Department Of Labor Provides Useful Tools For Human Resource Managers And Job Seekers Alike

Fair O*Net Online web site is a very comprehensive and useful tool for HR managers. The site is a part of the Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Association Site. A review of the site provided good information on different job descriptions and requirements for such jobs. It also provided information that job searchers would find valuable such as salary information as well as education and experience expectations. With the experience, the hr manager should grab the 50% off special promotion for the designation. The descriptions of the job should be provided appropriately through the manager for the promotion.

It was very easy for me to locate information on numerous specific occupations. I found the information about the occupations I searched for to be fairly thorough and detailed. Considering the vast differences between jobs within the same occupations I felt that O*Net Online was comprehensive in including all general descriptions and requirements for occupations I am familiar with.

O*Net Online could be a useful tool in conducting a job analysis. Using O*Net as the sole resource in conducting a job analysis would, in my opinion, not be a wise decision. Although the information is accurate, well organized and easily accessed, all companies have different requirements which require different and often unique skills or experience. Using O*Net as an outline, or a starting point in conducting a job analysis could save time and assist in constructing an intelligible and usable final project. Discovering an organizations unique requirement is a critical aspect of completing a successful job analysis which would most benefit a company.

There are other HR activities that could be utilized based on data provided within the O*Net web site. Using the skills search function of the site could assist HR in finding what aspects of the company employees could be best suited. It can be used as a skills match profiler, assist in selection and placement decisions as well as a means to analyze the companies’ compensation and rewards system. Relying solely on O*Net for these HR activities would not be a wise course of action. All of these HR activities are still going to have organizational specific needs which O*Net does not address. Although relying strictly on O*Net for these activities would provide consistency and structure without the organization having to exert much effort in developing their own systems, results would be less successful than a company specific system.

The occupations that O*Net suggested were extremely varied. Some, such as orthodontist and nuclear physicist, made me laugh and shake my head. I did find the occupations I am most interested included within the list of suggested fields. Security Management and Post secondary education are areas I am currently exploring and those were included in the list.

In conclusion I found this site to be very interesting and enjoyable. Once again, I have saved this site for future reference. Although I would discourage a company from using O*Net as a sole source for related HR functions I would highly recommend it be used as a reference and a tool. Its ease of navigation and simplicity of use makes it accessible to people for all walks of life and levels of education.

My Before And After Roofing Project

I own a cabin in Michigan. It’s actually an old farm house. Next to it is our garage. It’s where we store yard equipment and some fishing gear and various stuff we’ve accumulated over the years. The roof had been on the garage for more than 60 years. Various leaks made it clear to us that it had to be replaced. My brother was a roofer and helped me with the project. We both picked a week to take time off from work and began to plan. The one thing we hadn’t planned on was the weather. Temperatures for that week were in the high 90’s with humidity hovering around 80%. We decided to plow ahead. All of the materials had been ordered for delivery and we had already requested the time off.

In order to survive the heat we started at the crack of dawn, drank water constantly, took frequent breaks and sometimes took a couple of hours off during the highest heat of the afternoon. We also tried to time the shadows from the trees to get some relief from the direct sun.

We had ordered a dumpster and had scheduled rooftop delivery. We had one day to get the old shingles off and figured that wouldn’t be much of a problem. Unfortunately, there were 3 layers of shingles on the roof and someone had decided that a nail every inch was a good idea. After 10 hours of filthy, brutal work we were only half done.

The frustration level was at its peak as there was a lot more to do than usual and if the job is only half complete after 10 hours, then you can imagine what must be going through the mind. In my case, I felt I should order a business that fixes roofs at the earliest.

The shingles arrived exactly on time the next morning. It’s one of the few times I hoped something would show up late. The rooftop delivery my brother had arranged was a brilliant idea. Carrying squares of shingles on your shoulder up a ladder is murder. We had to move them around a bit while we finished stripping the shingles but by the end of the second day we were putting down the tar paper.

I was relieved just to have the tar paper in place. i was worried that any rain would have been torrential given the heat and humidity. The good news is that it didn’t rain. The bad news is that it got hotter as the days went on.

