 

  1. Fortnite: Save the world 
  2. Fortnite: Battle Royale 
  3. Fornite: Creative 

Each of the three phases represent three different variations of the game where the players have to get rid of important structures with the help of a pickaxe and collect important materials like wood, metal, brick, leaves, etc. and store it in the fortnite account.


It quickly became a success as many youngsters took to it like fish to water and its innovative levels and cheat codes helped in achieving team mates and moral support from two different modes such as Save the world and Battle royale. 

It is an excellent game that tests the creativity of players and how sharp they are in tackling the challenges that come their way, which has led it to become the game of the decade in just 3 years of its launch. 

Your Expert Guide To Dominate GTA 5

Are you a new player to the GTA 5 world and looking for ways to master the game like a boss? Well, that’s great as Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular multi-player action games today that promises hours of fun. One of the coolest part is, you can enjoy the game easily with your gang of gamer buddies. You will be glad to know the post below offers a brief on the expert tips that will help you to dominate GTA 5.

Start with a proper plan

You certainly don’t want to end up with nothing after 4 long hours of gaming. Well, if you don’t proceed with a strategic plan, chances are high that you will blow up. To avoid futile experiences, you should always proceed with a plan where you will have clear idea about your goals in the game and how to reach them. Whether you are going for a heist or a race, a well-defined plan is crucial for everything.

Be strategic with purchases

You should know how to invest the money properly to ensure result-driven outcomes. Focus on buying stuff that might reap rewards even they apparently seem to be costly. For example, Motorcycle Club or vehicle warehouse is costly. But, don’t forget they can provide additional income opportunities.

Check out GTA 5 mods

GTA 5 mods are a great way to modify the game in your favor. You will find them easily online today but one must check the playing console compatibility while downloading the mods. For example, it is difficult to get gta 5 mod menu xbox one. So, in this case, you will have to get the mods on Xbox 360 and then load GTA 5 on that. After that you will sign in as well as rank up all. 

Focus on heists

Try to go for heists as much as possible. Heists involve elaborate prep work yet also promise excellent payouts. 

Fascinating Benefits of Playing Online Puzzle Games

Online puzzle games generally look much simpler than action-packed and adventure games. But they also bring wonderful perks people enjoy. Think of finding answers for Word Cookies, or solving a variation of classic crossword. Yes, you’ll surely have fun with it! 

What Benefits playing Online Puzzle Games offers you 

  1. Great Fun and Excitement – Most online puzzle games look really simple and boring at first glance. But when you start playing it and challenge yourself to beat the game, you’d find it hard to stop. Then, you’d see yourself having a great time! 
  2. Prove your Skills to Others – Most online puzzle games only allow one player to enjoy. However, they offer a record of scores to see which individual players have achieved the highest points in the game. Hence, it’s still a competitive way of proving yourself, and you can compete with your friends as well. 
  3. Enhance Mind-Power – Studies show that puzzle games help in boosting memorization, creativity and critical thinking skills of a person. In fact, it’s helpful for people with mental illnesses as well such as memory loss. Hence, doctors encourage patients suffering with such condition to play some online puzzle games every now and then. 
  4. Different Games available – Online puzzle games come in many forms such as those which come with words, pictures or questions. Some are perfect for specific demographics too, such as for elderlies, young adults, kids, professionals and students among others. Feel free to choose one that suits your taste and needs.  
  5. Convenient to Enjoy – Lastly, you don’t have to carry boards or stacks of cards just to enjoy online puzzle games. Simply connect your mobile phone or computer to the web, and you’re good to go. Play anytime and anywhere you want! 

Online puzzle games are certainly fantastic. Its benefits are something anybody should enjoy today as well. So, find the best one for you to play. 

2048- A Game Of Wits

When it comes to the most popular video games of all time, a few that dominate the list are super Mario, claw, contra, gi joe, to name a few. The list is so long that one article is not enough to cover all of them. 

This is enough to prove that video games continue to be popular among the masses even with the advent of social media, where everything is available on your smartphones. 

However, the one that has grabbed many eyeballs since its inception is 2048, which can be considered a game of wits, because it is going to be managed by artificial intelligence. 

