Top 5 Corporate Video Animation Companies In Singapore

Video animation plays a key role in marketing of a well reputed corporate firm.

In a competitive market like Singapore where maximum companies rely on popular social media sites for promoting their company’s videos to fetch popularity, it’s a tough kick for a company to sustain the corporate rat-race.

That’s why the demand for corporate video animation is incredibly high in Singapore now. A lot of corporate firms have chosen video production Singapore for quickly rising to fame. But, unfortunately not all of them could succeed ultimately.

Unless you don’t want to be one of those companies, who’re still tussling to seek a suitable video animation partner, check out this A-listed animation service providers to avail an outstanding corporate video for your firm,


Being one of the most renowned animation video companies located at Singapore, it aims to incorporate unique concept and narrative techniques in its animated videos. Starting their journey in 2014, today they own a group of highly skilled professionals those who cater,

  • Dynamic videos for educational and media consultancy
  • Training and teaching for designated audiences of the client firms
  • Corporate videos for diverse animation, branding

They are well known for their seamless designs for meeting diversified client niche.

Offing Media

Known as a well known company for creative video production Singapore, Offing Media provides diverse spectrum of video productions to a huge clientele listed within Singapore and other international destinations.  Catering more than 500 multinational global firms they have build their goodwill for offering high quality professional corporate videos at an affordable price range.

Apart from videos related with animation, they’re one of the leading video production firms at Singapore who also create corporate videos, ad videos, product videos, etc. It’s the perfection that always compel maximum corporate companies to hire them as official animation partner.

3D Brand Agency

The name of 3D Brand agency signifies their job role. They’re still one of the top most animation company that specializes in web designing, digital marketing and branding as well. Their custom video solutions are meant for both commercial and corporate businesses for connecting the global audiences.

With an insight vision for rendering viewer centric solutions, their insight empowers companies to capitalize their money on them. They own a team of TUV SUV certified consultants, web developers, creative designers who can go any extent to research and find a competitive design that stands ahead of prevailing market standard.  Their brilliant contribution in web designing, PPC marketing and animation deserved additional praise and respect from the clients.

Though there are plenty of companies available for getting professional video production Singapore, but these companies deserve special attention prior to their unique style of rendering animation service to its corporate partners.

After all, it’s better to hire a reliable partner for creating animated videos that steadily boosts up brand publicity of a corporate enterprise.

Face Paints-Choose The Best

What is the most important thing that you want to have in life? What can be done to make people notice you? What are the factors that have to be kept in mind when it comes to maintaining your body which are essential for you to be good looking?

There can be varied answers to the aforementioned questions but if you see from the point of view of the youth brigade, of anytime, their reply would be that they want to look attractive and happening.

There were times when the most paramount goal in the minds of everyone was to complete studies, find a job that is financially feasible with long term benefits that can provide a good pension after retirement, marry and settle down in life.

Although looks too mattered to people even then, but they did not obsess over it day and night or, rather, you can say that they did not have time to take any notice of it with tension and stress during various parts of life.

In stark contrast, today’s youngsters are so into their looks and maintaining a good body that to call it obsession would be an understatement with face being the most important of all.

For such individuals, there are numerous face paints available that can make their face look attractive and noteworthy. But they need to find the best ones where you can find several companies claiming to be the best that it becomes all the more difficult to choose.

The technique of face painting is quite simple and easy where you just have to consult certain beauticians and experts in this field and face painting Singapore is considered the best by many.

Tips for face painting:

  • Prefer the best: Naturally, they may be expensive, but have proven to be cost effective.
  • Use sponge: The brush can prove to be too rough and harsh on the skin while sponge just softens it up.
  • Avoid it on the eyes: It can prove harmful due to the various chemical substances present in the paint.