On the third day we began to put down the shingle courses. More accurately, my brother put down the shingle courses. My job was pick up the old shingles on the ground and get them into the dumpster. I figured I would take my time and just methodically get it done. It was brutal. The heat from the sun made every shingle as hot as a flat iron. When I finished I stood in the shade of a tree with a garden hose running over my head. My brother was making better progress than I.

By the end of the third day he had finished both sides and was putting on the finishing touches. There were some complicated spots around the chimney, but he handled them with ease.

When we were finally done we cleaned up and admired the job. My brother looked at me and said, “Looks good. Needs a paint job though.” I nodded and looked back at the garage. “Maybe next month,” I told him. Of course when we came back a month later to paint it rained the whole weekend. But that’s another story.

What Are The Top 3 Reasons To Need A Car Locksmith?

There are several situations when we require a locksmith. Basically, they help in repairing the lock of your car or also repair car keys. With the help of a professional as well as an experienced locksmith, you can get your keys back. The duty of a locksmith is to access locks, whether it is of a car, a window, or any other thing. They are well aware of the situation of the lock, and it is quite convenient for them to open the lock. Basically the locksmiths are the one that safeguards the lock and provides you other safety options. In the lower section, you will be going to read about the top 3 reasons to need a car locksmith such as:

Top 3 reasons to need a car locksmith:

  1. The first reasons are when you might lose the keys to your car. This is the most basic situation experienced by the locksmith. It can be lost at any place, and finding them becomes a little bit complexly. So it is beneficial for you if you will go towards the option of calling an experienced and professional locksmith so that they can help you with the replacement car keys.
  2. The second situation lies when you have locked yourself out, and the keys are inside the car. This is also a very common problem faced by the locksmith.
  3. The third situation comes if you have only one set of your car keys, and you have lost them somewhere. It is complex to carry small essentials with you, and it is better if you will carry them along with a keychain.

All the top 3 reasons to need a car locksmith are listed in the above section so that it will become helpful for you.

How to Use Google AdSense to Earn Revenue from Your Web Content

Google AdSense is a kind of affiliate marketing program through which you can receive payment through Google, which acts as a broker or intermediary between advertisers and authors and online publishers. Google AdSense places text ads on your web site or on your pages at web sites like or Whenever visitors to your site click on those links, you are paid Google AdSense revenues.

If you have a web site or blog or you publish content through web sites like the above-mentioned ones, then you can sign up for a Google AdSense ad and allow these text ads to be placed on your content pages. If you are a webmaster, you simply place .html code generated by Google AdSense on your web pages and Google does the rest.

If you are using Google AdSense on your own web site it is important that you or your webmaster adhere to the Google Policies, which can be found at Failing to do so could lead to your account being either penalized or suspended. Most of these policies are simply good ideas for webmasters to implement, anyway, because they make it easier for any search engines or “bots” to properly index the content at your site and record relevant material and updates.

Google AdSense will pay you monthly after you have reached a set payment amount and comply with any other requirements, such as giving your tax information. Visit the site for current information about minimum payment amounts and payment methods.

In order to really benefit from using Google AdSense, it is important to have a lot of informative, unique content. You don’t need to have products to sell, you just need to market your own web site. Your web content should also be search engine optimized so that it rises higher in the search engine rankings.

This is not necessarily the easiest or fastest way to make money on-line, however, it revenues from Google AdSense can add up.

Alternatively, there are other programs similar to Google AdSense that you can use to garner extra income from your on-line publishing efforts. There are alternative programs similar to AdSense that some web masters believe may be superior. Two such programs are and

It would be worthwhile to explore these and similar programs before deciding on one or the other as they may provide greater ease of use or better revenues. Through this list of the programs, there will be increase in the earnings of the writers. The visitors will find convenience in reading of different and attractive articles at the sites. 

Keep in mind that Google AdSense is still the most popular program of its kind. It can be readily mplemented on a number of blogs and websites and provides in-text ads in many different languages. Therefore, you may want to consider signing up for Google AdSense as well as other such programs and use each of them to the greatest effect for your circumstances.

