An Overview On The Types Of Holding Companies

What are holding companies?

A holding company is a business that does not engage in any enterprise, venture, or other active business. Instead, it resided to own the asset. In other words, the firm is not interested in buying or selling products or services. Instead, it got created to manage one or more organizations.

What are the types of holding companies?

Here are the types of holding companies

  • Pure 

A holding company gets called a pure holding company if it gets established solely to hold the shares of another company. In essence, a company does not engage in any business other than controlling one or more companies.

  • Mixture 

The Mixed Holding Company manages other companies and operates its own business. Also known as a holding company. The holding company is called a conglomerate and participates in a business unit entirely independent of its subsidiaries.

  • Immediately 

A direct holding company is a company that retains voting shares or control of another company. It can also happen if the company itself gets already controlled by another company. Simply put, it is a holding firm that is already another subsidiary.

  • Intermediate 

An intermediate holding company is a holding company of another company that is also a subsidiary of a large company. An intermediary holding company as a small group holding company may be exempt from disclosure of financial records.

A consolidated tax return is a combination of all acquired companies’ financial records with the parent company’s financial records. In addition, recording a consolidated tax return will reduce your net tax obligations.

Holding companies get formed by individuals to acquire and own shares in other firms. By “holding” shares, the parent organization has the right to control and control business arrangements. Holding companies have several advantages, such as, gain more control with a small investment, maintaining control of your subsidiary, and reducing your tax obligations. 

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