JoJo Bizarre Adventure Figures- Buy The One And Decorate Your Room In Different Way

Figures are tiny, but they look so good placed in the house, and likewise, JoJo’s bizarre adventure figures are so many among which you can buy anyone you like. They are beautifully crafted or made with various tiny details, and also they are very flexible, which won’t be going to hurt anyone in the house. Small children can play with them easily without getting harm.

You will notice that there are many things available in the figure, like hands, face, hair, and much more. These are the only things which make it more interesting to play with.

Additional parts for customization

You will notice that it comes with additional parts that help in making it to look more unique. You can remove any part you want and replace it with the one that comes inside the pack. You can also change their facial expression manually, which sounds really cool. These figures are tiny, but they will look so good in your room or anywhere you want to place it.

You can remove any part and reattach it without any technical advice because these figures are absolutely customizable.

Customize on your needs

If you want to customize it but can’t, then you should read out the instructions or the manual in which you will be going to find each and every guideline to follow. You can change the way they stand or look easily, and the best part about them is that you can get them right via online services at a very reasonable price.

Hand gestures and the shoulder plates or the figures make them look so real but tiny in size. You can buy them for your kids as they are flexible and safe to play with.

Seven Easy Steps And Your Diy Mobile Case Is Ready To Use

In this digital era, almost everyone is using a mobile phone. If you don’t want to deal with damages on your phone, then use cases. What if you make your DIY mobile case? That is a good idea! Here in this article, you will know about the steps of making a mobile case in easy steps that might help you to save both time and money. 

Make your phone case with a glue

A simple way is to create your personalized custom case using glue. You can search for all the materials that might be needed at home. If you are hoping to make a smooth case for your phone that can help you to protect your phone, then check all the below-mentioned steps-

Step 1: Gather all the necessary materials. 

For that, you may need: glue gun and sticks, Material paper, Tape, Pen or colored pencil, and Nail polish, or you can use acrylic paint.

Stage 2: Choose the type of design you want 

If you decide to use a format design, you should print the example so that it can be taped on the backside of the phone. A great many people take mandala designs. You can search for the type of design you want.

Step 3: Parchment paper help you in wrapping your phone 

For this, cut some portion of the paper that is twice the size of your phone. On top of the paper, place your phone, ensuring that the screen is in front of you. Cover the sides of your phone with paper. You need to cover tightly. For that, you can take the help of tape.

Step 4: Mark all ports, camera, and speakers

Use of a colored pen to separate port, camera, and whatever else is significant. These signs will be your rule with the goal that craft glue will not cover it. Ensure the pen color is noticeable.

Step 5: Start making your case.

To begin with, you have to fill the edges. Fill it in overall as it will keep your case. All buttons are dripped. After this, fill in the whole backside. Follow the example you have on paper. Try to connect all the lines so that this will help you in getting the desired result.

Stage 6: Peel-off the Case and Paper

When the glue becomes hard, you can remove it from the phone. Then, remove the paper. Now you will be able to try the case over the telephone. You need to check that glue has not covered any important part as the camera of your phone. If it is, then remove it by taking the help of a scissor or any other sharp thing.

Stage 7: Paint the entire case

Paint it in the way you want. For that, you can use nail polish or any other paint of your choice that can help you in getting the perfect finish.

Last but not least

If you follow all the above-mentioned steps, then it became easy to create a case of your choice. In case you want more information, then visit