It has been theorized by experts that artificial intelligence is going to dominate the world in the coming decade, which has already begun with the arrival of 2020. What social media was to 2010, artificial intelligence will be for 2020-2030. 

 What is 2048? 

As mentioned, it is a game of wits where you have to match the given tiles in a sequential manner depending on the numbers given and combine them to create an enormous number of tiles. 

The game is over when there are no moves left and the board is also full. Strategic planning is a prerequisite for to reach the tile containing 2048 and once you do so, you are deemed the winner, a little tougher than 2048 cupcakes. 

Also, you need to take care of certain things when playing 2048 on your mobile and they are as follows: 

  1. First of all you have to understand and analyze the board and plan your moves accordingly 
  2. Concentrate on the smaller tiles first so as to avoid complicated positions and then move on to the larger ones 
  3. Start from the corner and keep going in the same direction without coming in the middle and then combine others in a sequence 
  4. Whenever stuck up, slow down and work out a way with patience 

Elo Boosters- League Of Legends

The nature of a child is engraved in its psyche right from the time it is in its mother’s womb. A child is a combination of his parents’ genes and imbibes most of their looks, features, attitude and outlook by taking in everything while inside the womb through the mother.

When he is small, he becomes fascinated with the surroundings and immediately takes to colorful toys due to their hues and variety along with eatables such as sweets and junk food.

When he is 8 or 9, the interest become more diverse and he starts to develop interest in outdoor games like football, baseball, basketball, etc. and indoor ones like chess, ludo, snake & ladder, video games, to name a few.

Here it is important to mention video games as there are many of them and the child would choose the one that arouses his curiosity, depending on his preference of genre.

He may become quite adept to the game or may not be as successful in the initial stages. So, what can he do to improve his performance? It is through elo boost that helps in changing the player’s position and keeps them focused on their goals so that they can proceed further.

But, there is a another hurdle in the form of league of legends that may not be easy to complete due to its complexity and it becomes frustrating when you are unable to clear it after repeated attempts.

So, we are going to list out certain tips to boost elo in the league of legends and they are as follows:

  • Become a master of awareness by getting through the champions’ pool by fighting off different champions of repute
  • Star communicating with peers on how they are tackling the legends through skype
  • Consult the website,, for studying about map awareness by envisioning the blueprint of locations in your mind.



Uncharted 1 Compared to Uncharted 2 – Essential things to know

Would you guys believe it, I’m currently on my 7th playthrough of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune (at Ch. 16), my 3rd time playing through it on Crushing (the hardest) difficulty. Except this time, I’ve already played through Uncharted 2 on Hard difficulty so I’ve been constantly having the tendency to compare the two games.

At this point, call me crazy, but I still enjoy Drake’s Fortune more. The enjoying will be more when the comfort level of the gamer will be optimum. Console Boost in the games will provide more scope for driving crazy about that.

Maybe it has to do with the fact that I’ve beaten the game six times and I’ve only beaten U2 once so far, but to me, the U1’s setpiece battles, characters, environments, and even the music are just more memorable to me. Probably the most bothersome thing about Drake’s Fortune is that characters are split up rather arbitrarily with copout reasons (”I feel hinky”) as justifications, but nonetheless, at least I’m given the opportunity to grow attached to them and care for them. In Uncharted 2, characters just drop out and disappear as quickly as they had introduced themselves, e.g. Karl Schafer, Sullivan, Chloe.

And the villains in U2 are extremely one-dimensional. Flynn I thought was supposed to be like the anti-Drake or a foil, where he’s the opposite of Nathan Drake and be sort of a rival figure but in the end, he’s just… there, and his demise just makes absolutely no sense at all. In U1, all the villains have some unique flair to them, and particularly the cutscenes involving Edy Raja are just humorous. The rich white guy Roman is definitely underdeveloped as a character but his desmise has meaning and acts as a nice little climax. Lazarevic I guess was supposed to be kinda like Roman in U2 but damn, I didnt even care to hate that guy.

If I could make one sentence to compare the storytelling of U1 to U2, it’d probably be the following, that U2 goes all over the place and becomes a mess in order to present its remarkable setpieces and take Nathan Drake to epic locales while U1 drops in little scenes here and there to keep things focused and to shed light on the few characters it has to make it feel like a traditional popcorn flick while reversing accepted cliches (e.g. Elena rescuing Nathan from Edy’s prison by using the jeep).

