Is it Easy to Watch Movies Online?

In recent years, the trend of watching movies online has spread like wildfire. When you are watching a movie online, you can make that happen sitting right at your home or literally anywhere and anytime you want to. Online movie platforms have helped the viewers to enjoy a great deal of convenience. It is even more true for those who do not like to spend their time sitting at the theater and watching a movie. The online OTT platforms are gaining huge popularity in every country and that is why we have seen people preferring to stay back and watch a movie at home only.

One of the best reasons to watch a movie online is that you can control it’s flow easily. You can pause, forward or do whatever you want with the movie while watching it. Also, the platform from where you have subscribed to watch movies online, must keep a huge collection of movies, hailing from different genres. You just have to pay a monthly charge and for that you can get access to hundreds of movies without having to pay anything extra. You can play and replay the same movie no matter how many times you would want to.

Watching movies online is really easy and they are compatible with every digital gadget. You can watch it on your phone, tablet or TV. If you want to watch หนังไทยชนโรง then you must subscribe to an exclusive movie platform. Every platform has their own set of releases and dates on which they are authorized to release a movie. There are also many companies who allow their customers to download and watch a movie later when you are free. Isn’t that really convenient? Yes it is. Therefore you would want to subscribe to a good movie platform to enjoy your time. 

How To Built Nice Videos For Tik Tok?

We all are well aware that tik-tok is a famous platform for all the new upcoming artists who are seeking to make their careers in the acting industries and even as social influencers. Tik tok is a Chinese app designed as a social media platform and is owned by byte dance. It is a mobile app where people are allowed to create their short videos of their talents with background music. The app features various filters and editing features using which people can change the video slow and fast speed, adjust their face makeup, and can use other filters for editing. We can also download our favorite videos from the app. In case people who don’t use the app and want to download videos, then they can use the sssTiktok downloader that will allow them to do so. Let us know more

How to use tik tok?

If you are new to tik tok then go through these steps to know completely about its usage and how to make videos over it:

  • Download app
  • Sign up and set up your profile
  • View trending videos
  • Search for the music on which you want to make video
  • Pick effects
  • Shoot
  • Post with hashtags
  • Enjoy likes and comments

How to download videos using sssTiktok downloader?

Using sssTiktok downloader, you can download the videos without tik tok app by following these steps:

  • Copy video link
  • Open phone browser
  • Tap download
  • Convert to mp4 format
  • Save the tik tok video
  • The video will be saved on the phone

Last but not the least, tik tok is a great application to use as it offers fun and entertainment to a load of people. The sssTiktok downloader allows people to download tik tok videos without even downloading the app. With millions of users now, it is one of the world’s best social trending platforms!

Neuros OSD Media Center Has Everything You Need

I was sick of having DVDs, VHS tapes, CDs, and various other media stuff lying around my house, so I bought the Neuros OSD Media Center. This awesome device allowed me to store all of my media in one location that hooks up to nearly any audio/visual device. I can store all my media on the Neuros OSD Media Center and then play it on my computer, TV, camcorder, or almost any other device with simple inputs. I can also transfer my media files to any device from the Neuros OSD Media Center. So now I can move my DVD’s to my computer and then to my iPod if I want to. Neuros OSD Media Center has made my media storage a lot simpler and my house a lot cleaner.

I love the Neuros OSD Media Center it is simply the best product I have ever bought. This simple device plugs into nearly any video/audio device and allows me to either store or transfer digital media to and from the devices. The Neuros OSD Media Center is a lot like an external hard drive except that it also has an interface built into it to allow you to access any digital media on the device and to transfer it across multiple platforms.

Not only can you take all of your DVDs and old VHS tapes and digitize the content onto the Neuros OSD Media Center but you can also record movies and TV programs from your cable box and watch them anytime anywhere.

I also like that the Neuros OSD Media Center is able to be networked so you can share and stream your media files to all the PC’s on your network. The Neuros OSD Media Center also allows for you to transfer the video content from one device to another, like from your DVD to your TV then to your iPod. This means now you don’t have to buy a program to convert the files into other playable formats the Neuros OSD Media Center does it for you. Everything a person should need to know is stated at site. The preparation of the program should be done with the skills to purchase and have benefit of live television. The conversion of the files into another folder is easy and simple for the purchaser. The use of DVD is beneficial for the audience. 

The Neuros OSD Media Center allows you to connect to any USB storage device; it has an Ethernet port for networking the device and sharing your content. It also allows you to connect to any device with standard RCA A/V cable interfaces which means your TV, VCR, DVD player, and even camcorders. The Neuros OSD Media Center also has Media card reader slots for SD cards, Compact Flash cards, MMC cards, and USB thumb drives. Which means you can hook this thing to most any device and if you can’t connect it there are plenty of other methods of getting the media to the device using any of the other methods mentioned above.

