Updates Are A Go! Everything New to Pokemon Go

As the latest offering by one of the world’s most beloved franchise, Pokemon Go has considerable pressure on it to remain as seamless and smooth as possible for its millions of players around the world. As a result, the platform continually introduced new updates and fixes. While both fun and necessary, these updates are sometimes a little hard to keep up with. So, here is a list of all the major changes introduced on Pokemon Go in the latter half of 2020 –

  • Mega Evolution finally rolled around in August 2020 after much anticipation and fanfare. This allows players to temporarily gain extra power for specific Pokemon via mega energy, assuring greater wins in battles and raids.
  • Strange Eggs have now begun to hatch different Pokemon, corresponding to the changes in the seasons around the world. Eggs of different kilometers have different categories of Pokemon attached to them.
  • Android phones released before 2015 may have to bid goodbye either to their phones or to the game as Niantic has announced that newer versions of Pokemon Go will no longer support 32-bit Android devices in a bid to focus more on the newer systems.
  • Pokemon Home and Pokemon Go also integrated in November 2020. To celebrate the new interface and the benefits it brings to players, shiny Meltan was teased as being added in some of the mystery boxes, and a CP boost to the newest Mega PokemonPidgeot – was also announced.
  • AR Mapping tasks were announced in October 2020, though these are available only to those above level 20, and only at select PokeStops. Aimed at improving the augmented reality of the game, these tasks will enable further development of Pokeworld maps.

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Evolve Doduo Pokemon Go

Doduo is the double-headed bird with an attitude in Pokemon Go. This twin bird is a nimble combatant and he won’t quit until the day is won. While asleep, one of the heads of the Doduo stays awake with an eye open for danger while the other rests. If you’ve recently caught Doduo and want to learn how to evolve Doduo, this guide is for you.

Like twins, both heads have their own individual brain that works in conjunction with the other in unison. It’s this teamwork that allows Doduo to succeed at Pokemon Go gyms.

Doduo hails from Kalos as well as other regions of Kanto. When fully grown this double-headed bird stands 4 feet and 7 inches. Most mature birds weigh around 86 pounds. Lightning fast, Doduo uses two basic attacks in combat.

The first is a quick attack which deals 10 points of damage. The special attack is Drill Peck, which will cost your enemy 30 points. If you are not sure how to set up your Pokemon go account or what to do in combat, check our guide.

When you’ve got just 25 Doduo candy, you are ready to evolve him. Once you evolve Doduo, he transforms into his next state which is Dodrio. He’s far more powerful than Doduo and has an extra head to boot! The three-headed flying type Pokemon is an excellent combatant and can be dominant depending on the type of Pokemon in the opposing gym.

How To Evolve Doduo

All you need is just 25 total candy to evolve Doduo. When you’ve collected or transferred enough Doduo Pokemon, you can evolve him. When you are ready to evolve Doduo, select the Pokemon you want to evolve and look at his bio.

Now go into the bio of the Pokemon in question and select EVOLVE.

Dodrio is a strong Pokemon that relies on his quickness to avoid damage. After you evolve Doduo, your attacks also change to stronger versions. The basic attack for Dodrio is Steel Wing, which will deal with 15 points of damage. The special attack changes to a flying type Drill Peck, which will cost your opponent 30.

Doduo evolves into Dodrio

Now you are ready to level up your Dodrio to take on any opposing gym. Once you’ve trained him enough, he’ll be ready to attack any rival teams out there.

Best Storage Options For You Lego City

Lego is indeed one of the best toys that you can buy in the market. It develops both the innovative and creative skills of your children and at the same time, it is a good platform to bond and spend time together with them. Another great thing about Lego is that, it is a building block toy that can be played by anyone regardless of their age. There are also studies contending that toys like Lego can provide mental health benefits to players. However, despite the advantages of playing Lego, it has also some minimal and little drawbacks. One of those is that it can be messy as it contains lots of pieces and components. So, how do we keep our space clean after playing Lego? Here are some of the items that can help you keep and store your toys properly.