U2 I admit is more a technical beast, more of a masterpiece, and when I was U1, I was constatly cursing at the TV screen wishing that I could throw grenades without having to fumble with the SixAxis, that I could do melee kills while still locked into cover, that the AI is programmed better to accept stealthy playstyle, all the things that U2 introduced, but whenever I entered a sequence, I remembered every little detail like I had beaten the game yesterday. U1 just sticks to my memory, its story, its characters, its battles, and even the treasure locations.

I know it’s been said that U2 features the best singleplayer experience ever, but I simply have to disagree. U2 was a great fun, but ultimately, after it was done, it was kinda forgettable. I HAD to replay U1 after I’d beaten the game. With U2, I had to take a break, and I’ve already beaten like three games since I had beaten U2, and yet, I still feel no urge to replay U2. In fact, I’m getting the urge to continue to beat U1 for the seventh time and then replay Valkyria Chronicles instead.

Winning Poker Strategy: Play Bad Players

As poker has become more than a fad and reached global popularity, people have begun to realize that poker is not just a game of luck. They are starting to see the skill involved in becoming a winning poker player.

Whether it’s hand reading, calculating pot odds, or bluffing, there is a lot to think about in poker. However, one of the most important skills doesn’t get talked about enough. This is the skill of table selection. There are several skills that are quite important to learn as you get into the game of poker. It is really easy to polish those skills with the help of pussy888 apk. This is really easy use and is available for both android and iOS as well.

Table selection is simply the art of finding tables with bad players. People who value this skill highly realize that a huge percentage of the money made from playing poker is from capitalizing on other players’ mistakes. And tables filled with bad players will have more mistakes to capitalize on.

Hand Examples

Let’s look at two hand examples to prove my point. These examples comes from my local casino.

In the first example, I was playing $1/$2 no limit Texas holdem. I was on the button with about $100. Everyone folded to me. I looked down at my cards and found two black kings. I raised my premium hand to $10. The small blind raised me to $30. The big blind called the $30.

I pushed my remaining $90 in the middle. The small blind folded after much deliberation. Then, the big blind called my all-in with Jack-10 suited!

This was a huge mistake for him because he’s only winning 20% of the time against pocket kings.

Good players, if they were in his position, would have folded Jack-10 suited. However, since I was playing against a bad player, I earned an extra $98 from his mistakes.

In the second example, I was playing $4/$8 limit Texas holdem. I was in middle position. A bad player in early position called. Let’s call her Sue. The player to my right raised. I had Ace-King, so I 3-bet, or reraised. Everyone else folded except Sue and the original raiser. They both called.

The flop was perfect for my hand: Ace – King – 2.

They checked to me and I bet my top two pair. Sue called and the original raiser folded.

The turn was a 3. Sue checked, I bet, and she called.

The river was a 6. Again, Sue checked, I bet, and she called. She showed Ace-4 offsuit and I won the hand.

Good players, in Sue’s position, would have folded Ace-4 offsuit preflop. Because she was a bad player, I earned an extra $32.

Sit With Bad Players

My point is that too many good players don’t exercise good table selection. They often sit down at a table and don’t leave even though the table is filled with other good players. Instead, they should ask for a table change.

Bad players are your friends. Find them and play against them. Your poker bankroll will thank you.


Top Android Multiplayer Online games

Playing games on Android is trending as developers are working to make it easy and thrilling for the android phone player to play multiplayer online games. Many games are available on Play Store for the android users for free where they can create an account and can play multiplayer games online. This has given a boom to the gaming industry and the game lovers as they can play their favorite games wherever they want on their mobile phones. Few trending and popular online multiplayer games are listed below. Some companies regularly try to boost MMR.

PUBG Mobile

The developer of PUBG has given a great gift to PUBG lovers as they have introduced the games on android. It is one of the most played online multiplayer games and has made gamers addicted as they are spending an ample amount of time on their mobile while playing this game. For the newcomer, they are dropped on an island with other 99 players in real-time. The goal is to survive till last so that you can get Chicken Dinner.