The design is sleek and good looking and it can easily be hidden on a book shelf next to your TV or PC. It is quite and very easy to use and comes with a handy remote that allows you to easily and quickly access your media files. The Neuros OSD Media Center is on cool device and I think everyone should own one. You can use this as your media player/converter for all of your devices. The Neuros OSD Media Center works very well with external hard drives.

I was also impressed with the ongoing development and firmware updates of the Neuros OSD Media Center; you can check it out at the products website here. They are constantly listening to complaints and problems experienced by users and solving those issues by releasing patches. They even offer a try it before you buy it program for the media converter program that the Neuros OSD Media Center has built into it. You can check that out here.

The Neuros OSD Media Center is a must have product in my mind, it has so many functions and abilities that make sharing and viewing media files easy, it is well worth the $220 price tag.

Ten Alicia Keys Songs that Never Leave My MP3 Player

If you were to ask me who one of our generation’s most gifted musicians is, I wouldn’t hesitate to mention Alicia Keys. With her husky, soulful alto voice and her strong ability to write and play her own compositions she really outshines most other female performers in her genre. I decided to sit down and make a list of her ten best moments which wasn’t an easy task. There are very few weak moments in her catalog which gets more and more true with each album so it was basically about picking my absolute favorites out of a body of work that is superior as a whole. I can’t think of any female artist that has come out since 2000 who has a stronger catalog as a whole. Yet, I managed to narrow it down, and here are my picks for High-quality Mp3 music from Alicia Keys.

  1. Teenage Love Affair-

I love songs about being in love and this song is such a great one. This brings back lots of memories of my teenage love affair(s). Teenage girls are some of the most devoted, unwaveringly dedicated groups of people on earth and she captures that so nicely. The song is girly blending old school soul with some new school touches and it’s impossible not to love this song.

  1. You Don’t Know My Name-

This is another great love song from Keys. It’s a beautiful song with rippling piano glissandos, a smitten vocal from Keys, and seventies soul backing vocals that sound straight from heaven. This song is filled with musical accomplishment and easily one of the best songs from 2003. I love the talking interlude where she smoothly and sexily comes onto the object of her affection. Her lyrics really capture the longing and desire of wanting someone who doesn’t know who you are alive. I also love how she kicks in a little sense of humor as she quips “Can you hear me now?” in one of the spoken parts.

  1. Karma-

This is a song I can definitely relate to. Though I was already happily married when this song came out I can still understand the sentiment. The solemn and haunting violin riff, the foreboding horns, and her passionate alto pipes all come together to weave a tale of the tables being turned. This is definitely one of the many highlights of her sophomore effort The Diary of Alicia Keys.

  1. Butterflyz-

Acoustic and beautiful, this is one of the songs I’ve listened to the most from her debut as time has passed. The piano is gorgeous and simple as she tells the story of being in love and how it makes her feel. The lyrics themselves could be considered cliché but the way the song is written and performed you can almost feel the winged creatures floating around in your stomach. She really captures this sense of reverence and adoration that few songs accomplish. The acoustic guitar gives warmth to the song and there is this gorgeous key change and bridge in the middle.

  1. No One-

When this song was first released I wasn’t crazy about it. I don’t know what I was thinking. This is such a fantastic love song with the constant motion of a piano riff, emphatic synthesized horns, and the accentuating crash of a symbol. The star of the show is Alicia Key’s strong and passionate vocals. I love how it gets into this slight reggae vibe towards the end (she did a version of this on an award show that played this aspect up and it was phenomenal) and it becomes the anthem of lovers everywhere.

  1. How Come You Don’t Call Me-

Her cover of this old Prince track was fantastic and filled with some great singing. This is one of the best vocal performances from her debut album filled with sassiness and fire. The piano is her co-star as she wails soulfully about a neglectful boyfriend. While “Fallin'” is the song that drew me into the world of Keys, this is the type of song that kept me there.

  1. If I Aint’ Got You-

Kissed with the old school soul of the Aretha Franklin variety this song is a timeless gem. I love the tried and true sentiment of love being more important than all the material things and she frames this with dynamic piano and effortlessly soulful vocals.

  1. A Women’s Worth-

I love this song about men respecting women. This song has a nice little groove percolating underneath her words as she urges men to show their women how much they love them by putting her first. Musically this song isn’t nearly as accomplished as some of her others but I get into the message. There is a companion piece on her second album “When You Really Love Someone” where she emphasizes how unconditional love needs to go both ways.