Gateway NV7915u Notebook Review

Gateway laptop manufacturer is very well-recognized for producing sleekly design laptops having affordable prices. One of their recent releases is the newly stylized NV7915u gateway laptop complete with a lustrous dark matte finish.

The Gateway NV7915u laptop is quite heavy weighing up to 6.8 pounds with a 17.3 inch display screen. This laptop puts a strain on your shoulders after walking with it for quite a while. The laptop touch pad has a 1.8inch x 3.3 inch dimension which is enough but quite short on the height.

NV7915u specs include 4 USB ports, mic ports, Ethernet jack, VGA outlet, HDMI output, headphone, 5-in-1 memory card reader and a Kensington lock slot. After going over the Gateway NV7915u personally, here are the advantages and disadvantages of this stylish new notebook:


The processor is a 1.3-GHz Intel Core i3-330M with a RAM of up to 4GB that delivers fine performance in a Windows 7 Home Premium OS. I absolutely loved multitasking with this unit being able to move from windows explorer, multimedia player and Photoshop CS3.

The control buttons for this laptop really lives up to its touch sensitive claim as a light tap from your finger quickly activates programs and softwares. NV7915u has built-in touch sensitive controls to automatically start Launch Manager (marked by a bold P on top of your keypad), My Backup, Trackpad control, Wi-Fi and Volume manager.

The Launch Manager is a convenient tool that allows you to access the software you want by just one light tap of the button.

The flat keypad is absolutely fine with adequate spacing and easy grip features for less typing errors.

Display resolution is at 1600 x 900 pixels which resulted to clear, vivid, realistic images for digital photos and videos. The shiny finish of the display screen gives you good reflection quality for viewing purposes.

Sound quality is superb especially when listening to music and watching movies. You will not experience hearing strain with this laptop as the sound is loud and clear enough compared to other laptops.


After watching a full screen movie with this NV7915u, the laptop got alarmingly hot after just about 18 minutes then I was forced to stop playing the video because I feared of overheating.

The extra mouse for the NV7915u is frustrating for me as the single mouse bar does not work properly and it takes a while to get you moving from one direction to another.

Transfer time of mixed media is slower than the average desktop replacements which will surely frustrate you because of its lagging download time. To be able to cope with this problem, you better remove some startup softwares as well as the trialware installed in your laptop.

Gamming really isn’t a job for the Gateway NV7915u.

There are no extra buttons for multimedia playback

NV7915u laptop is powered by a six-cell battery that can last up to 3 hours and 40 minutes when unplugged. It takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to get your battery full which is quite a short time as compared to other desktop replacement units.

With all of these things said, the NV7915u Gateway laptop is one of the best affordable deals you can have if you want a high performing unit with fast browsing capabilities.

Lastly, if you don’t want to spend money on HP All in one repair or other laptop brand repair, make sure to buy the best quality laptops. You should also try to buy your laptop some accessories so it can be protected. Cases and bags are a good investment for your laptops.

If You Really Want to Save Money, Dive in the Nearest Dumpster

Your first thought, probably (like most of us) is: eeew! Your second thought? I’m not quite at the homeless door. Ah, kids, it’s a much more developed and intricate movement than that. Yes, I said movement. Both dumpster diving and Freeganism are political/lifestyle movements. Before I get into that, let’s just stomp out those preconceived notions.

They don’t actually ‘dive’ into dumpsters filled with rotten, steaming refuse to pull out a green steak or a coveted hole-filled sock, waving it around in manic glee. Some of them prefer the term ‘dippers’ to divers, since that describes more closely what they do. They frown on scavengers in disdain. Dumpster diving is a hobby, a belief- and it can be profitable. From the blogs I read, it was interesting to find out that they can find: perfectly healthy food in abundance; designer clothing and furniture; supplies for unique artwork and items they can then sell on eBay. According to dumpster rental Lakeland, FL, there are several nice and still usable things on dumpsters. From healthy food to different items like furniture, design and so many more, you will have a lot of options. Dumpster diving is not a dirty activity. It is actually a meaningful hobby where you can get a lot of useful items.

