Know Some Interesting Things About Electric Cichlids

Beautiful aquarium fishes

There are many species of fishes worldwide, and each one has a particular color and characteristic. Electric Cichlids are among the famous aquarium fishes for freshwater. The females in these categories lay their eggs on the rock’s surface. The brooding takes place for three weeks. After that, they release them. People keep them separate from the African Cichlids. It is because of its yellow coloration. The mature ones have black stripes on them that contrasts. It also has some vertical bars that look beautiful.

Facts about the Yellow Lab Cichlid

The Yellow Lab Cichlid is a type of Electric Cichlids, and you can find them in the coastal regions of East Africa. There are many fun facts about them. Let us have a look at it.

  • People call it several names. Some say lemon yellow lab, the blue streak hap, and some others say as a yellow prince. These names depend upon their color morph. The most famous one among them is the yellow-colored ones.
  • These live in the water, which has a pH level between 7.8 to 8.9. That is because the best temperature for them to stay is between 23- 26 degrees celsius. The size of the larger ones can go up to 15 cms.
  • The mothers carry the eggs in their mouths. The process of hatching and developing takes place there. It takes up to three weeks.

Display of territorial behaviors

Most of the Yellow Lab Cichlids live in Lake Malawi’s water. These are between the Charo and Mbowe islands. People export it from Burundi, and people also believe that it got its yellow color pigment from the Tanganyika lake. It is the best choice for people who like their aquarium fishes to show interest in social behaviors. Try to keep them in those fish tanks that have caves, bottoms, and rocks. They love to stay there.

Windows Version Of UC Browser: The Super-Easy Way To Install

Are you looking for a windows version of uc browser? You have come to the right page to look for it. The article will guide you with a complete set-up process and everything you need to know about the subject of concern. The UC browser is one of the most popular browsers among all the other common browsers like chrome and opera; you might not know that it was curated by the Chinese company Alibaba. However, this application was banned in the play store by the Indian government for security issues.

More About It

Before using the UC browser on your PC, you need to know that it is entirely illegal to use it in India. The article provides a guideline and is not responsible for your actions. You could opt for other fast browsers like Brave and so on.

Features of UC Browser For PC:

  • The downloading speed would be higher than in other browsers.
  • The browsing experience would be faster.
  • You would be able to block ads easily.
  • It saves a lot of data.
  • If you are using UC drive, you will get an additional 20 GB of storage free.

Specs Of The Application

  • The latest version of the UC browser is
  • The file size would be around 54 MB.
  • It was last updated on 17th August 2020.
  • The download rate of the browser is above 500 million, with ratings of 4.5/5.

It could even manage files and recommend sites as per your activities.

Installing Process

  • The first step is to download the file from the website.
  • Secondly, turn on “installation from unknown sources.”
  • Install the file.
  • Launch the application.
  • Start browsing without hassles.

With all that being said, this is how you can use the Windows version of the UC browser. But remember that it is illegal to use in India.

Which Are The Top 7 Virtual Mailbox Services?

What is a virtual mailbox service?

The virtual mailbox services are important for travelers and expatriates and these online postal mail services help in accessing and keeping all the important emails safe. These services offer more than just the basic scanning services and they can also act as the face of the business.

Top 7 virtual mailbox services

The top 7 mailbox services that are used in the US are-

  • PostScan Mail

This is a virtual mailing service that gives the users many options to make their lives easier and one will receive a notification and can choose to open it and scan it or destroy it before reading. Any junk mail that is received can be shredded and recycled and it means one does not pay to dispose of the mail. PostScan Mail gives the owners the ability to scan, upload the mails and packages, magazines, postcards on the cloud. No capital upfront is required which makes it accessible for the users. The mailbox renter services and all the features associated with them are easily available. The mail service is suitable for people who wish to digitalize all the mail services and automate the mailrooms including features like scanning, storage, shredding, and forwarding.

  • 2.Anytime Mail

It is an online postal service that meets the needs of the user and offers all the standard solutions like scanning, shredding, and mail forwarding. It also has the feature of accepting packages from delivery companies like FedEx and DHL. Anytime Mail platform provides solutions to business centers and the owners to offer a virtual mailbox. The location of each of the users is listed and independent business centers decide the features required and the charge is decided according to it. Therefore, no charge list is prepared which gives a fixed rate.

  • Virtual Post Mail-

It gives a permanent street address which one can use as their online virtual postal address and any package can be received regardless of its size and delivery service. The virtual post mail is one of the smartest and quickest ways to manage the incoming and outgoing mails and packages so that they can be filtered according to their importance. VPM also provides the owners with fast and affordable service with the mail having a permanent shipping label for proper online viewing. The incoming mails are available directly in their account as soon as they come and they are processed and shipped within a day.

Some other important and popular mail services include US global mail which is an established company preferred by the nomads and ex-pats and has a high rating showcasing the ability to provide a high-quality service. The traveling mailbox offers scanning and other important services like full page scans and incoming envelope scanning. The PO box zone is also a go-to option for the users who want to go paperless and have only the option of giving a street address. Earth class mail offers online mail services and is suitable for all business sizes. The information on the top virtual mailbox services can be studied at

Souvenir with Logo – Why Consider It?

Are you looking for why to consider Logoga meened? If yes, then you must consider the below points as it will help you to know its importance and benefits. If you get success understanding the various aspects of the souvenir with the logo, it will help you opt for it with no doubts and queries. Souvenir means to remember any place, thing, or other aspects that a business includes. If you consider the below points, it will help you learn about the various aspects and allow you to find the business location easily.

  • Recognize the Area

The best reason to consider a souvenir with a logo is that it helps people recognize your business location and allows you to impact your business greatly. The people who run any business must consider this logo to make more people aware of their business and location.

  • Increase the Chances of More Traffic

If you opt for the souvenir with a logo, then it will help you to get the best result with great outcomes. If you consider this logo, it will help you increase the chances of grabbing more traffic on your business and making your business more popular.

  • Attract More People

When you opt for the mentioned logo, it will allow you to attract more people as it helps to make an attractive logo for your business. Once you get to know about this logo, then it will allow you to get the best result with more traffic on your website.

Final Verdict

After reading the above points, you can learn about the various aspects of the souvenir with the logo and its importance. Once you learn about the various benefits of considering this logo, you will get the best result with great offers and traffic. It will help you to attract more people to your business and make you earn more profits.