All About Google Blogger: Benefits to Using Google Blogger

Some myths and misconceptions about Google Blogger

Many of the benefits to using Google Blogger as a blogging platform are obvious. Before we delve into the benefits, however, let’s take a brief look at some of the common myths that tend to exist about the Google Blogger platform.

In Blogger’s early days, before the Google acquisition, the site would be unavailable from time to time because of server issues and periodic site maintenance. It is not uncommon to hear some say that Blogger is unavailable too much which prevents them from making a blog post and their readers from reading their blog. Whereas this complaint is a valid one, the issue does not exist today and hasn’t for many years. Since Google acquired Blogger, moments of unavailability are virtually unheard of.

Another complaint is that Blogger randomly deletes blogs for no reason. This claim is just absolutely silly. It does not behoove Blogger in the slightest to randomly delete blogs. Most of the users who complain about this had their blog deleted due to some sort of violation of the terms of services. You can read the terms of service on Google’s website or you can try ctr manipulation to learn more the art of blogging. Just recently, I found a blog that was using a domain name that I wanted. This blog had one post and was created five years ago. For five years this blog has been sitting there with no activity or maintenance; not doing any good for any party involved. It does not benefit the blogger, it does not benefit the reader and it does not benefit Google Blogger. If that blog can survive, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about.

Have you ever heard that Google Blogger does not offer enough features? Well, you’re right, but only to an extent. Blogging software like WordPress and TypePad offer more features simply because they are paid for by the blogger. They also allow you to purchase third-party plug-ins that help to add to the customization of the blog. Google Blogger is a completely free blogging platform. Even though it is a free platform, it still offers a wide array of features and new ones are constantly being added to make blogging easier and more proficient for the blogger. This is yet another issue that has been vastly improving since the acquisition by Google.

Some will also say that Google Blogger is not a platform for professional bloggers; that it is a beginner’s blogging platform. This, again, used to be the perception since it is free and, before the Google acquisition, did not offer a whole lot of features to the blogger. Once again, this issue has changed and continues to change. Google Blogger is the blogging home for many beginners and professionals alike.

The benefits of Google Blogger

As has been the predominant theme, since the Google Acquisition, Blogger has stood out in comparison to the other major blogging platforms. Google is constantly adding new features and applications that one can easily integrate into their blog. I don’t suppose I have to go into too much detail about one of the biggest benefits. It’s free! Anyone with a computer and an internet connection can start their own blog and create an online presence like never before. Literally, anyone can have a home on the Internet at absolutely no cost to them. The limits of that online presence are only determined by the blogger.

Ease of use is the next most obvious benefits. Google Blogger brings a blogging platform to bloggers all over the world that is literally point-and-click in its functionality. Maintaining a blog on the Goggle Blogger platform could not be simpler with its WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) online editor. You don’t have to know any kind of HTML or CSS code to customize and maintain your blog like a professional blogger. Just because you don’t have to, however, doesn’t mean you can’t. If you know a little or a lot of HTML and CSS code, you still have the option of incorporating it into your blog’s layout and the individual posts.

Another benefit is the ever increasing addition of features and applications. Google is not going to make a bad name for themselves. They are intent on delivering products to their customers that easily compete with the biggest names out there and they do this for free. As Google increases in size, so do the features and functions of the Google Blogger platform. You can keep up on new updates new features Google adds to the platform by visiting

Google Blogger offers the option of establishing your own domain name to your blog. Instead of having, you could choose to have It gives your blog a more professional appearance and leaves an impression upon your readers that you are a professional blogger.

The last benefit I’ll touch on is probably its most appealing benefit. It makes you money! Setting up your blog to make you money is called monetization. There are people out there who have quit their day jobs and work from their home as professional bloggers because of the income their blogs provide them. The easiest way to begin earning money from your blog is to integrate Google AdSense ads on your blog. Again, since the Google acquisition of Blogger, this task could not have been made easier. All you have to do is click two buttons to place AdSense ads on your blog and begin generating revenue.

There are many other ways that Google Blogger allows you to monetize your blog in addition to the Google AdSense program. You have the option of placing third-party ads on your blog as well as several affiliate programs like the affiliate program. I will be spending much time on the details of monetizing your blog later on in this series. Now that you have been thoroughly introduced to Google Blogger as a blogging platform, we are going to get to business and get you started blogging with Google Blogger in the next article of this series.

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