Yep, that cute little whats-it you bid for relentlessly might have come from a garbage can. You, in fact, paid for real-life garbage. What’s that old saying, one man’s trash…? I forget. Another myth surrounding the dumpster dabblers, is that they must be unemployed and desperate if they do it. There are people of all ages, all walks of life, that meet up and share findings. Businessmen, teens, the odd granny. So what’s the draw, considering if you get caught you could either get a hefty fine or even land in jail?

The dumpster divers and the Freegans are anti-capitalist, anti-consumer groups. Freegans (free vegans) get all of their food from dumpsters, and only food. It’s quality food that’s been thrown out because it had one minuscule brown spot, or a minor dent. It didn’t look pretty, so no one would buy it. The food most times is not only edible but fresh. It is a dour reflection on society- and we secretly know it. We just can’t own up to our incredible capacity for waste. We maintain stubborn ignorance about all that we get rid of, while holding up the ‘Save the Planet’ placards at the weekends. I do think dumpster divers have a point: we’re hypocrites. Now in our new, shiny economy, many of us will have to re-think our spending habits.

I found this great page on a different type of dumpster diver that might worry you more than the abstract: it was written by a hacker, with a guideline of how to hack into businesses by collecting the paper trails that are discarded behind the buildings. They get contact numbers, passwords, access into accounts and can even make themselves look like a company member. Be careful of thrown out manuals for newbies, CD-Rs and even drives. They glean well. To protect your business, invest in a cross-cut shredder. For CD-Rs, you can nuke them in the microwave ‘for about 15 seconds.’ For the rest: compacting is your friend.

If you’re toying with the idea of trying out dumpster diving, here are a few tips. Try to find a local chapter, so that you’ll be with those more experienced in the ways. The skips behind churches, hotels and apartments can be rewarding- just stay away from housing districts. That’s called trespassing. You don’t necessarily have to sneak around under the cover of night, if you look like you belong. Dumpster diving may not be for you, but considering the economic turmoil we’re going through- can you really turn your nose up at a second income?

Grooming a Horse

Most people know that horses require a lot of care and food. Grooming a horse not only keeps him looking good, but it also allows the owner and the horse bonding time and helps to keep the horse healthy. While the horse owner is grooming the horse, he/she is also looking for lumps, bumps, or anything that is on the horse that shouldn’t be. Horses tend to be dirty by nature and dirt clings to their coats so they really need daily grooming. Some horse owners find that grooming the horse is work, but very enjoyable for both horse and owner. This is a guide as to what you will need and what you will do if you are going to efficiently groom a horse.

There are certain tools that are necessary for grooming a horse. Brushes are an important part of any grooming routine and there are three kinds that you will use: stiff brush, soft brush, and a mane and tail brush. Other tools are a cloth or sponge, a sweat scaper, a hoof pick. Rubber curry comb, and a shedding blade. I recommend that a horse be tied when you are grooming and not in a closed quarter. If the owner must groom in closed quarters, he/she must remember safety rules for being close to a horse.

The first step to grooming is to start at the bottom of the horse- clean the hooves. Stand on the left side of the horse and use the pick with your right hand to scrape dirt out of the hooves. The frog, or the triangular part of the bottom of the hoof, will need to be check for rocks, nails, or other items that could lodge into the horses’ hoves. The frog itself can’t be scraped. When finished with this step, switch to the right side and do the same. If trained properly, a horse will life his hoof for the owner when asked too. So just like how solid and helpful bearded dragon DIY terriarium setup class is, proper grooming for your horse is very crucial in maintaining a healthy relationship with it. 

The second step is to use the curry comb to bring dirt to the surface of the coat. Begin where the neck meets the body and continue down the horses’ body. Always start on the left side the same as with the hooves. The horses’ legs can be done this way as well as long as you are extremely careful. Once this is finished, use a stiff brush to brush away all of the dirt that the curry comb just brought up off the coat. Always brush in the direction that the horse hair lies. Once this is complete, use the soft brush to remove any left over dirt and then you should begin to see a shine to the coat.