DotA 2

Another popular game nowadays is DotA 2, where millions of players worldwide join the battlefield as one of the Dota Heroes. There is no limit on playing hours because there are lots to discover from the game. The game keeps on updating regularly, providing new features, heroes, gameplay, and much more added options to choose from. Every hero is given a fair playground to survive and stand out of the stream with the boost MMR option.

Asphalt 9 Legends

It is one of the most loved racing online games. The game is very much like the old one with new features and car options with improved graphics and new locations. The players from the world race to compete with each other to win the race and become the master of racing.

Console or Handheld: Which is Best to Buy for a Child?

Almost any parent, grandparent, aunt, or uncle is fully aware that the majority of children enjoy receiving video games as gifts. Of course, before you can buy a video game for a child, somebody has to buy a system on which that child will play the video game. If it were the early 1980s, such a decision would be easy. At the time the only major systems capable of playing video games were personal computers and the Atari 2600. As of the 7th generation of video game consoles, there is significantly more choice in video game systems. Ignoring computers, cell phones, and iPads, there are three major consoles and two major handheld systems capable of playing video games.

Unless you are intimately familiar with the video game market, you probably don’t have the slightest clue about the advantages and disadvantages of any individual system. In fact, the only difference you are probably aware of is whether the system is a portable or not. Assuming you only intend to buy one system for a child, then you will have to decide whether to buy a console or a handheld.

This decision is actually quite a bit more meaningful than it seems at first glance. Unlike even one generation ago, handheld systems are actually quite powerful and rather expensive. According to, a new Sony PSP goes for $150 – $200 and a new Nintendo DSi costs around $150 – $160. Comparatively, a new Nintendo Wii costs $200 and a new Microsoft Xbox 360 Slim and Playstation 3 Slim both cost $300. Thus, the cheapest handheld is only about $50 cheaper than the cheapest console and the most expensive handheld is only $100 cheaper than the most expensive console.

This high cost is reflective of the high quality of the system. For example, the PSP has built in Wi-Fi and can download and play MP3s and full length movies. In addition, it has roughly the graphics, speed, and power of a PS2. The DSi may not be quite as powerful, but it has a built in digital camera and a library of roughly 1000 games. Handheld gaming is not just something to distract kids on long car rides anymore. Handheld systems have powerful hardware and serious games.

Part of your decision to on what system to purchase should be based on the age and maturity of the child you are buying for. As tempting as it is to buy a handheld system for a younger child, this is probably a poor decision. Younger children don’t have the maturity to quit playing when responsibilities or important situations occur. It is much easier to pull a child away from a console for other activities than it is to pull a child away from a handheld gaming system. There is simply greater potential for parental control when a child can’t simply put the gaming system in a pocket. So when choosing between these two systems, it is important to think of it as your gaming t shirts. Is it worth your money? Is it affordable? Is it a quality system? And most importantly, would you love to use it as always?

Besides maturity, age matters as well. Two of the three consoles primarily have games targeted for teens and adults. There isn’t much purpose to purchasing an Xbox 360 for an eight year old when the vast majority of games on it are rated at least T and often M. The exception here is that the Nintendo Wii mostly has games targeted towards children, family, and casual gamers.

Another important thing to keep in mind when choosing a console or a handheld is battery life. With the exception of the PS3, even the consoles use batteries in the controllers. But, the battery life of a controller is much higher than the battery life of a handheld system. Taking care of batteries is kind of like taking care of a pet. You need to constantly pay attention. In fact, the ability to care for a pet is a great standard for whether a child is ready to handle maintaining battery life. If the child cares for a pet diligently, a handheld is probably a safe choice. If not, you should definitely lean towards a console.

Finally, the simplest rule of thumb is to determine what games the child wants to play. This consideration may also include what games others in the house want to play. Super Mario Galaxy only exists as a game on the Nintendo Wii, so there is absolutely no purpose to buying a Sony PSP for a child that wants to play that game. Similarly, handheld systems are single player systems, so if three or four members of the family want to play the same games at once, a console is the optimal choice.

In general, very young children, up to about 9 years old are probably best with the Nintendo Wii. Since it is a console, adults can easily supervise game playing. For tween years and early teens, handheld systems are probably the best choice. Finally, late teens will be best with either the Xbox 360 or PS3 consoles. Obviously, each child is different and it is smart to get input from the child, even if you don’t follow it, before choosing a system.