A guide to using a telephone directory

Do you remember the time when there were telephone directories, and your parents and grandparents went through those huge books to get the desired contact detail? Have you ever wondered about how to use the telephone directory?

Despite the advent of technology, it still remains a valuable asset that enables you to find contact numbers that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

How to use a telephone directory

Before understanding the steps, the first thing to be understood is that there two types of a telephone directory – the yellow pages and the white pages. The ‘yellow pages’ have the A to Z listing of all the businesses which are printed in alphabetical order within segments that are created on the basis of professions. The ‘white papers’ has an individual listing of the numbers of the individual based on the alphabetical order.

As you might have understood, for reading and taking a number out of the telephone directory, certain steps to be followed:

  1. Who does the number belong to?

The number may be belonging to a business or an individual. If it is a business number look in the ‘yellow pages’. If it is an individual number look in the ‘white pages’.

  1. How to locate the name?
  • If the number belongs to a business, then first locate the page which has the listings of the profession that the business belongs to. Then, within that bifurcation, look for your business by locating the alphabet with which the name of the firm belongs.
  • If it is an individual’s number, then start looking for the alphabet with which the name of the person begins.

These days there are online telephone directories like les page blanches, where all you have to do is to enter the name that you are looking for and hit the search button. You will get the number that you need within a minute.

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