Completing the grooming process, requires use of the soft cloth which is used to wipe the coat down and make it even shinier. The cloth can be used to clean the insides of the horse’s nostrils, this eliminates any mucus or dirt that has accumulated there. If the horse seems scared of the cloth in his face , stop and don’t do this step.

Lastly, groom the horse’s face by using the soft brush. Stand at the side of the horse and use long, gentle strokes. Most horses will enjoy this, but some won’t. Let the horse smell the brush before you touch it against his head and move slowly. At this point, you will also want to use the mane and tail brush in order to clean those areas as well. Use a hair detangler if the mane seems to be tangled much.

Booking a Hunting Trip on EBay?

EBay ™ offers an amazing purchasing platform for hunters everywhere. The deals on new and used hunting gear, shooting supplies, and hunting trips just can’t be beat. I’d like to focus on the hunting trips and leases that are typically listed on EBay ™ and offer some advice on these trips and how to choose the best one.

If you have any experience with paid hunting trips and leases, then you know they can make for an excellent hunt. In some cases, they can end up being the hunting opportunity of a lifetime. If you have that experience or have price shopped most any paid or guided hunting trip, then you also know that they can be pricey. Add in travel expenses and any licensing requirements, and they can get really expensive. As an avid hunter on a budget, I can tell you that the leases and guided hunts area on EBay ™ can offer some amazing hunting at very reasonable. I’ve utilized EBay ™ to locate and book my last two hunts and both were outstanding experiences. Having spent some time reviewing and talking to some of the outfitters listing hunts on EBay ™, I’d like to offer some general tips based on my experiences.

For starters, get familiar with these listings on EBay ™ and learn to read each one carefully. Some listings will specifically provide details about travel and accommodations, while others will be a little vague. Some will address licensing issues, while others won’t. Some will include travel (especially international hunts), while many will not. Although these may seen like small details, they can become major issues if not fully addressed in the beginning. There’s nothing worse than traveling to a location to hunt with great expectations and then learning that you have to ante up more money for some special license or you don’t have a place to stay, or the accommodations are less than what you expected. I know these are somewhat general tips, but the idea here is to read everything in the auction listing. If you have questions or don’t understand something, ask questions and get clarification before you bid.

Realize that some of these hunts are guided by professional guides, while others are amateur guides, while others may be a self hunt. Not that any one is better than the other, just be aware of what you are dealing with. Most professional outfitters will have details about a base camp or lodge, a separate website, pictures of past successful hunts, testimonials from past hunters, etc. A number of the listings on EBay ™ are amateur guides who are just getting into the business and have most likely leased some land or an area reserved for their clients. While some of the listings may be landowners who will simply let you hunt their land for a fee. Typically the professionally guided hunts are the most expensive followed by the amateur guides, and the landowners. In my personal opinion, the amateur guided hunts seem to offer the best bang for your buck. I’ve used amateur guides on my last two hunts and been extremely pleased so don’t rule out a listed hunt if the guide is an amateur. My father and I did a really nice plantation style quail hunt in SC at a great price and then I did a nice goose in NC with a few of my friends. I haven’t booked a large game hunt yet off EBay ™, but I’m planning on doing it in the near future. The selection of the equipments should be the best for alaska cruise hunting. Proper planning can be done through the predators for catching the animals and birds. The charges of hunting at the area should be under the budget of the hunters. 

I would recommend that you review seller’s feedback on EBay ™, and ask for references. Feedback is somewhat self explanatory, and you can read more about on EBay ™. Most any respectable guide or landowner is going to be able to provide at least one hunting reference. Try to find more than one, if you can. One trick I’ve used in the past with just one reference is to ask the reference if he or she is aware of anyone else who hunted with that particular guide. People like to hunt in groups or pairs so generally the one reference can point you to another friend who he or she hunted with on that trip. Realize that the reference that you were provided is most likely a set-up reference that the guide continually uses as a reference so take that into account.

