As Attorney’s Spin Their Client’s Boo Hoo Story, Lisa Is Still Waiting To Be Found

What is going on in the Lisa Irwin case? Nothing substantial has been reported since the family moved back into their home. There are several theories about what is actually happening with the investigation. One would be that nothing is going to be done unless they find Lisa’s body. Another is the defense is happy to sit and wait, because they do not believe that Deborah will be arrested until they find Lisa. To add to that is the thought that Deborah knows or is hoping they will not find her.

This is a sad case all around. A beautiful child, not even old enough to be walking good, is apparently gone. There are facts that do not point to this being a kidnapping. I have given those in other articles. The saddest thing of all about this case is the parent’s unwillingness to cooperate. John Picerno can give the boo hoo story about how they were treated, and yes, I am sure it was rough. This is their child, not a bicycle that was stolen; this is their baby who is supposedly kidnapped. Spin that spinning wheel all you want, Picerno and Tacopina. A baby is at stake here, if they are telling the truth, why in the world not give the police what they want.

What does Deborah know that she is so afraid to talk to the police; it is worth risking her child’s life? If she does not know anything, what is she so afraid of? That they are going to be rough with her. Oh boo hoo again. This child certainly deserved better parents than she got. Her body is probably rotting really well now, so maybe they will not be able to tell what killed her and Deborah can walk free like Casey did. Hence, it is really important to always ask for help from the authorities like Maryland personal injury attorney.

Really hard to understand is how Bradley can even look at herself in the mirror. I cannot imagine my baby being somewhere, possibly with someone I do not know, and I do not know how she is being treated, they would have to drag me out of the police station. The whole attitude of “we are delicate little flowers, so don’t be mean to us” flies in the face of logic. Logically a mother is going to hunt on her own for her child if she has to; no one is going to stop her. That is why, I cannot imagine this being anything other than Deborah accidentally overdosing her or in a blackout, killing her. There is no other explanation that makes any sense.

I will continue to write about Lisa until she is found. At least one person will be thinking of her and it will not be her mother. I cannot let go of this as long as that baby is out there. Just as with Jhessye Shockley, I will not give up. I may not write everyday, but I will write articles and hopefully enough will read them, to where Bradley can see them. I want her to know, one person out here, amongst many I am sure, loves Lisa and thinks she deserved better than she was given.

I really thought about them moving back home, chances are Deborah has not been able to drink the way she likes. If I were Blake Irwin’s mother, I would fight for that child. No way do I think Deborah would hurt him intentionally, I do not think she hurt Lisa intentionally but if she was in a blackout, all bets are off. If she has another blackout, she could likely hurt someone else. There are too many things that can happen.

I just wish she had not been drunk on October 3, Lisa might still be here, and we might never have had to see that side of Deborah Bradley. There is one thing I wish for Deborah. I hope that she sees that baby’s face, every time she closes her eyes.

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