DIY Table

One of the common and popular storage tools for Lego is a DIY Lego table top. It is very easy to set up as you only have to buy a cheap table and have your Lego assembled on the surface of it. It’s like it has 2 functions in one structure. 

String Bags

String bags are also popular item that can help you keep your Lego organized after using it. One of the best things about string bags is that it is very handy and easy to keep. It is also not expensive and it comes in different styles and designs.

Customized table

If you want to spend some money on your storage for lego, you can consider a customized table. Usually, the table has a sliding top and underneath is the storage box where you can store and keep the toys after using it. This can be quite expensive but it is a god investment. 


Idle Heroes: The Secrets of The Game

As what most of the players say, there will always be secrets in every game. Hence, it is in your strategy on how you will unfold these secrets so you will be a successful player. When it comes to Idle Heroes, there are also secrets that you need to know so you can easily advance in the game. To help you out, this article will provide you some of the best strategies that you can use for you to easily progress.

First of those is that you should learn to explore the skills of your heroes. Each hero has unique skills and abilities. Knowing such will help you to utilize them properly. You should always pay attention to the HP, statistics, speed, armor and other skills. Next, it is also advisable to have at least one warrior for most of the damage. This will help you to win in battles. But before you do that, you must be able to acquire 5 star heroes. This tends to be the first step because it will serve as your stepping stone in winning the battles in the game. Consequently, you should also join a guild and participate in raids and wars. By doing so, you will be able to acquire guild coins which you can use to purchase heroes and other items in the game. It is advisable to earn guild coins as soon as possible so you can easily advance in the game. Furthermore, you should also be able to know and be familiar with the idle heroes pro tier list so you will know how each hero works. This will also help you to have a set of heroes that is strong enough to win in battles and raids. Most importantly, always enjoy and have fun while playing.

CTRUS C1 Soccer Ball – Internal Tracking System Allows You to Follow the Ball Wherever it Goes

The World Cup of soccer if quickly approaching. It is during this time that teams from around the world engage in some of the most intense sporting matches of all time. You can attribute this to the rabid passion that fans tend to who towards their country’s teams. This passion is what fuels the players on the field to play at a higher level. However, the intensity can raise to dangerous levels when the game is close and a referee just happens to make a horrible call. The CTRUS C1 soccer ball hopes to prevent this and might be a part of the next World Cup.

The upcoming World Cup is going to feature Adidas’ Jabulani Soccer Ball (See Source 1). Officials chose to use this ball because it is the world’s most round ball and provides more accuracy to players. Many experts believe that the ball should not be used because it will make players better. This is why the makers of the CTRUS C1 soccer ball chose now to reveal their creation. They believe that this soccer ball is the future and I was lucky enough to get a first glimpse at it.

What makes this soccer ball stick out is that it comes with a specially built internal positioning system. You might be wondering why a soccer ball would require such technology. The reason behind this is so that the ball can easily be tracked. This could prevent a referee from making a bad off sides call. The upstairs review staff can also better review important moments in the match to make sure unfair position is not being given to another team.

Perhaps the coolest thing is that this technology could allow it to be easier to follow the soccer ball for players and people in the crowd. The soccer ball could easily change color depending on the team that has it. You could also see the soccer ball changing color during important free kicks and throw ins by the soccer goalie. There is a lot of possibilities that come with having the ability to track where the ball is moving. The tracking and knowing about the soccer will be gathered from https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Daily/Issues/2007/04/04/MLS-Season-Preview/Blog-Hound-International-Infusion-A-Growing-Trend-In-MLS.aspx official site. The information about kicks will be provided to the person. The success rate or winnings will depend on the playing strategies of the players. The information should be correct and real for the person. 

The CTRUS C1 could really change how we watch soccer. I think it would be cool to be able to better follow the ball in action. It would also be cool for players to better be able to keep an eye on the white soccer ball when it can sometimes get lost in the white color jersey of a player. Time will only tell if this ball breaks out like it should, but when it does you can say that you heard it hear first.