  1. Unbreakable-

Featured on her live album, this is a lively little gem and definitely deserves to be ranked among her best. Opening with some vibrant organ this song has a whole lot of attitude as she describes the enduring love she has for someone and how it will last. She cleverly lists different couples and how they can have a love like these icons. It’s a lose, relaxed performance that shows a performer that is comfortable in her own skin.

  1. Diary-

This is a song I wasn’t crazy about when I first heard it as it was a more subtle, nuanced song compared to the more obviously fantastic songs on her second album. There is something very beautiful and peaceful about this song and over time it has become a standout. I listen to it all the time now with it’s beautiful, elegant piano and the uncomplicated idea of being someone a lover can confide in.

The fact is it’s hard to narrow down Alicia Key’s catalog to ten standout moments. There are countless songs on her albums I love listening to and this speaks to her strength as a songwriter. For example, I easily could trade out the above tracks for her twinkling love song “Like You’ll Never See Me Again” which is a great song about being passionate about your love. Most of Alicia’s catalog is something I can’t live without but these are the best of the best. Alicia Keys is going to be one of the artists of this decade that will be looked upon as a legend I believe. While singers like Ashanti and Rihanna are successfully and put out enjoyable music, there is something timeless and achingly real about Alicia Keys’ music. The stuff that will transcend trends and stand-alone even years from now.


The Concert That Never Ends

Imagine if you will, walking into a bar that’s over 100 years old on a Friday night. The original wood floors still creek when you walk on them, the place is dark, and everywhere you look there are people wearing cowboy boots, big ten gallon Stetson hats and drinking beer from a bottle. This is what you can expect on any given Friday and Saturday nights in the small town of Wilder Ky, home of Bobby Mackey’s music world.

The Setting

Bobby Mackey, a former recording artist, bought the building that once was a casino during the height of the mafia era in Newport Ky. He had no intentions of changing anything about the building, all he wanted was a stage where he could play music. This he has accomplished and has been playing classic country music for over thirty years. Bobby enjoys the smiles on peoples faces and watching them dance to the old tunes.

The Music

The newest song that Bobby Mackey and the Big Mac band will perform is the watermelon crawl which was released in the early 90’s. You can expect to hear alot of Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, and George Jones. Bobby will tell you himself that he is not a fan of today’s country. ” There’s just no originality in it anymore.” he expplains. ” When you heard the first two seconds of a Merle Haggard song, you knew right then it was Merle”. Bobby feels that the old singers had a signature and that singers today are very much contained to fit a formula

This is the universal opinion that old is always gold and people are more inclined towards old singers like Nat King Cole, Jimmie Rodgers, Elvis Presley and rock bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, ABBA, etc. to name a few. Bobby Mackey is slowly turning old so he will become a legend in the near future and he regularly performs in nightclubs like Lavelle Toronto, which truly makes for an interesting concert with the fans begging for more at regular intervals, to which he obliges with grace as a true artist is only hungry for audiences’ praise and accolades and money is a secondary item.

Why this is the best concert experience that I have ever had

How many times after a concert can you as a fan go backstage and talk with the singer? Almost after every set, I meet up with Bobby backstage and we talk about our passion towards music over a couple shots of Honeyjack Whiskey. I have stood close enough to the stage to feel the steel guitar notes go through me as the band sings classics such as “Apartment no.9″ and ” He Stopped Loving Her Today” . This is not just a concert, this is something that you experience. It’s an experience that cannot be replicated in any other setting because it is truly a one of a kind place. Attending a concert at Bobby Mackeys is like going to a family reunion. I’m reunited with friends that go every week and I’m reunited with the songs that I grew up loving as a child.

I’ve been to Nashville, I’ve seen Toby Keith and I’ve been to his bar. I can tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this concert experience is unlike any other that I’ve been to in the past and the best part is that I get to experience this every Friday and Saturday night. I would encourage anyone to come down and relive the great country classics with Bobby Mackey and the Big Mac Band. Once you’ve been there, you’ll never go back to Nashville.

A Guide to Modern Films from Ireland

I have long had an interest in Irish films. There is something fun in the lyrical way they speak, and the movies often hit the perfect note. Here are a few of my suggestions for Irish films, and what makes them unique from the movies produced in Hollywood. You can catch the office season 1 of TV shows based on the same themes and plot as you click on the link. This way you get the best movie and TV show experience for your whole family. 