Consider a group hunt with some friends to help offset expenses. Not only will this get you a better price in many cases, it will also lower the out of pocket expenses for room and board, travel, and food. From the amateur guide’s point of view, each person that comes on this hunt with you is a new customer that may become a repeat customer. Also no form of advertising beats a word of mouth referral. Every hunt I’ve take so far off EBay ™ has involved a group or pair and I’ve always gotten better rates on the hunt.

These are just a few suggestions that may help a little bit when you thinking about bidding on a hunt listed on EBay ™. Shop around as you can come across some really great hunting opportunities.

Do School Bathrooms Make Our Kids Sick? Suggestions on How to Keep Your Kids Healthy!

Most parents do not even think about it but how clean is your child’s school bathroom. Of course they have janitors to keep the facilities clean, but there are hundreds of kids who use these bathrooms throughout the day. Many of the kids who do use the school bathrooms, do not clean up after themselves. Some even do not bother to wash their hands once they have finished using the bathroom. On numerous occasions my own children have informed me that they went to use the school bathroom and there was no tissue or soap in the bathroom. Usually if you approach the school officials about this problem they will just tell you that the kids are wasteful. As a parent you know the damage that can be done to your child if you tell them not to use the bathroom. So how can you help keep your child from getting those nasty bathroom germs?

One thing that you can tell them is to not touch the toilet seat. For boys this is a very simple task, but for girls this can be a little more difficult. But it is still worth the extra effort. Another thing that you can do is provide your child with their own bathroom sanitary pack. This is just a small case that you can make that has antibacterial wipes, antibacterial lotion or cream 9the kind that does not have to be rinsed off), and a pack of tissues. You may think this is a little extreme, but it really is not when it comes to your child’s health. The case can be very easily placed in their book bag, and no one has to know what they have in their bag. You will then need to stress to your child, why it is so important for them to be concerned about keeping themselves clean. As parents we no longer have to just worry about our children catching the everyday common cold. There are dozens of serious diseases that children can get just from using the school toilet. In addition to preparing your child for school germs, you can also take the time to try and speak to the school officials. Especially if your child is constantly telling you about the bathrooms not having the necessary supplies. This may or may not help, but it would be worth some effort. Also many public schools are limited to how much they can do because of budget problems.

This is especially important when your children are very young. By very young I mean under the age of ten. Any type or form of bacteria will affect them a lot differently than it would a young teenager or young adult. It will also prepare them for dealing with these types of problems later on in life. Children who are unsanitary when they are young will more than likely grow up to be unsanitary adults.

This is a very serious issue as the child’s health and future is at stake so it becomes necessary to take this matter to the higher authorities to avail certain adrenal supplements in the school as jeopardizing their safety would be catastrophic.

Fencing Experts Sydney-Why Experts Are Needed For The Installation Of The Fence?

Installing a fence on the walls is not an easy task, which is why experts are needed for this kind of work. You should not even try to install a fence on your own as it can be risky and dangerous.

Essential tools are required for this process, and experts are the one who knows how to use them. You can contact fencing experts Sydney which will be going to provide professionals for your work.

What are the benefits you will be going to experience?

  • Best advice

You will get to have out of this world advice by the experts related to fencing. You will be guided at each and every moment, which is the best thing.

  • Suitable tools for the job

Right tools will be used at the time of installation of the fence. In this way, fencing will be done perfectly and will last longer than expected.

  • Right price

Your work will be done at the best price. It would not be going to be higher or lower from your budget.

Here are some of the things you should consider before hiring

  • Experience

It matters a lot, and you should check it out before hiring any service. More experience will result in a better outcome.

  • Insured worker

If you do not want to bear extra charges at the time of the accident, then you need to make sure about their insurance.

  • Perfect knowledge

He or she should be full of knowledge for perfect installation. Without the proper knowledge, your work will not be able to meet the desired expectations.

Thus in this way, you can get to have the perfect fencing installed at your home or wherever you want to.