5 Fantastic Benefits Of Playing Video Games

Earlier it was a belief that the games are so addictive and must not be played often. In today’s time, the research shows that there are incredible benefits of playing video games, and they develop a sense of cognitive skills in children and adults. These games help a person in constant stimulation and boost up the performance of the brain. There are some games that help you to win money, and you can check those games on Https://berani99.com .

There are some surprising benefits of playing video games that will encourage you to play and enhance your mind, which are:

  1. Develops a sense of coordination

Adults or children not only stare at the computer while playing the game but through the actions and activities performed, there is a lot of stimulation. Playing video games need to concentrate and coordinate with audio and video.

  1. Improves memory

Players need to concentrate on both audio and visual memory as they need to listen and read the instructions provided in the game. They need to remember everything in the entire game. It is essential to learn about the keys to move the characters quickly in the game. All these things improve memory, whether it is for short-term or long-term.

  1. A good source to learn

Games teach a lot to children, adults, and teenagers. Even some of the institutions have incorporated video games as their method of teaching. These video games help to improve the skills of children, and they can further enhance their creative and cognitive skills.

  1. Multitasking skills

For video games, you need to be observant. You need to move joystick, keys, and work with various features on the screen, controlling all these factors make you win the game. By learning multitasking skills through games, players can utilize them in real-life as well.

  1. Develop social skills

There are vast numbers of players engaged in a particular game. Also, there is communication between the players that develop good relations among them.

Warfighter, is a Wasted Sequel

The fighters are on the ring, the bell rang and first one shows his best. But does he succeed in people’s expectations? That’s 1 in a million question my friends and here is my verdict for Medal Of Honor: Warfighter. Buy League of Legends Smurf after passing of the level for the video games. The experience of the players will be supreme and excellent while playing in the mobile phone and the personal computer. The engagement of the players will be increased with the passing of the levels. 

Medal Of Honor:

Warfighter is a sequel to Medal Of Honor (2010) a reboot in the series, which now shows modern combat instead of WW2. While first game received average ratings and people hoped for improvement in 2nd game, it doesn’t show them well enough but still stands firmly on it’s own. Warfighter follows the story of one of the members of squad in previous game Preacher as he tries to fix his problems with his family, but duty calls and he has to go back into the warzone. Here is a quick summary of what to expect: going from point A to point B, following your team leader and doing what he tells you, killing bad guys, and finally saving the world. Also to say that Warfighter fails right now in storyline. It’s not epic as was in previous game but still ok for a mediocre game. But a warning for everybody: story is dull and uninspiring, and won’t be remembered at all. Nobody will talk about it or even mention.

The gameplay plays out well but still feels like Battlefield 3. It’s obvious because game uses Frostbite 2 engine. Not to get into the rant but decision by EA to give Frostbite 2 to every new game is a bit pointless. Games are good as they are even without futuristic engine. Like any other shooter you will constantly will be running a lot and killing baddies either in Single Player or Multiplayer and it’s all fun and stuff but still misses some important things. Talking about SP there is no variety in it. Across all 13 missions you will be on foot and using different weapons. You won’t destroy tanks or something similar you will be just constantly shooting soldiers just for heck of it. Only 2 missions provide different gameplay you will be driving a car from point A to point B or chasing another car. In one word to describe whole 5-6 hour long campaign: boring.

But here comes the good part. Multiplayer is fine as it can only be. It’s a merge between COD latest games and cool graphics of Battlefield 3. It’s like multiplayer was given more work and time than SP and it’s actually not bad and at the same time not good. You can play as 6 different classes with their own personal weapons, and also play for 10 different nations which are also cool. Like BF3 you will level up yourself and unlock different things like new soldiers, weapon attachments, etc. Also interesting part about whole multiplayer is “Buddy System”. You are always put into squad of 2 people and you can always spawn on your buddy if you die. This makes game much entertaining and enjoyable. Creating your own squad and inviting your friends is a fine way to play Warfighter. Killstreaks make their return from previous game and you can acquire them by getting points or killing enemies. Across 8 different maps you can play different game modes like famous TDM, CTF etc. Although it’s kinda sad that developers removed APC from “Combat Mission” for attackers, it was actually fun to use it.

