Are Teenagers in Your Target Demographic? Why You Should Use social media.

Recent studies show that teenagers are joining social media faster than Facebook or any other social network. First of all, teens are leaving facebook because their parents and other adult relatives are all on facebook now, so it’s no longer cool. Besides, what teenager wants their parent knowing about their social life? Second of all, social media is usually used from a mobile device where facebook is usually used from a computer. Parents are much more likely to check browser history on a computer than a cell phone (and this is easier to do with a computer too).

All in all, the verdict is in, teens like social media much more than facebook (and they don’t even know what Linkedin is). Here are some other interesting statistics on social media:

  • social media users are much more likely to be urban dwellers.
  • social media is more popular with Black and Hispanic users than even Facebook is.
  • social media users are pretty evenly spread across all different levels of education and income.
  • If you looked at all the social media user, the average user is a 28 year old american female with an iPhone.
  • Over 56% of social media users are female.

Social media platforms serve as an anchor between the real world and the virtual world where people start looking for solace that would make them forget the problems in real life but it is also necessary to exercise caution as there are unscrupulous elements lying in wait for victims.

But don’t they just use social media to flirt with people? How do you sell to teenagers using social media?

With anything, you need to think about the mindset of your target market and what they might be interested in. So, what do we know about social media users? They are most likely a female teenager accessing social media from their mobile phones and they live in the city. The first thing that comes to mind is selling ringtones. Create a “Justin Bieber fan club,” or whatever their into these days. I have never been a female teenager, so I really have no idea what they like. But you could get girls to follow a justin bieber account and post updates about his concerts, appearances and news to build up your followers. Then, after they trust you, you can start sending links to them where they can buy Justin Bieber ringtones or apparel.

Okay, maybe you don’t cell ringtones or apparel, but this is just an example. If this is your target market, then you should know what they want. Maybe have a contest for your followers to retweet you and tag something and then you will do a drawing to win Justin Bieber concert tickets. Be creative with this and work hard at it and it will pay off.

How do I get followers?

There are lots of resources online to help you with this, but in summary, you just need to follow a lot of people. Some people autofollow back so you will gain followers that way. Other people will just see when they have you as a new follower and check out your profile. If what they see is interesting to them, then they will follow you. If not, then they probably aren’t in your target market anyway and would never buy anything so it doesn’t matter that they don’t follow you back (just unfollow them).

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Patrick is a part-time fitness trainer and pursuing his Master’s in American Literature from Stanford University. He wishes to share his fitness plan with others to help them achieve their goals in terms of fitness and education.