Waking Ned Divine: This is the standard by which all Irish movies should be judged. In fact, it is the standard for any comedy. In the film, village bands together to get the lottery money, even though the ticket holder died. Their trickery is hilarious, and the cast really works well together. The thing that makes this movie stand out is that there is an inspirational message, and it is neither heavy-handed nor flippant. They simply let the message of community stand on its own, without moralizing about it.

Greenfingers: This movie is not an Irish film per se, but it does have David Kelly, an exceptional Irish actor. Greenfingers is relatively unknown, especially considering it stars Clive Owen. He plays a prisoner who leads a team of prison gardeners to the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The story is based on a true story, and it could have easily fallen flat. But Clive Owen provides a lot of depth for the character. This movie is a bit romanticized at times, but all good Irish movies have a bit of that.

Some Mother’s Son: This film is a drama based on the men associated with Bobby Sands and the IRA. The soundtrack is excellent, and Aiden Gillen is excellent. The scenes where the men are communicating with each other in prison are excellent, and Helen Mirren is superb as a mother who loves her son but does not approve of his actions. Sadly, these movies fails in the end. It tries to give both sides of an argument and ultimately does not actually say anything.

Saving Grace: Saving Grace is about a woman that begins growing pot after her husband commits suicide. Sadly, this is one comedy that does not work. While there are humorous parts, it feels contrived. The ending is abysmal. They wrap up the story far too quickly and do so with the ultimate in “happy” endings. It was watchable, but it was not rewatchable.

The Matchmaker: This is barely an Irish movie. While it is mostly set in Ireland, the overall plot deals with a U.S. Senator that wants to court the Irish-American vote. So, he sends a campaigner to Ireland to discover his family roots. The cast also has two Americans, Janeane Garofalo, and Denis Leary, with Garofalo playing the campaigner who lands in the middle of a matchmaking festival. This movie has some charm but cannot match Waking Ned Divine for sheer cuteness.

All of these movies are worth watching, and some are worth owning. Irish movies tend to feature some of the most beautiful scenery, and their characters are richly developed. Check these films out for good, lighthearted entertainment.

Ghost Rider Is A Fun Ride, But Special Effects Could Use Some Work

Fans of “Ghost Rider” the comic book hate the movie, but for those of us who have never read it, the movie is a fun ride.

I’ll admit it. I’m a comic book fan that doesn’t read a lot of comic books. I read some, usually after they make it to graphic novel status, but the people I went with to see the new “Ghost Rider” movie are die-hard comic fans from way back.

While this may not be the favorite of those who have grown up with the comics and therefore relate to them in cartoon form, it is still a watch if you want a mixture of fun, action and comedy, even if the special effects are a bit cheesy to cater to their tastes. Cyberflix apk has such movies even today due to it being popular with the children, who can relate to both comic book characters and their cinematic versions on the big screen with equal elan and no partiality to either.

And they didn’t hate the movie, but I’m not sure I can say that they liked it either. For me, unfamiliar with Johnny Blaze’s story, I was a little surprised by the romantic comedy feel of the movie and horribly disappointed in some of the special effects, but all in all, I liked it a lot.


To be honest, one of the biggest complaints my comic companions had about the “Ghost Rider” movie was the choice of Nicholas Cage to play Johnny Blaze. And, complain they did. “His hand motions were the same as in “Leaving Las Vegas’,” one of them complained. Another said he just didn’t seem to have the look for the part.

Sure, Nicholas Cage isn’t my favorite actor of all time, but I have enjoyed many of his movies and thought he did a fine job as Johnny Blaze. Then again, I haven’t been envisioning “Ghost Rider” in my head for the last 10 or 15 years.

I do however have a collection of Ghost Rider toys around my house, because my husband is one of the aforementioned comic book companions that I saw the movie with. And, having been familiar with several interpretations of Ghost Rider and his motorcycle, I can say that I was disappointed in the special effects. When Johnny Blaze went all Ghost Rider, I expected the flaming skull to look very cool. It didn’t.

When his motorcycle became Ghost Rider’s machine, I expected death and skulls and a wicked-looking motorcycle. Instead, they erred on the side of too much chrome, and I was left with the feeling that the guys on American Chopper could have made something that looked better for a much more reasonable price than the computer animators did. The chrome skull on the bike looked fake and not in a good comic book way.

My other complaint was with the way the writer’s portrayed Roxanne, Eva Mendes’ character and Johnny Blaze’s love interest. Maybe it was harkening back to yesteryear when women in comics were just not as bright as they could have been, but as a journalist, one scene in the movie really bugged me.