Graphics look great for Frostbite 2, it is a new piece of technology and it moves forward, although whole point of this engine was to show destruction and nice looking graphics but it only succeeds only in graphics but we can slight this off because MOH never meant to be hardcore clone of BF.

Soundtrack is ok in this game as well as voice acting is incredibly well done. Hats off to them.

The main point of MOH:

Warfighter was to show players that game is very realistic and it actually based on true events. And it’s really nice that former soldiers were advisors for game development so they could give us a true feeling what Tier 1 Operators had to do when they were out there saving our world from destruction. That is also a good point here and in previous game. Warfighter really tries hard to show how good it is, but reality hits it hard and it fails miserably.

Final note here is this. Game feels rushed and unpolished. And it’s really hard to make mediocre game when there are a lot of similar shooters are coming out in next days. Right now Warfighter had a chance to show itself to world how it innovated. And next player in this battle will be Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2. Will it beat Warfighter? Probably yes because of its community. But thing is not about this. While COD is all about arcade, MOH tries to show all realism. And it did fine with it. Bottom line is: Warfighter isn’t worth your time if you don’t like mediocre shooters who repeat themselves over and over. It really had a potential but developers wasted it. If only Campaign was good it could get more attention. Multiplayer is a blast to play at some point, but Single Player is utter disappointment. Better wait for price drop or pay for something else.6/10

The Atari Video Game System: My Ten Favorite Games

Like many others, I grew up with the Atari video game system. The graphics were bad and the game-play choppy, but Atari was the first real video game system. And, it was a lot of fun. I would play for hours on end. In fact, my parents had to kick me out of the house to make sure I would play outside. So, let’s take a trip back to the early 80’s when Atari meant video game. Along with available in Play station, the Pokemon go accounts for sale are available for the players. It will eliminate the need of going to the play station for playing the video games.

Keeping in mind that I have a soft spot for the old school games, here are my top games for the Atari video game system:

Pacman (1981) – Atari turned this arcade hit into a video game for its console. I still remember the day we picked up the game and even though the graphics and game play were not nearly as good as the arcade version, the game was a step up from the other Atari video games I had at the time.

Space Invaders (1978) – Space Invaders was another arcade classic. You shoot as many aliens as you can… what’s not to like? The game-play was very simple, and if aliens ever do invade Earth, I doubt they will come straight down and wait to be shot. But, the game was a lot of fun and helped to lead the video game revolution both for the arcades and for the Atari video game system.

Adventure (1979) – The first fantasy/adventure game, it featured castles, dragons, and keys. As a player, you could actually scroll to and discover different screens and worlds. That was actually a pretty big thing back when the game came out and helped to keep my interest.

Pitfall (1982) – Pitfall was a lot of fun because this game simply had more going on than most of the other Atari video games. You have a time limit to recover treasures, but along the way you have to navigate the jungle and caverns while avoiding alligators, scorpions and other hazards. The graphics were very good for this time period and the play was very fast-paced.

Football (1979)- OK, maybe it wasn’t the most realistic football game ever made (there were four players on each side who looked more like blobs). But, it was the first football game and I loved playing it hours at a time on the Atari video game system.

Pole Position (1983) – The first racing game I ever played. Since this game was closer to the end of the Atari video game system reign, the graphics were actually decent. I’m convinced that Pole Position embedded in me the bad habit of speeding that I maintain to this day.

Combat (1977) – This combat game was included in the purchase of the Atari video game system, so I had the opportunity to play this game from the very beginning. Players could shoot ’em up using tanks, jets, or biplanes. Combat was basic, but brutal fun.