After years apart, Mendes’ character is sent to interview Johnny Blaze. She is portrayed up to that minute, as an accomplished television journalist and she reprises that role later in the movie. But in the scene where she is supposed to interview Blaze, she is caught off-guard and let’s her subject completely control the interview.

It is suppose to show the depth of their commitment to one another. Instead, it makes one character look incompetent at her job. I have never seen a successful television reporter who would allow her subject, ex-boyfriend or not, to ruin her interview.

However, other than the one glitch in the writing, I found the movie to be fun and lot better romantic comedy than most of the romantic comedies out there.
Sam Elliot as the cemetery caretaker and Peter Fonda as the devil himself bring enormous talent to the screen as always. Wesley Cook Bentley is evil incarnate as Blackheart and everything a comic book villain should be.

The bottom line is this is a great movie, unless you are a die-hard comic book fan. Then, I think the comment I heard was, “It wasn’t as bad as ‘The Hulk’ and ‘Daredevil’.”

Elo Boosters- League Of Legends

The nature of a child is engraved in its psyche right from the time it is in its mother’s womb. A child is a combination of his parents’ genes and imbibes most of their looks, features, attitude and outlook by taking in everything while inside the womb through the mother.

When he is small, he becomes fascinated with the surroundings and immediately takes to colorful toys due to their hues and variety along with eatables such as sweets and junk food.

When he is 8 or 9, the interest become more diverse and he starts to develop interest in outdoor games like football, baseball, basketball, etc. and indoor ones like chess, ludo, snake & ladder, video games, to name a few.

Here it is important to mention video games as there are many of them and the child would choose the one that arouses his curiosity, depending on his preference of genre.

He may become quite adept to the game or may not be as successful in the initial stages. So, what can he do to improve his performance? It is through elo boost that helps in changing the player’s position and keeps them focused on their goals so that they can proceed further.

But, there is a another hurdle in the form of league of legends that may not be easy to complete due to its complexity and it becomes frustrating when you are unable to clear it after repeated attempts.

So, we are going to list out certain tips to boost elo in the league of legends and they are as follows:

  • Become a master of awareness by getting through the champions’ pool by fighting off different champions of repute
  • Star communicating with peers on how they are tackling the legends through skype
  • Consult the website,, for studying about map awareness by envisioning the blueprint of locations in your mind.



Handbag Gift Bag Or Pinata

Go to the cupboard, take out an old, brown paper bag from days gone by, blow off the dust, and use it to make something unique and fun. An ordinary brown paper bag can become a pinata for a party or a gift bag for a woman. By shaping and decorating the bag to look like a handbag you can turn something cheap and plain into something spectacular!

A large, brown paper bag works well to make a pinata but a slightly smaller bag is more appropriate to make a purse gift bag. Both of them are made in a similar way. Bring the top two sides of the bag together, fold them over once, then once again.

To make the pinata, place the candy and surprises inside the bag. Don’t weight the bag down too much; fill it about a third of the way full or less. To ensure the bottom of the bag doesn’t sag with the goodies inside you can cut a square of cardboard and place it in the bottom before adding the surprises. Fill the bag with the goodies then fold the top flaps over once. Use hot glue to secure the fold. Now fold it over once again, gluing the flap yet again. The first fold can be just a couple of inches but the second fold should be much larger. The wide fold allows for you to add a fake buckle or other fastener.

Just before gluing the second fold position the handle you want to use for the handbag. It can be a piece from a girl’s belt, a strip of vinyl or a real purse handle from a craft store. Position it so that the handles go under the second fold of the bag.

If you’re making a purse gift bag fold it in the same manner as for the pinata. However, instead of using glue, use Velcro. Make the first fold somewhat narrow, then fold it again, but wider, and use Velcro to secure. Don’t forget to position your purse straps and glue them before adding the Velcro. Use several Velcro dots or a long piece that goes across the underneath of the entire flap. The Velcro allows the bag to be opened and closed anytime.

To decorate the pinata or purse glue on an old buckle or large button to represent the closure of the handbag. Or, cut a piece of gold scrapbook paper and use it. Now cover the entire rest of the bag with a chosen color of tissue paper. Tear off small pieces and glue them all over the bag.

There’s one other way to fold the purse to give it a different design. Bring the two sides together at the top and fold them down. Crease well. Open the fold back up and fold the top corners into the fold. Now fold the top edges down again and secure with glue or Velcro. This gives the purse a pointed flap where the closure goes.

The handbag pinata or gift bag is very unique and really fabulous. Since you probably already have the brown paper bag it will cost only pennies to make either one. You’ll love this project! You can click here to get affordable and high quality Replica Bag.