Asteroids (1981) – Like Space Invaders, this is a pretty simple Atari video game that features shooting, aliens, and outer space. The primary goal of the game was to shoot and destroy asteroids flying in every direction. But, those pesky UFO’s would also pop on the screen and shoot at you.

Frogger (1982) – The premise behind this Atari video game is simple. You have to guide frogs across a busy highway and then across a dangerous river. Frogger doesn’t sound too interesting or difficult. But, for some reason that I can’t pinpoint, the game was loads of fun and was even featured in a Seinfeld episode.

Donkey Kong (1982) – This is one of the best known early video games. Donkey Kong also feature the first appearance of Mario from Super Mario Brothers fame. The Atari version of this game was not as good as the arcade version, but Donkey Kong was interesting because it also had a bit of a plot. Angry gorilla escapes, steals the woman and it’s up to you to save her while controlling Mario.

I owned approximately 20-30 Atari video games during my childhood, but these were my ten favorites. We never knew that the graphics and game-play would improve as much as they have 30 years later. Yet, many of us who grew up with the Atari video game system will not forget the many hours of fun and enjoyment it provided.

Fortnite- The Game Of The Decade

There are certain things that never get old and are evergreen, which means that they can be enjoyed and appreciated by people of all age groups. Childhood is the best phase of life and there are many things that make it so. 

The time period where there is no tension or stress in life and all you have to do is to play, eat, sleep and repeat, which continues until you get older. Apart from the regular game of ludo and snake & ladders, video games are important things that can never be forgotten as they form an irreplaceable part of childhood. 

One of them is fortnite, which I am sure everyone must have played atleast once in their childhood and many of you must be having some unforgettable memories associated with it. 


Fortnite was founded by Epic Games and first came out in the year 2017 and has three different versions according to the level and game play engine. The modes are as follows: 

  1. Fortnite: Save the world 
  2. Fortnite: Battle Royale 
  3. Fornite: Creative 

Each of the three phases represent three different variations of the game where the players have to get rid of important structures with the help of a pickaxe and collect important materials like wood, metal, brick, leaves, etc. and store it in the fortnite account.


It quickly became a success as many youngsters took to it like fish to water and its innovative levels and cheat codes helped in achieving team mates and moral support from two different modes such as Save the world and Battle royale. 

It is an excellent game that tests the creativity of players and how sharp they are in tackling the challenges that come their way, which has led it to become the game of the decade in just 3 years of its launch. 

Your Expert Guide To Dominate GTA 5

Are you a new player to the GTA 5 world and looking for ways to master the game like a boss? Well, that’s great as Grand Theft Auto is one of the most popular multi-player action games today that promises hours of fun. One of the coolest part is, you can enjoy the game easily with your gang of gamer buddies. You will be glad to know the post below offers a brief on the expert tips that will help you to dominate GTA 5.

Start with a proper plan

You certainly don’t want to end up with nothing after 4 long hours of gaming. Well, if you don’t proceed with a strategic plan, chances are high that you will blow up. To avoid futile experiences, you should always proceed with a plan where you will have clear idea about your goals in the game and how to reach them. Whether you are going for a heist or a race, a well-defined plan is crucial for everything.

Be strategic with purchases

You should know how to invest the money properly to ensure result-driven outcomes. Focus on buying stuff that might reap rewards even they apparently seem to be costly. For example, Motorcycle Club or vehicle warehouse is costly. But, don’t forget they can provide additional income opportunities.

Check out GTA 5 mods

GTA 5 mods are a great way to modify the game in your favor. You will find them easily online today but one must check the playing console compatibility while downloading the mods. For example, it is difficult to get gta 5 mod menu xbox one. So, in this case, you will have to get the mods on Xbox 360 and then load GTA 5 on that. After that you will sign in as well as rank up all. 

Focus on heists

Try to go for heists as much as possible. Heists involve elaborate prep work yet also promise excellent payouts.